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When I straight­ened my hair this time, I tried to come up with some new ways to care for it while main­tain­ing a con­sis­tent work­out rou­tine.  Here are a few work­out hair care solu­tions to keep your hair look­ing fab while stay­ing fit.

Workout Hair Care Solution #1: Wrapping

Gen­er­al­ly wrap my hair going to the right. I don’t know why, it just seems to lay down bet­ter that way. I wrap my hair around my head using the pad­dle brush and secur­ing it with bob­by pins as I go.

Hot huh? Then I put on my black scarf and work­out.

I let is air dry and then I take it down and style it.

Workout Hair Care Solution #2: Pin Curls

I use bob­by pins, a brush and a lit­tle argon oil to pin curl it in big chunks.

Then, I wrap my silk scarf over it and work­out, let it dry com­plete­ly then take it down.




Workout Hair Care Solution #3: Wigs

I know Alex and I talk about wigs all of the time, but these babies come in handy! In addi­tion to my curly wig, I have a straight one that I like to wear when I have my hair pressed. I usu­al­ly wear it lat­er after my press starts frizzing. This way I get the straight hair look with­out fuss­ing with my hair! Plus its super easy to throw on and look pre­sentable right after a hard work­out.

This is a syn­thet­ic half wig I ordered online for only $20. I cant remem­ber than brand though!

I sep­a­rate the part of my hair that’s going to be out­side of the wig…

Then I pull up the back and pin it down.

Then I throw the wig on and arrange my hair in the front. Boom! Instant, tamed hair in 2 min­utes.

Here is a shot of the back, its cut even but its real­ly hard to take a shot of the back of your hair by your­self…..

Workout Hair Care Solution #4: French Braids

I exper­i­ment­ed with putting my hair in french braids before I worked out then took them down after­wards. This one is a lit­tle tricky. You need to leave in the braids for a while and use a lit­tle prod­uct to get the braid­ed look to hold after you take it down. I would rec­om­mend doing this one of the last days you wear your press because you have to use a lot of prod­uct to get the waves to stay put!

I sep­a­rat­ed my hair into 3 big braids.

They are janky…but oh well….

Then I took them down and arranged my hair.

*Tip* The longer you leave the braids in, the bet­ter your style will look.

Workout Hair Care Solution #5: Bun

This is always a great alter­na­tive. The key is to use a lit­tle oil and twist it around as you put it in a bun that way it looks nice when you take it down.

Pull it up in a pony­tail and twist it around like so. Then use some bob­by pins to arrange it in a cute bun.

Embrace the Poof

I hate to say it but the longer you want to keep your press, the poofi­er your hair is going to get. But the thing is you have NATURAL hair, so its going to be poofy regard­less. So stop try­ing to make your hair be some­thing its not and embrace what it does….


Ladies, have you tried any of these meth­ods? How do you main­tain your styles while work­ing out?

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I sweat a lot when i work­out so my hair wont stay straight. Doesn’t delay my work­out sched­ule though ????

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Wear­ing my hair in a tight pony­tail or braids work for me; I sweat like crazy. My roots stay some­what straight when I wear a tight scarf around my edges (even though it some­times caus­es a headache :-(


Rod sets!!! I love a rod set! I wear them as a low-manip­u­la­tion style and they work won­ders for my hair while work­ing out. The best part is-poof­ing makes the style look even bet­ter! The poofi­er and big­ger it gets the more “nat­ur­al” my curls look. Maybe its just me but I real­ly think a rod set is one of those styles that looks bet­ter the old­er it gets.


i havent tryied it yet w straight hair.but i think i will try the corn­rolls.


Weaves do the trick for me when I want to wear the straight look. Oth­er­wise it real­ly just starts revert­ing 2 min­utes into my work­out.

When I work­out, I sweat a LOT, some­times to the point where I can wring the sweat out of my clothes. There’s no way that wrap­ping or pin curls will work. I do the bun thing but it’s not that my hair is just basi­cal­ly reverts. So when I straight­en my hair, the first time I work­out, it’s over. I’m going to try putting a lot of oil at the root and tying it flat to my head–ensuring that my pony­tail does not get wet from the work­out. The salt water that is sweat will break down the grease,… Read more »

My hair isn’t SL yet, so keep­ing my hair pre­sentable (I’m relaxed) whilst work­ing out is a b!tch! Thus far I would come home after gym every evening, jump in the show­er, co-wash and roller set and dry with dri­er on cold air set­ting and wrap before get­ting into bed. And it trans­lates to awe­some look­ing hair each morn­ing, but a very tired me, and I’m gonna sweat it out every after­noon any­way. It also trans­lates to A LOT of manip­u­la­tion. HELP PLEASE!!


My moth­er would love this blog. She has been in the hair busi­ness over 23 years. Check her out, Vic­to­ria Crys­tal on face­book.

Ola Mae

Ban­tu knots is anoth­er option. When I took my hair down it was wavy. I liked it.

Heart Curly

The way I sweat none of these style would work. 5 min­utes into my work­out and I am already sweat­ing. That’s why I just stick to no heat it makes life so much eas­i­er. A bun or some­times I even put in my deep con­di­tion­er, put on a plas­tic cap and work­out.

None of those styles work for me (except braids) because I sweat too much from my head. Only two things work:  1) 3–4 tight pony­tails. This pro­vides chan­nels for the sweat to swim down and keeps the hair that’s at my scalp tight enough so that it doesn’t have room to draw up. To give my hair time to dry, I leave my hair in the pony­tails until after I’ve got­ten com­plete­ly ready to leave. 2) Lugnuts (most peo­ple call them Ban­tu knots). This keeps my hair so tight that it doesn’t have room to draw up and if it does… Read more »

One of the main rea­sons that I haven’t flat ironed or pressed my hair in about three years, is that straight hair does not work with my lifestyle of work­ing out. Its too much once I sweat and my roots get puffy. If I ever do straight­en my hair again, I would take one week off from exer­cise:)


Hmmm…I don’t straight­en my hair, but some­times I have a stretched style that I want to main­tain. How­ev­er, now that I’ve been going to the gym dai­ly, for­get out it. I sweat and it’s like I just washed my hair. I had been putting my hair into flat twists but maybe flat braids would work bet­ter. Also let­ting my hair com­plete­ly dry before I take them down. This has def­i­nite­ly giv­en me some­thing to think about.


Great post! The rea­son I went nat­ur­al is that I sweat in my scalp like crazy. So fix­ing relaxed hair for work was hard. I hard­ly ever straight­en my hair because it will keep me from work­ing out. My hair will poof at the first sight of water (a lit­tle bit of sweat goes a long way on my hair). So I applaud for being able to work out with your press. I will have to sit on the side­lines if I get one. Sigh.…


Help­ful pic­to­r­i­al. :)

Patricia Kayden


How do you keep the heat from the press­ing comb from dam­ag­ing your hair? Or do you just flat iron it? Does flat iron­ing also dam­age your hair?

I got my hair pressed a cou­ple of times, and it seems to have dam­aged it. Or per­haps the hair­dressers were doing it wrong.


I use a heat pro­tec­tant. That seems to help a lot and I try to refrain from using the flat iron after I get it pressed ini­tial­ly.


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This is true…


She looks like Towan­da Brax­ton