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As we dis­cussed last time, hav­ing nat­u­ral hair or tran­si­tion­ing can be con­fus­ing, but it doesn’t have to be expen­sive .As an impulse shop­per and recov­er­ing pro­duct junkie, I have a ten­den­cy to ran­dom­ly decide I “need” some­thing for my hair, then go grab it the first place I would assumed car­ried it. Need­less to say, I poured a lot of mon­ey down the drain by not doing my home­work. But boy, have I learned my lesson. I often spend my lunch break or oth­er bouts of down-time explor­ing stores in my area and look­ing for the best bar­gains. Here are six more nat­u­ral hair sta­ples that can be nabbed at dis­count­ed prices:

Raw Shea Butter

Whether you like Shea But­ter for your skin or to blend in a DIY mix a’la Nap­tural85, this nat­u­ral sta­ple doesn’t have to be pricey. I live in LA, and have places like Dawah Books (on Cren­shaw Blvd.) where I can get a pound (16oz) of Shea But­ter for $6. If you live near any African shops or mar­ket­places, I would check there first. How­ev­er, if you have to order online, 8oz of raw Shea But­ter will run you in the ball­park of $5 — and a lit­tle goes a long way. Check out Ama­zon or Erzuli for online pur­chas­ing.

Jojoba Oil

Great for leave-ins, pre-poo­ing, or seal­ing hair, Jojoba oil has made it on many a natural’s radar. How­ev­er, the price-point can be a lit­tle dis­cour­ag­ing to some — espe­cial­ly when olive, coconut and oth­er oils are avail­able in much larg­er quan­ti­ties for much less. One way to ease the sting in pur­chas­ing this pow­er­ful oil is to head over to Trader Joe’s. This amaz­ing store chain car­ries 4oz of 100% pure Jojoba oil for $6.99. This is by far the best in-store pric­ing I have found. 


Eight months ago, I would have sug­gest­ed head­ing to Whole Foods or Sprouts and grab­bing a box of Light Moun­tain Hen­na for $7.99. DON’T. YOU. DARE. Take it from me, cut­ting cor­ners when it comes to Hen­na just isn’t worth the has­sle. Light Moun­tain Hen­na is decent enough (if you enjoy repeat­ed co-wash­ing and pick­ing sticks and stems out of your hair), but for the price point, you can eas­i­ly get ahold of some Body Art Qual­i­ty (BAQ) Hen­na. I resort­ed to order­ing my Jami­la BAQ Hen­na from an Ebay deal­er, Mehndi911 who is locat­ed in Cul­ver City, CA. I usu­al­ly pur­chase 2 or 3 box­es at a time, for $6.00each and $1.98 ship­ping. I chose this par­tic­u­lar deal­er because she has Sum­mer 2012 crop of hen­na, which is the fresh­est. If you’re inter­est­ed in sav­ing a few bucks, you can always pur­chase pre­vi­ous crop years (2010, 2011) for cheap­er on sites like Ebay or Ama­zon. When pur­chas­ing Hen­na online, make sure the ven­dor or deal­er is able to indi­cate a crop date and brand. Don’t be tak­en in by bootleg Hen­na!

Apple Cider Vinegar

The inter­webs tout ACV as a mir­a­cle in a bot­tle that can help you kill lice, dan­druff, grow hair, improve your cred­it score, pH bal­ance hair, re-elect Oba­ma, smooth hair, bring down gas prices, and fight frizz…and the list goes on. When it comes to buy­ing Apple Cider Vine­gar, most peo­ple nat­u­ral­ly grav­i­tate toward Brag­gs, as it is known as a pop­u­lar brand of rep­utable qual­i­ty. How­ev­er, did you know that the Vit­a­m­in Shoppe has their own brand of organ­ic ACV (with Moth­er, of course) for less? Head to the Vit­a­m­in Shoppe for a 16oz bot­tle for $2.99!

Vitamin E Oil

If you’ve head­ed to Trader Joe’s for Jojoba oil, don’t leave just yet. If you love Vit­a­m­in E oil or are curi­ous about how it’ll treat your hair, you can pur­chase some at TJ’s at a price that won’t leave you mad if you don’t love it. Try out a 4oz bot­tle of pure Vit­a­m­in E oil for $3.99.

Storage Containers

In this area, my #1 rec­om­men­da­tion is reusing emp­tied hair pro­duct jars. Make sure they are washed well and dried thor­ough­ly before re-use. My per­son­al favorite is tak­ing Shea Mois­ture jars, wash­ing and load­ing them up with my mix­es. Fair warn­ing: do not pour hot flax seed gel (or any oth­er “cooked” con­coc­tions) direct­ly into the con­tain­er. It will melt. If you insist on pur­chas­ing air­tight con­tain­ers, your best bet is Tar­get. Grab an 8-count Glad­Ware Mini Round Con­tain­ers for $3.29.

What oth­er sta­ples have you uncov­ered at dis­count prices?

Christina Patrice

Born, raised, and liv­ing in Los Ange­les, Christi­na is BGLH’s res­i­dent tran­si­tion­ing expert and pro­duct junkie. In addi­tion to lov­ing all things hair, she is a fit­ness novice and advo­cate of wear­ing san­dals year-round. For more infor­ma­tion on tran­si­tion­ing, nat­u­ral hair, and her own hair jour­ney, vis­it Or, if you like pic­tures fol­low Christi­na on Insta­gram @maneobjective.

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Stephanie Hansen

amaz­ing site! Great info! I’m a bud­ding aro­mather­a­pist and I want to cre­ate an amaz­ing nour­ish­ing Shea But­ter blend for nat­u­ral hair. Excit­ing!


Nige­ria has the best nat­u­ral raw share but­ter in the world, and it is extreme­ly cheap over here, this is because peo­ple have not tak­ing it as seri­ous busi­ness, even thought they have it in large quan­ti­ty, must of the pro­duct is con­sume local­ly where­as the remain­ing one goes as a waste. To take advan­tage of this; BM-Gano­jiya Inter­na­tion­al Co. Lmtd is here to sup­ply you with both raw share but­ter and share nuts con­tact 08094000851. best of luck


Hi, BM-Gano­jiya Inter­na­tion­al Co. Lmtd is it in Nige­ria. What is your coun­try code on IDD. Can you email me at


Hey! My coun­try code +234 and you can con­tact me through this phone num­ber +2348022717884’ hope to here from you asap. Best regard

eugeniashea is the best nat­u­ral Shea but­ter cream in the world. Shop now!


I need your email or con­tact num­ber or web­site if you have.

(post­ed this on anoth­er arti­cle but felt like it was rel­e­vant here as well) WARNING: “Gold Shea But­ter” is NOT UNREFINED SHEA BUTTER So I’ve been doing lots of research as I’m try­ing to have health­ier nat­u­ral hair. I was very excit­ed about Shea but­ter and I used the link you have shared mul­ti­ple times link­ing to one of the Ama­zon sell­ers to pur­chase my Shea but­ter. Sad­ly this led me to “Gold Shea But­ter” but the truth is that Shea but­ter is NOT gold so if a ven­dor is sell­ing “Gold Shea But­ter” it is either Kpang­nan (a dif­fer­ent but­ter)… Read more »

con­tact me for raw unre­fined 100% organ­ic she­abut­ter
2330242284410 from Ghana.check out our web­site for pro­duct preview.we sup­ply in bulk as well



Good Day,

As dis­cussed, we are a Ker­mel cos­met­ics here in South Africa and rep­re­sent­ing a shea but­ter com­pa­ny. We can sale more than 72 tons of shea but­ter a year and our pro­duct is export­ed from Ben­in Repub­lic. It the nat­u­ral shea but­ter that we would like to intro­duise into your Mar­ket.

Please advise how can we pro­ceed to become you best sup­pli­er.

Thank you

Kind Regards

Cre­do Don­ald,



Am look­ing for some nat­u­ral but­ters to buy in bulk. please advise if you have the fol­low­ing but­ters and the prices.

Shea but­ter — raw unre­fined
Man­go but­ter — raw
Avo­cado but­ter
Mafu­ra but­ter
Macadamia but­ter
muru­mu­ru but­ter — raw
Cupuacu but­ter — raw
Tucu­uma But­ter — raw
Moringa but­ter

Please get back to me and let me know.



Shea But­ter is a great mul­ti­pur­pose pro­duct suit­able for both skin and hair. To shop for pure African white or yel­low Shea but­ter vis­it


Where and how much can I get raw african shea but­ter in South Africa,Gauteng?


Good day

I’m reply­ing to a request made on a web­site about Shea but­ter that you’re look­ing for. I’ve got a lot in stock, I would like to know if you’re still inter­est­ed.

I also have Cocoa But­ter — Almond oil — Coconut Oil 

Kind Regards

Cell: +27 82 754 4992

Ilemobayo Emmanuel Olayinka
Ilemobayo Emmanuel Olayinka

Please where exact­ly can I source raw shea nut local­ly (the source of shea but­ter)

ASUzU,Bartholomew Edozie

Are you in need of agri­cul­tur­al prod­ucts in large quan­ti­ties such as ginger(wet and dry),bitter kola,Kolanut,Shea butter,then your search is over. At Unearth con­cepts production,we open the door to solv­ing your needs. Call us now on 2348063658249,2348055273030 or send us a mail at We are always at your ser­vice.
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I wish to read more things about it!


where can l get organ­ic apple cider vine­gar in Ghana.

Ige abimbola oluwafunke

i will try this

daniel asare

Raw she­abut­ter in Ghana, look­ing for buy­ers pack­aged 1/2 kg,1kg and bulk 25kg. Avail­able in 3ply export wor­thy car­tons. Ship­ment from Ghana.

call Daniel on +233266630725

Conrad Mhlongo

Hi Daniel. What is te price per 1Kg? Do you export as well? I am in South Afrika.


Good day

I’m reply­ing to a request made on a web­site about Shea but­ter that you’re look­ing for. I’ve got a lot in stock, I would like to know if you’re still inter­est­ed. The prod­ucts are from Ivory Coast and Burk­i­na Faso

I also have Cocoa But­ter — Almond oil — Coconut Oil in stock.

Kind Regards

Cell: +2782 754 4992


Are you locat­ed in South Africa, Moosa? I am in Pre­to­ria and look­ing for unre­fined shear but­ter

daniel asare

Hel­lo guys, 

vis­it, this com­pa­ny is doing won­der­ful job in Tamale North­ern region of Ghana. I vis­it­ed their pro­cess­ing cen­ter and I was so impressed with the way they make their hand craft­ed she­abut­ter.

Cheryl Thiel

con­tin­u­a­tion of my 1st post:
this web­site have the 1 pound shea but­ter for the $3.99

Cheryl Thiel

you can buy 1 pound of raw shea butter(white or yel­low) @ $3.99…also they sell in bulk cheap also. This is the cheap­est I’ve seen. They also have the oth­er but­ters very cheap. Check out this site also

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Im glad i found this…cuz I was look­ing at jojoba oil at Whole Foods and Sprouts and decid­ed that I did­nt need it in my reg­i­men any­more, lol.


For stor­age con­tain­ers, you can also upcy­cle spaghet­ti jars, yogurt con­tain­ers, juice jugs, etc. Just wash them out good.


LOL at “re-elect Oba­ma”
I love Christina’s arti­cles!

Michelle@Radiant Brown Beauty

Not every­one has a local Indi­an gro­cery store. I just buy every­thing online. As long as the price is rea­son­able I don’t care if it’s the cheap­est. Nor­mal­ly, I’ll go by word of mouth or rep­u­ta­tion of the online store. I’ve found that Hen­na for African Hair is a much more qual­i­ty hen­na than Jami­la and I get it from


The Jojoba from Trader Joe is pret­ty good. I bought some and mixed a few drops with my Shea Mois­ture Hold&Shine. My hair is super soft in the morn­ing!


Good sug­ges­tions. And Dol­lar Tree/Family Dol­lar cer­tain­ly hold it down too. I get some of my beau­ty prod­ucts at Nation­al Whole­sale Liq­uida­tors. This place makes Wal­ly World look lux­u­ri­ous, but if you have patience (stock varies) and don’t mind search­ing a lit­tle and read­ing care­ful­ly, you can find many sta­ples for a steal.


I buy baby snack con­tain­ers at the dol­lar store.… cheap, and they seal tight­ly, 4–6 in a pack for a buck!

Nicole J

That was hilar­i­ous… well writ­ten…


if you live in the SFV WOW beau­ty sup­ply has Shea But­ter.. i bought a 16 oz con­tain­er for 7.99 (it might’ve been 6.99); but this is a very good deal. they also hav JBCO at com­pa­ra­ble prices. Every­thing else, the indi­an mar­ket or Sprouts (espe­cial­ly when they have sales). 

Tar­get is not the cheap­est place to get con­tain­ers.


I find all kind of great things from the dol­lar store: bag­gies, bon­nets, scarves, combs and brush­es of all sizes, wig caps, cheap con­di­tion­ers for co-wash­ing, cute hair clips, head­bands, spray bot­tles, con­tain­ers for mix­es, et al.
I save mon­ey where I can so can splurge when I want to.


The Vit­a­m­in E oil from Trader Joes is NOT pure Vit­a­m­in E oil as not­ed here. It is very much a mix of oils.


I was just going to say this. I bought this last year with­out check­ing the back only to see its cut with oth­er nat­u­ral oils. It’s love­ly on the skin (prob­a­bly on the hair too) but it wouldn’t pre­serve mix­es.


Ooh thanks! I actu­al­ly just bought some pret­ty expen­sive Shea but­ter, because I real­ly want­ed to try it, and my hair absolute­ly loves it! But if it’s going to be a sta­ple it would be awe­some to buy it for less. And in cheap­er, larg­er amounts, I might try some of the mix­es peo­ple do!

Ugonna Wosu

LOL. All I care about is shea but­ter.


I’ll be sure to check the Vit­a­m­in Shoppe for the ACV! I’ve been need­ing a new one.


I’m dig­ging the tip on the Vit. Shoppe sell­ing ACV. Brag­gs is kind of expen­sive, so I’ve pushed it down on my “buy” list. $3 is absolute­ly doable and on the ground.


I agree ladies re con­tain­ers. I live in LA too and we JUST got our first dol­lar tree’s out here in LA Coun­ty this past year, but the 99cent store has been around forever. I agree go to your own local dol­lar store for con­tain­ers


i LOVE the­se tips, but espe­cial­ly regard­ing re-use of bottles/containers! But i would dis­agree with the low­est costs avail­able for buy­ing new is Tar­get… DOLLAR TREE has to be #1 in my book for that! :D


I found that the best place to find nat­u­ral hair ingre­di­ents is your local inter­na­tion­al gro­cery store. Shea but­ter, coconut oil, and acv is cheap­er there than any­where else around me (the clos­est Trader Joes is 1.5 hrs from where I live), each one cost­ing no more than $3 for 16 oz.


Stor­age containers…DOLLAR STORE!! Henna…any Indi­an gro­cery store. Every­thing else, shop around ONLINE…simple.


I agree with buy­ing Hen­na at Indi­an gro­cery stores! The prices are great and there’s usu­al­ly an Indi­an per­son who can answer ques­tions for you!


And, in real­i­ty you dont need all this prod­ucts!!

Ugonna Wosu

most of the­se are not “prod­ucts” in terms of hair prod­ucts. They are nat­u­ral items that can be used for oth­er things, and far cheap­er than a lot of the com­mer­cial hair items out there. Those are the ones you don’t real­ly need!!!!






Thank you so much for this!!! Have a good week y’all.