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When it comes to natural hair some think long flowing Rapunzel like locks, reaching to the floor or in my case to the sky is the ultimate advantage, but to be honest short hair has more advantages than you think, and if it were not for my alien sized head I too may have considered a shorter style in the past, but the Lord blessed me with all this hair for a reason.

Short hair has been a style rocked by all, whether by choice or a transition to longer lengths. Here are 7 reasons why short hair rules.

1. Stronger Ends

New growth equals stronger hair simply because it has not been around long enough to be exposed to the elements, manipulation and wear and tear that come naturally as the hair ages. Basically shorter hair is stronger, period. As long as you are not causing damage to your hair by heat, over manipulation and chemicals, your ends are the strongest of them all!

2. More Styling Manipulation

The advantages of having shorter hair not only means less manipulation (if you can keep your hands out of your hair in those idle moments, lol) but also being able to withstand a little more manipulation than longer lengths. As previously mentioned new growth is stronger and can handle a little more manipulation than longer hair, which is why there are women (like Amber Rose) who rock short haircuts and dye their hair every color under the sun but still have healthy hair. The constant cutting of your ends to achieve a shorter look eliminates damage that occurred while using a chemical such as dye.

3. Water is Your Best Friend

We all know water is your best friend regardless of length but if you are a shorty, you really have the comfort of enjoying Mother Nature’s greatest gift without the process of protective styles or sectioning to reduce tangling, not to mention air-drying short hair is a dream!

4. Protective Styling WHAT?

The length of short hair is automatically a protective style within itself since your ends will not be in friction with any clothing articles you may be wearing. No matter what your hair type texture, if hair is above shoulder length you have more freedom to wear your hair out without risking damage from friction.

5. Less Time

The hands of time are on your side! With less hair you save time on everything from detangling, washing to styling.

6. Easier Detangling

The longer/older your strands are, the more susceptible they are to feathering; when your ends are thinner and finer than your roots due to wear over time. Feathering leads to tangling, single strand knots and split ends.

7. Product Usage

More money more problems…Less hair less products! Rockin short styles obviously means less product usage, saving you money.

Ladies, if you’re currently rocking short hair, what do you love about it?

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Faith Ann

Um what does 4c or 4a mean?


I big-chopped 3 months ago & I am in luv with my tapered twa. I can’t agree with #5 on this list, time. It takes me more time to do my hair now, short & natural. My relaxed hair was 1,2,3.


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Have short 4a type hair . I love it I’m almost into the awkward length stage
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Oh man! When I re-big chopped 2 years ago (after being natural and clueless for 5 years) it was great! I have 4c DENSE hair. So. Much. Hair. but when it was short, I could go swimming and wash my hair easily and moisturize/detangle without any hassle (and it wasn’t a big problem if I didn’t fully detangle because I wasn’t braiding or protective styling then either). So great! Don’t get me wrong, I love trying new and creative techniques on my hair now (shoulder length or a little longer) but MAN, got to love the freedom of short short… Read more »

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With short hair, Water was not my friend and detangling was a nightmare. I think it comes down to the hair type.


too* (ughh…)

I have short natural hair two, I can barely make a second twist when I do bantu knots! When stretched, it’s the length of my index finger. Soooo, box braids allllll the way! Poetic Justice style :). 3rd round now and it’s so easy and low maintenance, plus: super cheap. In my country you get beautiful mid-back length box braids installed for about $15 (nope, did not forget any 0! and I feel sorry some of you guys have to pay $100-something)so i get them in as soon as my coils are starting to curl/frizz out of the braids (it… Read more »