By Christi­na of The Mane Objec­tive

Whether your hair is relaxed, nat­u­ral, tex-laxed, tran­si­tion­ing, heat styled, braid­ed, weaved or wigged, we as wom­en face an unde­ni­able fact — hair care and prod­ucts can be expen­sive. Some folks even have to write their hair into their bud­gets as its own line item, right behind rent, gas, car note and insur­ance. Even if you aren’t par­tic­u­lar­ly a pro­duct junkie, there are still those sta­ple prod­ucts that your hair has to have in order to func­tion. May­be it’s a par­tic­u­lar oil or a par­tic­u­lar sup­ple­ment.

Some­times, we get a lit­tle tun­nel-visioned in pur­chas­ing our sta­ple prod­ucts. I used to pur­chase some of my sup­ple­ments only from nutri­tion stores because well, that seemed to be the log­i­cal place to find them. Truth be told, many sta­ple prod­ucts, sup­ple­ments, and hair­care items can be found in some pret­ty uncon­ven­tion­al places, and save you some seri­ous cash. Check out some of my sta­ples that I’ve been able to find at a steal:

Coconut Oil

Who doesn’t love this stuff? Ok, I know there are some folks out there that aren’t nec­es­sar­i­ly a fan of this edi­ble oil — but for the most part, this is a sta­ple in plen­ty of people’s mix-ins, pre-poos, leave-ins and styling reg­i­mens. I pur­chased my first jar of vir­gin unre­fined Coconut Oil from Whole Foods for $7.99 (their own 365 brand). I con­tin­ued to pur­chase them there, and even got excit­ed when it would go on sale for $6.99. I was nev­er par­tic­u­lar­ly excit­ed about going to Whole Foods — the crowds were pre­ten­tious, every­thing seemed over­priced, and I damn sure couldn’t pro­nounce or cat­e­go­rize on the Food Plate (for­mer­ly pyra­mid) half of the stuff they sold there. The hot food bar was the truth, but hot meals and Coconut Oil wasn’t enough to keep me com­ing back.

To my great joy, Trader Joe’s began car­ry­ing Coconut Oil in recent months. Even bet­ter, I real­ized it was the vir­gin, unre­fined kind. Bet­ter than that, their jar is 16oz, com­pared to Whole Food’s 14 oz. But the great­est news of all? Trader Joe’s car­ries the oil for $5.99 all day, every day. Side­bar: Nev­er, ever, ever, under any cir­cum­stances pur­chase your Coconut Oil from a vitamin/health sup­ple­ment store, or even from the health sec­tion of a gro­cery store. They charge near­ly twice (some­times three times!) as much for the same pro­duct that’s just a few aisles over (on the cook­ing aisle).

Aloe Vera Juice

By now you’ve prob­a­bly fig­ured out that I’m a Trader Joe’s gal at heart. I mean real­ly, who can deny the super friend­ly (I’ve NEVER had a bad cus­tomer ser­vice expe­ri­ence there…and I go at least twice a week) crew mem­bers, free food sam­ples and cof­fee? Oh, and if you want to know how some­thing tastes before you buy it… But I digress. In addi­tion to the mil­lion and a half oth­er won­der­ful rea­sons to go to Trader Joe’s, there is the absolute hands down best val­ue I’ve ever seen on Aloe Vera Juice. Get ready for this. They sell A GALLON (that’s 128oz, folks) sized bot­tle of Aloe Botan­i­cals Pure Aloe Vera Juice for $7.99. For­give me for say­ing this, but that ish cray! I became so salty when I stum­bled upon this, because I’m stuck work­ing through a 32oz Lily of the Desert bot­tle that I paid $9 for at Vit­a­m­in Shoppe.


Whether you’re try­ing to get some inter­nal inflam­ma­tion in check, show your joints some love, or test the the­o­ry that MSM extends the growth phase of the hair cycle, pay­ing for the pills can def­i­nite­ly start to add up. I first began pur­chas­ing my 1,000mg MSM cap­sules from Vit­a­m­in Shoppe (their own brand), to the tune of $10 for a 100 cap­sule bot­tle. Since I take two a day, a bot­tle from Vit­a­m­in Shoppe would last me rough­ly a mon­th and a half. On one of my ran­dom excur­sions to Trader Joe’s, I found myself brows­ing through their sup­ple­ments. Well whad­da ya know? They sell 120 cap­sules of 1,000mg MSM for $4.99. More pill for half the price? Yes, I’ll take that.


For so long, I would pur­chase my biot­in (1,000mcg, 90–100 count bot­tle) from Vit­a­m­in Shoppe and some­times Whole Foods. Boy, did my pock­ets pay for that. I typ­i­cal­ly pur­chased the Coun­try Life brand, which ran me $8 to $10 depend­ing upon where I went. But hey, did you know that Tar­get sells biot­in? No lie. Next time you’re scoop­ing up some Shea Mois­ture, mosey on over to the vit­a­m­in and sup­ple­ment aisle. They car­ry biot­in in their own Up & Up brand — 1,000mcg, 100 tablets for $2.49. And just in case you were won­der­ing, it works just as good as the stuff I paid triple the price for.

Flax Seeds

You can mix them in your oat­meal, or make a pret­ty nifty gel (a’la Nap­tural85). Either way you work the­se lit­tle brown won­ders, they don’t have to cost a for­tune. Most pre-pack­aged flax seeds cost upwards of $5 for less than a pound. Although a few seeds go a long way (and you can re-use them to make more gel), what’s the harm in sav­ing a few bucks? If you’re lucky enough to have a Sprouts Farmer’s Mar­ket near­by, check out their bulk bins.They car­ry flax seeds for $1.19/lb (a pound will last you forever), and for $0.89 or $0.99/lb when on sale. Alter­na­tive­ly, if you have a Win­Co Foods in your area, they car­ry flax seeds for around $0.80/lb. Either way, you can’t lose! Say good­bye to pre-pack­aged and health sup­ple­ment store containers…bulk is where it’s at!

Satin Pillowcase

I am going to pref­ace this by say­ing, I hate Wal­Mart. I absolute­ly detest the store. I’m sure in dif­fer­ent parts of the coun­try, Wal­Mart is what’s hot in the streets — but for me, in LA? A trip to Wal­Mart is a true test of my spir­i­tu­al growth. Even with all that being said, there is one thing I can­not deny: Wal­Mart is the truth when it comes to sat­in pil­low­cas­es. Before pur­chas­ing my beloved fuch­sia pil­low­case, I scoped out the prices at Sally’s — $11. Not bad, but I felt deep down inside that I could do bet­ter. Lo and behold, I found one of my best invest­ments in the hair sec­tion of the Wal­Mart on Cren­shaw and King (LA folks know which one I’m talk­ing about!). Not only was it the same brand, but it was in a super cute col­or and only cost me $7 and some change. Not say­ing I’d become a regular…but I can’t deny that Wal­Mart one-upped Tar­get and Sally’s on this one.

What are some sta­ples that you find at a steal of a price? Share!

Christina Patrice

Born, raised, and liv­ing in Los Ange­les, Christi­na is BGLH’s res­i­dent tran­si­tion­ing expert and pro­duct junkie. In addi­tion to lov­ing all things hair, she is a fit­ness novice and advo­cate of wear­ing san­dals year-round. For more infor­ma­tion on tran­si­tion­ing, nat­u­ral hair, and her own hair jour­ney, vis­it Or, if you like pic­tures fol­low Christi­na on Insta­gram @maneobjective.

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Isabelle Ofume

You can the the Lily of the Desert brand of Aloe Vera at DrVi­ta for less than $3. And a few oth­er stuff. Free ship­ping too!


Wow! Sans the pil­low­case, you can get all that for a lit­tle over $20!!!!! Great arti­cle!


LOL, love the arti­cle and I buy my oils at Trader Joe’s too…just had to laugh at the Wal­mart com­ment. I too am not a fan of Wal­mart and the one on King and Cren­shaw is the worst. But a deal is a deal. I will be check­ing out those pil­low cas­es.


Tar­get car­ries that same sat­in pil­low case. last I check it was $6.99. It’s in the hair care sec­tion. They also have doo rags, head wraps and sweat wick­ing heaad­bands for the gym.


ola!!! P


I pur­chase my Biot­in from but i get the stronger ver­sion, 5000mg. (The stronger the more growth)It is $6.49. They recent­ly had a sale that was buy 1 bot­tle and get 1 free plus free ship­ping. So pret­ty good deal right?


So true about the Walmart…I con­sid­er it an Alter­nate Universe..but will check it out..Thanks for the info!

speedy fox

52yr old , thanks for the info.


Alrighty, here’s my share. Cam­den-Grey is knock­ing Moun­tain Rose Herbs out of the box when it comes to but­ters and essen­tial oils. They have but­ters I’ve nev­er heard of such as aloe but­ter, jojoba but­ter, Monoi but­ter, etc., and the prices are low­er.

aaron matteson

this came up when googling and just want­ed to say, not every­one has a trader joe’s. hm… I just want bulk (1 gal­lon) of coconut oil with­out the $35 it costs to ship it to me.

Heather Rose

Nuti­va has a 1 Gal­lon organ­ic, cold-pressed, and unre­fined coconut oil. Ship­ping is free on all orders over $30. Def­i­nite­ly encour­age you to buy organ­ic food or prod­ucts for your body oth­er­wise you’ll be putting pos­si­ble GMO’s, preser­v­a­tives or so more on your skin, hair and body. Which we’ll harm you in the long run. 

Pray that was some help if you haven’t already found a solu­tion already.




Vita­cost has 54oz of coconut for $20some­thing and so does Sams club. Some­times vita­cost runs a BOGO or free ship­ping!!


I was look­ing for the best place to get coconut oil. Trader Joes, of course! Thanks!

Jana Pathirana

hel­lo i am from sri lanka. i made vir­gin coconut oil. best quil­i­ty vir­g­ing coconut oil.


I get my coconut oil from the Vit­a­m­in Shoppe.. $10 for a 30oz jar. Which I don’t think is bad, but I’ll def­i­nite­ly start hit­ting up Trader Joes for oils, seem­ing as they don’t seem too expen­sive!


You can get a big ass 54oz jar from Vita­cost for $20 and MSM and Biot­in for like $5 too.


I, too, detest Wal­mart, but sav­ing is sav­ing. Besides, a lot of us do not live any­where near a Trader Joes. With that being said, I have bought Aloe Vera juice and gel at Wal­mart at very rea­son­able prices. They also car­ry biot­in and msn pills as well as the coconut oil along with the before men­tioned pil­low cas­es. I haven’t actu­al­ly looked for the flax seeds though.


Anna’s linen’s They have sat­in pil­low cas­es for $4.99.


I wish you would explain or describe the ben­e­fits of coconut oil and oth­er items you men­tion. You only squab­ble over prices.


I get a 56 fl oz con­tain­er of Organ­ic Vir­gin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil from Sams for around $16! I can not find it any­where for even close to that good a deal

Jana Pathirana

i a janaka from sri lanka. i made vir­gin coconut oil. can be sell in ver­ry resan­able price. if you intrast con­tact me,

Erika N.

Organ­ic coconut oil, 14 oz, is $3.99 at Food 4 Less. If a Food 4 Less is near you!

Olive Lovet

Coconut oil will be car­ried out in any appro­pri­ate addi­tion­al com­ple­men­tary mate­ri­als in the kitchen and make dif­fer­ent dis­ease drug . www[dot]//bit[dot]ly/1JQeSYe