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So let us take a straw poll. How many of you have heard that cas­tor oil can help improve the thick­ness of nat­u­ral hair? I have seen this said many times, and since hair thick­ness is dic­tat­ed by genet­ics, I have always won­dered if there was any truth to the state­ment. I final­ly decid­ed to research it.

First question — what is in castor oil?

Like many nat­u­ral oils (coconut oil, shea but­ter, olive oil etc), cas­tor oil is com­posed of sev­er­al fat­ty acids. In real­i­ty, the­se acids are bound and there­fore do not real­ly behave like acids at all (note that you can­not pH an oil as it does not dis­solve in water). The dom­i­nant fat­ty acid in cas­tor oil is rici­nole­ic acid.

Can ricinoleic acid or any other of the fatty acids in castor oil increase hair thickness?

There are no sci­en­tific stud­ies to prove that cas­tor oil can increase hair thick­ness. Inter­est­ing­ly, in the field of male pat­tern bald­ness where hair thick­ness improve­ment is a major require­ment, cas­tor oil does not even fea­ture as a research ingre­di­ent.

What about the pictures where naturals show an improvement in hairline/bald patches by rubbing castor oil?

In my opin­ion this is not evi­dence because mas­sag­ing in itself even with plain water can stim­u­late regrowth of hair (i.e where hair has fal­l­en out or been pulled out, mas­sage can help a new strand to grow back). I would add though that the study that showed this was done in rats and not humans.

Addi­tion­al­ly, I have not seen any­one mea­sure the actu­al diam­e­ter of hair to show that cas­tor oil use has thick­ened their hair. Some peo­ple refer to thick­ness as the over­all den­si­ty of hair and in my view again this is not proven by the pic­tures as often they are just refer­ring to nor­mal regrowth.

Could something else be at work?

My the­o­ry in dis­cus­sion with my chief chemist (i.e the hus­band) is that cas­tor oil per­haps can stick to hair more firm­ly than most oils and there­fore cre­ate an illu­sion of thick­ness. Any­one who has used it will note how thick and vis­cous it is. It is almost like a soft glue and tends to stay put and not move when applied. It does not trans­fer eas­i­ly either, which means that it can attract small par­ti­cles of dust and lint which may also add to the illu­sion of thick­ness.

Do you really need to change your hair thickness?

In my view, I think that life and biol­o­gy is about diver­si­ty. Not every­one can have thick hair strands, not every­one can have high den­si­ty hair but every­one can have great hair regard­less of how thick the strand or how dense the hair.

Ladies, do you use cas­tor oil? Has it help improved thick­ness?

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Going to get my hands on that scalp mas­sager, because I’m just too lazy to put my hands up for too long, but you sure it won’t get all nit­ty grit­ty and per­son­al with my hair? I’ve been using JBCO and so far, so good. I think its a GREAT sealant and I used it to mas­sage my edges as they’re also pulled out thanks to braids and wigs with combs.


I have been using cas­tor oil for so many years. It works real­ly good. It makes hair thick and keeps scalp healthy. Try­out and expe­ri­ence the change. No Oth­er oil make your mane thick in just 1.5–2 months except the cas­tor oil. Don’t wash your hair dai­ly, it could make your hair to fall. If you wan­na go out just cov­er your hair with scarf, as it pro­tects your mane from sun and dust. I do the same. Apply cas­tor oil thrice in a week.


What kind of cas­tor oil do you use? do you have to use JBCO or can Cold Pressed work?


Can cas­tor oil make my hair straight?

Kimberly Diei

Can any type of cas­tor oil be used? In the gro­cery store they sell it as a stim­u­lant lax­a­tive but it says it is cold pressed. Is this type okay to use on hair?

deepali kamre

due to teh typhide i lost my hair my hair became very thin & dull, kind­ly sug­gest me some­thing for hair thick­ness & hair growth my mail id is men­tioned above please sug­gest

Charlette Hernandez

I just pur­chased it and I believe it works and I am gonna use it.


How has it been work­ing for you?


I use raw cas­tor oil, not the store bought stuff. In the caribbean they sell huge bot­tles at the mar­ket its usu­al­ly dark brown almost black and stinks but that’s why its so good. 

Alot of wom­en use store bought oils that are nowhere close to the nat­u­ral stuff.


The clear yel­low­ish cas­tor oil is nat­u­ral. Black cas­tor oil is dark because ash is added to it. Cas­tor oil is not nat­u­ral­ly black.


Cas­tor oil has anti-fun­gal prop­er­ties, as does tea tree oil, which helps with hair growth. This is why wom­en are also using Monistat cream on their scalp for its anti-fun­gal chem­i­cals that assist with hair growth and oth­er scalp issues (dandruff,etc.). There is sci­en­tific evi­dence.

Try the Cas­tor oil ladies and add tea tree oil and pep­per­mint oil(increases blood cir­cu­la­tion) to the mix if you like. They work.


how about some­one would test under micro­scope, like see the porous dam­aged hair before and after? in india cas­tor oil is num­ber 1 hair pro­duct, i dont know why, i only enjoy it when i apply night before hair wash, then i wash my hair in the morn­ing and i like the result

The best oils to regrow hair is cas­tor and emu oil, they are the two only oils that pen­e­trates fur­ther into the skin and is able to acti­vate the fol­li­cles (besides some essen­tial oils like tea tree, but those need a car­ri­er oil and can irri­tate your skin if you use too much by itself). When you use cas­tor or emu and mixed it with essen­tials oils too, it works even bet­ter. You can make your own oil blends with cas­tor oil, or buy a ready­made blend. One great ven­dor is cnsciousessence. com. Anoth­er tip, spray your edges and parts with… Read more »