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Are you a non-loc’ed nat­ur­al who is look­ing for more style inspi­ra­tion? Are you bored with your twists/braids or your hair in gen­er­al?

In my time liv­ing vic­ar­i­ous­ly through loc’ed nat­u­rals, I have seen some very cre­ative and beau­ti­ful styles.  My eyes have met loc mas­ter­pieces rang­ing from intri­cate, regal buns to love­ly, curly dos.  While look­ing in admi­ra­tion, I have often mod­i­fied these styles for my own loose nat­ur­al hair, and there is no rea­son why you can­not do the same.  For you non-loc’ed nat­u­rals out there who need a lit­tle inspi­ra­tion, here are four loc styles that can be mod­i­fied for twists, braids, or stretched hair:

1. Elegant: Flat twist faux hawk

The flat twist faux hawk is ide­al for medi­um to long nat­ur­al hair and is the most intri­cate of the four styles.  You can start with a set of small twists or braids to achieve a look very sim­i­lar to this one.  The alter­na­tive is to start with loose, stretched hair and use your cre­ativ­i­ty to make this style your own.

2. Regal: Bun with pin-curled bangs

This look is very sim­ple yet regal and can work beau­ti­ful­ly on medi­um-length nat­ur­al hair.  It can also be eas­i­ly mod­i­fied for short­er or longer tress­es.  All you will need is an elas­tic band and a few bob­by pins.  This style can work on hair stretched via a twist out, braid out, or oth­er means as well as hair that is in a set of twists or braids.

3. Funky: Curly loc hawk

While you may be famil­iar with the fro hawk, this style goes to the next lev­el by incor­po­rat­ing big curls into the hawk.  It is prob­a­bly the most ver­sa­tile of the four looks work­ing on almost any length of hair, whether out or in a pro­tec­tive style.  Imag­ine try­ing this curly hawk on a set of twists or braids?  One word: love­ly!

4. Cute: Pipe cleaner spiral curls

You can trans­form a bor­ing set of twists or braids into this cute spi­ral set by sim­ply using pipe clean­ers.  The alter­na­tive is to set your loose hair as is.  When remov­ing the clean­ers, be gen­tle so as to not tug on your hair. Anoth­er option is to use perm rods, straws, or small flexi rods.

Ladies, where do you get your style inspi­ra­tion?


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Nicole Anderson

Absolute­ly fab­u­lous hair styles. Its good see­ing black women be proud the them­selves and by exten­sion their hair and own­ing their styles. Good job!!


YES a post on locs! i hope to see more of these.. being that im now lock­ing my hair after being a 7 year loose nat­ur­al :]

Joan B. in S. C.

I once stopped a lady com­ing out of the post office because she was wear­ing kinky, curly twists and she told me she used pipe clean­ers. She sham­pooed, con­di­tioned and such, then just set the twists on pipe clean­ers. Her hair looked fab­u­lous.


Too fun­ny. I have locs and I always find myself adjust­ing styles meant for loose hair nat­u­rals. Nev­er would have thought the oppo­site hap­pens,


I might try that pipe clean­er look. That is so cute!


I used to plait my locs after I’d washed and oiled them and let them dry to give them a crinkly look. A very sim­ple style, the only type I like.


I’m gonna try mine with straws. They seem safer. All of these are won­der­ful though!

Love JAH

Those pipe clean­er curls are EVERYTHING!!! I don’t have locks but I’m try­ing this ASAP!


Nice style,my rave is the regal bun.