Well, this is a sur­prise! Just a day after we post­ed pho­tos of Solange rock­ing butt length braids on a Cape Cod vaca­tion, pho­tos have sur­faced of Bey­on­ce rock­ing braids at an album release din­ner for rap­per Nas. Many peo­ple feel that Solange is the more styl­ish of the two, so may­be her big sis­ter is tak­ing style cues from her?

Check out more pho­tos below (cour­tesy of NecoleBitchie.com) and let us know your thoughts!

Bey­on­ce shop­ping in New York with daugh­ter Blue Ivy. This gives a clear­er view of the style.

Black Girl With Long Hair

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[…] celebri­ties, includ­ing Bey­on­ce, Solange and Christi­na Mil­ian, have recent­ly rocked box braid exten­sions. What do you think of […]

Lia Carvalho

I hon­est­ly think that every hair­style she does suits her.SHE have her own style, So SHE knows what SHE likes.I just hate when grown ppl act like lit­tl kids,immature and make oth­er ppl prob­lems be a both­er to them.I love the braids and thats what am Rocking!!!too!!!!go’ B’


[…] braid exten­sions are en vogue with celebri­ties nowa­days, with Bey­on­ce, Janet Jack­son and, of course, Solange Knowles rock­ing the […]


I’m wait­ing for the child to start sport­ing blonde high­lights..


Hey, did y’all know that Bey­on­ce wore braids in her Destiny’s Child days? LOL


Why, no we didn’t. You sure do know your his­to­ry.




Beau­ti­ful!!! Now if only the wom­an would rock her nat­u­ral hair once in a blue, since she went nat­u­ral a good ten to thir­teen years before Solange. But this is pro­gress. :o)


It was a lit­tle sur­pris­ing since it had been a good while, but I think its nice on her. I just hope peo­ple don’t go gaga over it think­ing shes now start­ing a trend when wom­en have been rock­ing braids as a major trend forever now. If she starts going the braids route for a while, I would like to see her with some sene­gale­se twists.


I mean, she has a baby, she ain’t got time to be fid­dling in her hair, lol. That’s what I would do if I had a baby–get me some braids and keep it mov­in!

The Natural Haven

I do not equate hair exten­sions with nat­u­ral hair and for a long time I hat­ed black hair mag­a­zi­nes which did this. If you went to the ‘nat­u­ral hair’ sec­tion it would gen­er­al­ly be exten­sion braids and locs but not real­ly ever free form nat­u­ral hair. 

I think Beyonce’s braids suit her and she looks good in them but as for their rel­e­vance to nat­u­ral hair — I do not see it.




You know what would be shock­ing? If she rocked her nat­u­ral hair col­or!! I’m so sick of her with the blonde col­ors!! Does any­body know what her real hair col­or is, not what she says it is, but what she was born with?? I mean damn!!

the ink store

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I don’t get why she is even up here, if she was show­ing her nat­u­ral hair then, under­stand­able. Come on
Son! I at least thought with this site I would get a break from see­ing her, ughh!


This isn’t real­ly a sur­prise, she used to wear braids when she was in Destiny’s Child.… Doesn’t any­one remem­ber the writ­ings on the wall album cov­er?

I could see why some would be sur­prised. Bey­on­ce has shift­ed from the urban Destiny’s Child days to “Hol­ly­wood roy­al­ty,” where braids would hard­ly be con­sid­ered a “star” style. They’re bohemi­an, styl­ish, and even eclec­tic in the eyes of many as a hair­style, but I won­der if Bey­on­ce would wear this style to the Grammy’s, or to some oth­er high end event. (I do remem­ber Jada Pin­kett wear­ing box braids to some awards pro­gram, but hey, Jada is Jada.) Any­ways, I didn’t expect this out of Bey­on­ce only because I was begin­ning to think she was going to play the… Read more »
Tiffany Victoria

May­be she went swim­ming lol.


R. Kahendi

Her hair look love­ly in the pic­ture post­ed by KaraJ. And I notice it’s not dyed blond. It’s just the exten­sions that are blond.

R. Kahendi

Oops! Not a pic­ture, but a link. If you click on the link KaraJ post­ed above, you’ll see the pic­ture I’m talk­ing about.

DC days

How about one more per­son men­tion that she used to wear braids in her “Destiny’s Child days”?


Lol seri­ous­ly. This post ain’t about the “Destiny’s Child days”


She used to wear braids dur­ing her des­tiny child days.



Curly Queen

They look cute. May­be she’ll give nat­u­ral hair a try one day…


Now that would be shock­ing. It would be inter­est­ing if she ever decid­ed to enter our cre­ative com­mu­ni­ty lol


Actu­al­ly besides the dye in her hair Bey­on­ce is nat­u­ral. She had a perm dur­ing her time with DC and start­ed rock­ing braids dur­ing her grow out peri­od. If you ever look at pics of her on vaca­tion she rocks her nat­u­ral tex­ture which is slight­ly looser than Solange.


Looks Cute flash back to Des­tiny Child days.….

BTW here are addi­tion­al pics with pics of blue ivy she is such a cutie!!!


I would LOVE to see Bey­on­ce with a new hair col­or. That is all. Looks cute with the braids, tho.


+2000 there are bet­ter pics of her wih the braids and she looks good but I am not feel­ing the col­or




I agree she looks great but now that I think about it , I don’t think Bey­on­ce has ever dis­s­a­point­ed her fans with her choice of hair­styles (not that know of lol) but any­way like you guys said she looks great . The fact that BOTH of the sis­ters have there hair braid­ed at the same time is super cute to me and I can’t wait to see what hair­styles they choose next (: !


I’m not shocked, that’s all Bey­on­ce used to wear with DC for years. I think she wears them more than what we think…we for­get Bey­on­ce wears a lot of wigs…we rarely if ever see her nat­u­ral hair or col­or. May­be it’s a way of being so pri­vate! She is extreme­ly pri­vate when it comes to her per­son­al life.


Grant­ed I could be wrong, but Bey is pret­ty much a blonde. Def wears pieces/wigs/weaves tho. From the few per­son­al tv spe­cials I’ve seen of her on her “off time”, even with her real hair its dyed blonde.


reminds me of the good ol days of destiny’s child…i hon­est­ly don’t care much for bey­on­ce but destiny’s child does bring a wave of nos­tal­gia over me hehe..


I am sur­prised tbh. She’s moved so far away from how she was in her Destiny’s Child days. Braids are braids, and late­ly they are becom­ing fash­ion­able. Espe­cial­ly here in Lon­don, UK — if its not this long flow­ing wavy weave, its long tra­di­tion­al African style braids.


Braids are becom­ing fash­ion­able in the UK? What ever since I was lit­tle, and i’m past 30 now I have seen black wom­en and men sport­ing braids.


Also fash­ion­able in the UK is black wom­en with hard­ly any hair at the front and sides due to ill fit­ting braids!


*are black wom­en (should read).


I’m not a fan of the col­or or the ends, but I’m going to chalk it up to bad light­ing. I prefer her Destiny’s Child braids when her hair was a lit­tle more brown.


I’m not shocked at all. She used to wear braids all the time in her ear­ly Destiny’s Child days. Her pub­lic image is a lot dif­fer­ent now, but I don’t think that changes what she may like to wear or do in her pri­vate life when she’s not pro­mot­ing some­thing or per­form­ing.

Britt Britt

Ugh…stop with the sib­ling com­par­isons.


I agree! Being com­pared to your sibling(s) or your par­ents is real­ly annoy­ing and unfair! Why can’t peo­ple devel­op their own style, with­out peo­ple com­par­ing them to a fam­i­ly mem­ber? SMH!


Thank you!! Peo­ple are crazy and hel­la biased!!








She looks great! She used to wear braids all the time in DC days.…lol so this isn’t real­ly “new” per se for her. :)

Rose Red

She used to rock braids back in Des­tiny Child, remem­ber???


Exact­ly, this is hard­ly news!


I wish she would do the braids and corn­rows pub­licly at times, like she did back in the day with Destiny’s Child. I mean we most of her black fans would love even more.


I’m not sur­prised. She used to wear them all the time back in her Destiny’s child days

rebecca h

No ofeense to those who love Bey, but solange wears them so much bet­ter.






+3 Bey­on­ce is beau­ti­ful, but this look real­ly does not flat­ter her. Sur­prised that she took it back to the ear­ly ‘90s with this style…