3 Things that Improve Scalp Health

By Geniece of Beautifully Made

When my hair was first relaxed at the age of twelve I never worried about the health of my scalp. As a child and early in my adolescence hair washing was matter of general hygiene but I actually didn’t experience build up or dandruff that necessitated the regular hair washing I must maintain as an adult. I believe that relaxing my hair and later changes in my body chemistry that came with age made my scalp more prone to dryness and flaking. I hoped that going natural would remedy some issues and while I no longer had to deal scabs, left by relaxers, maintaining the a healthy scalp has remained an ongoing challenge.

There are several things that I’ve practiced that have been useful in helping me improve the health of my scalp over the past few years. Please keep in mind that these tips may not work for everyone. I am basing my recommendations on personal experience.


If you were like me as a child you can probably remember your hair being parted and greased. I continued this practice, using the heavy petroleum based products my mom used on me for a few months after I went natural. It then dawned on me that the scalp build up I accumulated from those products only led to itchiness and clogged pores. I wasn’t going to forsake all oils but I needed to find something that helped with dryness without the negative aspects of heavier oils. I have found that jojoba oil works best for my scalp because it is light and mimics the natural oils my scalp produces without creating unnecessary build up.


Early in my healthy hair growth journey I explored the possibility of speeding up my hair growth by using supplements. After six months of experimentation I realized that simply caring for my hair was good enough. For scalp health, however, I was curious to learn what impact supplements like fish oil might have on my hair. Especially because fish oil has other benefits , like possibly promoting heart health, I figured taking it could have both internal and external health benefits. After about ten months of use I have found that fish oil has in fact helped with the overall health of my skin and scalp.


Washing your hair regularly is a necessary part of hygiene. The products you use can both help or exacerbate any scalp issues that you may be experiencing. I have found by diluting some shampoos can allow me to properly clean my scalp without build up. I recommend using two parts shampoo to one part water for most over the counter shampoos.

*Please exercise caution before taking supplements. Contact your health care provider for advice.

How have you improved your scalp health?



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11 thoughts on “3 Things that Improve Scalp Health

    • should probably be wild caught fish that is high in omega 3 oil which is anti-inflammatory. mackerel, salmon, herring, sardines, etc. basically, oily fish.

      farmed fish is inflammatory and doesn’t have the health benefits of wild caught fish.

      otherwise, if you eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains, and also exercise and cleanse your scalp regularly, you should not have scalp health problems unless there’s some underlying condition present.

      that’s just my opinion.

  1. For years, ive worn weaves (quick weaves). My scalp was always itchy from the lack of moisture, dirt, and being unkept. I recently stopped wearing weaves to repair my hair. I was shocked at how much my scalp said “thank you”. I wash my hair with Nioxn and condition with a combination of Nixon Conditioner & Hair boosting spray, JBCO and shea butter. I can already see growth to my badly damaged edges. I’m searching for protective styles that will look great, but most importantly, will help my hair. (Any suggestions?)

    The damage healing process is slow, but thanks to blogs like this, I’m learning more and taking notes on how to get back my thick beautiful hair I was born with. Thanks for the tips!

    • My favorite protective style is mini twist, they are full and bouncy and most importantly not scalpy, they are so cute! They look like sister locks and last 3 weeks! I wish I could upload a pic but I’m on my iPad…:-/

  2. For scalp health, l:
    -shampoo w/ a natural shampoo that is designed for scalp conditions (Shea Moisture African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo)
    -shampoo w/ diluted shampoo via a color applicator bottle
    -do ACV rinses (water, ACV, honey, tea tree essential oil & peppermint essential oil)
    – keep product (oils, butters, moisturizers, conditioners, etc.) off my scalp

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