Some­times, it be like that.

By Christi­na of The Mane Objec­tive

There is a lot of sup­port for ladies tran­si­tion­ing from relax­ers, but I can’t com­plete­ly iden­ti­fy with their strug­gles. I want­ed to do this post to sup­port the ladies who have man­aged to steer clear of the creamy crack, but over­dosed on the heat. Tran­si­tion­ing in a new crop of hair from the heat dam­aged stuff can be chal­leng­ing, frus­trat­ing, and dis­cour­ag­ing. Hope­ful­ly this post will shed some light and pro­vide some help.

My scalp is schiz­o­phrenic.

I know some­body out there under­stands the sheer frus­tra­tion of hav­ing mul­ti­ple hair tex­tures going on, espe­cial­ly in that tran­si­tion from heat dam­aged to 100% healthy hair. Some­where between my heat dam­age, new growth, and my scalp’s own iden­ti­ty cri­sis, I have about 4 tex­tures going on in my head. Each tex­ture likes to annoy me in its own spe­cial lit­tle way — my super straight left side refus­es to nat­u­ral­ly curl, my right side forms per­fect ringlets (but makes my hair look lop­sided, jux­ta­posed against the left), the front of my hair likes to wave instead of curl…and my crown has a mind of its super-coarse own. With that being said, I have learned that the “n’ go” part of a wash n’ go is actu­al­ly a no-go for me.

As I have spent the last 6 or so months tran­si­tion­ing from self-inflict­ed heat dam­age (not my proud­est moments), I have adopt­ed a styling rou­tine that allows me to cod­dle and slow­ly clip my heat dam­aged ends while play­ing to my hair’s strengths. Some­times, I even opt for a style that gives me a sense of pat­tern uni­for­mi­ty. A suc­cess­ful heat dam­age tran­si­tion rests upon under­stand­ing the fol­low­ing things about your hair:

    • If your hair is heat dam­aged, your orig­i­nal curl/texture will not return, no mat­ter what you do. When hair is heat dam­aged, the pro­tein struc­tures in it are melt­ed – irre­versibly. This dif­fers from relaxed hair, where straight­ness is achieved through a break­ing, swelling, and realign­ment of bonds with­in the cor­tex of the hair itself.
    • Although not chem­i­cal­ly altered, heat dam­aged hair is still weak­er than your nor­mal, healthy head of hair. In my hum­ble opin­ion, heat dam­aged hair may be slight­ly stronger than relaxed hair. (Please note that this is just my opin­ion, based upon my own obser­va­tions of my heat dam­age vs. those I know with relax­ers). This is not to say that you have clear­ance to treat your heat dam­age any ol’ kind of way, but more so that your chances for length reten­tion in a suc­cess­ful tran­si­tion are more like­ly to occur if the prop­er steps are tak­en.

  • Not all hair­styles are meant for heat dam­age tran­si­tion­ers. Stick to what looks good on you, and what your hair responds best to. That’s the best way to main­tain san­i­ty along the ride. A lit­tle fur­ther down in this post, I’ll dis­cuss what styles have and have not worked for me.
  • Treat your tex­tures dif­fer­ent­ly. My healthy new hair requires a lot more mois­ture and heav­ier seal­ing than the heat dam­aged stuff does. There­fore, I’ll mois­tur­ize with my leave-in spray and seal with some­thing heavy, like Shea Mois­ture Coconut Hibis­cus Curl Enhanc­ing Smooth­ie. My heat dam­aged hair has a fin­er tex­ture, and I can get away with leave-in spray and aloe vera.

Now that we have set the foun­da­tion for under­stand­ing heat dam­aged hair, let’s move on to the fun part: styling!

I have attempt­ed many styles – some with suc­cess, oth­ers with com­plete fail­ure. But hey, that’s the learn­ing curve. As I men­tioned pre­vi­ous­ly, some styles do not look good on heat dam­aged hair. Those styles for me were:

  1. Mini-Twists: Heat dam­age hair tends to have a taper­ing effect. The hair clos­est to your scalp is gen­er­al­ly the thick­est, and sec­tions get small­er and small­er as you get clos­er to the ends of the hair. Mini-twists left me feel­ing like my hair was thin­ner than it actu­al­ly was.
  2. Chunky Braids: Because of the taper­ing effect men­tioned, chunky braids nev­er worked for me. Not to men­tion my hair is lay­ered, and braids would become pro­gres­sive­ly short­er the clos­er I got to my face.
  3. Chunky Twists: Ever notice how healthy, nat­ur­al hair “stays put” for the most part, when it is twist­ed… all the way to the ends (a’ la Nap­tural85)? Heat dam­aged hair, well at least my heat dam­aged hair, tends to unrav­el at the ends – forc­ing me to use scrunchies. This is fine for a night-time set to get cute waves for the next day, but as a style it doesn’t work for me. I am a full-time Direc­tor for a Non-Prof­it Pro­gram. Walk­ing around with mul­ti­col­ored scrunchies is not in my cards.


Styles that do work for heat dam­aged hair, that blend, con­ceal, or make the most of my mul­ti­ple tex­tures have been:

Bantu Knot-Outs

I cov­ered this one a while ago, and you can catch all the detailed instruc­tions here. Sure, they’re a pain to sleep in, but the incon­ve­nience pales in com­par­i­son to the cute super tight (or super loose, depend­ing on how big your knots are) ringlets you emerge with. Per­fect cam­ou­flage for mul­ti­ple tex­tures — it stretch­es my more shrink-prone tex­tures while giv­ing def­i­n­i­tion to my straighter side.


Braid outs are prob­a­bly the least com­pli­cat­ed of all the prep prac­tices, and will pro­duce any­thing from tiny crin­kles to gen­tle waves, depend­ing on how small are large your braids are. Just prep with your favorite mois­tur­iz­ing product(s), braid, cov­er, and undo the next morn­ing!

Flat Twists

Admit­ted­ly, I am still try­ing to mas­ter this one. Since flat twist­ing is just like corn­rows (with two pieces of hair instead of three), I pret­ty much suck at it. Even with my sub-par twist­ing skills, I man­age to get some great, coop­er­a­tive curly waves all over, instead on just 1/4 of my head.


They are a com­plete and utter pain to sleep in (worse than the Ban­tu Knots), and you def­i­nite­ly have to take the time to learn how to get your hair around the rod cor­rect­ly to achieve the uni­form curls you seek. But once you do all that, the result is well worth it.


The bor­ing bad guy of the bunch. I resort to bun­ning as my go-to pro­tec­tive style 80% of the time. Some­times I’ll mix it up and do a hump-thingie in the front, or a flat-twist crown around my hair­line. Buns are def­i­nite­ly great for me, and make the tran­si­tion from work to gym time seam­less. I usu­al­ly wear a twist or braid out on week­ends, and use the man­u­fac­tured tex­ture from those to add some def­i­n­i­tion to my buns through­out the week.

What are some of your go-to tran­si­tion­ing styles?

Christina Patrice

Born, raised, and liv­ing in Los Ange­les, Christi­na is BGLH’s res­i­dent tran­si­tion­ing expert and prod­uct junkie. In addi­tion to lov­ing all things hair, she is a fit­ness novice and advo­cate of wear­ing san­dals year-round. For more infor­ma­tion on tran­si­tion­ing, nat­ur­al hair, and her own hair jour­ney, vis­it Or, if you like pic­tures fol­low Christi­na on Insta­gram @maneobjective.

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Aisha Hall

Do you have per­mis­sion to use my cousin’s pic for your blog? Because I am sure you do not. She does not over process or relax her hair and from the pic you can see she has very healthy hair. Also she is Puer­to Rican so using her pic for a black girl long hair post does not apply to her.


FYI — Your cousin is a black Puer­to Rican. Have you ever been to Puer­to Rico?!


Hel­lo my daugh­ter is 10 she had a nice grade of hair semi curly she loved doo­bies but she would get blow outs because her hair would frizz up… So my cousin sug­gest­ed that I put a dream kids relax­er in her hair.. That was the worst thing I could have done it stripped her tex­ture now her hair is nap­py.. I’m liv­ing with regrets I hate myself for putting that in her hair.. Is there any­thing that I can do to bring her tex­ture back?? ????????????????.. PLEASE HELP MEEEEE… AND PLEASE NO RUDE FEEDBACK I FEEL BAD ENOUGH…

On screen I'm Nifa Dean
On screen I'm Nifa Dean
First things first- enough with the tex­ture diss­ing. The tex­ture you’re refer­ring to is not ‘nap­py’ or ‘bad hair’. Every­one has good hair, it’s about how you care for and style it. Dam­age can be reversed by using pro­tein treat­ments, depend­ing on the type of dam­age. Girls with heat dam­age have been known to use Palmer’s coconut pro­tein treat­ment or aphogee two step pro­tein treat­ment. How­ev­er, a relax­er, as far as I am aware from my own expe­ri­ence, is per­ma­nent. You can­not reverse it. The only thing to do is wait for it to grow out again, and grad­u­aly cut off… Read more »

Thank u ???????? I feel so bad that I stripped her nat­ur­al tex­ture… Guess the only thing to do now is to prop­er­ly treat it… Again thank you


I have a ques­tion for any­one who can answer. I had heat dam­age on my bangs and they went pin straight. When I real­ized what was hap­pen­ing I stopped using heat. How­ev­er when my hair start­ed to grow back, it wasn’t curly any­more but coarse. I have done every­thing now for over a year and noth­ing. Has this every hap­pened to any­one or know how i can get my curls back??

SO FRUSTRATING! Seri­ous­ly have been look­ing for an arti­cle like this, to reas­sure some­one else feels my pain. Two years ago I did a major chop which left me with a bob hair­style (it was cute for a while) how­ev­er, It got old and as a result, I decid­ed to take the all nat­ur­al, curly route. With­in a few months my hair began grow­ing extreme­ly fast, as it tends to, but also extreme­ly thick, which regard­less the heat-dam­age cir­cum­stances it was in before, was very dif­fer­ent. Fast for­ward a year and some lat­er, I made the mis­take of let­ting a… Read more »
Mel Stevens

I think any process we do on our hair, if it involves chem­i­cals, it’s seri­ous­ly dam­ag­ing. I rec­om­mend using the pro nat­u­rals hair repair sys­tem to get it back to nor­mal. I love every­thign about it, the smell is soft and it leaves the hair shiny too!


This is what we need — an insight to make evrnoy­ee think

I came across this article/blog when I googled “heat dam­aged hair.” I have the EXACT same issues with my mul­ti-tex­tured hair. My right side such soft coils (rem­i­nis­cent of my hair when I was a child — before all the dam­age), my left side tried to curl like its coun­ter­part, but just can’t quite match up (it is def­i­nite­ly heat dam­aged), my crown has a com­plete mind of its own, not sure i it wants to be dry, brit­tle, coarse and some­what wavy mess, mixed in with Z shaped pat­tern (all in their own direc­tion, not defined in any way).  I… Read more »

Yikes, I should’ve total­ly proof­read first! Please excuse the (many) errors :)


Nice arti­cle! Back in 2011, I had to “big chop” for the 3rd because of heat dam­age. My orig­i­nal tex­ture was 4C. When my hair was heat dam­aged, I had tex­tures rang­ing from 3a-4c, yikes! It was dev­as­tat­ing, but I learned my les­son. That’s when I learned to embrace my tex­ture. I devot­ed myself to com­ing up with cute pro­tec­tive styles that I felt good about wear­ing out in the pub­lic.

I’ve been tran­si­tion­ing from heat dam­aged hair for almost 3 years now. My favorite styles have been twist outs or “twist ins”. My twist styles (whether out or in) were weird at first because heat dam­aged hair doesn’t curl on their own well but I got cre­ative and found ways to get around it. I would curl the ends my self with soft rollers that way they’d look nor­mal in the morn­ing before going about my day. Once I felt con­fi­dent enough, I would clip my ends more often so my ends would even­tu­al­ly curl on its own. I don’t… Read more »
I’m try­ing to fig­ure out why my kids fathers old­er daugh­ter who is mixed has hair that won’t hold a curl when dry. I don’t know the his­to­ry ful­ly on her hair but I do know that her moth­er doesn’t take care of it and wont take the time to learn. She is grow­ing up and as she gets old­er I know she’ll want to wear her hair down so I exper­i­ment­ed on it by apply­ing a curl enhanc­ing prod­uct to it while it was wet. It looked pret­ty good at the time but after it dried, it looked fuzzy/frizzy.… Read more »
Then you should talk to your stepdaughter’s mom. Say­ing these things about her mom will not change any­thing. Just talk to the mom in a nice and friend­ly way. some peo­ple still need to be edu­cat­ed and will nev­er know if you say such things behind her back. She’s ten. You should ask the mom her hair his­to­ry instead of her. And you know how things go in the end. The child might get the impres­sion that you are try­ing to blame her mom for her hair not being healthy. It’s still a ten year old girl who for sure… Read more »
Until about my fresh­men year in high school I’ve always had insane­ly curly hair but of course due to straight­en­ing I have expe­ri­enced heat dam­age. My hair was com­plete­ly straight, fried, and frizzy. After about 8 months of nat­ur­al, 3 of straight­en­ing, and now maybe month 2 of nat­ur­al again I’ve found hair­styles that work for me and play up what I do have. My curls are com­ing back but tak­ing their sweet time. My ends of my hair are very straight but all new growth is curly ringlets. My hair is grow­ing a lot and I have no split… Read more »
I’m 16 and have decid­ed to go nat­ur­al. I don’t have a perm but I straight­en my hair a lot. I’ve straight­ened it so much it won’t revert to its nat­ur­al curl pat­tern. Over the past year I have slow­ly removed most of my heat dam­age but a cou­ple of weeks ago I straight­ened my hair with a ton of prod­uct in it (I was pressed for time and need­ed a neat look). Now most of my hard work went down the drain. Most of the heat dam­age is in the front the rest of my hair looks pret­ty healthy… Read more »
I wear a weave but Im a 100% natural under these wefts
I wear a weave but Im a 100% natural under these wefts

The only time I apply heat to my hair is when the styl­ist install a full head weave in my head. And that heat is the blow dry­er. And I only get my hair blowed dried twice a year.


me too


Came upon this arti­cle after googling heat dam­aged hair. I stopped perming my 3 years ago and have been braid­ing my hair ever since or leav­ing it out nat­u­ral­ly. Today I decid­ed to get my hair straight­ened and was wom­der­ing if I should do so on a reg­u­lar basis. I guess now that doing so wouldn’t be a good idea. It’s actu­al­ly quite fun­ny since my hair looked exact­ly like the pic­ture shown above when I was get­ting it straight­ened.


Very help­ful arti­cle as I find myself with mild heat dam­aged land.My hair has revert­ed I just have a few stub­born ends and my pat­tern over­all appears a lit­tle loos­er.

I have learnt my les­son and will not straight­en my hair until July.I will nurse back to curls with pro­tein n mois­ture masks and those ends r not respond­ing then I will con­sid­er trim­ming.


One of the rea­sons why I stop relax­ing was because I just hate to use heat in my hair. I haven’t used any heat in 3 months and I am lov­ing it.


Even when I was relax­ing (until 4 years ago)I almost nev­er used heat to dry my hair. I just washed my hair when I knew I wasn’t going any­where. I roller set my hair and left the rollers in all day, while doing my work at home. Only when I went to the hair­dress­er every 10 weeks a dry­er was used.

Hi, I want­ed to give a lit­tle bit of my sto­ry. First­ly Heat Dam­age is Real. I have had nat­ur­al hair all my life and when I was young my moth­er would take good care of my hair, even when she straight­ened my hair. So when I became a teen I need­ed to take care of my own hair and I didn’t know how. So I straight­ened my hair ever oth­er day. I want­ed to keep it straight. I didn’t know you could have heat dam­age. That word was not even in my vocab­u­lary and no one around me ever… Read more »
Nifa Dean
That first sen­tence almost made me want to break down. I’m heat dam­aged, but when I told my Mom, she told me that was non­sense. We’ve actu­al­ly had argu­ments. She has waved a hot-comb in my face, say­ing a flat iron could nev­er get as hot as the the hot comb- that what I’m say­ing is crazy. There’s no way afro hair could get ‘dam­aged’ by heat. My Mom can­not get on board with my ‘healthy hair’ prac­tices. The prod­ucts I use- she can’t under­stand what they are for, or why I buy them. I want to do me, but she… Read more »

Thank you so much for this arti­cle. After wear­ing sewins with the front of my hair out my hair is now straight in the front and it will only wave when wet. And recent­ly I have been get­ting blowouts and the left side of my hair has real­ly relaxed curls while the right side of my hair has tight healthy curls. I flat twist my hair in the front and two strand the rest (using nat­u­ral85’ s tech­nique) it helps mask the “uneve­ness.” I am going to try to keep away from heat. Thanks for the great arti­cle!


Girl you are speak­ingmy lan­guage! I have relax­er and heat dam­age and I’m goin gth­rough tran­si­tion and it has been rough! I do the lit­tle twist backs and then secure the hair with bob­by pins as my pro­tec­tive style, but I could do braid out or the flat twist on a weekened. Thanks.

I’m do hap­py some­one could explain the “melt­ed part of my pro­tein struc­ture.” Final­ly a decent answer besides just HEAT DAMAGE! Because my hair still looks healthy, it’s more silky and shiny, it just won’t revert. I hear pro­tein treat­ments are good for it and I tried it and it worked. Yogurt, Egg and a few oth­er things(naptural 85 pro­tein treat­ment). Also the cher­ry Lola I’m gonna try after a cou­ple of pro­tein treat­ments. Clar­if­ing wash­es, too. I think there real­ly hasn’t been enough research to say that it’s irre­versible. And I hate the words heat dam­aged. I’ve fried my… Read more »
Camille Chatman
I am cur­rent­ly grow­ing out hair that, in my my opin­ion is dam­aged by heat. The prob­lem is, that my new growth is so curly, and teh ends are so striaght, I end up with an afro by the roots and the ends do not curl or crin­kle from the flat twist, braid outs or twist outs that I have attempt­ed. I am going to focus on per­fect­ing the ban­tu know, but does any­one know what I may be doing wrong to end up with th afro at the roots and a slight wave on the ends. PLEASE HELP!
My hair would nev­er grow long even in my younger days. It would grow a cer­tain length, then stopped. I’m in my 30s and have final­ly fig­ured out what I was doing wrong. I was over­perming and using too much heat on my hair. I also wasn’t doing pro­tein and mois­tur­iz­ing treat­ments. My rou­tine now is to wash once a week and alter­nate with either a pro­tein or mois­tur­iz­ing treat­ment. After I perm my hair, I always fol­low up with a pro­tein treat­ment a few days lat­er. I also perm my hair every 8–10 weeks. My hair looks pret­ty rough… Read more »
Patricia Kayden

Great arti­cle. Didn’t know that heat could also bad­ly dam­age hair. Now tran­si­tion­ing to no heat nat­ur­al hair.

Thank you for not cut­ting all your hair off and tak­ing the easy way out!!! I went to my friends hair­dress­er for a wed­ding tri­al hair­style and when I washed my hair I could have sworn she put some relax­er in it…I’ve been doing no heat for every 3 months and pro­tec­tive styling for a year just to get my hair to grow for my wed­ding and one trip to the salon took every­thing away from me :( but I don’t plan on cut­ting, I’ve had it all cut before and I promised myself to nev­er go through it again!!… Read more »
I feel your pain! I had been tran­si­tion­ing from heat dam­age in the front por­tion of my hair which left me with mul­ti­ple tex­tures and split ends for a year. For a full year, I trimmed my ends once per month an avoid­ed ALL heat styling and did pro­tec­tive styles a major­i­ty of the time. I final­ly was free of the dam­age in March of this year and in April I got cast for a hair com­mer­cial and the styl­ist burnt anoth­er front sec­tion of my hair COMPLETELY straight. I have a full fro with a straight bang. I was… Read more »
Hi all :) Thanks for this arti­cle! I’m deal­ing with this myself right now… I flat ironed my hair a few weeks back (for the first time in a year) and I have some strands that won’t go back. Well, they’re not going back at this moment, at least. Some are straight, and some are a loos­er curl pat­tern. So until it grows out that means buns and ban­tu knots for me. On the flip side of it though, hav­ing to stick to buns and ban­tu knots might work out for me, see­ing as these are pro­tec­tive styles, which gen­er­al­ly I… Read more »
I JUST did a post on my blog about this. I nev­er had a relax­er, but after flat iron­ing month­ly, my tex­ture was defin­te­ly chang­ing. My hair wasn’t real­ly “dam­aged” per se, but my curl pat­tern was def­i­nite­ly loos­er after apply­ing heat. I hat­ed that, so I opt­ed to only straight­en for trims which is about 2 to 3 times a year.  Since I’ve stopped straigten­ing as often, my hair has thrived and my curl pat­tern in my new growth has remained in tact. I’m still able to do wash n’ go’s but I have to “scrunch” the bot­toms to make… Read more »

SN: I’m so glad I have only one tex­ture of hair on my head. My 1 tex­ture dri­ves me crazy enough. I can’t imag­ine what it would be like if I had sev­er­al AND be tran­si­tion­ing, recov­er­ing from heat dam­age, etc. I’m sure ya’ll ladies need an award for patience.


unless your ends are split or there is break­age, heat dam­age is not dam­age, lol


But it is irre­versible, right? The curls can nev­er come back. That’s dam­age in my opin­ion. :(


I agree with Belle. In my younger days, if I fried my hair too hard, no amount of water was bring­ing it back and that is not cute. It is dam­aged.


I think it depends. My friend had some heat dam­age on her hair, and her curl pat­tern loos­ened. And her hair isn’t falling out, its still shiny and looks health. I guess it depends on how much heat you use, once or twice a week is okay, but every­day will def­i­nite­ly stop your hair from revert­ing back! :)


then it’s just irre­versible until the roots grow out. I just feel like heat dam­age is the wrong term. I’ve been hear­ing it so much when the hair is not dam­aged and healthy. Just one more thing to obsess about I feel.


Great post! I’ve been perm free for 4years after 3years with a perm which I got after my nat­ur­al hair got bad­ly heat dam­aged. How­ev­er, for those 4 years the flat iron was my hair’s best friend until I decid­ed to be heat-free 2 months ago. I like work­ing with ban­tu knots because they’re a style I can work with through­out the week.

OMG, this arti­cle basi­cal­ly sums up my hair jour­ney right now! I have all the same issues. After 3 years of being nat­ur­al, one day I just decid­ed I want­ed to wear my hair straight for a while (just for a change of pace), and went over­board with the con­stant flat iron­ing. I also wasn’t tak­ing any pro­tec­tive mea­sures when straight­en­ing it (like using a heat protectant,or using low­er heat settings).…the heat dam­age got to the point my hair lit­er­al­ly will not curly AT ALL! So now I’m back at square one with tran­si­tion­ing. 8 months into no-heat tran­si­tion­ing and… Read more »

Mine was heat and col­or dam­aged. I have the same issues. I still sport twists, I use a perm rod at the ends of the hair at the front of my face to keep the ends togeth­er. I also get a curly q effect when I take them out in the morn­ing.


OMG FINALLY A POST FOR ME! I nev­er hear any­thing about heat dam­age! Just tran­si­tion­ing from perms! Thanks for this. It is good to know I am not the only one goin through this! Good luck with your healthy hair jour­ney!!!

Jae Mac
Christi­na, Thanks for shar­ing, my daughter’s hair became extreme­ly heat dam­aged due to the Egypt­ian hair straight­en­ing process (very HOT blow dry­ing technique).At first we loved the silk­i­ness of it, but soon real­ized that her hair was shed­ding and unable to revert back to its nat­ur­al curly state. The mini twists didn’t work for her either, but we are hav­ing luck with the Ban­tu knots and flexi rods. Braids con­tin­ued to shed her hair. We’ve since found a styl­ist who spe­cial­izes in nat­ur­al hair. It took a year to dam­age it, I hope the worse is now over.The shed­ding has… Read more »

This has been most infor­ma­tive for me! I even appre­ci­ate the use of lan­guage and imagery you used as it describes me per­fect­ly. I have about 90 tex­tures of hair myself (this week at the beach proved it!) It has been most frus­trat­ing as I’m afraid to leave the “HEAT”. My flat iron and hair are both “burnt out” and I think it’s time to prop­er­ly take care of my nat­ur­al hair… I’m just afraid :-(

Thanks for this post!




I have trou­ble with the heat dam­age at the moment and right now I got corn­rows in to avoid straigh­n­ing my hair and let it grow. But I need to get the ends trimmed but does any one know if pure shea but­ter is good for dam­aged hair


Raw Shea but­ter works great for me but not for oth­ers. Def­i­nite­ly worth try­ing.


ok thank you i will try that and i have used nat­ur­al oils on my hair such as laven­der oil and rose mary oils


I do those styles and my hair isn’t heat dam­aged :-)


so what?


Hey! Dont be rude to her…