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Mois­ture is a prob­lem that many nat­u­rals find dif­fi­cult to deal with. Dry hair for many is nor­mal and is not indica­tive that your nor­mal reg­i­men is some­how lack­ing. It is not unusu­al to need to mois­turise hair before styling it or to find it get­ting pro­gres­sive­ly dri­er if let alone with­out prod­ucts or water for sev­er­al days.

The idea that you can elim­i­nate dry hair is actu­al­ly not true for the vast major­i­ty of nat­u­rals. Some hair will respond to reg­u­lar con­di­tion­ing or indeed to using leave in prod­ucts but for many, dry hair is a reg­u­lar issue to address.

For this sec­ond group it is more impor­tant to not stick rigid­ly to one rou­tine or one pro­duct. Some­times hair requires one or more of the fol­low­ing

-more inten­sive con­di­tion­ing every so often to increase soft­ness and repair dam­age
-a good spritz of water fol­lowed by an oil
-lay­er­ing of leave in prod­ucts
-a sim­ple mist of water with­out adding oil
-a change in prod­ucts e.g using/eliminating humec­tants, chang­ing leave-ins

The idea of being flex­i­ble with what you do to your hair and the prod­ucts you use is not a sign of a strug­gle but rather an under­stand­ing that your hair needs some­thing dif­fer­ent depend­ing on its con­di­tion or on how the weath­er is behav­ing (more/less humid­i­ty).

Often not being flex­i­ble can lead to prob­lems with mois­ture, for exam­ple, stick­ing to the idea of apply­ing a water based pro­duct or water before apply­ing a seal­ing pro­duct such as an oil or but­ter is in gen­er­al a good idea to increase mois­ture. How­ev­er for some nat­u­rals, repeat­ing this rou­tine too often actu­al­ly leads to dri­er hair as the oil lay­er builds up on their hair mak­ing it more dif­fi­cult for the water to per­form its func­tion. Switch­ing the fre­quen­cy to once every 2–3 days or once a week and sim­ply adding water in between can actu­al­ly work bet­ter. For oth­ers switch­ing from a light oil to a heav­ier oil can also help.

Dry hair in my view should not be looked at as a prob­lem but rather as a prop­er­ty of some nat­u­ral hair. In oth­er words, find­ing your hair dry should not frus­trate you. It should just prompt you to try dif­fer­ent meth­ods and rou­ti­nes so that you can achieve longer spells of mois­ture (ide­al­ly get­ting to a point where you do not require addi­tion­al mois­ture any­where from 2 days to 1 week between wash­ings).

Ladies with super dry hair, how do you infuse last­ing mois­ture?

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Haven’t worn a perm in near­ly a decade, and when I do my wash and gos, mois­tur­iz­ing my hair with some oil and leave in con­di­tion­er works, but when I fatiron my hair, pomade seems to do the trick bet­ter. Wear­ing a silk scarf or bon­net to bed was one the best things I start­ed doing as well.

I wear a wig in win­ter as pro­tec­tive style. This win­ter has been very fact, a snowy nor’easter is going on right now! may­be 6–10″ by tomor­row! After suf­fer­ing stress relat­ed hair­loss in the past year I’ve gone back to old school grease; Dax & Blue Mag­ic. I usu­al­ly use Qhemet but my work­outs & a new hair treat­ment need me to wash 3x/week & I’d use up the expen­sive Qhemet in no time but grease is cheap AND IT WORKS ! No more split ends & lit­tle bro­ken pieces of hair on the floor. I sham­poo, con­di­tion &… Read more »

it’s organ­ic . How­ev­er, I try to use siplme prod­ucts and I use very few. I don’t wear make­up, and I use most­ly castile soap, shea but­ter, bak­ing soda, etc things I wouldn’t be afraid to eat.

As strange as this sounds…I stopped using products.….…yep! you read that right! Im using the “water only method” which is just that, “wash­ing” your hair with water lol! you will DEFINITELY have an “adjust­ment” peri­od where your hair will be either greasy or dry for a few weeks(if you have long hair it’ll be dry until your nat­u­ral oils spread through the hair). this peri­od tend to last 6 weeks. the log­ic behind this method is, of course, to allow your nat­u­ral oils(sebum) con­di­tion your hair, there’s also the belief that after some time of not using prod­ucts your hair… Read more »

Hi i know im late cuz u answered 2 years ago lol but any­way im doin the water only wash­ing method for a lil over a mon­th and all i got from my hair was dry brit­te ends and splits. many times i put shea but­ter on the ends but that realy did­nt help much. Any tips or sug­ges­tions will be much appre­icat­ed :)


I have pso­ri­a­sis and my build-up is worse in the win­ter. I HAVE to wash at least once a week. Is there any­one out there who suf­fers from this? What is your rou­tine?


Hi Ale­sha I use to suf­fer from pso­ri­a­sis and the only prod­ucts that help me , actu­al­ly cleared it com­plete­ly was Opti­ma Aus­tralian tea tree sham­poo and conditioner.I found it on Amazon.Hope this helps.Good Luck.

Christina Patrice
Hi Ale­sha! I have pso­ri­a­sis as well, and I’ve writ­ten some arti­cles here and on my blog about what to do for pso­ri­a­sis. I refuse to use any of the pre­scrip­tion sham­poos for fear of hair loss lol. I do an oil or water and con­di­tion­er based overnight pre­poo, which helps soft­en the scales to clear the scalp. Then I use a sul­fate free sham­poo (or some­times TSal), deep con­di­tion, and style. I main­ly wear wash and go styles and cleanse my hair twice a week. Using a drop­per to apply a 50/50 mix of glyc­er­in and witch hazel (with… Read more »

I live in a very dry place. The San Gabriel Val­ley. UGH! my hair is dry­ing out a lot. I have tried a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent things. So far my Hair is respond­ing to S-curl Spray and a leave in mixed with VO5,Castor oil, Coconut oil and Aloe Gel.


I love the LOC method and my nat­u­ral hair.

ttita castro

I gone nat­u­ral< I work out 4 to 5 day a week and sweat like crazy I have to wash my hair every­day, i think it’s mak­ing my hair super dry what would you rec­om­mend. Thank

Nicole Veazie

I total­ly feel you. I was expe­ri­enc­ing the same and final­ly just had to cut back to to wash­ing 2 times a week, WITH SHAMPOO! Good luck :/


I sweat all the time. Sham­poo­ing every day is far worse for your hair than sweat. Rin­se it off with some water and condition/oil your hair but be sure to use sham­poo every few days to avoid build up. I would stretch out the sham­poo­ing any­where from 2 to 4 days with or with­out sweat. Also be mind­ful of what kind of sham­poo you use. You want a very mild ph bal­anced sham­poo and be sure your hair is well mois­tur­ized after cleans­ing. Cleans­ing should actu­al­ly be very mois­tur­iz­int to the hair in and of itself if done cor­rect­ly.

For my hair, I wash every oth­er day alter­nat­ing between Philip B Rus­sian Amber Impe­ri­al Sham­poo and Ter­ax Miele Hydrat­ing Sham­poo and Red­ken Smooth Lock But­ter Silk and Joico Mois­ture Recov­ery Balm.  I always leave my con­di­tion­er on for a min­i­mum of ten min­utes. Then I detan­gle with a wide tooth comb and rin­se in cool or luke­warm water and wrap my hair in a tow­el until damp. Then I apply either Cir­cle Of Friends Marisol’s Mel­on Leave In Con­di­tion­er or Cir­cle Of Friends Pia’s Pineap­ple Leave In Con­di­tion­er. I use a serum on top- either Alter­na Bam­boo Smooth Kendi Oil Pure… Read more »
I agree with you about pro­duct build up. Every con­di­tion­ing agent and mois­tur­iz­ing sham­poo con­tains ingre­di­ents that have to be clar­i­fied in order to remove. The one con­cern about sham­poo­ing fre­quent­ly is sebum. But sebum will only go so far with our hair. I think sham­poo­ing should be done as fre­quent­ly as nec­es­sary but as infre­quent­ly as pos­si­ble, if that makes sense. I think it is best to find a good mild cleanser with just a few ingre­di­ents. I likr Shikai. Btw I start­ed using min­er­al oil and put vase­line on my ends. I have much less dam­age now than… Read more »
Terri Fletcher

I’ve nev­er had a relax­er. I have always been a press ‘n curl girl. This sum­mer I am doing the nat­u­ral thing. I am for­go­ing the use of heat and embrac­ing my curls. It’s not work­ing:-( My scalp is flaky and my curls are a com­bi­na­tion of super straight and crunchy coily. This is not going to be a good sum­mer…


It’s prob­a­bly heat dam­age that’s leav­ing you with straight bits. I would rec­om­mend aphogee pro­tein treat­ment, it’s real­ly good


Try sham­poo­ing with a mois­tur­iz­ing sham­poo, rather than a min­er­al oil and paraben laden poo. Shea Mois­ture has a great pro­duct. Check out a review here:

I switched to a SLS free sham­poo. It took a min­ute to find the right one. I’m using L’Oreal Ever­Cre­me right now and it makes my hair soft.. REALLY soft and doesn’t strip it.  I con­di­tion over night. No mat­ter what type of con­di­tion­er I use, I keep it in under a plas­tic cap over night. Right now, I’m using Tre­sem­me Nat­u­rals. The mois­tur­iz­ing for­mu­la, of course. And fyi, it is WAY bet­ter than the sil­i­cone ladened ver­sions. I use curl acti­va­tor. It real­ly does make a dif­fer­ence. I tried a creamy curling cream last week, though the petro­le­um in it… Read more »

I am I new­ly nat­u­ral and big chop August 3. I believe this is what I’m expe­ri­enc­ing now. Im going though the whole tri­al and error thing :( so frus­trat­ing. But I curi­ous to know what mois­tur­iz­ers you use


i feel my hair is dry the­se sum­mer days&& I’ve learned to learn thru tri­al & error. Actu­al­ly every time I do some­thing It’s tri­al & error. Oh welly I still enjoy my hair! =)

My hair has been dry recent­ly and Zan­the, above, men­tioned clar­i­fy­ing your hair. I did an ACV rin­se then used my sham­poo bar and deep con­di­tion­er. I then applied KCKT, my own oil mix and my own mois­turis­er my hair was silky smooth the next day. I had to have it trimmed and the hair­dresser com­ment­ed on it been in good con­di­tion. Sun­day I was out all day in the sun with no sun hat. That evening I spritzed with a gel mix I made from that sea­weed you can make a drink out of, I bought it in St Lucia,… Read more »

The lay­er of leave-in prod­ucts has worked for me.
1. A leave-in spray of Aloe Vera juice/water mix
2. Add Kinky Curly Leave in
3. Seal with a shea But­ter mix (shea but­ter, coconut oil, vit­a­m­in E oil). 

a. I have also added pre-poo treat­ment of coconut oil to my regime.
b. Increase my water intake. 

FOR ME, this has worked. I’ve noticed a big dif­fer­ence.


This is my EXACT rou­tine (prod­ucts and all!) and its work­ing per­fect­ly for me AND my daugh­ter!


I spritz my hair dai­ly with water and seal with grape­seed oil before I braid or twist at night, and my hair 4a/b stays mois­tur­ized and fluffy with­out heav­i­ness and/or greasi­ness. For me, less is more!


Yeah this works for me too but… UUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!! So. Much. WORK! I just want to go to bed, lol.

Tiff Dizzle
Well… i know its a nat­u­ral hair no no but good ol fash­ion hair grease is per­fect for my hair I dont put it on my scalp but hey.…. Ive tried the coconut oil and olive oil mix and it real­ly dont do any­thing at all… I do like cas­tor oil. I start­ed using this palmers brand replen­ish­ing hair milk its has good ingre­di­ents in it too.. first two are water and shea but­ter. My last relax­er was in April. I real­ized that it was no point in hav­ing one cus I would get a relax­er and ALWAYS braid my… Read more »

When I flatiron my nat­u­ral hair, I find that Old School pomades work the best for me too. My favorite is the ORS Olive Oil which does have min­er­al oil, but it makes my ends feel so much bet­ter, and I don’t use that much.

Kinky Curly Marie

You can also make your own Nat­u­ral Hair grease or pomade. Raw or 100% Shea But­ter, Raw Coconut Oil & Nat­u­ral Oils (Olive oil, jojoba or Cas­tor Oil). It forms into a nice solid.

Kinky Curly Marie

Use more shea But­ter and coconut oil in the mix­ture

Kinky Curly Marie

It’s not a No No, use Nat­u­ral Oils on the scalp and hair grease or pomade on the hair itself to retain mois­ture. Grease does not hurt the hair. The Nat­u­ral com­mu­ni­ty came up with that one. Yes, it does wash out eas­i­ly.


I FEEL you this is the ONLY thing that works for me … so I stick with it LOL


I stopped sham­poo­ing… huge dif­fer­ence in mois­ture reten­tion. My hair is shiny and I can even see a curl pat­tern that clumps togeth­er (not just frizz). I cur­rent­ly use ACV and a mud wash to clarify/cleanse my hair.


YES I stopped using sham­poo too! Major dif­fer­ence!

For those of you who are talk­ing about sham­poos dry­ing your hair. HAve you tried “the buffer tech­nique”? It goes as fol­lows: Sham­poo hair — DO NOT RINSE OUT WITH WATER SQUEEZE as much of the suds out as pos­si­ble- DO NOT RINSE WITH WATER Cov­er hair with con­di­tion­er, mas­sage into strands (I use a lot of my super cheap con­di­tion­ers for this step) NOW RINSE WITH WATER — what you should be left with is hair that does not have that stripped feel­ing. From there DC and car­ry on as you nor­mal­ly would. This Buffer Tech­nique lets me wash/clarify my hair with­out the stripped,… Read more »

I’m going to try this. I’m using an every­thing free mois­tur­iz­ing sham­poo (Organix Tea Tree and Mint) and my hair feels stripped like no ones busi­ness.

The Natural Haven

I actu­al­ly want­ed to talk about the pros and cons of this tech­nique, thanks for the reminder.


Dry­ness is not a prob for me. My hair does­nt feel wet but does­nt feel like hay either. My hair is real­ly black sheeps wool.

I BC’d a mon­th ago after tran­si­tion­ing for 5 months and my hair was dry con­stant­ly. I tried all the tricks spo­ken about here and noth­ing worked. Since my hair was about 2–4 inch­es (depend­ing on the sec­tion), I decid­ed to take off anoth­er inch or two. That helped a great deal. I run con­di­tion­er and water through my hair every night dur­ing my show­er and add REVE hair and body mois­tur­iz­er. I seal with a dime size amount of cas­tor oil when it’s 85% dry. My hair is lov­ing it. I some­times refresh with DonnaMarie’s But­ter­cream in the morn­ing… Read more »

I also stopped using sham­poo. Sul­fate free and all the oth­ers sim­ply make my hair dry. Ter­re­sen­tials and As I am cow­ash are my meth­ods for clens­ing.

I think the first step is to deter­mine what type of hair your have (strand thick­ness, eleas­t­ic­i­ty, poros­i­ty). I final­ly got a hair analy­sis and found out that some of the things I had been doing to help my hair, like pro­tein treat­ments, are actu­al­ly harm­ful and giv­ing me dry brit­tle hair. I’ve also been fol­low­ing the CG method for about 3 months and it has real­ly helped with keep­ing my hair mois­tur­ized. I can’t go a whole week with­out cow­ash­ing but I can go a good 2–3 days. Also, I found that apply­ing my con­di­tion­er, then and oil, then… Read more »

I use my spray bot­tle with water every night fol­lowed by raw shea but­ter (every 2–3 days), my oil mix (coconut, cas­tor, jojoba, sweet almond and laven­der), and a lit­tle aloe vera gel. It works me and my hair loves it.


It was def­i­nite­ly about fig­ur­ing out what worked for my hair. To keep my hair from get­ting dry I incor­po­rate a deep con­di­tion­er once a week using a smashed avo­cado coconut milk and olive oil and I leave it on for about an hour, and I swear my hair feels like silk after­wards. Also dur­ing mist­ing my hair with water and seal­ing with cas­tor oil, it real­ly helps a lot.


So where does she stand on the fol­low­ing:

1. Dry hair is due to build-up there­fore you need to clar­i­fy.

2. Those with super dry hair need to look at their diet, water and vit­a­m­in intake and what alter­ations they can do to increase inter­nal mois­ture.

3. Dry brit­tle hair means you need pro­tein.

I have suf­fered with dry hair always, relaxed or nat­u­ral.


i agree that build-up can cause the appearance/behaviour of dry hair.

this can hap­pen with skin too. 

this is one of the rea­sons why der­ma­tol­o­gists don’t always attrib­ute flaky scalp to dry­ness. it can be build-up that needs to be cleansed away. 

i think sug­gest­ed to some­one that they clar­i­fy their hair and then mois­tur­ize a cou­ple of weeks ago. she was hav­ing prob­lems with mois­ture.


You know I think you may be right, I have been suf­fer­ing dry hair recent­ly and I realised I have not been using my ACV rin­se. You are a star, I was going to wash my hair tonight so thank you.

It didn’t mat­ter how well I was main­tain­ing it my hair has been so dry recent­ly.

I’m curi­ous because I hear peo­ple say they are suf­fer­ing extreme dry­ness and then the solu­tions given usu­al­ly involve one or more of the things I list­ed above. I can’t take cred­it for it just want­ed to know if JC could shed any light on why some peo­ple seem to have chron­i­cal­ly dry hair that does bor­der on abnor­mal rather than that being their hair’s nat­u­ral state — I’m talk­ing start fires kind of dry! Yes, the weath­er is hot and that may con­tribute but win­ter or sum­mer dry­ness is here. I decid­ed to use a detox sham­poo, pro­tein and then… Read more »
The Natural Haven
I actu­al­ly think of it in the reverse. Many peo­ple have hair that feels dry all the time, there­fore this is the default. As opposed to peo­ple whose hair is eas­i­ly mois­turised, not requir­ing a con­di­tion­er after a sham­poo even (and they do exist).  I think that many of the rea­sons list­ed (dry due to build up, dry due to lack of vit­a­mins ) actu­al­ly are fix­able quick­ly, they should not lead to per­pet­u­al dry hair. I think if your hair becomes dry quick­ly (with­in a day or so of wash­ing) and always does this, per­haps it is the case that… Read more »

Thanks for your respon­se.

Doubt you will see this now but I fin­ger comb, wash in sec­tions etc. I am a 4b and dry­ness could just be inher­ent in my par­tic­u­lar hair type. I’d just love to know how the super drys can get to a point where our hair is as mois­turised as it can be.

I stand by the LOC method but may need to move away from a rigid reg­i­men of 1x a week wash and try an as need­ed one.

I under­st­snd my hair is dry as that is part of it char­ac­ter­is­tics. Here’s how i mange it: -Co-wash to add mois­ture to my hair (sham­poo only if have a lot of build up as it dries my hair­more) -Deep Cond­tion­ing does won­ders -I use Ani­ta Grant Creamy Cafe Lat­te as a leave-in and to seal in the mois­ture it works very well on my hair -I braid my hair after every wash and air dry -I re-braid at night and cov­er my hair with a sat­in scarf -In between wash­es i re-mist my hair with water and re-apply the Cafe Lat­te _ I… Read more »



My hair is thick, thick thick, I guess one would type it as 4b/c. i mist it with puri­fied water every day. i deep con­di­tion once a week, and I bag­gy it with water and my jojoba/olive/avocado mix when­ev­er i’m in the mood. My hair is nev­er going to feel like silk. But I like cot­ton can­dy just fine. Get it? lol.


i spray my hair with a water/vinegar mix.

then apply my qhemet bio­log­ics amla cream.

then braid into 4–6 plaits and pin them up.

every night.

wash my hair once a week with a clay/ayurvedic herb mix i make.

apply qb amla cream.

braid or twist.

i do this once/week.

apply a pro­tein treat­ment.

wash with a clay/herb mix­ture.

apply qb amla cream.

put in braids/plaits.

1or2/x a mon­th.



I have 4c porous hair that needs reg­u­lar mois­ture THROUGHOUT the week.
that once a week only on wash day rou­tine will not work for my thirsty strands!

I mois­tur­ize every oth­er day with a water based (creamy) leave in (that has humec­tants!) this is key.

I seal every oth­er time I mois­tur­ize with a Shea but­ter, cas­tor oil, wheat germ oil, olive oil, and laven­dar oil mix. Seal­ing has made all the dif­fer­ence ot my hair.


I have had my bat­tles with super dry hair!!!! 

For me, the most impor­tant step in main­tain­ing mois­ture is SEALING! You can put gal­lons of water/moisturizer, but if it just evap­o­rates, it serves no pur­pose.

I cur­rent­ly use my home­made spritz con­coc­tion: Aloe vera juice (gel can be used as well), water, cas­tor and jojoba oils, with laven­der and pep­per­mint essen­tial oils (just a few drops of each). I light­ly damp­en my twists, mak­ing sure to get the ends, and seal with cas­tor or jojoba oil. 

I find this process helps keep the dry­ness at bay.


Aloe Vera Gel!!!! I bought it last week for hold but it does a much bet­ter job at swal­ing in mois­ture. i mist my hair with water, fol­lowed by aloe vera gel then vatika. my hair feels light and not at all weighed down (4a/4b) but still super soft and mois­turised. i can go a whole 2 day with­out remois­tur­is­ing which is unheard of for me. I’m a con­vert!


*seal­ing *days. apolo­gies for the typos. i was obvi­ous­ly too excit­ed!

it takes tri­al and error to fig­ure out what works. I wish I’d spent time doing that when I first big chopped. I big chopped AGAIN and start­ed to do exper­i­ments with my hair. I’d try out a tech­nique or a pro­duct in dif­fer­ent ways on both halves of my hair. That way I could com­pare very eas­i­ly what was bet­ter for my hair. It’s actu­al­ly quite fun… I think some peo­ple are look­ing for 2–3 day mois­tur­ized hair when it MIGHT not be pos­si­ble with your hair. The most impor­tant thing for me is that once i’ve found a reg­i­men… Read more »

That is so true about expect­ing the hair to stay mois­tur­ized for two or 3 days. That isn’t always real­is­tic con­sid­er­ing indoor heat­ing, air con­di­tion­ing and oth­er env­iorn­men­tal fac­tors.

Heart Curly

Melt­ing my She­abut­ter! I put some into a small­er con­tain­er then in the microwave for one min­ute. This leaves my hair feel­ing soft/moisturized for the whole week.


You’re right! I also add olive and cas­tor oil which gives the mix­ture a creamy base. After unsuc­cess­ful­ly fight­ing with dry­ness, this seems to be the answer for my hair.

To avoid dry hair I avoid using water and watery type prod­ucts in my hair after wash day. Water is the ulti­mate mois­tur­iz­er but it can also lead to some extra dry hair if one gets over zeal­ous. If I try to spritz, mist or rin­se my hair after wash day it is a wrap! It took me a long time to real­ize that my hair prefers a light cream based pro­duct and a bit of oil to seal it in. The trick to avoid­ing build up is to keep the prod­ucts on the ends and do it every oth­er… Read more »

I am I new­ly nat­u­ral and big chop August 3. I believe this is what I’m expe­ri­enc­ing now. Im going though the whole tri­al and error thing :( so frus­trat­ing. But I curi­ous to know what mois­tur­iz­ers you use.


Bag­gy, bag­gy, bag­gy is the key to super mois­tur­ized hair, it works so well in fact once it worked a lit­tle too well! My super dry hair become too mois­tur­ized O-M-G

Now I found a hap­py medi­um:

On Co-wash day, bag­gy w/ grape­seed oil as a Pre-poo (30 min), bag­gy w/ DC (30 min) then bag­gy w/ con­di­tion­er (30 min), then M&S as usual<—–this has kept my hair soft & mois­tur­ized for a whole week,no need to M&S dai­ly.

@ Bar­bara, Do how do you style your hair? I let my hair air dry; @ work or what­ev­er I’m doing for the day and that night I chunky 2 strand twist to stretch.  I havent real­ly done the Pre-Poo method. I’ve detan­gled with coconut oil then co-washed with con­di­tion­er and 15 — 30 min DC with Aussie 3 min­ute con­di­tion­er. Not too famil­iar with the bag­gy method?? I’ve heard of it, but hon­est­ly it sound­ed com­pli­cat­ed so I just skimmed the how-to ;-) Now I under­stand the Pre-poo part and the DC, but how do you rin­se the oil… Read more »

Hi @MsAllen2U

Bag­gy­ing is get this… using a plas­tic con­di­tion­er cap or even a show­er cap, not com­pli­cat­ed at all, easy peasy!

Oil rins­ing won’t remove all f the oil but that’s the point, your strands are now coat­ed and pro­tect­ed from the wash­ing process. 

Right now, I am in braids for the dura­tion of the mon­th.

BTW grape­seed oil is ssss­su­per light almost a water con­sis­ten­cy and a lit­tle goes a long way.

Hope this helps ;-)

Wow! I’ve tried both meth­ods list­ed above. I’ve found that I cant’ use a water based pro­duct dai­ly, it’s to heavy and my scalp gets itchy. I didn’t know if it was the pro­duct (Shea — Mois­ture Milk) or not wet­ting my hair; it also end­ed up very dry after a few days. I’ve tried mist­ing with water then coconut oil; that’s ok but can some what dry­ing but bet­ter. I’ve recent­ly been using Aussie Leave — In Con­di­tion­ing spray and I luu­uv the way my hair feels; not heavy very light, but after 3 day my scalp gets itchy.… Read more »

Can’t wait for your input ladies! As a new nat­u­ral, I am expe­ri­enc­ing this cur­rent­ly.

I switched up my seal­ing method to the L.O.C method with results that haven’t con­vinced me that this method is specif­i­cal­ly for me. This tri­al and error thing can be frus­trat­ing, but I’m hop­ing for a big pay off in the future!


Took me a year to find the right prod­ucts and I’m still try­ing to over­all techqni­ue, but I’m get­ting bet­ter!


The sav­ing grace for my hair is a mix­ture of aloe vera gel and cas­tor oil. I spray it on my hair as a pre poo, leave in and dai­ly mois­tur­iz­er. This stuff makes my hair so soft and man­age­able. I’m talk­ing detan­gling in 15 mins or less!! It used to take forever!

You just have to do what works best for your hair. My hair LOVES alo­ev­era gel and cas­tor oil togeth­er. It doesn’t care for coconut oil, EVOO and shea but­ter.

I’m 2 years in the nat­u­ral game and still learn­ing… just don’t get dis­cour­aged.


seri­ous­ly, it might take a while. 

be patient. lol.

as soon as you find that right protein/moisture bal­ance for your hair, every­thing will fall into place. imo.