Nicki Minaj Reveals her Natural Hair on Twitter?

Nicki Minaj is one of the biggest wig aficionados in pop music today, but apparently she wants us to know that the wigs are optional, not necessary. Yesterday the rapper tweeted a photo of her hair being styled with the caption, “No chemicals. No perm.” The photo shows her hairdresser pulling a handful of long, healthy-looking straightened hair. Click below to check it out.

A couple months ago Wendy Williams made a similar move when she posted a childhood picture of herself sporting long braids, and stated that she’d never had a perm.

While it’s encouraging that so many black female celebrities (including Lil Mama, Toya Carter and Angela Simmons) have healthy heads of un-chemicalized hair beneath their wigs and weaves, it would be nice to see their curls and coils in public every once in a while.

What do you think of Nicki’s photo?

Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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603 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Reveals her Natural Hair on Twitter?

  1. Interesting, did someone say africans cant grow their hair mid back? Have that person ever seen a real african rastafarian? Have u ever been to ethiopia? And from what i deduce from all the comment is that, pple think if u are from africa, then u must have a dark skin and a kinky hair, plz its not so. Egyptians are africans, namibians are african……

    • True, but there is also nothing wrong with dark skin & kinky hair. Good hair is healthy hair; kinky, coily, curly, wavy or straight, it doesnt matter. As long as it is healthy its GOOD.

      • Well said Natashea! All this bickering about who can grow their hair long perpetuates the stereo type that a woman’s hair should only look one way. It should not matter if your hair is kinky or straight, long or short as long as it is healthy.

  2. Wow. Get it Nicki,get it!!!! Wow I had no idea her hair was that long.hope mine can be that long someday

  3. Just a thought….I am not saying that black people cannot grow long hair….but (1) the face is not being shown in the pic and (2) I am from Trinidad and still live there…just like nicki is and I can tell everyone that Nicki is mixed….her mother is what you would call African American and her father is of East Indian descent….meaning his ancestors are originally Indian from India.

    • trouvés des amies applicables,sympa,cool,admirable et gentille.qui ont une grand foi en DIEU.MERÇI.PARCE QUE GRÂCE A LUI JE SUIS ENCOR LÀ.MERÇI JESUS JE T’AIME.

    • Most African Americans have mixed ancestry so that doesn’t have anything to do with it.

      Nicki probably has top beauticians caring for her hair, plus she was basically using protective styles (wigs) for a very long time.

      Black women can grow long hair, there doesn’t have to be some exotic mix in their back ground for it to happen, its all about proper hair care.

    • It may be more appropriate to say her mother was Afro-carribean or a carribean of African decent since she’s not Amerian.

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  7. Who’s hair is it? Its a picture receiving the publicity nicki is obviously gaining in regards to her hair. Who cares. Short, long, kinky, straight, as long as its healthy and even if it ain’t its your/her hair.

  8. I don’t get why people are saying this can’t be Nicki Minaj. as naturals we embrace protective low manipulative hairstyling and if pulling a cap over your head and putting on a wig everyday isn’t low manipulative I don’t know what is. Are we really going to say that just because it’s Nicki Minaj she cant have natural hair? When she was wearing all the bright wigs she was a fake,now she’s natural it’s still fake…my mind is blown!

  9. You can’t really tell if that’s her hair if they don’t show her face! Anybody could throw a picture up saying that’s my hair.

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