Like the say­ing goes: You can have too much of a good thing.

OK, so you’ve crossed over to nat­u­ral hair and everyone’s talk­ing about how impor­tant it is to mois­tur­ize your hair on a reg­u­lar basis. I mean, you don’t want hair that tan­gles and breaks eas­i­ly, do you? Of course not! But there’s a catch when it comes to mois­ture:

While mois­ture is great for hair, it is also pos­si­ble to OVER-mois­tur­ize your hair to the point that it’ll be just as weak and prone to break­age as hair that’s dry.

Sounds odd doesn’t it? But it’s true.

We all know that dry hair is some­thing to avoid. And we also know how dry hair usu­al­ly looks and feels like- usu­al­ly dull, straw-like and eas­i­ly breaks when pulled or combed. But what about over-mois­tur­ized hair? What does that look like? And what does it feel like? Well, over-mois­tur­ized hair tends to look limp, oily and my even have a “mushy” feel when rubbed between your fin­gers. Over-mois­tur­ized hair is also very elas­tic and stretch­able. And at its extreme, over-mois­tur­ized hair is basi­cal­ly Soul Glo or Jheri Curl-like. Still don’t know what I’m get­ting at? Well here’s a visu­al…

God I love that movie!

Any­hoo, both dry and over-mois­tur­ized are weak and prone to break­age. Hair is a fiber- a fiber that’s made of long strings of pro­tein that are “braid­ed’ togeth­er- kind of like cable wire. Hair’s fun­ny in a way because it is

quite strong and resilient, but still very del­i­cate at the same time. And basi­cal­ly, if you want to have healthy hair that doesn’t break eas­i­ly, you’ll need to find a bal­ance where you’re mois­tur­iz­ing it just enough to help it main­tain elas­tic­i­ty. Elas­tic­i­ty is a word that describes hair’s abil­i­ty to stretch and recoil. Ulti­mate­ly, when it comes to keep­ing hair strong and healthy, pro­tein-mois­ture bal­ance becomes key.

So how do you find a bal­ance? And how do you keep from mois­tur­iz­ing hair too much?

Here are a few tips:

  • Avoid dai­ly wash-n-go’s, espe­cial­ly if you’re not reg­u­lar­ly giv­ing your hair pro­tein, i.e. pro­tein treat­ments
  • Cut back on lengthy deep con­di­tion­ing treat­ments. Most con­di­tion­ers don’t need to be held in hair for longer than 15 min­utes, and depend­ing on what type of con­di­tion­er it is, keep­ing one in hair longer than that, could actu­al­ly weak­en your hair
  • Reg­u­lar­ly bal­ance mois­tur­ize with pro­tein by using prod­ucts with hydrolyzed pro­teins (i.e. hydrolyzed wheat pro­tein, hydrolyzed quinoa pro­tein) and/or amino acids. The­se all help to strength­en hair and coun­ter­act the effects of over-mois­tur­iz­ing
  • Remem­ber, hair needs mois­ture, but it’s all about bal­ance. Hav­ing over-mois­tur­ized hair is just as bad as over­ly dry hair. So when mois­tur­iz­ing your hair, make sure to do it reg­u­lar­ly and sen­si­bly. As great as mois­ture is for hair, it is pos­si­ble to over­do a good thing.

    How often do you mois­tur­ize your hair? What are your favorite hair mois­tur­iz­ers?

    Dr. Phoenyx Austin is a physi­cian, author and media per­son­al­i­ty. Dr. Phoenyx’s new book, If You Love It, It Will Grow: A Guide to Grow­ing Long Afro-Tex­tured Hair is avail­able on Ama­zonBar­nes & Noble, and iTunes. Spe­cial auto­graphed book copies can be ordered direct­ly from her blog, DrPhoenyx.comYou can also find Dr. Phoenyx on Face­book and Twit­ter.

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    Hi, I have been nat­u­ral for 7 months but in the last 3 or so months I have been expe­ri­enc­ing break­age. I’ve been alter­ing my reg­i­men but cant seem to fig­ure out what my hair real­ly needs. I have 4c and 4b hair which tan­gles very eas­i­ly so I washed and con­di­tioned every week­end, twist my hair with Shea Mois­ture and seal with coconut oil. The twists would set for about 3 days then I would do a twist out until the next wash day. I fig­ured that my hair doesn’t like being touched so often and every week so I… Read more »
    Giselle D

    I have a mix of 4b and c hair. I do a week­ly deep con­di­tion with olive oil and hot cap for at least 2hrs. I then sham­poo and con­di­tion. I then apply my own leave in con­di­tion­er mix: coconut oil, Shea but­ter, and Argyo oil with water and Infu­sium. Then twist. It has been work­ing well for me so far, but I now won­der if it is too much?!? I live in Canada so the weath­er plays hav­oc on my hair dur­ing the win­ter months.


    The thing to keep in mind with all the­se arti­cles is that they’re just guide­li­nes. If your hair is healthy and grow­ing, you’re good :)


    Con­di­tion 15 min, apply leave in, apply coconut oil, apply mois­tur­iz­er and gel mix­ture .…and twist! #seem­s­likealot

    Karen L

    I have been wear­ing my 3 C hair nat­u­ral for the past year but have decid­ed to put a per­ma­nent col­or in eight months ago. But for the past two months my hair was break­ing. Can you rec­om­mend some­thing to stop the break­age please?

    I total­ly over con­di­tioned my hair this past week­end. My hair was actu­al­ly fine before the last deep con­di­tion, but I want­ed to make sure it looked REALLY good before I had to play two dj gigs that week­end. That was like my third or fourth deep con­di­tion in the past week or two, so I guess my hair final­ly had enough. I had a bad hair week­end. My hair just would not work with me at all. And of course, every­body want­ed to take pic­tures of me and with me. As I like to wear my afro bold­ly, I… Read more »
    Party Dresses

    I would real­ly love to know which mois­tur­iz­ers you think would be good ones.


    Yeah that’s true, dai­ly wash of locks can real­ly make them loose their nat­u­ral shin­ny and with the pas­sage of time they also become thin as well. I must say nice tips.

    ctmiazDT — true reli­gion size chart


    A friend recent­ly told me that tak­ing pre­na­tal vit­a­mins can enhance hair growth. True or False? What are the con­se­quences of tak­ing pre­na­tals dur­ing and after menopause?


    A friend recent­ly told me that tak­ing over-the-coun­ter pre­na­tal vit­a­mins can increase scalp hair growth. What is your opin­ion?


    Try ceramides.


    Any­body has any alter­na­tive to pro­tein sen­si­tive scalp. any­thing that has pro­tein, hydrolizyed pro­tein, silk amino acids, i break out. what else can i use to make my hair stronger??


    I spritz and use a leave-in (rose water, tea tree oil, lemon­grass oil, shea but­ter, coconut oil or Shea Mois­ture) every day, detan­gle with mois­tur­iz­er every oth­er day and prob­a­bly only tru­ly sham­poo and con­di­tion every two weeks. I bag­gie (just a cheap plas­tic cap topped off with my sat­in scarf) about once a mon­th. So far so good. By BC was last June and I took it very close to my scalp. Now my hair is APL (arm pit length). I have vir­gin 3C hair.


    My 4c hair is sooo dry,i dont think coconut oil is for me so i’m going to try macadamia nut oil,read many good reviews. I usu­al­ly sprits my hair with water,then either use the ORS hair lotion or motions leave in then seal with coc­nut oil. Question,how do you baggy,think it might help my dry tress­es?


    try a thick­er oil like cas­tor oil or shea oil. i used to use coconut, olive, sweet almond but they also did noth­ing for my 4c hair. i have not tried macadameia nut though


    lol@ the com­ing to amer­i­ca pic­ture. that’s why i avoid doing the overnight bag­ging treat­ment too often. while it moi­tur­izes my hair, it wet for like a day or two after­wards.


    I’ve been using shea moisture’s curl enhanc­ing smooth­ie ever since i big chopped. My hair loves it along with olive oil.


    I think I can nev­er nev­er nev­er EVER over mois­tur­ize my 4b type hair. It sooo nat­u­ral­ly dry!




    Well cor­rec­tion. My hair is high­ly porous. I just don’t wan­na attrib­ute that to a “hair type”.



    Tiff Dizzle

    I spray s curl acti­va­tor on my hair every­day and switch my seal­ers one day cas­tor oil, one day raw shea but­ter, anoth­er hair milk from palmers my hair is braid­ed up cus I wear half wigs. its very soft and man­age­able


    My hair gets wet every­day in the show­er and I seal with my whipped shea but­ter dai­ly. How­ev­er, I’ve reduced my co-wash to only twice a week and deep treat­ments bi-week­ly. I used to use con­di­tion­ers more often, but found them becom­ing less effec­tive. As for pro­tein, my hair is pro­tein sen­si­tive, so my leave in con­di­tion­er has a bit of ker­at­in and so does my gel so I get pro­tein that way. Plus my hair is com­plete­ly vir­gin to heat and dyes, so I don’t need more aggres­sive pro­tein treat­ments.

    I use Shea Mois­ture prod­ucts-inex­pen­sive yet effec­tive-found at Target/Walgreens. I use a leavein con­di­tion­er every cou­ple of days and seal with my mix­ture of sheabutter/oliveoil/various oils. I wash my hair @ every 4–5 days. I’ve been nat­u­ral for 3 years and my hair grows at the aver­age rate and it is healthy. I have nev­er been this hap­py with my hair. SN: I had a con­ver­sa­tion yes­ter­day with 2 friends, one Mex­i­can and the oth­er Puer­to Rican. The for­mer expressed dis­may with her thin­ning hair and the oth­er thought MY HAIR was so pret­ty and she wished she had hair like… Read more »

    What r the best mois­tur­iz­er

    reggy rey

    thanx for the tips i have real­ly been search­ing for easy ways to grow my hair long


    I mois­tur­ize my hair every oth­er day and I use softee’s aloe vera acti­va­tor gel as my mois­tur­iz­er and seal with coconut oil.


    Hi, real­ly inter­est­ing and help­ful site. I’m glad you’re here. :) Now please change “over­due” in the last para­graph to “over­do” and ease my OCD ten­den­cies. Thank you!! Look­ing for­ward to read­ing more of your arti­cles.