Singer Jill Scott Returns to Natural Hair with a TWA!

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After rocking a relaxer for two years, Jill Scott is back with ‘a natural’ (as old black folks say :)! At a recent performance at Somersot House in England, Jill rocked a TWA cut into a box shape and she looked radiant! It’s interesting because in a 2011 interview with Afrobella Jill mentioned her discomfort with being viewed as “the spokesperson of natural hair”. Nevertheless, I know a lot of naturals are happy to see her rocking the curls again :) Ladies, what do you think of Jill’s new look?

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45 thoughts on “Singer Jill Scott Returns to Natural Hair with a TWA!

  1. Forget the hair – she is KILLING that outfit!

    It’s wild – I mean Alexander McQueen wild – but her sleek lines and posture, cheeky expression and full-on presence in that shot just radiates FIRE! It’s really a beautiful fit and any hair on her Barbie face just works.

    I don’t even listen to her music, though I do miss The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.

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  2. Jilly from Philly is the perfect example of an artist who does not need a ‘look’ to define her talent

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  3. If you are on stage in front of thousands of people, an artist needs to wear something that stands out from the norm. Plain jeans and T-shirt wont do!!

    I love this outfit and I love her hair! In fact I love anything she does because she radiates serenity, peace & joy.

    She is happy in her own skin and she looks like she is having such a blast on stage!!

    Love you Jill!!

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  4. Love it! And I love that this article was posted two days ago when I big chopped. I know she doesn’t like the title, buuut to a 17 yr old natural like myself, she is kinda the natural hair rep lol.

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  5. I’ll be first in line to say I’m glad Jill is back natural. I hated her perm b/c the cut was atrocious and did nothing for her. She’s so pretty though.

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  6. Jilly is FIERCE so whatever she chooses works for her. I wasn’t a fan of the relaxed look, but, she rocked that. She is one of my style icons, absolutely favorite artist, & I’m glad she’s back on team natural!

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