Well, this is a surprise! Just a day after we posted photos of Solange rocking butt length braids on a Cape Cod vacation, photos have surfaced of Beyonce rocking braids at an album release dinner for rapper Nas. Many people feel that Solange is the more stylish of the two, so maybe her big sister is taking style cues from her?

Check out more photos below (courtesy of NecoleBitchie.com) and let us know your thoughts!

Beyonce shopping in New York with daughter Blue Ivy. This gives a clearer view of the style.

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Lia Carvalho

I honestly think that every hairstyle she does suits her.SHE have her own style, So SHE knows what SHE likes.I just hate when grown ppl act like littl kids,immature and make other ppl problems be a bother to them.I love the braids and thats what am Rocking!!!too!!!!go’ B’


[…] braid extensions are en vogue with celebrities nowadays, with Beyonce, Janet Jackson and, of course, Solange Knowles rocking the […]


I’m waiting for the child to start sporting blonde highlights..


Hey, did y’all know that Beyonce wore braids in her Destiny’s Child days? LOL


Why, no we didn’t. You sure do know your history.




Beautiful!!! Now if only the woman would rock her natural hair once in a blue, since she went natural a good ten to thirteen years before Solange. But this is progress. :o)


It was a little surprising since it had been a good while, but I think its nice on her. I just hope people don’t go gaga over it thinking shes now starting a trend when women have been rocking braids as a major trend forever now. If she starts going the braids route for a while, I would like to see her with some senegalese twists.


I mean, she has a baby, she ain’t got time to be fiddling in her hair, lol. That’s what I would do if I had a baby–get me some braids and keep it movin!

The Natural Haven

I do not equate hair extensions with natural hair and for a long time I hated black hair magazines which did this. If you went to the ‘natural hair’ section it would generally be extension braids and locs but not really ever free form natural hair.

I think Beyonce’s braids suit her and she looks good in them but as for their relevance to natural hair – I do not see it.




You know what would be shocking? If she rocked her natural hair color!! I’m so sick of her with the blonde colors!! Does anybody know what her real hair color is, not what she says it is, but what she was born with?? I mean damn!!

the ink store

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I don’t get why she is even up here, if she was showing her natural hair then, understandable. Come on
Son! I at least thought with this site I would get a break from seeing her, ughh!


This isn’t really a surprise, she used to wear braids when she was in Destiny’s Child…. Doesn’t anyone remember the writings on the wall album cover?

I could see why some would be surprised. Beyonce has shifted from the urban Destiny’s Child days to “Hollywood royalty,” where braids would hardly be considered a “star” style. They’re bohemian, stylish, and even eclectic in the eyes of many as a hairstyle, but I wonder if Beyonce would wear this style to the Grammy’s, or to some other high end event. (I do remember Jada Pinkett wearing box braids to some awards program, but hey, Jada is Jada.) Anyways, I didn’t expect this out of Beyonce only because I was beginning to think she was going to play the… Read more »
Tiffany Victoria

Maybe she went swimming lol.


R. Kahendi

Her hair look lovely in the picture posted by KaraJ. And I notice it’s not dyed blond. It’s just the extensions that are blond.

R. Kahendi

Oops! Not a picture, but a link. If you click on the link KaraJ posted above, you’ll see the picture I’m talking about.

DC days

How about one more person mention that she used to wear braids in her “Destiny’s Child days”?


Lol seriously. This post ain’t about the “Destiny’s Child days”


She used to wear braids during her destiny child days.



Curly Queen

They look cute. Maybe she’ll give natural hair a try one day…


Now that would be shocking. It would be interesting if she ever decided to enter our creative community lol


Actually besides the dye in her hair Beyonce is natural. She had a perm during her time with DC and started rocking braids during her grow out period. If you ever look at pics of her on vacation she rocks her natural texture which is slightly looser than Solange.


Looks Cute flash back to Destiny Child days…..

BTW here are additional pics with pics of blue ivy she is such a cutie!!!


I would LOVE to see Beyonce with a new hair color. That is all. Looks cute with the braids, tho.


+2000 there are better pics of her wih the braids and she looks good but I am not feeling the color




I agree she looks great but now that I think about it , I don’t think Beyonce has ever dissapointed her fans with her choice of hairstyles (not that know of lol) but anyway like you guys said she looks great . The fact that BOTH of the sisters have there hair braided at the same time is super cute to me and I can’t wait to see what hairstyles they choose next (: !


I’m not shocked, that’s all Beyonce used to wear with DC for years. I think she wears them more than what we think…we forget Beyonce wears a lot of wigs…we rarely if ever see her natural hair or color. Maybe it’s a way of being so private! She is extremely private when it comes to her personal life.


Granted I could be wrong, but Bey is pretty much a blonde. Def wears pieces/wigs/weaves tho. From the few personal tv specials I’ve seen of her on her “off time”, even with her real hair its dyed blonde.


reminds me of the good ol days of destiny’s child…i honestly don’t care much for beyonce but destiny’s child does bring a wave of nostalgia over me hehe..


I am surprised tbh. She’s moved so far away from how she was in her Destiny’s Child days. Braids are braids, and lately they are becoming fashionable. Especially here in London, UK – if its not this long flowing wavy weave, its long traditional African style braids.


Braids are becoming fashionable in the UK? What ever since I was little, and i’m past 30 now I have seen black women and men sporting braids.


Also fashionable in the UK is black women with hardly any hair at the front and sides due to ill fitting braids!


*are black women (should read).


I’m not a fan of the color or the ends, but I’m going to chalk it up to bad lighting. I prefer her Destiny’s Child braids when her hair was a little more brown.


I’m not shocked at all. She used to wear braids all the time in her early Destiny’s Child days. Her public image is a lot different now, but I don’t think that changes what she may like to wear or do in her private life when she’s not promoting something or performing.

Britt Britt

Ugh…stop with the sibling comparisons.


I agree! Being compared to your sibling(s) or your parents is really annoying and unfair! Why can’t people develop their own style, without people comparing them to a family member? SMH!


Thank you!! People are crazy and hella biased!!








She looks great! She used to wear braids all the time in DC days….lol so this isn’t really “new” per se for her. 🙂

Rose Red

She used to rock braids back in Destiny Child, remember???


Exactly, this is hardly news!


I wish she would do the braids and cornrows publicly at times, like she did back in the day with Destiny’s Child. I mean we most of her black fans would love even more.


I’m not surprised. She used to wear them all the time back in her Destiny’s child days

rebecca h

No ofeense to those who love Bey, but solange wears them so much better.






+3 Beyonce is beautiful, but this look really does not flatter her. Surprised that she took it back to the early ’90s with this style…