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Are you hav­ing a dif­fi­cult time find­ing a suit­able mois­tur­iz­er for your dry, thick hair? Nat­u­rals in this cat­e­go­ry usu­al­ly require a heavy but­ter- and/or oil-based prod­uct in order to effec­tive­ly pro­vide and retain mois­ture.  Such prod­ucts tend to work bet­ter when applied to damp hair, thus act­ing more as a sealant.  Oth­ers work just fine on hair that has been dried, thus pro­vid­ing mois­ture as well.  In this arti­cle, I will share four top prod­ucts for dry, thick hair:

1. Jane Carter Nourish and Shine


WHAT’S IN IT: The Jane Carter Nour­ish and Shine con­tains a good com­bi­na­tion of mois­tur­iz­ing but­ters among its top ingre­di­ents, includ­ing shea, illipe, man­go, and kokum.

WHY NOURISH AND SHINE: This com­bi­na­tion effec­tive­ly mois­tur­izes and seals extreme­ly dry, thick hair.  It melts into the strands with­out leav­ing a film or greasy feel, and a lit­tle goes a long way.  The end result of using this prod­uct is sup­ple, mois­tur­ized hair that also smells pleas­ant due to the addi­tion of grape­fruit and pear essen­tial oils. I per­son­al­ly find that Nour­ish and Shine works well on either damp or dry hair.


2. Qhemet Biologics Amla & Olive Heavy Cream


WHAT’S IN IT: The Amla & Olive Heavy Cream con­sists of cas­tor oil, olive oil, dis­tilled water (mois­ture), amla, brah­mi, aloe, glyc­erin (humec­tant), and oth­er ingre­di­ents.

WHY AMLA & OLIVE HEAVY CREAM: Many nat­u­rals rave about the effec­tive­ness of this prod­uct for dry, thick hair. If you are not so much a fan of shea but­ter but love oils and glyc­erin, then this prod­uct may be for you.  The Amla & Olive Heavy Cream has a thick con­sis­ten­cy that resem­bles that of a whipped but­ter but with­out the addi­tion of a but­ter.  Many nat­u­rals pre­fer to use this prod­uct on damp hair as a sealant while a few use it just fine on dried hair.



3. Pura Body Naturals Cupuacu Hair Butter

WHAT’S IN IT: The Pura Body Nat­u­rals Cupuacu Hair But­ter also con­tains a com­bi­na­tion of but­ters among its top ingre­di­ents, includ­ing cupuacu, muru­mu­ru, man­go, illipe, seed, and shea.  Addi­tion­al­ly, this prod­uct con­tains a few oils, such as olive, cas­tor, and coconut.

WHY CUPUACU HAIR BUTTER: Due to the com­bi­na­tion of but­ters and oils, this prod­uct works very well as a sealant, espe­cial­ly for dry, thick hair that requires some­thing heavy.  It works best when applied to damp hair in order to effec­tive­ly retain mois­ture. The Cupuacu Hair But­ter comes in two fra­grances – Tahit­ian Vanil­la and Lemon­grass Blend.  I’ve used both and pre­fer the Tahit­ian Vanil­la due to its light, sweet scent.



4. Homemade Whipped Shea Butter with Oils


WHAT’S IN IT: Many DIY nat­u­rals with dry, thick hair grav­i­tate towards a mix­ture of shea but­ter and oil(s).  The more pop­u­lar oils tend to include coconut oil and/or olive oil.  Oth­er options are grape­seed oil, saf­flower oil, and cas­tor oil.  The mix­ture ratio depends on your desired con­sis­ten­cy; home­made whipped but­ters usu­al­ly con­tain 20–40% oil(s).

WHY WHIPPED BUTTER: This home­made mix­ture can work well for dry, thick hair giv­en the com­bi­na­tion of a heavy, mois­tur­iz­ing but­ter and oils with sealing/moisturizing prop­er­ties. Whip­ping your own mix­ture also allows you to direct­ly con­trol the ingre­di­ents that go onto your hair.

WHERE TO FIND: Shea But­ter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Cas­tor Oil, Grape­seed Oil, Saf­flower Oil

Do you have dry, thick hair?  What are your favorite mois­tur­iz­ers?


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I have been using Shea Mois­ture Curl Enhanc­ing Smooth­ie, shea but­ter mix­tures, and EVOO for my hair since I went nat­ur­al. Shea Mois­ture and EVOO are easy to find, inex­pen­sive, and work won­ders for my hair whether applied to damp or dry hair, although I pre­fer damp appli­ca­tions. I haven’t ven­tured into oth­er prod­ucts, because these work for me and don’t punch a hole in my small pock­ets :-)


I use Reve Essen­tials Hair and Body Mois­tur­iz­er right after wetting/washing my hair. I either seal that with cas­tor oil or apply Don­na Marie Super­But­ter on top. I’ve had no issues with dry hair since. 

The pj in me is deeply con­sid­er­ing adding QB Amla and Olive Heavy Cream to my stash though.


I have thick, dry nat­ur­al hair but I also have a good mix­ture of fine and coarse strands. Qhemet’s Amla Cream and their Atheo but­ter just sit on top of my hair and make my hair dry and stringy and build up on my hair very quick­ly. I use the Amla cream to mas­sage my scalp and edges to encour­age growth. It helps because of the cas­tor oil.


Crim­son­peach where do you get your man­go but­ter? I would like tried it.


It seems that she was refer­ring to the man­go but­ter used in the spe­cif­ic prod­uct she made ref­er­ence to.

You can find nat­ur­al man­go but­ter on and ama­zon. You get bet­ter deals on etsy though. HTH

Kisa, I had no idea you pub­lished this blog about us until I was senc­ahirg your blog tabs about teto­nia. Thanks for bring­ing the obvi­ous into my view. This week has been hor­ren­dous with 2 sick kids, try­ing to jug­gle work and Justin and I tak­ing turns going to work and stay­ing up at night. I see the light at the end of the tun­nel now that every­one is feel­ing bet­ter and I know this wasn’t the first or last time we’ll have to do this. But, your pho­tos remind­ed me of the times when every­thing just stands still and,… Read more »
I have thick 4a/b hair with fine to medi­um strands. I pur­chased the Quemet Amla & Olive Heavy Cream and the Bur­dock Root But­ter Cream and both were rather heavy, and the glyc­er­ine in them made my hair so soft that it would not hold a twist or braid out. They are sit­ting in my fridge right now. I plan on those creams when I do mini-twists.  So far I’ve been spritz­ing my hair night­ly with a mix of water, aloe vera juice, and EVOO, and seal­ing with a drop of grape­seed oil, and my hair has been incred­i­bly hydrat­ed… Read more »
@ Landry the AOHC is too heavy for me as well. I tried the cocoa tree detan­gling ghee (ctdg) and it is awe­some but I can’t use or I will get a lot of buildup. I usu­al­ly wash, seal and then use the ctdg and I get beau­ti­ful twist/braidouts. Though, once the hair is well mois­turised with what­ev­er prod­uct, your twists/braid will be awe­some. You can try sam­ples on their web­site. I think the moringa ghee might be lighter * I sound like a pusha. I’ve also heard good things about Camille rose nat­u­rals almond jai twist­ing but­ter but just like… Read more »
I agree about AOHC being heavy. It took a few tries before I real­ized I had to use basi­cal­ly a “smear” of it on each sec­tion while damp, let it mar­i­nate for about 30″ to an hour with a scarf on & then check to see how much Aethiopi­ka I’d need to seal. Same with the CTDG. The Moringa Tree ghee for­mu­la has changed with the new bot­tle & works bet­ter for me. I use it as a deep con­di­tion­er detan­gler & then rinse most of it out so I won’t have buildup hen I use the oth­er prod­ucts. If… Read more »

Pat, if you’re a push­er, I am too! lol! I LOVE prod­ucts and I am not ashamed to say it. ;) I have heard good things about Camille Rose prod­ucts as well, I may try that next.

For now I use Car­ols Daugh­ter Loc But­ter (a lit­tle goes a long way) for my twist/braid outs and I love it.

I have dense hair but fine strands and while Amla Olive was way too heavy, greasy and made my hair dif­fi­cult to man­age, I found Bur­dock to be nice­ly mois­tur­is­ing, not heavy or greasy and the glyc­erin didn’t both­er me like it does in some prod­ucts. I agree about clean hair accept­ing prod­uct and if my hair wasn’t so dense and time con­sum­ing I’d wash more reg­u­lar­ly than 1–2 weeks. I don’t think it can han­dle the manip­u­la­tion and is always much dri­er just after air dry­ing post-wash only need­ing to be re washed a week lat­er just as it… Read more »

Zan­the, I usu­al­ly wash my hair once a week. The time I went 2 weeks, and men­tioned above, is when my hair act­ed out. lol By the time the sec­ond week rolled around, it was very dry. I’ve learned that to main­tain my mois­ture lev­els, I need to wash/cowash at least once a week for now. 

I agree that wash­ing can be time consuming–it does take a while!! I’ve tried to stream­line my reg­i­ment so that that it takes less time.

Joan B. in S. C.

@Landry, now I’m cer­tain I need to wash my hair when I get home from work tonight. Thanks!




Thank TINA, I had to learn this the hard way. My scalp/hair loves to be clean. Also sham­poo bars have been a great way for me to cleanse my hair while keep­ing the mois­ture locked in.


Can­tu Shea But­ter for Nat­ur­al Hair’s Coconut Curl­ing Cream is the best mois­tur­iz­er I’ve found yet! It leaves my hair soo soft, gives it a great shine, and the smell is heav­en­ly too. Loooove it!

jojo bak


Hi Jojo. It depends on what you add to your mix­ture. If you just add olive oil and/or coconut oil, the mix­ture can last up to a year and maybe a lit­tle longer. If you add oils with short shelf lives or if you add “wet” ingre­di­ents (such as aloe vera gel), the mix­ture may only last a few months or sev­er­al months, which is fine for most peo­ple. This is all with­out the addi­tion of preser­v­a­tives. NOTE: I would stay way from adding water to a whipped but­ter, unless you are using the right preser­v­a­tives. In my expe­ri­ence, the… Read more »



Lol @ Tina Smith



Hi JoJo, whipped shea but­ter can last at least a year unless you use oils that high­ly polyun­sat­u­rat­ed such as hemp and flax seed oil. Unless you are using the aloe vera gel that already has preser­v­a­tives in it such as you would find in the sun­tan or skin sec­tions of a store,once plain aloe vera with­out preser­v­a­tives, it tends to grow fun­gus. Water grows fun­gus as well. Tea tree oil does very lit­tle for fun­gus and vit E is an anti oxi­dant that slows the ran­cid­i­ty. Keep your mix­ture refrig­er­at­ed or in a dark cool place to delay changes… Read more »

That Alma & Olive Heavy Cream is the truth. I like to put in when I’m hav­ing a bad hair day and just let it marinate…scratch that mur­ri­nate like chick­en in a blend of secret herbs and spices…Whoa, that stuff is good. Soft­est, shini­est, sup­ple hair and a lit­tle goes a long way.


I agree. I’m a 4z and noth­ing so0ftens my hair bet­ter.




I use Shea Moisture’s Curl & Style Milk OR Curl Enhanc­ing Smooth­ie.


Me too! It’s my sta­ple prod­uct.


I vote for QB’s aethopi­ka hydrat­ing and twist but­ter. Soft hair very time. My hair loves the man­go but­ter in it.


Girl my hair LOVES QB prod­ucts. The Twist But­ter is always sold out! I am using the Ghee for my twist outs and they always come out look­ing amaz­ing, but my hair is so dry i have to apply almost every­day day it soaks it all up. I will STAN for their prod­ucts always. I have I guess 4C? I don’t know it’s real­ly tight, breaks easy, and super dry.
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I have thick fine most­ly 4a with some in between a & b spots & love the Aethiopi­ka, too. Since Qhemet’s prod­ucts are so con­cen­trat­ed I can sec­tion my hair & use a very lit­tle AOHC on each sec­tion & then twist with the Aethiopi­ka. I washed my hair on Sat­ur­day Oct 13 & today is the 15th & it’s still very mois­tur­ized despite low humid­i­ty. I also have the Nour­ish & Shine which a pal gave me because it didn’t agree with her hair. I haven’t done twists with it yet but I did use some over Kinky Curly… Read more »

i’ve been eager to try Amla & Olive Heavy Cream


i use the aohc and i real­ly like it.

the qb online store is not 100% open now but they are sell­ing a sam­ple pack of all prod­ucts, except the sham­poo, now for $29 plus $6 tax. 

i’ve want­ed to try some of the oth­ers but haven’t been able to con­vince myself. i ordered the sam­ple pack, even though it’s not cheap.

just remem­ber, a lit­tle goes a looonnnggg way with these prod­ucts. i washed my hair sun­day night and haven’t added mois­tur­iz­er since.


i mean $6 for ship­ping. tax depends on your state, of course. lol.


Qhemet is sold through
They have the full size stuff, and they ship EXTRA FAST! But you have to reg­is­ter (which is free, just give an email address).


yes, but as far as i know, the sam­ple pack and the oth­er min­is are only avail­able through her face­book page and the qb web­site.

i’m not talk­ing about full size con­tain­ers. i’ve order through sage…


Amla & Olive cured me of my prod­uct junkie habit. I LOVE this stuff! I have very thick dry hair, and it’s the bomb.


Does a whipped shea mix­ture real­ly mois­tur­ize hair? I always thought mois­tur­iz­ers had to be water based and then the oil based stuff were to seal in that mois­ture


Def­i­nite­ly agree here. I use oil-based prod­ucts like shea but­ter ON TOP of mois­tur­iz­ers that are water based.


Hi MzT. It depends on what you add to your whipped but­ter, but for the most part, yes it is more of a sealant that is best applied to damp hair. 

Mois­tur­iz­ers are usu­al­ly water-based (like the Amla & Olive Heavy Cream above), but some (not all) oils/butters can do a bit of “mois­tur­iz­ing” as well.


I just start­ed using the wipped shea but­ter option. So far, it’s being great. I hair remains moist for a at at least a week, then I reaply. I do need to get a water base mois­tur­iz­er though, as an addi­tion.

Ugonna Wosu

got it. You should use it with damp hair! I want to make whipped shea but­ter in the near future!


I don’t have thick hair but I have dry, very dense FINE 4b hair. I have found that KBB But­ter Love and Creamy­li­cious as well as Oyin Hair Dew and any of their sprays plus Hairve­da CoCas­ta Shikaikai are just per­fect for my hair. The kbb stuff is pret­ty expen­sive once it cross­es over the pond to the UK but to me it’s worth it. Qhemet’s bur­dock root is also good but their stuff is hard to get hold of here and the online shop always seems to be closed.


Qhemet is sold through Sage Nat­u­ral­ceu­ti­cals in the US and Mari­posa Import in Europe.


I have fine and very thirsty 4b hair too. And I love the Oyin Hair Dew. I’ll check out the oth­er prod­ucts. But one prob­lem I have with my nat­ur­al hair is it dis­likes most of the pop­u­lar ingre­di­ents like shea but­ter and olive oil. I have a hard time find­ing prod­ucts that suit my hair needs. I wish the nat­ur­al hair com­mu­ni­ty would pay more atten­tion to fine-haired nat­u­rals.


Oh I for­got. It dis­likes glyc­erin too.


Do they sell the Pura stuff here by any chance? I’m in Lon­don and I’d like to check that out. Also, where do you get the Oyin from?? I’ve nev­er tried it, but I’ve heard a bit about it and I’d like to give it a go.


No Pura­Body is def­i­nite­ly not over here yet. I buy Oyin and KBB at Nexra­s­tore online. I’d like to become DIY because we lack so many brands here and the import­ed prod­ucts are far from cheap com­pared to the price in the US. Oyin Hair Dew is £13.99 but I like it because it’s glyc­erin free and mois­tur­is­ing in the win­ter.


Thanks for the response! 

I’ve found a few lines that I like that are sold in the shop, so that’s a good thing- Africare or Afro­care is one I want to try, and Beau­ti­ful Tex­tures is okay as well. I get my Tal­i­ah Waa­jid stuff too which I real­ly like, but I haven’t found any of the ‘pop­u­lar’ brands. 

£13 is a lot, but then again, I got a sam­ple of that Kiehls sham­poo and the full size costs about £20 so… yeah. Expen­sive!

DIY is def­i­nite­ly cheap­er, and I just have fun mix­ing things up on the whole.