Quick & Easy Style for Short Natural Hair: The Bunned Updo

Tired of long-haired girls getting all the love? Short-haired girls (which means 7 inches or less for this series), we’ve heard your cries! Many of you may rock the TWA, a great option, but are puzzled when it comes to mixing it up or offering protective styles for your tresses. We’ve got you covered.

By Shana Peete

Bunned Updo

1. Put your stretched hair up into a puff.
2. With a 1 to 2 inch section of your puff, create a loose single strand twist.
3. At the end of the twist, create a loop and tuck its end into the base of your puff with a Bobbie pin.
4. Repeat until the entire puff is twisted and tucked.

5. For smooth edges, spray your edges with water or a leave-in until just moist. Tie a long skinny satin scarf around them Karate Kid style, keeping it close to the hairline. As the hair dries, inch the scarf upward toward the puff to encourage the hair to lay flat.
6. Once dry, remove the second scarf being careful not to go against the grain. Flowers or headbands take this look to another level.

Cute! Ladies, what do you think of this look? Would you try it?

Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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18 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Style for Short Natural Hair: The Bunned Updo

  1. Very cute! I’ve done this before. But I didn’t have any hair sticking out in the back. It’s a nice touch to me.

  2. what is ” a loose single strand twist”? it is my understanding that a strand is one hair. how can you make this hair style pinning single hairs? video tutorial please.

    • They just mean a two strand twist but a loose version so that it puffs up and gives more volume. Not two single strands of hair twisted together, imagine the SSKs.

  3. I’ve done this style but the bun can be insubstantial unless your hair is longer. I don’t find it works for short hair. I was copying the one br0nzeqt does, hers looks great.

  4. Hey ladies !!! If i may ask … can anyone give me any suggested elegant hairstyles for natural hair ? Am going to be taking my senior pictures soon and don’t know what to do to my hair ! Help please …… have 3c/4a hair . Thanks :)

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