Nicki Minaj is one of the biggest wig afi­ciona­dos in pop music today, but appar­ent­ly she wants us to know that the wigs are option­al, not nec­es­sary. Yes­ter­day the rap­per tweet­ed a pho­to of her hair being styled with the cap­tion, “No chem­i­cals. No perm.” The pho­to shows her hair­dresser pulling a hand­ful of long, healthy-look­ing straight­ened hair. Click below to check it out.

A cou­ple months ago Wendy Williams made a sim­i­lar move when she post­ed a child­hood pic­ture of her­self sport­ing long braids, and stat­ed that she’d nev­er had a perm.

While it’s encour­ag­ing that so many black female celebri­ties (includ­ing Lil Mama, Toya Carter and Ange­la Sim­mons) have healthy heads of un-chem­i­cal­ized hair beneath their wigs and weaves, it would be nice to see their curls and coils in pub­lic every once in a while.

What do you think of Nicki’s pho­to?

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Would be nice to see her face. I think it’s great that her hair is “nat­u­ral”, but since she obvi­ous­ly has issues again­st oth­er hair tex­tures as evi­dent by her songs, i.e. Per­mi­na­tor, Nap­py Head­ed Ho, etc. I say WHOOP-DE-DOO that she’s relax­er free. She’s prob­a­bly one of those peo­ple that say, only cer­tain peo­ple should go nat­u­ral and cer­tain peo­ple NEED a perm.



Cece marie

Why? So it val­i­dates reg­u­lar people’s choice of being nat­u­ral. Celebri­ties dont owe us any­thing. Noth­ing wrong with hid­ing their nat­u­ral hair. They have to becuase of the indus­try they work in. They still want to have healthy hair left on their head at the end of the day. Smh. Nat­u­ral nazis are a hell of a thing smh


The pic­ture seems a point­less one to post. It prob­a­bly is her but it’s a bit like ‘and?’


I real­ly could care less.


I do under­stand that with all the styling that celebri­ties go through, it’s prob­a­bly a must that they pro­tect their nat­u­ral hair. I guess you’d say they pro­tec­tive style their hair to a max. But, with all the pop­u­lar­i­ty that Nicki has, it would be nice for her to show all of her fans who she actu­al­ly is with­out the cos­tumes.


It’s cool for her to show that she has pret­ty nat­u­ral hair, now may­be instead of talk­ing about peo­ple need­ing “per­mi­na­tors” she should try to encour­age wom­en to embrace their nat­u­ral beau­ty.


Yeah right.….


ugh Nicki MIRAGE you are so smoke and mir­rors its not even fun­ny :/


Lol.…“Nicki Mirage”.…how apt!


She’s a com­plete hyp­ocrite! Noth­ing new on that front.


Or do you mean noth­ing new on that “lace front”? ;)




BWAHA-HA…I laughed till I cried.good one Landry! ;)


No face. No trust. Mov­ing on.


well said…i feel the same way…


Who knows if it’s her hair, its an odd pic­ture to take why not her whole head and face.


Ummmmmmmmm..that could be any­one. She gets on my nerves. Try again Nicki.




oops, *Nicki* rather… shows how much I pay atten­tion lol


[??] I don’t get it… where’s Nikki?




If that’s the hair grow­ing out of your head, why are you hid­ing your face???


May­be alope­cia?


She’s not show­ing her face though??? Noth­ing again­st Nicki because I think she’s beau­ti­ful and I’m sure she does have beau­ti­ful nat­u­ral hair because of her Trinidad roots but show me this pic with her face and I’ll be more apt to believ­ing that it’s her hair.


I agree. If she is so proud, show the hair with the face. The arti­cle implies that HER hair is not nat­u­ral­ly straight.


Lol @ beau­ti­ful hair because of her Trinidad roots. Please tell me you were jok­ing?

If you think that is bad, you should have read the com­ments on Face­book. I used to get upset when I heard com­ments that way and felt the need to inform them about the err of their ways but that just takes too much ener­gy & I rather focus on peo­ple who make sense. No shade on the wom­an who made the com­ment but some peo­ple still whole­heart­ed­ly feel this way & noth­ing is going to change it. But regard­ing the post, I’m like “Ok, every time some­one shows their ‘nat­u­ral’ hair, do we real­ly need to make a big… Read more »

+1 Plus, I thought Nicki made a com­ment in one of her rape lyrics about “nap­py-head­ed *some­thinh* need­ing a perm.” I could care less one way or the oth­er, because just can’t take her seri­ous­ly. smh

Jo Somebody

And this.

HelowAddicted on Youtube
HelowAddicted on Youtube

Yes please, tell us you are jok­ing about the “ because of heT­rinidad roots” because your orig­in doesn’t make your hair more beau­ti­ful than oth­er peo­ple.

I that the per­son phrased wrong­ly am also from Trinidad and Trinidad, Guyana and Jamaica are the three most racial­ly mixed coun­tries in the Caribbean mean­ing we range from Amerindians/Carib indi­ans, asians, his­pan­ics sme euro­pean and of course blacks. Nicki minaj is actu­al­ly a dougla(In Trinidad it’s some­one who is half blac/half indi­an) pro­nounced doh-gla. I guessed yall missed the Bet awards where they showed the younger pics of celebs n nicki was one where she looked like a pure indi­an. And some­one men­tioned why she wears the wigs well she’s a per­former nicki minaj to us all and ONIKA… Read more »

I’ve seen a fam­i­ly pic­ture of Nicki’s nei­ther of her par­ents look ful­ly indi­an


Her is a pic­ture of her as a child.

Does she look ful­ly indi­an


Also, most jamaicans have hor­ri­ble hair — too much relax­er! Most I’ve seen have been relax­ing from the womb.


That is such a rude and hate­ful thing to say.


Lela7, that is a very rude and igno­rant com­ment. My hair (nat­u­ral) is AWESOME! :-) 

Any­way, I did not think we were talk­ing relaxed hair here, but nat­u­ral…


shoot most black peo­ple where i’m from have hor­ri­ble hair. i’m not talk­ing about their nat­u­ral hair. i mean specif­i­cal­ly the things they do to their hair make their hair look like a got damt mess! from the weaves to the mis­ap­pli­ca­tions of the relax­ers, i be shak­ing my head every sin­gle day over the­se heads in south geor­gia. and i’m a native!

Jo Somebody

All of this.


I can’t with that com­ment…

I under­stand where the “because of her Trinidad roots” com­ment comes from and there is some truth to it.  I find that Haitian wom­en, Jamaican wom­en and Trinida­di­an wom­en (in par­tic­u­lar) have the most beau­ti­ful, strong, thick heads of hair (in var­i­ous tex­tures) that I’ve ever seen. Some with long hair, some with short. That has been MY expe­ri­ence. When I think the hair I’d love to have, I always think about the­se wom­en, the ones I see every sin­gle day. Peo­ple, pu-leaze stop being con­trol freaks! Peo­ple are enti­tled to their opin­ions. YOU don’t to berate them if don’t share what… Read more »

The wom­an means “Trinidad is inhab­it­ed by a lot of Indi­ans and ther­fore it is like­ly she could have this ‘pret­ty hair’”


I too under­stand what she means, but its still a ridicu­lous com­ment to make, espe­cial­ly on a hair blog. To sug­gest island wom­en some­how have a “bet­ter” hair tex­ture is kind of insult­ing to oth­ers and rein­forces the “good hair,” “bad hair” issue that many are try­ing to over­come with a more pos­i­tive image of black beau­ty. All black wom­en hair a wide range of beau­ti­ful hair types, from wavy to kinky, no mat­ter where they are from.
And yes, every­one is enti­tled to their own opin­ion, which means com­ments are quick­ly dis­sect­ed, digest­ed and retorted–the bases of healthy dis­course.


Love this respon­se

She didn’t actu­al­ly say “bet­ter” hair, though, did she? And she didn’t clar­i­fy what she meant by “beau­ti­ful” hair with­er. She could have been refer­ring to thick­ness. strength, length, tex­ture… any­thing at all. But the folks react­ing are like­ly imag­in­ing she was refer­ring to tex­ture. It seems to me that the prob­lem in this par­tic­u­lar dia­logue is that peo­ple are mak­ing too many assump­tions about what oth­ers mean. Dis­course is all well and good, but it can’t be too healthy if we are quick to label peo­ple and their opin­ions when it is not even clear what they mean. If I… Read more »

I didn’t say she said bet­ter, did I? The word I used was “sug­gest” and we all know good and well the word “beau­ti­ful” has no neg­a­tive con­no­ta­tions.
I’m not sure if the rest of the com­ment is sole­ly towards me or every­one, but I didn’t (nor any­one else for that mat­ter) label her as any­thing. I actu­al­ly said I under­stood what she meant in my very first sen­tence, but also high­light­ed the oth­er side of the coin and how that com­ment could be per­ceived by oth­er nat­u­rals which is evi­dent by the reac­tion… after all, this is a nat­u­ral hair blog.


Sigh… typos…
I meant to write “either,” not “with­er.”


straight hair isnt nat­u­ral to black peo­ple.


This is not true.
On top of that Nicki is 50% Afro-Carib, 50% Indo-Carib. That may also have some­thing to do with the straight­ness of her hair.


Lol, what a stu­pid argu­ment. This always hap­pen. Divi­sion, divi­sion, divi­sion. How bor­ing.


isn’t it?


in her doc­u­men­tary her fam­i­ly mem­bers had very wavy, not curly hair. It is very like­ly that her hair just blow­dries straight. I still think it’s her hair. She’s been wear­ing wigs & weaves since she start­ed her career. Any­ways, I’m try­ing to get some length like that!


She has Indi­an her­itage. I’m from her home­land. My moth­er laid ina hos­pi­tal bed with her moth­er some months ago and I saw her cousins and nieces.….The have wavy hair like alot of East Indi­ans here in Trinidad. Their hair usu­al­ly grows very long also. I believe its hers.


Niki Minaj is MIXED!!! Her moth­er is Indi­an and her father is Black. You keep call­ing this wom­an Black don’t be sur­prised when Hol­ly­wood puts a “mixed” wom­an in a movie to play a his­toric char­ac­ter Har­ri­et Tub­man!

Don’t be sur­prised when cast­ing agents start look­ing at the “mixed” folk and say “well, we hit our quo­ta, we got a black per­son in this film.” 

Even South Africa knew the dif­fer­ence between African, white invader, and mixed.


…real­ly though…that com­ment was unnec­es­sary. That com­ment is akin to how an above poster said that black peo­ple don’t have straight and then tried to clar­i­fy it for west Africans. Sor­ry even mixed peo­ple can have 4a hair.


Nicki, is full of crap why wouldn’t you show your face how do we know that’s you!!! Any­ways there are plen­ty of black wom­en with NATURAL LING HAIR…


Igno­rance is bliss !


Not all of us have kinky, nap­py hair.…my hair at the nape is very straight and is relax­er free!


100% not true. I know black peo­ple who were born with straight hair, pin straight, not even a wave.


To be more accu­rate, straight hair is not nat­u­ral to indig­i­nous West Africans who have not mixed with any oth­er racial group.


Indige­nous West Africans are not a racial group…also not sure whether genet­ic homo­gene­ity is what deter­mi­nes mem­ber­ship in one or anoth­er racial group. Race is not real­ly sci­ence…


i total­ly cant have com­plete­ly straight hair as an african, it can be very very close to straight but not 100% straight. if it were to be com­plete­ly straight then you would be of anoth­er race or mixed…it is just how we are made up.we have hair with curls/kinks what­ev­er u wan­na call it of all dif­fer­nt tex­tures but 100% straight no way .…may­be with a flat…..


There is only one race: The human race. What you speak of is eth­nic­i­ty. =) Just say­in’.


Why bring West africans in the mix? I dont see the rela­tion… Any­hu, she shuld have shown her face…healthy hair nev­er­the­less.

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