After rocking a relaxer for two years, Jill Scott is back with ‘a natural’ (as old black folks say :)! At a recent performance at Somersot House in England, Jill rocked a TWA cut into a box shape and she looked radiant! It’s interesting because in a 2011 interview with Afrobella Jill mentioned her discomfort with being viewed as “the spokesperson of natural hair”. Nevertheless, I know a lot of naturals are happy to see her rocking the curls again 🙂 Ladies, what do you think of Jill’s new look?

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45 Comments on "Singer Jill Scott Returns to Natural Hair with a TWA!"

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Jill Scott rocks with the natural big chop fro’! So cute #TeamNatural!


Saw her perform live yesterday. She looks fabulous!


Jilly is FIERCE so whatever she chooses works for her. I wasn’t a fan of the relaxed look, but, she rocked that. She is one of my style icons, absolutely favorite artist, & I’m glad she’s back on team natural!


Jill is amazing. Her style is her choice




Beautiful woman! She looks great!

au napptural

I’ll be first in line to say I’m glad Jill is back natural. I hated her perm b/c the cut was atrocious and did nothing for her. She’s so pretty though.


Love it! And I love that this article was posted two days ago when I big chopped. I know she doesn’t like the title, buuut to a 17 yr old natural like myself, she is kinda the natural hair rep lol.

Patricia Kayden

Ms. Jill Scott is one gorgeous Sister.

Just beautiful!

Cee Mac

I love Jill Scott!


If you are on stage in front of thousands of people, an artist needs to wear something that stands out from the norm. Plain jeans and T-shirt wont do!!

I love this outfit and I love her hair! In fact I love anything she does because she radiates serenity, peace & joy.

She is happy in her own skin and she looks like she is having such a blast on stage!!

Love you Jill!!


The outfit is ridiculous -LMAO-but what a talent!



yes lawd!

Jilly from Philly is the perfect example of an artist who does not need a ‘look’ to define her talent

Annie L.

Forget the hair – she is KILLING that outfit!

It’s wild – I mean Alexander McQueen wild – but her sleek lines and posture, cheeky expression and full-on presence in that shot just radiates FIRE! It’s really a beautiful fit and any hair on her Barbie face just works.

I don’t even listen to her music, though I do miss The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.


Hair is cute, I love her outfit minus the pants. That is my girl and I love her SPIRIT!


Whoa! I almost didn’t notice the hair- the outfit is more noticeable. Go Jill!


She is gorgeous…She can rock any style and make it look good…Lovin this natural tho!!
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Cathey Poindexter-Taylor
Cathey Poindexter-Taylor

Jill has such a pretty face that she could wear any style. However, I love natural hair on her. She is a DIVA all around!


I’m not going to lie-I was super excited to see this! We all need a little change sometimess but I couldn’t get used to the straight hair on Jill-although she still was beautiful. But I would so do the same thing if I ever felt like I wanted to-because you can always cut it back off and go natural again-go Jill-I love it!


Love the twa style, it really suits her and she looks great in the outfit as well.


Jill is Beautifully Human!!! I just love her because her music inspires me so much. She is fly from the inside out, the natural hair is just a bonus!


The outfit is so nice! This woman can rock ANYTHING!

Rachel R.

The question is what do you think about her hair…..whether she is big or small, natural or relaxed her SPIRIT is awesome!!!! she tried the relaxed look for a different style obivously she didn’t care for it so now she is back to being natural. Why must we always criticize someone’s weight and clothes before we give a compliment???????? Just saying
Jill is a beautiful and intelligent woman.


so agree……


Glad you said it. Some people are always ready to tear others down, whether it’s criticizing an outfit, weight, makeup etc. It’s negative energy, terrible!

I like her hair, and she looks like she’s having fun in this pics!


She is just gorgeous, natural or not, she radiates life. She reminds me so much of one of my cousin’s!


Looks like she’s living her life like it’s golden!


My favorite song of hers!

Seriously…Jill could shave her head bald and tattoo a skull on it and I’d STILL be a fan.

Some folks need role models to look up to. I’m not one of those people, at least not when it comes to hair. I’ve been inspired by certain naturals in the public eye, but their hair choices don’t influence my own. Jill (Solange, Lauryn, etc.) could run out and get a weave tomorrow but I’mma still rock the naps…


“Seriously…Jill could shave her head bald and tattoo a skull on it and I’d STILL be a fan.”



Jill is beautiful rather her hair is straight or natural and kinky. I love her for the music she creates, not how she chooses to wear her hair.


This is exactly what I was thinking!


+1!! She provides music that makes you soul feel better! 🙂


I love her outfit, she rocks big well.
She has a pretty face, so whatever she does to her hair is just a bonus

Curly Queen

She looks nice. Glad she’s relaxer free but she’s an entertainer so they frequently change their minds.


I totally agree.Naturals shouldn’t try to crown celebrities as natural representatives.We shouldn need approval form celebs or the media as natural is BEAUTIFUL.


I am glad you got rid of the relaxers.
I remember she had lost a lost of
weight, it looks like she gained
it back.
Jill is beautiful person inside and outside


beautiful! I love the outfit! i like it alot, alot!


The outfit needs to be set on fire!!
Nothing special about her hair, a before picture might would help, but because her hair never looks the same twice, to me this is just another one of her hair styles!!


Jill looks beautiful with whatever look she wants, she has fabulous taste <3


Jill Scott looks great no matter what hair style she rocks!! She is totally a classy lady!!


Whether rocking a relaxer or natural, she always radiates!




she looks amazing with the short hair!!!I ever understood the backlash she recieved for relaxing her hair (although it was not my favorite style of hers).Now I’m sure many will be able to sleep at night lol. I’m curious to see wheter she will keep the twa for a while or grow it out…


She looks awesome. Didn’t know that was a relaxer, doesn’t bother me, and, to reiterate: she looks HOT!