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I’ll be the first to admit, that a lot of my health­i­er habits are root­ed sole­ly in ben­e­fit­ing my hair. But as it turns out, many healthy habits, prod­ucts, and sup­ple­ments can be of ben­e­fit to your body holis­ti­cal­ly as well. Check out some healthy hair prac­tices that have what I like to call col­lat­er­al ben­e­fits:


When most peo­ple first look for a vit­a­min or sup­ple­ment to work on hair growth from the “inside”, they are point­ed in the direc­tion of Biotin. Biotin aka Vit­a­min H sup­ports the growth and strength­en­ing of healthy hair and nails. It is also ben­e­fi­cial in metab­o­liz­ing fats and amino acids (ener­gy pro­duc­tion), and can help sta­bi­lize blood sug­ar lev­els. So if you’re feel­ing slug­gish, con­sid­er Biotin to give your hair and your metab­o­lism a boost!

MSM aka Methylsulfonylmethane

When you vis­it a health store like The Vit­a­min Shoppe, you’ll find MSM in the sec­tion for sup­ple­ments relat­ed to joint health. We’ll learn why in a sec­ond. As far as hair is con­cerned, MSM has shown some promis­ing effects on hair growth. The life cycle of your hair con­sists of 3 phas­es: grow­ing, rest­ing, and shed­ding. Not only is sul­fur a build­ing block for your hair, it also has been shown to length­en the grow­ing phase of your hair. A longer grow­ing phase (before rest­ing and shed­ding) means longer hair. Now back to the first point. MSM is often found in the joint health sec­tion, gen­er­al­ly along­side Glu­cosamine and Chon­droitin. It pro­vides the essen­tial sul­fur foun­da­tion that the body needs to form pro­teins and con­nec­tive tis­sue. It also helps syn­the­size and acti­vates vit­a­mins, and main­tain the immune sys­tem. MSM is help­ful in reliev­ing swelling, inflam­ma­tion and pain. So think of all the con­di­tions that are a result of inflam­ma­tion in the body. Yeah. MSM has the poten­tial to solve that (it has done won­ders for my joints and aller­gies). Note: I am not a licensed med­ical pro­fes­sion­al, and do not take my advice as a pre­scrip­tion for MSM. As with any sup­ple­ment, check with your health­care provider first.


Every­one knows, or at least I think every­one knows, that our bod­ies are com­prised of over 70% water. Water is sim­ply put, essen­tial to the func­tion­ing of our bod­ies. I start­ed out drink­ing more water when I learned about its hydrat­ing effects on the hair (our hair is rel­a­tive­ly 25% water). In the process of increas­ing my water con­sump­tion, I have not only slashed the sug­ary calo­ries I’d nor­mal­ly chug (which total­ly helps with this whole get­ting healthy thing), my skin is clear­er, and it sup­ports my insides run­ning like clock­work (tmi? per­haps). If you’re not a fan of plain ol’ water, try toss­ing in a few slices of cit­rus like lemon, lime, or orange. It makes for a great day­time refresh­ing bev­er­age. Alter­na­tive­ly, have a cup of tea — just don’t add sug­ar and cream and whatnot…that total­ly defeats the pur­pose. Right now I’m sip­ping on a mug of Tazo “Zen” spearmint lemon­grass green tea with a wedge of lemon.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is hands down one of the best mois­tur­iz­ing and nour­ish­ing oils out there. It is my per­son­al favorite, and an unde­ni­able sta­ple (although Vati­ka Oil is clam­or­ing for the top spot some­thing fierce!)… In addi­tion to being one of the few oils that is able to pen­e­trate the hair fol­li­cle and actu­al­ly mois­tur­ize, it is ver­sa­tile enough to use on your skin, and in your food! Coconut oil as a health sup­ple­ment is believed to sup­port healthy cho­les­terol lev­els, weight loss, pro­mote immune sys­tem and metab­o­lism func­tions, and more. I haven’t exact­ly made the switch to eat­ing it but…if I cook with it, I will let ya’ll know. I do how­ev­er, use it on my face every day. I also did a small exper­i­ment with my elbows (rough skin + pso­ri­a­sis), and they are ridicu­lous­ly smooth — after about 2 weeks of use!

Aloe Vera

I’m still try­ing to wrap my brain around this one. But in addi­tion to being a mois­tur­iz­ing and seal­ing agent in hair, Aloe Vera pro­motes inter­nal health and diges­tion (and some claim it sup­ports weight loss), and has exter­nal heal­ing prop­er­ties. It’s no won­der most skin reju­ve­nat­ing and heal­ing prod­ucts include Aloe Vera in their ingre­di­ent list. It is an anti-inflam­ma­to­ry (great for cuts, burns, pso­ri­a­sis, eczema and oth­er skin con­di­tions), full of min­er­als, can help fight dan­druff and dry scalp, and even helps fight acne and blem­ish­es. Are you real­ly wait­ing for anoth­er rea­son to grab some Aloe Vera?

Castor Oil

Cas­tor oil isn’t just great for seal­ing mois­ture into hair, it’s also great for treat­ing a vari­ety of skin con­di­tions, reduce pain, stim­u­lat­ing the immune sys­tem and as a nat­ur­al lax­a­tive.

What are some oth­er great prod­ucts and prac­tices with col­lat­er­al ben­e­fit?

Christina Patrice

Born, raised, and liv­ing in Los Ange­les, Christi­na is BGLH’s res­i­dent tran­si­tion­ing expert and prod­uct junkie. In addi­tion to lov­ing all things hair, she is a fit­ness novice and advo­cate of wear­ing san­dals year-round. For more infor­ma­tion on tran­si­tion­ing, nat­ur­al hair, and her own hair jour­ney, vis­it Or, if you like pic­tures fol­low Christi­na on Insta­gram @maneobjective.

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I take biotin and msm every­day with a wom­ans vit­a­min & I have noticed a con­sid­er­able dif­fer­ence in my hair growth. I have been tak­ing them for about 2 months straight. I recent­ly cut about 2 inch­es from my hair & in less than a month it has grown back longer. I under­stand it is not for every­one but it does work for me. I have not had any strange dreams. I take mine at night & my skin is fine but I also use coconut oil in my hair & on my skin.


I know this is super old arti­cle but I going to try any­way.

Would it be more affec­tive to apply methyl­sul­fonyl­methane and biotin both direct­ly to the scalp since they are both water sol­u­ble and recent­ly found to be absorbed into the skin where the hair root pre­sides?

Note pub med has two sep­a­rate stud­ies show­ing absorp­tion of each of those nutri­ents.


I cook with coconut oil every­day. with eggs, meats, pota­toes, every­thing. it is a great way to loose bel­ly fat and boost your metab­o­lism. if u love coconut and can have the taste on every­thing u eat then do it.


[…] 6 Nutri­ents that are Good for Hair Growth AND Body Health | Black … […]

Biotin is great for the hair, just need to take with niacin to con­trol the acne break­outs and drink lots of water dai­ly. I take my biotin along with a women’s mul­ti-vit­a­min (con­tain­ing niacin)tablet. MSM has helped with my peri­od­ic sci­at­ic nerve in my low­er back. I take all my vit­a­mins includ­ing MSM before bed and nev­er expe­ri­enced and vivid dreams. Again i take with mul­ti-vit­a­min which includes vit­a­min C. I was not aware that MSM is also good for hair. This is my first time on this site. I Love it and thanks for the great tips ladies!!

As stat­ed pre­vi­ous­ly, not every­body either likes or reacts pos­i­tive­ly to cer­tain nutri­ents. My hair does not like Coconut oil, Aloe Vera or Argan oil.I ini­tial­ly didn’t under­stand since it seemed every­body in the Nat­ur­al hair World seemed to rave about these nutri­ents and not only does my hair hate these with much gus­to but the fact that I love eat­ing, cook­ing and using these nutri­ents, just not in my hair!!!


for more info about hair trans­plant please vis­it
Thank you


I mix MSM liq­uid in my prod­ucts like con­di­tion­ers, water spritz and ayurvedic treat­ments. If you are hes­istent in tak­ing MSM as a sup­ple­ment, try it that way. All you need is a tea­spoon..


would­nt tea be dry­ing to the body with the caf­feine in it?


Most teas do not con­tain caf­feine. The ones that do (green, black, white, oolong) have very small amounts and con­tain sub­stan­tial­ly less caf­feine than cof­fee.

Nadia G

Please be very very care­ful about tak­ing biotin and msm! I start­ed tak­ing them hop­ing to boost my hair growth. They made me break out HORRIBLY! I used to have gor­geous skin. Two years lat­er I still have­flare ups and the dark spots. And yes I am cer­tain they were the cause.


Biotin is a water sol­u­ble prod­uct so if you r not drink­ing enough water while tak­ing it, it will pull water from the rest of your body includ­ing your skin, caus­ing break-outs. Drink­ing lots of water is nec­es­sary with biotin, and good for your body over­all.

Biotin broke me out ter­ri­bly but MSM has so far worked bet­ter for me and yes it is nec­es­sary to com­bine it with Vit. C to get it to work bet­ter. The sig­nif­i­cant hair growth I have noticed has been while I am tak­ing MSM. For the vivid dreams, I have heard that but I have heard that it hap­pens when MSM is tak­en lat­er in the day which does not give it time to be absorbed by the body by the time you go to bed. It takes about 12 hours to be absorbed by the body so tak­ing… Read more »

I have sen­si­tive skin, so I drink a lot of water. Instead of pure biotin pills, I pur­chased biotin sham­poo and con­di­tion­er from vit­a­min shoppe. So far so good, I’ve noticed new growth, and it hasn’t been a month yet.


I per­son­al­ly don’t use prod­ucts to accel­er­ate my hair growth but it is good to know my options should I want to.i believe in tech­niques and a con­sis­tent rou­tine as that is free.


Didn’t buy in to the hype at first but I think cas­tor oil real­ly does work if applied to scalp for growth of edges.


I’ve heard and expe­ri­enced MSM caus­ing ter­ri­ble gas. How­ev­er if that hap­pens just reduce the amount you are tak­ing. I think I recall peo­ple say­ing that start­ing out grad­u­al­ly then increas­ing the amount you take can help with the pre­ven­tion of bloat­ing and bad gas.
Some peo­ple on some blogs were report­ing acne with MSM usage, this I heard was being reme­died by tak­ing it with Vit. C not sure by which mech­a­nism this atten­u­at­ed the acne.


I’ve read about MSM tak­ers suf­fer­ing from vivid night ter­rors, YIKES, any­one here expe­ri­ence the same?


I have been tak­ing MSM for 15 years for back pain, NO PROBLEM S!!!


I take it every­day, dreams and night­mares is a not asso­ci­at­ed with this. thats a whole dif­fer­ent sub­ject. I nev­er have night­mares and nev­er have, i love msm its great for your joints. i did­nt know the hair thing though pret­ty cool!


Vivid dreams, absolute­ly! I can­not take MSM after 5pm, else I will have the strangest dreams that night. I had one about a shark kid­nap­ping my boyfriend and extort­ing mon­ey from me to get him back. I’ve had oth­ers that were crazy but I don’t remem­ber them.


MSM when tak­en with Vit­a­min C like with orange juice or any oth­er cit­rus fruit detox­i­fy your body. When tak­ing at least 3 tea­spoons per day (morn­ing, noon, and evening), it starts to kick off enough nat­ur­al detox­i­fi­ca­tion for the body on a dai­ly basis to allow it to deal with the every­day world we live in and grad­u­al­ly repair any phys­i­cal dam­age that has accu­mu­lat­ed over the years.

So that means, your dream is telling you some­thing.


@ Ron­nie
Lol!!…you had me in stitch­es at this comment…I real­ly need­ed that laugh!!!


Hi Bar­bara, where did you read this?…ok, I’m about to go Google. Thought I was gonna start a new reg­i­men like today, but you may have burst my bub­ble. :(


Hi, just now see­ing this,

MSM — Night­mares? Wak­ing up Sob­bing?

MSM Hair Night­mares!

Vit­a­mins Caus­ing Vivid Dreams and Night­mares?


Thanks for the links Barbara…very help­ful! :)


They have MSM is a sham­poo for­mu­la as well, check herbalist/health/organic super­mar­kets… Good sul­fur for your hair…


Okay thanks Mar­lea, will check out the shampoo…it’s worth a shot. I won’t do the MSM sup­ple­ment just yet. I like your blog btw and your hair is gor­geous! :)


I sure know about the cas­tor oil.…My Grand­ma used to make us kids drink it as a “wash out” before the school year start­ed. I still gag when I smell it.….I do like to use it as a sealant but I have to cut it with anoth­er oil so I don’t feel sick when I smell it.

Omg, my jamaican parent’s would say the same thing to me and my sis too! We would squeeze our nose so that we couldn’t taste it.


LOL my mom (Bajan) is always talk­ing about hav­ing to drink cas­tor oil before the school year start­ed and I was always fright­ened she would make me do it, too. Thank good­ness I dodged that home rem­e­dy but cas­tor oil has always been in my house and used for hair.


awe­some! i live in the Caribbean and i have the aloe plant grow­ing right in my back yard ^.^ I’m tran­si­tion­ing to nat­ur­al, and my biggest trou­ble is comb­ing through my hair, because the hair tan­gles at the roots and where the line of demar­ca­tion is. But when i put aloe in my hair and leave it in overnight, after wash­ing it out my hair is soooooo soft, so i can comb through eas­i­ly and pain­less­ly! seri­ous­ly!


I know! I live in Cuba and I have it grow­ing in my yard as well. But its smell both­ers me! lol And the odor sticks. When I first used it to twist my hair, when I would eat not only did I smell it, but there was also a bit­ter taste in my mouth because I usu­al­ly end up using my fin­gers to eat :)
But oth­er than that it works great!


Thanks for this post! I use Biotin already,…going to pick up some MSM today!! :)