After rock­ing a relax­er for two years, Jill Scott is back with ‘a nat­ur­al’ (as old black folks say :)! At a recent per­for­mance at Somer­sot House in Eng­land, Jill rocked a TWA cut into a box shape and she looked radi­ant! It’s inter­est­ing because in a 2011 inter­view with Afro­bel­la Jill men­tioned her dis­com­fort with being viewed as “the spokesper­son of nat­ur­al hair”. Nev­er­the­less, I know a lot of nat­u­rals are hap­py to see her rock­ing the curls again :) Ladies, what do you think of Jill’s new look?

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Jill Scott rocks with the nat­ur­al big chop fro’! So cute #Team­Nat­ur­al!


Saw her per­form live yes­ter­day. She looks fab­u­lous!


Jil­ly is FIERCE so what­ev­er she choos­es works for her. I wasn’t a fan of the relaxed look, but, she rocked that. She is one of my style icons, absolute­ly favorite artist, & I’m glad she’s back on team nat­ur­al!


Jill is amaz­ing. Her style is her choice




Beau­ti­ful woman! She looks great!

au napptural

I’ll be first in line to say I’m glad Jill is back nat­ur­al. I hat­ed her perm b/c the cut was atro­cious and did noth­ing for her. She’s so pret­ty though.


Love it! And I love that this arti­cle was post­ed two days ago when I big chopped. I know she doesn’t like the title, buu­ut to a 17 yr old nat­ur­al like myself, she is kin­da the nat­ur­al hair rep lol.

Patricia Kayden

Ms. Jill Scott is one gor­geous Sis­ter.

Just beau­ti­ful!

Cee Mac

I love Jill Scott!


If you are on stage in front of thou­sands of peo­ple, an artist needs to wear some­thing that stands out from the norm. Plain jeans and T-shirt wont do!! 

I love this out­fit and I love her hair! In fact I love any­thing she does because she radi­ates seren­i­ty, peace & joy.

She is hap­py in her own skin and she looks like she is hav­ing such a blast on stage!! 

Love you Jill!!


The out­fit is ridicu­lous -LMAO-but what a tal­ent!



yes lawd!

Jil­ly from Philly is the per­fect exam­ple of an artist who does not need a ‘look’ to define her tal­ent

Annie L.

For­get the hair — she is KILLING that out­fit!

It’s wild — I mean Alexan­der McQueen wild — but her sleek lines and pos­ture, cheeky expres­sion and full-on pres­ence in that shot just radi­ates FIRE! It’s real­ly a beau­ti­ful fit and any hair on her Bar­bie face just works. 

I don’t even lis­ten to her music, though I do miss The No. 1 Ladies Detec­tive Agency.


Hair is cute, I love her out­fit minus the pants. That is my girl and I love her SPIRIT!


Whoa! I almost didn’t notice the hair- the out­fit is more notice­able. Go Jill!


She is gorgeous…She can rock any style and make it look good…Lovin this nat­ur­al tho!!
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Cathey Poindexter-Taylor
Cathey Poindexter-Taylor

Jill has such a pret­ty face that she could wear any style. How­ev­er, I love nat­ur­al hair on her. She is a DIVA all around!


I’m not going to lie-I was super excit­ed to see this! We all need a lit­tle change some­timess but I couldn’t get used to the straight hair on Jill-although she still was beau­ti­ful. But I would so do the same thing if I ever felt like I want­ed to-because you can always cut it back off and go nat­ur­al again-go Jill-I love it!


Love the twa style, it real­ly suits her and she looks great in the out­fit as well.


Jill is Beau­ti­ful­ly Human!!! I just love her because her music inspires me so much. She is fly from the inside out, the nat­ur­al hair is just a bonus!


The out­fit is so nice! This woman can rock ANYTHING!

Rachel R.

The ques­tion is what do you think about her hair.….whether she is big or small, nat­ur­al or relaxed her SPIRIT is awe­some!!!! she tried the relaxed look for a dif­fer­ent style obivous­ly she didn’t care for it so now she is back to being nat­ur­al. Why must we always crit­i­cize someone’s weight and clothes before we give a com­pli­ment???????? Just say­ing
Jill is a beau­ti­ful and intel­li­gent woman.


Glad you said it. Some peo­ple are always ready to tear oth­ers down, whether it’s crit­i­ciz­ing an out­fit, weight, make­up etc. It’s neg­a­tive ener­gy, ter­ri­ble!

I like her hair, and she looks like she’s hav­ing fun in this pics!


so agree.…..


She is just gor­geous, nat­ur­al or not, she radi­ates life. She reminds me so much of one of my cousin’s!


Looks like she’s liv­ing her life like it’s gold­en!


My favorite song of hers!

Seriously…Jill could shave her head bald and tat­too a skull on it and I’d STILL be a fan.

Some folks need role mod­els to look up to. I’m not one of those peo­ple, at least not when it comes to hair. I’ve been inspired by cer­tain nat­u­rals in the pub­lic eye, but their hair choic­es don’t influ­ence my own. Jill (Solange, Lau­ryn, etc.) could run out and get a weave tomor­row but I’mma still rock the naps…


“Seriously…Jill could shave her head bald and tat­too a skull on it and I’d STILL be a fan.”



Jill is beau­ti­ful rather her hair is straight or nat­ur­al and kinky. I love her for the music she cre­ates, not how she choos­es to wear her hair.


+1!! She pro­vides music that makes you soul feel bet­ter! :)


This is exact­ly what I was think­ing!


I love her out­fit, she rocks big well.
She has a pret­ty face, so what­ev­er she does to her hair is just a bonus

Curly Queen

She looks nice. Glad she’s relax­er free but she’s an enter­tain­er so they fre­quent­ly change their minds.


I total­ly agree.Naturals shouldn’t try to crown celebri­ties as nat­ur­al representatives.We shouldn need approval form celebs or the media as nat­ur­al is BEAUTIFUL.


I am glad you got rid of the relax­ers.
I remem­ber she had lost a lost of
weight, it looks like she gained
it back.
Jill is beau­ti­ful per­son inside and out­side


beau­ti­ful! I love the out­fit! i like it alot, alot!


The out­fit needs to be set on fire!!
Noth­ing spe­cial about her hair, a before pic­ture might would help, but because her hair nev­er looks the same twice, to me this is just anoth­er one of her hair styles!!


Jill looks beau­ti­ful with what­ev­er look she wants, she has fab­u­lous taste <3


Jill Scott looks great no mat­ter what hair style she rocks!! She is total­ly a classy lady!!


Whether rock­ing a relax­er or nat­ur­al, she always radi­ates!




she looks amaz­ing with the short hair!!!I ever under­stood the back­lash she recieved for relax­ing her hair (although it was not my favorite style of hers).Now I’m sure many will be able to sleep at night lol. I’m curi­ous to see wheter she will keep the twa for a while or grow it out…


She looks awe­some. Didn’t know that was a relax­er, doesn’t both­er me, and, to reit­er­ate: she looks HOT!