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When it comes to natural hair some think long flowing Rapunzel like locks, reaching to the floor or in my case to the sky is the ultimate advantage, but to be honest short hair has more advantages than you think, and if it were not for my alien sized head I too may have considered a shorter style in the past, but the Lord blessed me with all this hair for a reason.

Short hair has been a style rocked by all, whether by choice or a transition to longer lengths. Here are 7 reasons why short hair rules.

1. Stronger Ends

New growth equals stronger hair simply because it has not been around long enough to be exposed to the elements, manipulation and wear and tear that come naturally as the hair ages. Basically shorter hair is stronger, period. As long as you are not causing damage to your hair by heat, over manipulation and chemicals, your ends are the strongest of them all!

2. More Styling Manipulation

The advantages of having shorter hair not only means less manipulation (if you can keep your hands out of your hair in those idle moments, lol) but also being able to withstand a little more manipulation than longer lengths. As previously mentioned new growth is stronger and can handle a little more manipulation than longer hair, which is why there are women (like Amber Rose) who rock short haircuts and dye their hair every color under the sun but still have healthy hair. The constant cutting of your ends to achieve a shorter look eliminates damage that occurred while using a chemical such as dye.

3. Water is Your Best Friend

We all know water is your best friend regardless of length but if you are a shorty, you really have the comfort of enjoying Mother Nature’s greatest gift without the process of protective styles or sectioning to reduce tangling, not to mention air-drying short hair is a dream!

4. Protective Styling WHAT?

The length of short hair is automatically a protective style within itself since your ends will not be in friction with any clothing articles you may be wearing. No matter what your hair type texture, if hair is above shoulder length you have more freedom to wear your hair out without risking damage from friction.

5. Less Time

The hands of time are on your side! With less hair you save time on everything from detangling, washing to styling.

6. Easier Detangling

The longer/older your strands are, the more susceptible they are to feathering; when your ends are thinner and finer than your roots due to wear over time. Feathering leads to tangling, single strand knots and split ends.

7. Product Usage

More money more problems…Less hair less products! Rockin short styles obviously means less product usage, saving you money.

Ladies, if you’re currently rocking short hair, what do you love about it?

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I’m pleasantly surprised to see an article on short hair on BGLH. Folks kill me with their worrying about how it will look, whether it will grow, how to protect it…when in reality the TWA is one of the easiest if not the easiest natural hairstyle there is. For that alone I think every natural (yeah, I said it) should experience short hair life at least once. In fact when I was growing up what we called “the natural” was basically a short, neat ‘fro. Nowadays you can really play with texture and color with short hair…and start over just… Read more »

I think women look more like themselves with natural hair no matter how long it is, and how can that be bad?





Anyone know if it’s possible to achieve this color with henna or any kind of henna cassia or other natural color mix? Just curious…


Hey I am seriously considering doing a big chop down to my new growth but my head is big, so what if it doesnt look right ? Please help, Im only 16 and still in school and Im kinda nervous about reactions I’ll get.


Maya, hold your horses. How much hair will you be chopping off? DO NOT do it if you are not completely ready for it. And your peers will be vicious, for sure. Even if you think you have good nerves, it will still hurt. What about how you parents, siblings, boyfriend? How would they feel about it? ‘Cause if you don’t have their support either it will be a double blow. Maybe you should hold off cutting it until you leave for college-new place, new do. Wear transition styles until you’re comfortable either way.


Thanks Dana this really helped! My family thinks I shouldnt do it but my boyfriend thinks it would be great. The advice about waiting till college is what I think I’ll do because Im going to NYU (hopefully) or somewhere in NY and the fashion there is so accepting of all styles! Thanks!


I just big chopped two weeks ago. I was worried about my head shape, what it would be like to have super short hair….but I decided “screw it”. I did it and have loved it. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments, but even if I hadn’t…hair grows back. Get you a good leave in conditioner and a tub of eco styler…and your life will be much easier for a while. Some cute hair accessories will help…especially at your age! HTH

Cherry Davis
I strongly disagree with the ‘you look like a boy’ whoever said that to you was just being an ass. I have had super short mm length hair and the shag I have now (hair texture varies all over) that I’ve always gotten compliments on my hair. Usually I find when my hair is short it really shows off my eyes, that I have crazy tiny ears and that I’m blessed with great skin. I recommend any woman who’s concerned about having short hair to figure out her texture than get ready to accessorize with stepping up on eyeliner and… Read more »
I read your articles from here in the UK regularly, and after cutting my hair off in April was quite disappointed that more hasn’t been posted about the advantages of short hair. Great to see that this article has been so well written and definitely embraces the pros of having short hair. I am so glad I cut my hair and for me, like many others it is an experience I am really enjoying. I have found that although I have generally received positive comments about my fresh chop, when talking to many women, they are scared about taking the… Read more »

You look beautiful.


Thanks Alisha


What’s funny is that the reason why I decided to give myself a short cut was because of Kelis! I saw how her hair was styled for last Fall’s Mercedez Benz Fashion Week and fell in love with her hair, cut, and style! So I chopped mine off and voila! My hair has been short since the end of last September and I get more compliments on my short hair now than ever! I love it! all 7 reasons are totally on point:)
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Niiiice! Love it!


Thanks Alisha!


You’re so beautiful! Love that eyeshadow 🙂


Thanks Nana! I also wanted to add that I have a hair condition so cutting it that short really did help strengthen my ends and required less manipulation. So for anyone out there that has hair issues, short may be the way to go..

severus snape

I think ‘It’s Ugly, and You look like a boy” cancels out all 7 of those reasons.


severus, I agree with you.

Contrary to popular belief, not everybody is in love with their big chop. Or if they are in love with it, it quickly fades. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is actually natural women who are the engine behind the massive wig and weave industry.




Must be a internet troll. Carrying on….


The only ugly thing here is that attitude.

I agree with this list! My hair is getting to middle length and I’m loving how it looks and the new styles I can do, but I find that I have to work a bit harder to manage all of it without it being a chore. When my hair was short I just tossed on some leave-in conditioner and it was happy. I think short hair suits people who don’t mind showing their face… I think twa’s and pixie cuts can look really fierce and fresh.


But who asked you?


Unfortunately, because this is the internet, no one needs to ask for an opinion. People gladly give theirs away in a heartbeat.

Ambrosia Jones

Severus, OUCH! Yeesh!

I am experiencing no regrets about cutting my hair short just last week. Well, except that sometimes I’m afraid I’m too fat for short hair. Oh well! In any event, thanks for the seven reminders!




Wow…mistake on my part. ANYwho…..

As I come closer to my one-year hair anniversary, I can truly say I’m at the place where I appreciate all stages of my hair. Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly at a place of envy when I see style icons and their 2+ years of locs, but I also remember when I could shower, throw on some KCCC and head out the door. It’s all a journey, and I’m appreciating it all throughout the way…


Wowee!! I saw the title and was super excited!! I’ve been natural for about 4 years now and last year decided to cut it all off. It’s been over a since I’ve been rocking short hair and I love it. Lately, I’ve been toying with the idea to grow it out;do something different with it, but every time I think about how simple and easy and cheap it is to care for my short hair, I scrap out the thought of letting it grow out. Thanks soo much for posting this; came at the right time 🙂