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The twistout is one of many hair­style options one can do to main­tain healthy hair. It requires no heat usage, thus pre­vent­ing heat dam­age. It can be worn for days at a time, there­fore requir­ing lit­tle mechan­i­cal manip­u­la­tion to our tress­es. With the twistout there is no ten­sion on the scalp, and thus no dam­age to the hair fol­li­cle. What’s more? It is a cute, sum­mer hair­style for any length of nat­ur­al hair! Here are 8 tips to help your twist outs last longer.

1. Twist on 90% wet or damp hair.

Twist­ing on dry hair will pro­duce a twistout that only lasts for a short peri­od.  Rather, it is impor­tant to twist on wet or damp hair in order to achieve opti­mal def­i­n­i­tion and a long-last­ing twistout.  Avoid twist­ing on hair that is 100% wet; ful­ly wet hair is more prone to break­age via ten­sion while twist­ing.  Also, allow the hair to dry com­plete­ly before undo­ing your twists.

2. Twist using a mixture of a butter and gel

Using a but­ter (e.g., shea, man­go) in com­bi­na­tion with a gel will not only make for a very defined twistout, but one that allows for max­i­mum wear.  The but­ter-gel com­bi­na­tion will pro­vide a soft hold for your twistout while lock­ing in mois­ture.  How­ev­er, be sure to avoid alco­hol-based gels, which can dry the hair.

3. Coil the ends of the twists

For some nat­u­rals, twist­ing down to the very ends of the hair can lead to twistouts with frizzy ends.  An alter­na­tive method is to twist until just before you reach the ends of your hair and then coil these ends around your fin­ger.  If your ends don’t quite coil with this alter­na­tive, then try twist­ing them very loose­ly as com­pared to the rest of the strand.

4. Wear smaller twists and for a longer period

The big­ger your twists, the less defined the twistout, which in turn leads to quick­er rever­sion of the style. Addi­tion­al­ly, the short­er the peri­od you wear your twists, the more quick­ly your twistout will revert as well.  The longest-last­ing twistouts are achieved from wear­ing small to medi­um-sized twists for a min­i­mum of 3–5 days to set.

5.  Do not borrow while twisting

While twist­ing for a twistout, do not bor­row hair from one of the two strands along the way.  This tac­tic is usu­al­ly done to com­pen­sate for a twist that start­ed off with one big strand and one small strand.  How­ev­er, undo­ing such a twist can lead to a dis­as­trous, frizzy twistout.

6.  Do not over separate the twistout

Sep­a­rate each twist into two sec­tions, if pos­si­ble, or up to four sec­tions at the max­i­mum.  Any fur­ther sep­a­ra­tion can con­tribute to frizz and short­er wear of the style.

7. Avoid humectants and re-moisturization (if possible)

Try to avoid mois­tur­iz­ers that con­tain humec­tants (e.g., glyc­erin, propy­lene gly­col, etc.), which are meant to draw in mois­ture from the air and thus, may short­en the dura­tion of your twistout.  Addi­tion­al­ly, keep mois­tur­iz­ing to a min­i­mum after unleash­ing your twistout.  In order to do this, mois­tur­ize before tak­ing down your twists.  If you hap­pen to be a nat­ur­al whose hair can­not sur­vive with­out humec­tants or re-mois­tur­iza­tion while wear­ing a twistout, then choose health over dura­tion of the style.  Frizz can still be min­i­mized by opt­ing for a light mois­tur­iz­ing spritz instead of a mois­tur­iz­er you must apply by hand.

8. Secure the twistout before you sleep

For those with medi­um to long hair, put your twistout into 10–12 loose, big twists and cov­er with a satin bon­net.  In the morn­ing, just undo the big twists and fluff your orig­i­nal twistout into place.  For those with short­er hair, there is no need to retwist pri­or to bed­time.  Sim­ply cov­er your twistout with a satin bon­net.  In the morn­ing, remove the bon­net and fluff your hair.  These meth­ods will help to min­i­mize frizz and rever­sion.

Ladies, how do you max­i­mize the wear of your twistout?


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I always plait my daughter’s head twist or twists out in about 6 bunches(sometimes more) each night for her to sleep in then take them down the next day. The hair becomes more crinkly.


I got a great braid out recent­ly and I think it’s because my hair got wet in the pool and re-dried … it was also in for about 3 days. I only put in 12 braids … 6 each on each side.

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Thank you Von­nie!!


Don’t for­get do rope twists will also max­i­mize a twist out. that is twist the indi­vid­u­als strands the oppo­site direc­tion of the twist itself while twist­ing.

I find I get two to three day twist out if I do the method even when I don’t use prod­uct. Also three strand twist also seem to be secure espe­cial­ly if you want to don’t very small twists.
All those rec­om­men­da­tions are sound.


Great info! I love twist outs (on oth­er peo­ple) mines nev­er seem to turn out right but after read­ing the above I see where I may have made my mistakes.What would be a good light mois­tur­iz­ing spritz? Thanks!


I like AVJ + leave in 3:1 ratio as a spritz.


AVJ + leave in as a spritz; I will have to try.


Can any­one rec­om­mend a gel that is alco­hol free? I real­ly like the idea of mix­ing a gel and but­ter.

I will also try the avoid­ing humec­tants for a day or two after! I’m always ready to whip out the spray bot­tle aha. Now,I am anx­ious to take my crotch­et set down to work on a twistout for next week. 



I mix aloe Vera gel and Shea but­ter.


Eco Styler Olive Oil gel is alco­hol free and it’s CHEAP! I use it and I get a soft hold.


I use the IC Fan­ta­sia alco­hol-free shine gel.


Shea Moisture’s Coconut and Hib­scus Curl­ing Sou­flee is nice I use that with their Curl Enhac­ing Smmoth­ie and my hair is still mos­tur­ized after a week. Use the sou­flee spar­ing­ly as a lit­tle bit goes a long way.


I did Ban­tu knots this week and took them out. Didn’t quite get the def­i­n­i­tion I want­ed, but now real­ize I didn’t add gel to the mix. Used to use it on my hair when it was short­er and my twists came out love­ly!


After wash­ing and con­di­tion­ing, I put my hair in large twists, then I sit under the dry­er for about half hour to an hour and then twists my hair in small­er sec­tions. It is most­ly dry by then and stretched. Twist­ing on wet hair leaves my twists outs too tight and defined in my opin­ion.

I usu­al­ly just twist using a but­ter of some sort, but I may try using gel for more hold.

Twist outs are my FAVORITE style, and I wear them 99% of the time.


Thank you SOOOO much for this because I LOVE wear­ing my twists out but I am con­stant­ly learn­ing some­thing new about what my hair WON’T do…lol but with this list I real­ize it was because I was doing cer­tain things wrong. So THANK YOU for this! I just LOVE every­thing about this site! You guys are the best nat­ur­al hair care site out there! :) No lie! :) Thank you!


i’ve been doing these steps for years and my twist outs are the BOMB!!!


I nev­er thought about why my twist outs or braid outs would get so frizzy, but now I know that it was because I would remois­tur­ize my hair after I took the twists down. I also am guilty of bor­row­ing hair from oth­er strands as I’m braid­ing or twist­ing, did not know that would cre­ate a prob­lem when I undid them.


Agreed, great arti­cle, now where is that damn gel, I’m gonna try adding it to my twist-out tonight.


Great info. I always won­dered why my dry twist outs looked won­der­ful but only looked like that for a cou­ple of days.