Wendy Williams is the Latest Celebrity to Claim Her Natural Hair

Is a tide turning? Wendy Williams is the latest in a string of black celebrities who’ve publicly claimed their natural tresses. Angela Simmons, rapper Lil Mama and reality star Toya Carter have all revealed that their hair is natural beneath weaves, with Angela and Lil Mama tweeting photos of healthy, large fros as evidence. Most recently Oprah Winfrey claimed that her hair is flat ironed and not relaxed (although this has come under scrutiny since Oprah’s long time stylist Andre Walker revealed that he does relax her hair on occasion.) And now Wendy Williams is claiming her natural hair, posting a picture of her 10-year-old self on Facebook with two long braids and the caption:

Wendy at 10-years-old sporting her ‘everyday look’. It was quick and easy to do on her own. “Here’s a little secret: Wendy has never had a perm.

Wendy’s proclamation might be a bit confusing to some, given her vocal criticism of Viola Davis’ short natural do at the 2012 Oscars. And perhaps it was just a response to Oprah’s “natural” O Magazine cover. But it seems that a tide is turning, and having your “own” hair is becoming a status symbol of sorts. It’s certainly not a full embrace of natural hair… but there seems to be a hierarchy forming where weaving by choice (while maintaining full, thick and healthy hair underneath) is perceived as ‘better than’ weaving by necessity because your own hair is damaged and broken. Ladies, what are your thoughts?

Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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150 thoughts on “Wendy Williams is the Latest Celebrity to Claim Her Natural Hair

  1. This photo is 35 YEARS OLD! WTF??? How can she claim something she’s not willing to show NOW? Didn’t we all have hair 35 years ago???? C’mon son. Why is this an article? Wendy ain’t claiming ish.

  2. I come onto this site to look at pics and read articles and I am always disgusted by the amount of venom spewed by some of you who have designated yourselves “The Natural Hair Police.” You know who you are, and you should be ashamed of yourselves for being so closed minded about how someone chooses to wear their hair. Wendy had it coming, in terms of judgment, but some of you obviously have issues that simply “being natural” cannot solve. You spew such hatred about weaves, gels, curls and the women who wear them. Having natural hair does not enlighten you or make you any more intelligent than someone with a weave or a relaxer. You made a choice– not a better or worse one– a simple choice. I commend the naturals for showing our babies, brothers, and the world the range of our beauty, but this nonsense about textures and twists and weaves– mind ya own damn scalp. Everything has its pros and cons and there are days plenty of us think about getting a perm. Just stop being so hateful and judgmental. Share your journey without being so self-righteous. It’s still just fucking hair.

    • Thank you! This is like you said way beyond having natural hair. There are insecurities lurking around. Why are most of these women so bent on the world excepting their natural hair. Love yourself. Try that maybe you won’t be so concerned about what someone else is doing with their hair. You can’t even put a curl in your hair without judgement being passed. So what if people straighten their hair. Black women have been doing that since the beginning of time so now since all these natural’hate’communities have started everyone is holier than thou. Have a seat ladies and worry about your own heads.

      • ok i hear you and i respect you opinion..but do you think the women who constantly wear weaves and perm their hair to make it straight really love themselves or are they just trying to conform to white standards of beauty? wouldn’t it seem as if they are the insecure ones not being willing to proudly showcase their natural beauty?

        • To each his (her) own…not everyone feels comfortable with certain styles. I love my body but I would never wear a bikini-maybe a tankini.

    • We have been told that our hair is bad. As a response black women cover it up, weave, relax it, press it to look more white. You know this to be true. Black women weave so much to the point their hair falls our due to Traction Alopecia and CCCA which results in baldness. Tell me Fla, were is your pride when you wear ANOTHER WOMANS HAIR FROM CHINA OR INDIA, WHO IS POOR AND DESPERATE AND TAKEN AVANTANGE OF TO SERVE A BLACK WOMAN’S INSERCURITY AND LOW SELF-ESTEEM. WE BLACK MEN DON’T LIKE IT AT ALL, IF IT MATTERS WHAT WE THINK. Are you one of those angry black women who don’t care what her man thinks? You should care! You don’t see white women wearing AFRO weaves, unless they want to make fun of you. So why would you wear a weave to look like them? Fla, they make fun of you, they laugh at you. You make white women feel superior to you. I get the feeling you don’t care when you should. Comb your head and be proud of yourself.

      • “Are you one of those angry black women” lol. The only one who seems really angry is you quiz. Just because you are a man doesnt mean that your opinion is of higher value than that of any woman. So calm down. Fla said what a lot of people are thinking here. All this mean and cruel insults just because of hair is to much. To support is good to ridicule and insult is not.

      • Actually there are a lot of white people and other races now who wear dredlocks nowadays. And tan, and try and get big boobs and a butt and wear Extensions, not just ‘blacks’. Just so you know, because apparently you didn’t. Some blacks like their hair that way and just want to try new styles, it doesn’t mean that they hate themselves, kinda like how girls are with make up. There are many women of all races with self esteem issues so why bash on blacks only? Many girls do a lot of the same stuff blacks do, they just keep it down low.

        • Yeah. And don’t forget the collagen lip injections (and other lip augmentation jobs) many white women get to enlarge their lips.

    • Wendy Woo said Viola Davis’s natural hair was “not red carpet hair”, on nation wide tv in front of an audience full of white women. I’m sorry, but all bets are off. Never mind that Wendy herself wouldnt dare show the world what’s under that rug of hers.

  3. Courage. Wendy shut your mouth and have the COURAGE to show your hair!
    You might help other “naturalwigstas” come out as well.

  4. Wendy has often stated on her show that her hair is naturally very thin (yet long) and this is why she wears
    wigs. So for anyone that thinks shes “selfish” for not “representing” she doesn’t do so because she’s insecure about it. Wendy is loud and brash but putting her down doesn’t make you any better. Ive been natural half my life and I never found it necessary to put other women down because of their choices. Also what she said about Viola was not malicious it was her opinion about her preference for herself (if I recall), maybe not tactful but I think other naturals blew it out of proportion as usual.

  5. In 2010, I received a relaxer at a beauty salon that made all of my hair fall out. It started shedding immediately and then suddenly there was nothing there but a few limp strings of hair that I could hardly braid. My regular hair dresser suggested that I never get perms again and that I try to be a bit more careful which hair salons I patronize. It took about six months for my natural hair to grow in and by the end of 2011 my hair was in the middle of my back. In 2012, I started wearing it natural, flat ironed on occasion, but my ends became weak and fragile fairly quickly. Sew ins have been my go to style to protect my hair for two months straight. No one will experience breakage with a sew in if they do not allow their stylist to braid their hair too tightly. In January of 2013 my natural thick, curly hair is in the middle of my back the first time since, I was in middle school long before I ever got my first perm. So, I say to people considering going natural it’s a choice sure, but you have a choice between thinning hair, breakage, and ingesting chemicals in exchange for growing your own hair.

  6. I don’t really understand what Ms. Williams agenda is in suddenly trying to claim that she is happily natural. Her comments about Brandy and Viola Davis’ hair suggest that she has some pretty negative attitudes towards black natural hair. It’s true that it is not right for us to lambaste her for what she chooses to do with her own hair, but she is an international icon whose attitudes (which she willingly shares with the world) easily spread and can damage the self-esteem of not just our daughters, but also adult women like ourselves (and Brandy and Viola Davis, who I thought looked absolutely fabulous, by the way). So, to me it seems as if Ms. Williams’ embracing of her alleged natural hair may be just a publicity stunt. And since we’re here commenting and getting upset with each other, I guess her ploy was successful.

  7. Com’on! When I was 10 I had lots of long hair. Even when I was and so on…….But what does it look like now?….When I had perms for 20+ years, I hardly had any. That why I went natural. Now I’m 2 1/2 years natural, and my hair is growing like weeds and more density than ever!

  8. I think that is quit sad that African American women still have such a hard time embracing natural hair fully. It is crazy in its self that we still are commending each other and writing articles about wearing our hair natural. Shouldn’t we be passed this? We’ve made so many strides in Black history yet we still cannot fully let go of these tired perms and weaves and wear are natural tresses with pride and individuality. I think its awesome that these women are embracing their hair but it should not be news it should be a norm and way of life…why hide behind artificial hair and chemicals? Why make it a trend?…I’d like to see more article on how to maintain natural hair.

    • I think it’s sad also. I even joined a hair growth challenge recently. And I got so sick and tired of hearing other challengers talking about, “I’m getting a sew-in to protect my hair (BS!!!)or I’m going to color it, perm it and then wear a wig to protect it. Wtf? The challenge was to grow our hair, not hide it or suffocate it with weaves and wigs, only to lose it after the weave is taken out with alopecia tracks, etc. I don’t think wearing sew-ins and coloring it is exactly protecting it. Since you’re robbing your hair of oxygen, sun, etc. All hair needs moisture. And some of us need even more. I’m not saying that we should all be natural. But I believe that’s the best route for growing and maintaining your hair. We can also flat-iron it for length checks or to change up our hairstyle, but just go easy on the heat and not flat-iron too often. When I read the title of this article, I was expecting to see Wendy Williams’ current hair. But it’s her choice IMO.

  9. It’s still Black people swapping one “hierarchy” for another. Same ignorant, divisive BS, different day.

    And I’m natural going on six years, in October.

  10. Wendy Williams has stated many times on her tv show that she suffers from some sort of thyroid disease/disorder. She named it once as she talked about her real hair and why she wears wigs at the beginning of one of her shows last year. I forgot the name. That same disease/disorder is also the one she claims causes her eyes to bulge out. She said she determinedly keeps her eyelids slightly lowered because of this. She doesn’t want to “scare” people with her “crazy eyes” that she knows can (and often does at home) happen.

    Her condition caused her hair to thin very aggressively. She claims this is the only reason she habitually wears wigs as a part of her daily public appearance. She claims her hair is back-length (nearly waist) and chemically colored to match her wig(s) color. She wears wigs to achieve/display the fullness in her hair that she does not have. It also allows her to change up her look on a frequent basis which is important to her since she is now a tv personality. She never mentioned on that particular show (or any others I can think of) to straighten her hair, chemically or otherwise.

    • Some people don’t want their life to revolve around hair! I have thick, long, coarse hair and I wear a short, curly weave because it is EASY to maintain. I workout 4-6 days a week, work full-time, drive a car pool, commute two hours a day, try to cook healthy meals for my family, which includes a husband, two kids and a dog. I had my time with my, “natural” hair before blow dryers my mom would wash my hair and plait it; it took two days to dry. Once, I got a short haircut like Halle Berry’s because I thought it would be easy but, I had to cut it weekly and sit under the dryer for an hour and ten minutes (thick hair is still thick when it is short). I don’t have time for natural hair. Talk about me if you want to!


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  13. Wendy Williams is right about what caused her thinning hair and bulging eyes. She have thyroid disease. I have this same disease which has cause my hair to thin and eyes to bulge. I was diagnose with this disease since 1992. My hair was shoulder length and full around the front edge of my head , now it is very thin there because of this disease. I sometimes wear sew in and braids plus, I am natural now. I hope one day my edges will fill in perfectly after going natural again.

  14. I wear wigs because it is fun to change it up and I keep my hair protected. I don’t wear tight wig caps, tight wigs or use the combs in them. My hair is at it best right now. Plus Im going to Korea in December for a year and I need my hair to be protected.

  15. I don’t get all the bashing of wigs, weaves, relaxers, etc. I am old school (born in 50’s) and back in the day when wigs were worn there was no backlash. Almost everyone wore afro wigs and such back then. Everybody basically did their thing. When weaves became popular nothing negative was spoken about it until some years later. Some people wear these things for their own personal reasons not related to wanting to look white. Self-hate is an overused term and has no meaning except to the one who uses it. I don’t hate myself and if I did, isn’t that my business? How does it affect another person? I wear wigs and weaves for different reasons. I wear relaxers because I love them for my own reasons. It is my choice, my preference. If I want to go around with mud smudged into my hair…whose business is it but my own? If I want to plaster my face with doggie do..whose business is it? If I want to surgically enhance any part of my body…whose business is it? We are all entitled to do what we want without having to worry about criticism from others on what is ultimately our right to do. After all…who died and made anyone the overseer of our lives? If you don’t want to wear wigs, weaves or relaxers get surgery, etc then don’t! It is your choice. Just leave it to others to make their own.

  16. Some of us lost our hair before the wig/weave. You don’t know our story and are not commissioned to plan our coming out party so pipe down and allow us to do us.

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