Is a tide turn­ing? Wendy Williams is the lat­est in a string of black celebri­ties who’ve pub­licly claimed their nat­ur­al tress­es. Angela Sim­mons, rap­per Lil Mama and real­i­ty star Toya Carter have all revealed that their hair is nat­ur­al beneath weaves, with Angela and Lil Mama tweet­ing pho­tos of healthy, large fros as evi­dence. Most recent­ly Oprah Win­frey claimed that her hair is flat ironed and not relaxed (although this has come under scruti­ny since Oprah’s long time styl­ist Andre Walk­er revealed that he does relax her hair on occa­sion.) And now Wendy Williams is claim­ing her nat­ur­al hair, post­ing a pic­ture of her 10-year-old self on Face­book with two long braids and the cap­tion:

Wendy at 10-years-old sport­ing her ‘every­day look’. It was quick and easy to do on her own. “Here’s a lit­tle secret: Wendy has nev­er had a perm.

Wendy’s procla­ma­tion might be a bit con­fus­ing to some, giv­en her vocal crit­i­cism of Vio­la Davis’ short nat­ur­al do at the 2012 Oscars. And per­haps it was just a response to Oprah’s “nat­ur­al” O Mag­a­zine cov­er. But it seems that a tide is turn­ing, and hav­ing your “own” hair is becom­ing a sta­tus sym­bol of sorts. It’s cer­tain­ly not a full embrace of nat­ur­al hair… but there seems to be a hier­ar­chy form­ing where weav­ing by choice (while main­tain­ing full, thick and healthy hair under­neath) is per­ceived as ‘bet­ter than’ weav­ing by neces­si­ty because your own hair is dam­aged and bro­ken. Ladies, what are your thoughts?

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Wendy Williams wears a wig on tele­vi­sion and looks like a drag queen. Too lit­tle, WAY too late after she dissed Vio­la Davis. Talk­ing about your nat­ur­al hair is com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent than being SEEN wear­ing your nat­ur­al hair out.

naturally yours

Wendy Williams is nat­ur­al. Pic­ture of her nat­ur­al hair was post­ed on lhcf a few yrs back along with an arti­cle on how she cares for it. Her hair was nat­u­ral­ly thin and waist length, but bleach and bad­ly dam­aged


You beat me to it. :) I was going to say the same thing, she has shown her hair before but has always said because it’s thin that she doesn’t wear it out.


I know much of the nat­ur­al hair com­mu­ni­ty is excit­ed to see a celebri­ty wear their nat­ur­al hair. But just because I (me per­son­al­ly) am nat­ur­al doesn’t mean I sup­port every oth­er nat­ur­al woman. Wendy spews too much ven­om for me to care if she is relaxed, nat­ur­al, or oth­er­wise.


I’ll believe it when I see it. Per­haps then my opin­ion of her will change because I’ll see what she real­ly looks like under all the dead ani­mal.

I am so pleased that all these black (white women) are pro­claim­ing them­selves “nat­ur­al divas” while wear­ing their india and aisan hair dai­ly and rarely (if ever) being seen pub­li­cal­ly with­out it. Let the rest of us pave the way and then you (they) can come out strong and secure know­ing that white Amer­i­ca has accept­ed our hair. Let the rest of us endure the strange looks and dumb ques­tions. When all that pass­es you (they) can step into the lime light and show the world “yours too”. Kin­da like that final (sweat shop) scene in the Wiz. You’ll (they’ll)… Read more »
It’s hair. And it is sil­ly to pass judg­ment on some­one based on wear­ing a weave. This is just ridicu­lous. We’re real­ly get­ting ridicu­lous in the nat­ur­al hair com­mu­ni­ty. “Pave the way?” The nat­ur­al hair jour­ney has yet to be con­nect­ed to any­thing oth­er than.. hair. It’s impor­tant to love our­selves, but don’t get it twist­ed: any mam­mal can give birth and ANY woman can shave her head and let nature take its course as it grows back out. Endur­ing nasty looks, dumb com­ments, and over­bear­ing rel­a­tives that wan­na perm your hair is not the same as work­ing in a… Read more »
Thank You. This is get­ting a bit ridicu­lous. To me your damned if you do and damned if you don’t. My sister’s and I all have nat­ur­al real­ly long hair. The prob­lem that we seem to have with nat­ur­al sister’s is that our hair is very curly and wavy. It’s almost like his­pan­ic hair and we get slack because our hair is not kinky enough. Peo­ple look at us like we auto­mat­i­cal­ly have perms and we don’t we just have straight hair. To be total­ly hon­est there is too much judge­ment being passed when it comes to hair and it’s… Read more »



*down home coun­try church shout­ing right now*


WOW! Loved this : are pro­claim­ing them­selves “nat­ur­al divas” while wear­ing their india and aisan hair dai­ly and rarely (if ever) being seen pub­li­cal­ly with­out it.


Get it girl.……that was powerful.….…i have no words to fol­low that.…..BRAVO!!!!!


lol…gurl come back, we want an encore



Jesus Christ! Im so con­fused right now.… Isn’t this what we want­ed? For more black peo­ple to be com­fort­able with their nat­ur­al hair?????? Any­time a celebri­ty comes out admit­ting they have nat­ur­al hair (regard­less of how often they show it) there’s always some back­lash about WHY they are reveal­ing it etc etc. like WHO cares why it’s hap­pen­ing I’m just glad its hap­pen­ing! .. What dif­fer­ence does it make if they are com­ing into some huge awak­en­ing, or epiphany while doing so. NOT every­one has that… I didn’t…But that does­nt mean I love my hair any less.. It’s like there’s… Read more »
I total­ly agree. We black women can’t win no mat­ter what we do, so you may as well do what pleas­es YOU^& let the haters hate. Just remem­ber Jill Scott’e song “Hate On Me”: Hate on me, hater, now or lat­er ‘Cause I’m gonna do me, you’ll be made, baby Go ‘head and hate on me, hater, I’m not afraid ofWhat I got I paid for, you can hate on me You can­not hate on me ’cause my mind is freeFeel my des­tiny, so shall it beY­ou can­not hate on me ’cause my mind is free Feel my des­tiny, so shall it be Read… Read more »

I don’t see how her say­ing her hair is nat­ur­al, wear­ing a wig, and show­ing a pic at 10 years old says she is com­fort­able with her nat­ur­al hair. She didn’t reveal any­thing. I have not seen the Vio­la bash but have heard about it from oth­ers and a few have com­ment­ed here. No she is HARDLY com­fort­able with her own hair.


She obvi­ous­ly isn’t com­fort­able if she feels the need to hide it under those hor­ri­ble weaves. But if she wore her hair out nat­u­ral­ly in a twa or all the way down her back I still would not like her, she is hor­ri­ble and like many said before me..I remem­ber the Vio­la Davis cri­tique! So dis­taste­ful.


It was very dis­taste­ful how she came out against Vio­la.


NO need to blas­pheme. Jesus Christ is LORD and cre­at­ed us beau­ti­ful.


Wendy Williams can miss me, I don’t care if her hair is nat­ur­al I still remem­ber the episode where she went off on Vio­la Davis when she wore her nat­ur­al hair to the Oscars. Despite her being a nat­ur­al, she strikes me as the good hair/bad hair type hon­est­ly. I have no prob­lem with nat­u­rals wear­ing weave if they choose too but I would love to see more of their nat­ur­al hair than the weaves, I still feel like to a cer­tain degree that weaves are anoth­er crutch.

Socialite Dreams



she has always said she has nat­ur­al hair under her weave but she nev­er wears it out… so her say­ing more about it isn’t real­ly a sur­prise.


It’s one thing to HAVE nat­ur­al hair under a weave but it’s anoth­er thing to actu­al­ly WEAR your nat­ur­al hair proud­ly with­out a weave. Wendy Williams, I’m not impressed…with you or any­one else that claims the “nat­ur­al” badge but who wears a weave in pub­lic.

If you are going to wear a weave, wig or relax­er then wear it. I sup­port you! But don’t claim to be a Nat­ur­al and still sport your false or relaxed tress­es for the sake of claim­ing to be nat­ur­al because the weave is the hair that is por­trayed to the pub­lic.


Exact­ly!! I was so con­fused with the title of this arti­cle and was look­ing for a pic of Wendy with her hair out and got a pic of her at 10??!! Please, she nev­er wears her hair out and crit­i­cizes oth­ers that do…smh.…Publicity stunt and it’s work­ing…


THANK YOU! This is what I am always ask­ing as I sim­ply do not under­stand why any­one would expect “props” for hav­ing nat­ur­al hair under fake hair. If nobody can see your hair, what does it mat­ter if it is nat­ur­al or not? I am think­ing that it is cheap­er and eas­i­er to NOT relax hair when it is always under a wig or a weave.

Amen Angela, they want the “Nat­ur­al Hair Badge of Hon­or” but don’t want to put in the work!!! It takes a lot of work to take care of nat­ur­al hair not only that but courage to face all the nay say­ers when you decid­ed to go nat­ur­al be it through big chop or tran­si­tion. Peo­ple will come at you like you’ve made the worse deci­sion in the world!!! smh when did Wendy ever have to deal with any of that?????When did she have to go on nation­al t.v. and rock a twist out that swelled up from the humi­did­ty and… Read more »



or at least SPORT your nat­ur­al hair once in awhile. if they claim they wear weaves for pro­tec­tion and to change up their styles then at one point won’t one of those styles be your nat­ur­al hair some kin­da way???


This is a lit­tle dat­ed she post­ed these pics a few years back and admit­ted back then she had nev­er had a per­mIn her life. Seems Wendy doesn’t like her own her she states con­stant­ly that it us thin. But nonethe­less she does has hair ?


her hair*


Wendy on her show men­tioned has a thy­roid problen caus­ing her to be very thin and thats why she wear wigs


Tamar, I remem­ber her say­ing that too, and that she loves big diva hair.


Lol, many celebs are oppor­tunis­tic. You can’t blame them however…they see that so many women are embrac­ing their nat­ur­al hair and want to receive the pop­u­lar­i­ty that comes from that as well. Wendy, this would’ve been great to know four years ago when nat­ur­al hair wasn’t so main stream smh.


Celebs are nor­mal peo­ple and as black women have been con­di­tioned to har­bor the same inse­cu­ri­ties about their hair/image as non celebri­ty black women. The only dif­fer­ence between them and us is their mon­ey and plat­form. Just as so many black women are dis­cov­er­ing and embrac­ing their nat­u­ral­ness, many celebs are doing the same.


Great insight Car­la! I agree.


That is so spot on! Celeb like to be the lead­ers not fol­low­ers. lol I am so amazed how mucch some­one cut­tin­goff there relaxed ends can have around the world.…..

Wear­ing a weave as a choice as opposed to a nec­ces­si­ty has always been thought of as more acceptable…but that is rare. But then you always have to ques­tion the ‘choice’. Any­way, this aint about the celebri­ties. This nat­ur­al hair shift start­ed with sis­tas on the ground and will con­tin­ue with them. The nat­ur­al hair com­mu­ni­ty had NO SUPPORT from peo­ple in the enter­tain­ment indus­try besides neo-soul artists, and even they have been sketchy. Now all of a sud­den, every­one wants to come out of the hair clos­et. Wendy Williams and Oprah are busi­ness­women first and so are all the… Read more »

Preach, Preach, Preach!!!


So true about the ground move­ment. Not one giv­en to “celebri­ties” though I must say that Janelle Mon­ae was a major inspi­ra­tion. I can’t name any of her songs, but when I first saw her hair a few years ago, that was the kick in the tush that my late 30-some­thing self need­ed to halt the creamy habit.


Well said!


She’s an oppor­tunist. I don’t believe it at all.


I have to see it to believe it myself. Maybe because i’m not a fan of hers, maybe because this is a pic of a 10yo wendy and there could have been many changes to her hair since-mat­ter of fact we know that- I’m going to hold off on con­grats and just go with meh


She has said on the show quite a few times she has thy­roid dis­ease that has left her with real­ly thin hair she dyes it but does not relax.

Then why not show a pic­ture of her hair as it is now!! Why show us a pic­ture from 30 years ago say­ing she’s nat­ur­al now!!! REALLY,WENDY REALLY !!! SHOW us the mon­ey!!! Show ME HOW YOUR HAIR LOOKS NOW!!! NONE OF THESE SO CALLED NATURAL CELEBRITIES HAVE HAD TO DEAL WITH GOING ON WITH “THE SHOW” EVEN IF THEY ARE HAVING A BAD HAIR DAY!!! LOOSE THE CRUTCHES!!! The wigs, the weaves, the tex­tur­iz­ers, the braids, yeah I said it braids and learn how to man­age your own hair first!!! I’M NOT SAYING THAT EVERYONE WHO WEARS A WIG,… Read more »
As stat­ed, the lady said that thy­roid dis­ease has made her hair thin and she choos­es not to wear it out and she have every right not to if she doesn’t want to. She has also said on her show that she wash­es, etc her own hair so she does have the expe­ri­ence of handling/dealing with her own hair. Heck I’m not famous but when I lost my edges after wear­ing twists I bought a wig because I am too vain for any­one to see my head the way it was. Just like that’s my pre­rog­a­tive it is also Wendy’s… Read more »

Then Wendy shouldn’t be claim­ing ish! Claim it, show it. Thy­roid dis­ease my behind. God knows if some­one else pulled up with a 30 plus year old pho­to try­ing to claim some “nat­ur­al hair”, Wendy would have tossed her wig over one shoul­der and com­menced to tear­ing them to shreds. If you serve crow, you need to eat crow. Peri­od.

I am tak­ing this seri­ous because we as a peo­ple have been blind for too long and it’s about time we edu­cate our­selves with “the truth”!!! If you choose to wear a weave because of thin­ning issues that’s fine, that’s your choice I am not refer­ring to peo­ple with alope­cia and the such. Who I am refer­ring to are peo­ple with a per­fect­ly good head of hair hid­ing behind wigs, weaves, braids ect. so it does not sound like the shoe fits here, but if it does please feel free to wear it :) Wendy Williams shows no slack to… Read more »
Why do you even care about what oth­er folks think & do with their hair? & like CLAW said, why do you take this so seri­ous­ly when it’s not even your hair?. The impor­tant thing is for you to do what you want with your hair. I’ve known folks with thy­roid issues who’ve had hair fall out & many wore wigs to cov­er their hair because it was so thin or had bald patch­es. Same for folks who’ve had perms & got­ten alope­cia. I have 2 friends now who have scar­ring alope­cia ( from DECADES of perms) that’s giv­en them… Read more »
How are you guys going to tell some­one not to take it seri­ous? It was obvi­ous­ly seri­ous enough for Wendy to pub­licly air her so-called nat­ur­al hair. If it’s nobody’s busi­ness, then she should have kept the info to her­self. Shoot. You guys are the ones tak­ing it seri­ous, stand­ing up for Wendy like she was your sole meal tick­et. Who cares what she SAID about her own hair. If she’s going to jump on the nat­ur­al band­wag­on, then she needs to show what that mess looks like TODAY. She talked all that ish about Vio­la Davis, Wendy sure needs… Read more »

Exact­ly, my hair has two big thin spots and it was so hard at first for me to do the big chop but I did. It takes time and if Wendy is not ready to show her nat­ur­al hair that is her right. I took it one day at a time and I still do one year lat­er.

My first thought would be to say — “Oh, Wendy — you’re such a fame whore” [c’mon, you know you are]. On the oth­er hand, even if mean peo­ple help orphans, orphans are still helped, so if pop­u­lar­i­ty is the cause of her chang­ing her mind, then great. She has a HUGE plat­form and audi­ence and will no doubt change the minds of peo­ple in media, cor­po­rate Amer­i­ca and the world. She should pub­licly apol­o­gize to Vio­la Davis for that neg­a­tive crit­i­cism though. That was bad. Let’s keep it 100. As more famous peo­ple go nat­ur­al, many women become less afraid… Read more »

I think some celebri­ties now see that nat­ur­al hair is more accept­able and love all the rage and are look­ing for a way to jump on board with­out the com­mit­ment and with­out hav­ing to go through the entire process (tran­si­tion­ing or big chop­ping) to be nat­ur­al. Dont not be con­fused there is a rite of pas­sage that we all must take to be con­sid­ered nat­ur­al those who take it, great you are strong those who fake it you’re all wrong.…they rachet!!!! lol


I don’t know about a “Rite of Pas­sage” to be con­sid­ered nat­ur­al. I think that’s part of the prob­lem that caus­es the “elit­ism” in the nat­ur­al com­mu­ni­ty.

I agree and I am sick of this big chop crap. I will get there but please don’t take my black card as I pro­ceed cauti­souly. Im just learn­ing how to take care of my hair after years of braids and I am sick of feel­ing less than black because I have not tak­en this big chop/rite of pas­sage. Its start­ing a divide with sis­ters and I don’t think it’s right. Its all our hair, its just what we decid­ed to do with it. you are either Unprocessed or processed. The seman­tics are get­ting ridicu­lous. white women aren’t fight­ing over… Read more »

NO ma’am the rite of pas­sage means deal­ing with the ups and downs of nat­ur­al hair and learn­ing how to man­age your own tex­ture with­out the aid of chem­i­cals.


and deal­ing w/ the crit­i­cism from friends, fam­i­ly, etc.

I dis­agree. The rite of pas­sage I believe the young lady is refer­ring to is not hid­ing your hair behind any­thing, wigs/weaves/braids or flat iron­ing your hair. The truth of the mat­ter is that kinky hair is still looked down upon even in the nat­ur­al hair com­mu­ni­ty. You have to be a nat­ur­al (who wears your own hair out) to under­stand the hos­til­i­ty that some have towards you just for wear­ing your hair as god intend­ed. The only ‘elit­ism’ that I see in the black hair com­mu­ni­ty is this need to turn kinks into culrs and this love inter­est with… Read more »
So… If I were my hair kinky, I’m talked about. If I use a lit­tle eco styler gel, I’m talked about.. Bull­shit. THe beau­ty of being nat­ur­al is that I can wear it kinky, I can twist it, I can straight­en it– and I can do that all on my own. This nat­ur­al shit is get­ting ridicu­lous. Are we real­ly look­ing at each oth­er, scop­ing out who is doing twist outs, and using cer­tain prod­ucts? Wow. I don’t see any­thing wrong with manip­u­lat­ing your hair any­way you can and please. Wear it kinky, boun­cy curls, gelled to hell- do you.… Read more »
Yes this kinks to curls thing doesn’t go away. On anoth­er pop­u­lar hair site that main­ly fea­tures curlies, I have noticed some of the kinky heads on there describ­ing their hair as loose in the back or 3c/4a here or there added to a clear resent­ment of that unco­op­er­a­tive 4c wher­ev­er it may be (usu­al­ly the major­i­ty of their hair). Is there such a des­per­a­tion and need to be on the curly side of the street? The nat­ur­al com­mu­ni­ty today is very dif­fer­ent to the all embrac­ing all encom­pass­ing polit­i­cal one of the 70s. It real­ly isn’t about wear­ing your… Read more »
yep. you got it right. is any oth­er peo­ple so com­plete­ly obsessed by hair and looks as we are? black peo­ple want you to have good hair which does not trans­late as kinky or nap­py. peri­od. and with that they would rather you not be too black. what­e­vere that means. per­son­al­ly, i have no inten­tion of spend­ing the same or more on prod­ucts as i used to spend try­ing to con­form to some­one else’s ideas about me. and let’s face it — most of us are not enter­tain­ers and we do not have to come up with a look that… Read more »

I can’t wait until this “Curly Nat­ur­al Hair upris­ing” ceas­es. Let the real mean­ing of being nat­ur­al stand up!!! Don’t get me wrong if your hair is nat­u­ral­ly curly then I am not refer­ring to you only the “Curl seek­ers” who buy up all the ECO styler gel!!!


Amen I couldn’t have said it bet­ter myself. Thank you


ITA! I was born nat­ur­al. My hair nat­u­ral­ly grows from my head this way. There was no rite of pas­sage.


I agree!




Lol I’ve been nat­ur­al 2 yrs now… What is this rite of pas­sage you speak of?


Sor­ry, I rather see it to believe it. I recall watch­ing one show of hers, a while back, where she says she would nev­er leave the house with­out her weave. So if she does that (go weave-less in pub­lic) I will be impressed oth­er wise I just con­sid­er it a jump the band­wag­on com­ment.


Wendy said long before the whole vio­la Davis thing that her hair was nat­ur­al but it was very thin. She prefers weaves because her hair is fine which is prone to break­age, plus with weaves ad wigs she can have ver­si­tile looks with­out putting stress on here hair. Her hair isn’t kinky the pic­ture she showed looked like it had waves. She claimed she had good hair this was durin the movie craze of “good hair”.


Agreed. I love Wendy to death (she is a ball of fun crazi­ness), but she has stat­ed mul­ti­ple times that show­ing off her nat­ur­al hair is not for her and that she would not get caught with­out a wig on :P

I think at the end of the day, peo­ple need to do what makes them hap­py whether that is nat­ur­al, wig, weave or what­ev­er!


very true! she is adamant about her wigs and weave and she is quite beaut­ful! but when its all said & done we must do what inspires us as indi­vid­u­als!

You know Wendy might have said this because she does­nt know how to PROPERLY take care of her own hair. I believe that the rea­son why many black women resort to wigs or weaves or perms is not because they do not like their hair, it is because they do not know how to prop­er­ly main­tain healthy hair that includes less break­age and keep­ing it clean and mois­tur­ized. I know that for me that is why I chose to do relax­ers and then braids all through high school. I did­nt know how to prop­er­ly wash my hair with­out it get­ting… Read more »



wow based on her atti­tude and how demean­ing she is, I would’ve thought she would be the last per­son to com­ment or have nat­ur­al hair. But I would not be sur­prised if more celebs start to show­case their own hair. They wear weaves so much in this indus­try I for­get that some of them may be grow­ing their own hair under­neath it all.


I dont per­ceive her as demean­ing but she does “keep it 100”..great to see the child­hood pic of her..but i agree she should show­case her nat­ur­al hair


RIGHT!! lmaooo . thats like when New York showed of her natural…i was like o_0 WTF?!?!


NY’s hair was fly­yyyy though! lol

I am with a tal­ent agent and have worked on a cou­ple of com­mer­cials and one tele­vi­sion show. I have noticed that most of the time, the pro­duc­tion team of what­ev­er is being mar­ket­ed be it a cer­tain gro­cery store, or com­pa­ny, they want the char­ac­ters to have a spe­cif­ic look. That is why many African-Amer­i­can actress­es resort to wigs and weaves. The wear and tear of straight­en­ing and styling from day to day can com­plete­ly dam­age the hair. I am a 9 month nat­ur­al and I love baby­ing my hair, I wash it and con­di­tion every week and I… Read more »

Que???? 90 per­cent of com­mer­cials (no exag­ger­a­tion) fea­ture black women with nat­ur­al hair and have for years. I’ve noticed this way before going nat­ur­al too and the looks range from TWA to ‘from to braid outs to loose curls.

I have noticed for years that any com­mer­cial for insur­ance, food, invest­ment firms, med­i­cines, legal ser­vices USUALLY fea­ture women with nat­ur­al hair. Any beau­ty prod­uct meant to enhance looks (make­up, Vic­to­ria Secret, hair col­or, etc) usu­al­ly fea­tures women of col­or with straight or euro-look­ing hair­styles. It’s as if the ad indus­try under­stands that as a peo­ple, we have inse­cu­ri­ties with regard to our hair and by show­ing some­one with nat­ur­al hair when adver­tis­ing insur­ance, med­i­cine, MCDonald’s, deodor­ant, and invest­ment pack­ages, we can “trust” those prod­ucts. A woman with a weave is no less trust­wor­thy than a woman with kinky coils,… Read more »
your obser­va­tions are cor­rect how­ev­er, the bot­tom line adver­tis­ing is not to build or crush the self-esteem or image of black women with nat­ur­al hair the pur­pose is to appeal to the larg­er buy­ing demo­graph­ic. Many peo­ple may be sur­prised to know African Amer­i­can own­er­ship is promi­nent in the fran­chised Fast food restau­rant we call Mc Donald’s. On aver­age how many black women are pay­ing any­where from a $100 to $200 for one match­ing bra and panty set 14 times over at Vic­to­ria Secrets? How large a demo­graph­ic of black women are pur­chas­ing Lan­come or Clin­ique’ not to say they… Read more »

90%? I beg to dif­fer, but I am not say­ing that ALLL cast­ing direc­tors REQUIRE the straight hair but most of them do. But it does­nt only stop at nat­ur­al or straight hair. If they are look­ing for a male a female, red head, blonde, brunette, gray, what­ev­er then that is who they cast or they change the person’s look to play the role. For exam­ple the show Han­nah Mon­tana. Han­nah wore the blonde wig but Miley wore her nat­ur­al brown hair. Again it is just to match the part you are play­ing


Amy’s right. Most cast­ing direc­tors have a spe­cif­ic look in mind, and from my expe­ri­ence, most pre­fer straight hair. I think some actress­es who reach a cer­tain point have more of a say in char­ac­ter devel­op­ment and appear­ance, but when you are just start­ing out, you need to be as flex­i­ble as pos­si­ble with your look.


I am on the side of Amy and Landry, because they have lived what they are talk­ing about and are in the busi­ness.

I do applaud you for not “per­ma­nent­ly dam­ag­ing your hair for a tem­po­rary sit­u­a­tion”. I remem­ber Tem­pestt Bled­soe doing an inter­view and stat­ing that her lack of roles in Hol­ly­wood was due in large part to her nat­ur­al hair. I didn’t real­ly under­stand because she would not have to straight­en her hari because there are soooo many oth­er alter­na­tives avail­able to black women.


yea same here! I know that cast­ing direc­tors want a cer­tain look so for that I would change my look. I would­nt even think about allow­ing them to touch my real hair because unfor­tu­nate­ly many only know how to style straight hair. So for some celebri­ties I know that they do not wear weaves because they dont like their own hair, but it is bc it is more con­ve­nient and with their busy sched­ules they do not have enough time alot­ted to pay atten­tion to their own hair at all times.