I’m lov­ing this HILARIOUS slideshow from Madamenoire.com of celebs who took their baby hair too far! Includ­ed on the list are famil­iar cul­prits like Gin­uwine and Chilli of TLC. Click here for the full slideshow and tell us, have you ever got­ten car­ried away with slick­ing down your baby hair?

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­liste, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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I per­son­al­ly think Chile’s hair looks good. Her nat­ur­al tex­ture is wavy and her edges reflect that.

Also why is Brandy even on this list?? It didn’t seem as if she did any­thing spe­cial with her edges. She just had them left out so they wouldn’t be snatched bald with the exten­sions.

mariah b

I don’t see the big deal about the baby hair. I don’t think it looks bad when incor­po­rat­ed into a style (on pur­pose or with­out real­iza­tion). I didn’t even kno it was asso­ci­at­ed with hav­ing “good hair or bad hair”! Chilli looks AWSOME and always has!


This might be for­eign to some, but, some peo­ples edges lay like nat­u­ral­ly… just like some peo­ple have nat­ur­al straight hair and with no relax­er. Though it might not ALWAYS be the case, it seems ridicu­lous to say some­one took the way their baby hair grows out too far…


I just brush it down a bit and go. The only time I use jell is if its just not lay­ing down. I’m too busy being wor­ried about the rest of my head.

Maggie A

I imme­di­ate­ly thought of Chili before the pho­to even loaded lol!! I have no baby hairs to even slick back lol I’ll enjoy the slides.


I once got com­pli­ment­ed on baby hair by a girl and I was like, “what?”. I nev­er knew baby hair was a thing till I looked at black blogs. Now I’m afraid that peo­ple think I comb it down lmao, it just lays down. I real­ly didn’t know peo­ple did stuff with that hair.


I have a lot of baby hairs and lit­tle sideburns–it’s genet­ic, my mom and sis­ter do too. I some­times use gel, and oth­er times I don’t. My baby hairs are fine and straight, so some­times I use gel to push them back.


Lol…I nev­er got the baby hair obses­sion thing


Add a new one to the list, Andrea Kel­ly, R. Kelly’s ex wife. “Hol­ly­wood Exes.”


I know right, even with a scarf on her head she still keep those edges laid down and showing.lol… She reminds me of Wendy Robin­son with some of the things that she says who plays Tasha Mack on ‘The Game’ on Bet.


+1, Her edges kill me!

Toya O

I kin­da love Chili’s baby hair.…But that was a hilar­i­ous slideshow!


How did Tyra Banks not make that list? lol


Hey now leave the baby hair alone! Lol :) Some of us don’t have to make our baby hair lay down or stand out. Mine nat­u­ral­ly does it which is so fun­ny. I’m nev­er pur­pose­ful­ly or obses­sive­ly lay­ing it down lol. What makes baby hair baby hair…it’s so dif­fer­ent from the oth­er hair. I was lit­er­al­ly just talk­ing about this today.

anne grey

My baby hair likes to lay down on its own too!!! I let it be. I hope no one thinks I pur­pose­ful­ly do any­thing to it! lol


I some­what agree with Mer­ry, but I also think peo­ple might just want a slick look around the edges. For me, I let my baby hair run wild, no dis­ci­pline what so ever- I guess that makes me a bad mom.


wow!!! Peo­ple spent a lot of time with their tooth­brush and gel back in the days lol. Mis­sy Elliot just slayed me…as well as any­one inn this slideshow who pur­pose­ful­ly cut their nor­mal hair short to make it look like baby hair.
I’m sure we’ll look back in a few years and find some of oour most pop­u­lar styles pret­ty ridicu­lous.


imo, the baby hair thing is just anoth­er form of hair tex­ture obses­sion — good hair, bad hair…

Annie L.

Like every­body else celebs must look back at some style eras and wince!

I have some old pho­tos of me and friends with blue and plat­inum weaves, black-raisin lip­stick and sky-high plat­forms that we swore were the ish back then! Now we just laugh and blame each oth­er for not stag­ing inter­ven­tions and get­ting help ear­li­er, LOOOOOOOOL!

Gin­uwine and Chilli and Mar­ques Hous­ton :)))))))))))