Nicki Minaj is one of the biggest wig aficionados in pop music today, but apparently she wants us to know that the wigs are optional, not necessary. Yesterday the rapper tweeted a photo of her hair being styled with the caption, “No chemicals. No perm.” The photo shows her hairdresser pulling a handful of long, healthy-looking straightened hair. Click below to check it out.

A couple months ago Wendy Williams made a similar move when she posted a childhood picture of herself sporting long braids, and stated that she’d never had a perm.

While it’s encouraging that so many black female celebrities (including Lil Mama, Toya Carter and Angela Simmons) have healthy heads of un-chemicalized hair beneath their wigs and weaves, it would be nice to see their curls and coils in public every once in a while.

What do you think of Nicki’s photo?

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Would be nice to see her face. I think it’s great that her hair is “natural”, but since she obviously has issues against other hair textures as evident by her songs, i.e. Perminator, Nappy Headed Ho, etc. I say WHOOP-DE-DOO that she’s relaxer free. She’s probably one of those people that say, only certain people should go natural and certain people NEED a perm.



Cece marie

Why? So it validates regular people’s choice of being natural. Celebrities dont owe us anything. Nothing wrong with hiding their natural hair. They have to becuase of the industry they work in. They still want to have healthy hair left on their head at the end of the day. Smh. Natural nazis are a hell of a thing smh


The picture seems a pointless one to post. It probably is her but it’s a bit like ‘and?’


I really could care less.


I do understand that with all the styling that celebrities go through, it’s probably a must that they protect their natural hair. I guess you’d say they protective style their hair to a max. But, with all the popularity that Nicki has, it would be nice for her to show all of her fans who she actually is without the costumes.


It’s cool for her to show that she has pretty natural hair, now maybe instead of talking about people needing “perminators” she should try to encourage women to embrace their natural beauty.


Yeah right…..


ugh Nicki MIRAGE you are so smoke and mirrors its not even funny :/


Lol….”Nicki Mirage”….how apt!


She’s a complete hypocrite! Nothing new on that front.


Or do you mean nothing new on that “lace front”? 😉




BWAHA-HA…I laughed till I cried.good one Landry! 😉


No face. No trust. Moving on.


well said…i feel the same way…


Who knows if it’s her hair, its an odd picture to take why not her whole head and face.


Ummmmmmmmm..that could be anyone. She gets on my nerves. Try again Nicki.




oops, *Nicki* rather… shows how much I pay attention lol


[??] I don’t get it… where’s Nikki?




If that’s the hair growing out of your head, why are you hiding your face???


Maybe alopecia?


She’s not showing her face though??? Nothing against Nicki because I think she’s beautiful and I’m sure she does have beautiful natural hair because of her Trinidad roots but show me this pic with her face and I’ll be more apt to believing that it’s her hair.


I agree. If she is so proud, show the hair with the face. The article implies that HER hair is not naturally straight.


Lol @ beautiful hair because of her Trinidad roots. Please tell me you were joking?

If you think that is bad, you should have read the comments on Facebook. I used to get upset when I heard comments that way and felt the need to inform them about the err of their ways but that just takes too much energy & I rather focus on people who make sense. No shade on the woman who made the comment but some people still wholeheartedly feel this way & nothing is going to change it. But regarding the post, I’m like “Ok, every time someone shows their ‘natural’ hair, do we really need to make a big… Read more »

+1 Plus, I thought Nicki made a comment in one of her rape lyrics about “nappy-headed *somethinh* needing a perm.” I could care less one way or the other, because just can’t take her seriously. smh

Jo Somebody

And this.

HelowAddicted on Youtube
HelowAddicted on Youtube

Yes please, tell us you are joking about the “ because of heTrinidad roots” because your origin doesn’t make your hair more beautiful than other people.

I that the person phrased wrongly am also from Trinidad and Trinidad, Guyana and Jamaica are the three most racially mixed countries in the Caribbean meaning we range from Amerindians/Carib indians, asians, hispanics sme european and of course blacks. Nicki minaj is actually a dougla(In Trinidad it’s someone who is half blac/half indian) pronounced doh-gla. I guessed yall missed the Bet awards where they showed the younger pics of celebs n nicki was one where she looked like a pure indian. And someone mentioned why she wears the wigs well she’s a performer nicki minaj to us all and ONIKA… Read more »

I’ve seen a family picture of Nicki’s neither of her parents look fully indian


Her is a picture of her as a child.

Does she look fully indian


Also, most jamaicans have horrible hair – too much relaxer! Most I’ve seen have been relaxing from the womb.


That is such a rude and hateful thing to say.


Lela7, that is a very rude and ignorant comment. My hair (natural) is AWESOME! 🙂

Anyway, I did not think we were talking relaxed hair here, but natural…


shoot most black people where i’m from have horrible hair. i’m not talking about their natural hair. i mean specifically the things they do to their hair make their hair look like a got damt mess! from the weaves to the misapplications of the relaxers, i be shaking my head every single day over these heads in south georgia. and i’m a native!

Jo Somebody

All of this.


I can’t with that comment…

I understand where the “because of her Trinidad roots” comment comes from and there is some truth to it. I find that Haitian women, Jamaican women and Trinidadian women (in particular) have the most beautiful, strong, thick heads of hair (in various textures) that I’ve ever seen. Some with long hair, some with short. That has been MY experience. When I think the hair I’d love to have, I always think about these women, the ones I see every single day. People, pu-leaze stop being control freaks! People are entitled to their opinions. YOU don’t to berate them if don’t… Read more »

The woman means “Trinidad is inhabited by a lot of Indians and therfore it is likely she could have this ‘pretty hair'”


I too understand what she means, but its still a ridiculous comment to make, especially on a hair blog. To suggest island women somehow have a “better” hair texture is kind of insulting to others and reinforces the “good hair,” “bad hair” issue that many are trying to overcome with a more positive image of black beauty. All black women hair a wide range of beautiful hair types, from wavy to kinky, no matter where they are from.
And yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, which means comments are quickly dissected, digested and retorted–the bases of healthy discourse.


Love this response

She didn’t actually say “better” hair, though, did she? And she didn’t clarify what she meant by “beautiful” hair wither. She could have been referring to thickness. strength, length, texture… anything at all. But the folks reacting are likely imagining she was referring to texture. It seems to me that the problem in this particular dialogue is that people are making too many assumptions about what others mean. Discourse is all well and good, but it can’t be too healthy if we are quick to label people and their opinions when it is not even clear what they mean. If… Read more »
I didn’t say she said better, did I? The word I used was “suggest” and we all know good and well the word “beautiful” has no negative connotations. I’m not sure if the rest of the comment is solely towards me or everyone, but I didn’t (nor anyone else for that matter) label her as anything. I actually said I understood what she meant in my very first sentence, but also highlighted the other side of the coin and how that comment could be perceived by other naturals which is evident by the reaction… after all, this is a natural… Read more »

Sigh… typos…
I meant to write “either,” not “wither.”


straight hair isnt natural to black people.


This is not true.
On top of that Nicki is 50% Afro-Carib, 50% Indo-Carib. That may also have something to do with the straightness of her hair.


Lol, what a stupid argument. This always happen. Division, division, division. How boring.


isn’t it?


in her documentary her family members had very wavy, not curly hair. It is very likely that her hair just blowdries straight. I still think it’s her hair. She’s been wearing wigs & weaves since she started her career. Anyways, I’m trying to get some length like that!


She has Indian heritage. I’m from her homeland. My mother laid ina hospital bed with her mother some months ago and I saw her cousins and nieces…..The have wavy hair like alot of East Indians here in Trinidad. Their hair usually grows very long also. I believe its hers.


Niki Minaj is MIXED!!! Her mother is Indian and her father is Black. You keep calling this woman Black don’t be surprised when Hollywood puts a “mixed” woman in a movie to play a historic character Harriet Tubman!

Don’t be surprised when casting agents start looking at the “mixed” folk and say “well, we hit our quota, we got a black person in this film.”

Even South Africa knew the difference between African, white invader, and mixed.


…really though…that comment was unnecessary. That comment is akin to how an above poster said that black people don’t have straight and then tried to clarify it for west Africans. Sorry even mixed people can have 4a hair.


Nicki, is full of crap why wouldn’t you show your face how do we know that’s you!!! Anyways there are plenty of black women with NATURAL LING HAIR…


Ignorance is bliss !


Not all of us have kinky, nappy hair….my hair at the nape is very straight and is relaxer free!


100% not true. I know black people who were born with straight hair, pin straight, not even a wave.


To be more accurate, straight hair is not natural to indiginous West Africans who have not mixed with any other racial group.


Indigenous West Africans are not a racial group…also not sure whether genetic homogeneity is what determines membership in one or another racial group. Race is not really science…


i totally cant have completely straight hair as an african, it can be very very close to straight but not 100% straight. if it were to be completely straight then you would be of another race or mixed…it is just how we are made up.we have hair with curls/kinks whatever u wanna call it of all differnt textures but 100% straight no way ….maybe with a flat……


There is only one race: The human race. What you speak of is ethnicity. =) Just sayin’.


Why bring West africans in the mix? I dont see the relation… Anyhu, she shuld have shown her face…healthy hair nevertheless.

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