Vlog­ger and come­di­enne Chescalocs is at it again! She’s teamed up with Fran of HeyFranHey.com, Taren Guy of Taren916, and Cipri­ana and Nik­isha of Urbanbushbabes.com to share the ULTIMATE SECRET to long nat­ur­al hair. Click to check it out below :) 

Hilar­i­ous and SO true! Ladies, what do you think? 

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­liste, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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Cute video but blah, blah, blah, Lol but seri­ous­ly, patience isn’t cut­ting it for my stub­born AF hair, with­out the use of growth aids, scalp mas­sages and mul­ti­vi­t­a­mins, I’d still be fore­head length. 

These gurus might not need all that but plen­ty of oth­ers did & plen­ty of us do.


you and the point of the video are in dif­fer­ent zip codes right now.


Sim­mer down, The point of the video is obvi­ous and I was just mak­ing an obser­va­tion on my hair expe­ri­ence on this ya know, hair board, noth­ing more and noth­ing less. Geez, this place sure is cat­ty.


And again I say, wel­come to BGLH. lol.


I’m sor­ry but that was fun­ny. LOL…

Wow how can such a pos­i­tive video get such back lash? Some­times folks got too much dra­ma. I like the video a lot. very fun­ny and real. The mes­sage is one that folks sim­ply don’t want to hear. You gonna have to wait if you want the length. There is no short cut. No “good hair” pass card or installing locks to get there quick­er. It takes a hot minute. And unfor­tu­nate­ly that minute is dif­fer­ent for each per­son. Lol you got peo­ple ques­tion­ing if somebody’s hair is real and debat­ing about locs vs loose, what in the world is… Read more »

thank you!


Actu­al­ly, all hair is dead hair.


How is hair that’s grow­ing out of your scalp “dead” are fin­ger­nails “dead”? Un-shed Skin?

Dr. Nataniel

The very top lay­er of the epi­der­mis (top lay­er of skin) is called the horny layer.…it is made of DEAD skin cells that have not shed, but will even­tu­al­ly… and all hair is dead. So are nails after they grow past the lunula. Nails are made of dead, ker­a­tinized cells. Edu­cate your­self.

You are so neg­a­tive and wrong girl smh. Let it go…



I find it to be pret­ty fun­ny that some­one that has so much to say does­nt even know basic facts lol..


Monifah’s igno­rance is quite mind-bog­gling. I don’t usu­al­ly feel the need to call out such igno­rance, but the fact that she felt the need to respond to every com­ment that chal­lenged her view­point, which is in fact plain untruths, makes me want to shred her com­ments and flush them down the toi­let. Are fin­ger­nails dead? Is hair dead? Is she seri­ous with these obser­va­tions?


Yes, hair is dead and fin­ger­nails are dead. Those are facts. You can find the info on google.


Lmao — your hair and nails were nev­er alive. Basic sci­ence! They are both made of ker­atin and oth­er com­po­nents but look dif­fer­ent because of their dif­fer­ent struc­tur­al arrange­ment. The only thing that is alive or dead is the fol­lic­u­lar cells pro­duc­ing the hair.


+1 @ Kendra. Moni­fah is wrong here.

Courtney h

I love this! Love these ladies’! Patience is key :)


Nat­ur­al hair is nat­ur­al hair. It doesn’t mat­ter if its loc’d or loose; it still grow out the same way #phuck­whaty­ou­heard

The Natural Haven
Chesca don’t wor­ry about it, BGLH is a tough crowd, this dis­cus­sion here is quite nor­mal, even tame lol! I am actu­al­ly sur­prised that there isn’t a dis­cus­sion about all the oth­er tech­niques nec­es­sary to acquire long hair from pro­tec­tive styling, con­di­tion­ing tech­nique, dam­age pre­ven­tion, low heat etc. Take it as a plus lol  The fun­ni­est com­ment that I have heard all day is that Cipriana’s hair may not be real.…..seriously? She does not need to part her hair for me to believe that it is her hair, but she has done in some of her videos. Won­der­ing if that anti-envy… Read more »

appar­ent­ly i missed the memo! lol thanks for the sup­port. hap­py to see the video post­ed regard­less of the feed­back

I LOVED THIS VIDEO the minute I saw it, and intend to share on my FB page. And for the folks com­ing out the wood­works with their own inse­cu­ri­ties and rants, “Cipriana’s hair isn’t real, locs aren’t con­sid­ered hair growth”, blah blah blah ARE YOU SERIOUS???? It’s almost like you’re HUNTING for a rea­son to inval­i­date the mes­sage or the fact that these women have triv­ing hair! Good Jesus, you take care of your hair, it grows. PERIOD. I didn’t want to rant and it’s not my style but some of the stuff I see on here makes me wan­na… Read more »





Hey Chesca, don’t waste your time defend­ing the video as there’s noth­ing to defend! It’s super fun­ny and well made. Good job!


Loved this! And love you, Chesca. Your locs are beau­ti­ful!


I agree Chesca’s locs are GORGEOUS!!!!


I don’t think its about whether or not they are gor­geous (they are)…


Nicole, Chesa is a good friend, I was sim­ply giv­ing my homie a shout out. It is what I do ;)


I dig, but it sucks how the issue is being com­plete­ly dis­tort­ed into some huge dra­ma filled debate, instead of intel­li­gent dis­course. I agree with every­one who has said that locs might be a bit dif­fer­ent, even eas­i­er, than loose nat­ur­al hair but it doesn’t elim­i­nate that her hair is pret­ty or any­thing like that. Nor do I think that she should be exclud­ed from the video for hav­ing locs. But I just can’t accept that the loc jour­ney is any more dif­fi­cult than hav­ing to deal with loose hair. Any­way, you guys keep up the good work.

ok, but why does it have to be a com­pe­ti­tion? why does one need to be more dif­fi­cult than the oth­er? how can some­one who’s nev­er had locs or only had them for 2 years deter­mine their lev­el of dif­fi­cul­ty? everyone’s hair and process is dif­fer­ent! that’s the beau­ty of nat­ur­al hair. no two heads are alike!  i NEVER said locs are more dif­fi­cult than hav­ing loose hair. and you are free to believe what­ev­er you want about my length reten­tion or the dif­fi­cul­ty of main­tain­ing my hair. the point is, locs are still nat­ur­al hair and they still requires some… Read more »

True, true, but alas com­pe­ti­tion is a part of nor­mal human behav­ior. But rid­dle me this, on a reg­u­lar ole Tues­day night when you don’t have any­where to go on Wednes­day and you’re tired from your 9–5. So you throw the locs into a pony tail, satin scarf or pil­low­case it and go to bed. Some­one with an eas­i­ly tan­gled tex­ture just can’t do that (unless they don’t care about length reten­tion, healthy hair jour­neys, etc.). And Chesca I am not try­ing to fight with you or any­thing just try­ing to dis­cuss.

Just because a cer­tain behav­ior is “nor­mal” doesn’t mean it’s accept­able. I’ve found that too often some black peo­ple put too much focus on bring­ing each oth­er down and try­ing to be “bet­ter” than some­one else (bet­ter hair, lighter skin, not black enough, too skin­ny, you talk white etc) instead of lift­ing each oth­er up. It’s sad and hurt­ful. Con­sid­er­ing how many peo­ple want to judge us for being nat­ur­al (Hamp­ton University’s MBA pro­gram recent­ly banned locs and corn­rows), I think it’s sil­ly for hair to be a com­pe­ti­tion with­in our own peo­ple. I’m all for dis­cus­sion! That’s why I’m… Read more »
Wow! Bra­vo for this response. I had locs for four years and actu­al­ly cut them for loose nat­ur­al hair because I was tired of the work. Now, I have learned that all hair takes work, so we shouldn’t judge any regimen/routine as easy, espe­cial­ly if it’s just because someone’s hair looks nice. I hat­ed how heavy my locs got when I would wash them, now I hate how tan­gled my loose nat­ur­al hair gets when I wash it. It is always some­thing. And you are right, the resources on how to care for locs was very scarce years ago. I… Read more »

It’s kin­da crazy how much the inter­net has changed in a few short years! When I start­ed mak­ing hair videos, YouTube had only been around for 2 years and there wasn’t much of a nat­ur­al hair com­mu­ni­ty. Now, there are SO MANY peo­ple offer­ing nat­ur­al hair advice and help online that it can be kin­da con­fus­ing and over­whelm­ing because there’s so many dif­fer­ent opin­ions, options and prod­ucts out there!

Real­ly though?! I have 4a/4b hair, loose, that is tight­ly coiled and night time care is fair­ly sim­ple. I think this is sil­ly. If my hair was in a twist out I would pull my hair back in a satin scrunchie or put it in a pineap­ple, satin cap and bed. If i want­ed it to be more defint­ed in the morning…I would put in like twist (10 min­utes max) and put on a satin cap and go to bed. If it is twisted/braided…put on a satin cap and go to bed. If my hair is in a pro­tec­tive style,… Read more »

Inabil­i­ty to add an opin­ion with­out insults is what makes this sad to see. But I’ll agree to dis­agree, because of course, everyone’s expe­ri­ence is dif­fer­ent.

Who is insult­ing you? I think it is sil­ly to try to com­pare hair strug­gles because as you just said “everyone’s expe­ri­ence is dif­fer­ent.” To try to make it seem like loose nat­ur­al hair is more dif­fi­cult because you are com­ing home from a 9–5 job so your tired and stuff is a stretch in my view. Hair care dif­fers for every­one so to ques­tions the dif­fi­cul­ty she may have faced or try to say who has had it hard­er IS sil­ly. How do you know what she has gone through? How can you even com­pare because every­one does some­thing… Read more »

Lol, that is life! Dra­ma hap­pens over the most minus­cule details unfor­tu­nate­ly, and what is impor­tant to oth­ers is not impor­tant to some­one else. I didn’t even com­ment on the sub­ject “of locs are eas­i­er than loose hair” but I do dis­agree since every individual’s hair is unique but noth­ing wrong with a dif­fer­ence of opin­ions espe­cial­ly when most are formed on life expe­ri­ences. Thank you Nicole.


Thanks! But please, don’t be deceived, appar­ent­ly they aren’t con­sid­ered “real long hair”. I might need to edit myself out of the video. lol

Ain't I an African

OMG. Now I’ve heard it all. There are a lot of crazy peo­ple walk­ing around.


Well, it’s.…..not. It is mat­ted loose shed hair, no big­gie, just say­ing.


it’s still hair. it’s real­ly not that seri­ous but con­grats, you real­ly told me!


Con­grats not nec­es­sary nei­ther is the ‘tude Lol


This is one of the best things that I’ve ever seen in the nat­ur­al hair com­mu­ni­ty. I also love that each girl had a dif­fer­ent curl type because it goes to show that it doesn’t mat­ter your hair type, you just need PATIENCE. Amen to that, I need that every­day. Espe­cial­ly since I go through so much hair envy and think my hair wont ever grow.


LOL!!! and the video is so well done


wow, great reminder! i need­ed that. i’m only 4 months nat­ur­al and want my hair to be longer lol. i am lik­ing my new hair tho. and i love motivational/funny/informative vids like these. thanks sis­tas :)


I thought this video was hilar­i­ous and won­der­ful. Sure locs are dif­fer­ent from free, loose, hair or what have you. I dont under­stand the ani­mos­i­ty. Whether or you have locs or loose kinks, it has to grow, and be main­tained. Point Blank . Great video. I admire every sin­gle one of these ladies.

Thick Nigerian Hair

That scene where they are in the lab and Nik­isha drinks that chem­i­cal (Why girl?) is just hilar­i­ous.


Thanks BGLH for post­ing! I hon­est­ly had no idea this video would pro­voke so many var­ied con­ver­sa­tions, but regard­less, I’m glad that we were able to get peo­ple laugh­ing and hope­ful­ly inspire some ladies to hang in there with their nat­ur­al hair jour­ney. Thanks again!


Con­cern­ing the con­trver­sy, wel­come to BGLH! And the vid was great!


These ladies just kill me..Nikisha is crazy funny…I’m feel­ing so brand new after view­ing that video because my hair­line is tak­ing its sweet time to grow back after a bad weave job and my hair is just now start­ing to get a growth spurt.Thanks ladies!

Thick Nigerian Hair

Your hair­line suf­fered a weave job too? I swear my edges are tak­ing for­ev­er to grow back. I keep water­ing and but­ter­ing and noth­ing is hap­pen­ing.


I loved this video as well. But I can’t get over the though that Ciprana’s hair is not real. I’ve nev­er seen her scalp in any pics or videos. Even in one video she post­ed, she scratched her head and her all her hair moved like she was wear­ing a wig or a weave. I don’t know ya’ll, I’m not try­ing to be neg­a­tive but…

Can some just for­ward me to the link wear she shows some scalp, any scalp so I know it’s real? 

Sor­ry if I offend­ed any­one.


Hmm Anony­mous, why does the scalp come into play when a black woman or woman of col­or has a lot of hair. I am not offend­ed but you may want to think why it is so unbe­liev­able and address your own prej­u­dices. My sen­ti­ments are meant to be neg­a­tive or offend but real­ly com­ing from the heart!!!


Cor­rec­tion: I meant “My sen­ti­ments are NOT meant to be neg­a­tive”


Hmm, why does the scalp come into play when a black woman or woman of col­or has a lot of hair. I am not offend­ed but you may want to think why it is so unbe­liev­able and address your own prej­u­dices. My sen­ti­ments are meant to be neg­a­tive or offend but real­ly com­ing from the heart!!!


This com­ment is even fun­nier than the video! smh


Stop it, Lol, her hair is indeed real and gor­geous in per­son.


Thank you Moni­fah ;DDD


Anon, Cipri­ana does not owe that to you so please don’t ask again. Why the hell would she lie about her hair???

Its crazy to me that you would ask this and then ask peo­ple to not get offend­ed. And of course you would ask this anony­mous­ly.


Beau­tyI­AM, YES! All this work I do with this head and all the advice I dish out, it is just to damn much to lie, lol.


OH LORD, here we go again.…..

Go to her YT chan­nel Urban­Bush­Babes. She has plen­ty of vids with her hair down and tend­ing to it…


WOW. Seri­ous­ly? Her hair is absolute­ly real.


I actu­al­ly stum­bled into one of the most hi def pics of her hair ive seen to date yes­ter­day on essence which was cooI. I remem­ber peo­ple not believ­ing she was 4b/4c. You have to scan through the gallery since its on essence but it’s pic­ture #40 I think. Lots of gor­geous heads of hair at that DC event.



Great pho­tos of beau­ti­ful sis­ters. I didn’t real­ize Cipri­ana had those grey streaks.


Yes, so many beau­ti­ful women Inter­est­ing!!! I have had grey strands in the cen­ter sec­tion of my hair since I was 5 years old. Along with oth­er neg­a­tive com­ments peo­ple real­ly thought my grey hair was lint in oth­er pic­tures that are not of high def­i­n­i­tion, lol. Ah some peo­ple ;D

Ms. D

I’m about 99% sure her hair is real. If it wasn’t..she would have been out­ed by now. We have some seri­ous Hair FBI agents out here.


Lol, Ms.D you are right about Hair FBI Agents and they are thor­ough!!!

Thick Nigerian Hair

LOL!!!! Hair FBI Agents! That’s a new one. I think I will retire Nat­ur­al Hair Nazi for that. Too fun­ny.


LOL @ the “Anti-Envy Spray”


Thor­ough­ly enjoyed this! Thanks ladies, lol!


I real­ly enjoyed that and I need­ed to hear that too! They are all so beau­ti­ful!

Annointed Queen



LOL! =)


LOVE it!!! That was clever and hilar­i­ous! The mes­sage is just fab—PATIENCE is tru­ly the key. ;)


That was spot on! Love, love, love it ;-)


That was adorable, lol!


This should be on a bill­board! Great Job!


Did you guys real­ize that peo­ple are call­ing this video con­tro­ver­sial? Real­ly! Yes real­ly.


Chesca was already defend­ing the video with­in hours of it being post­ed so I’m not sur­prised.


ChescaLocs, while I like her, doesn’t real­ly count. Locs are com­prised of dead hair that would have nor­mal­ly been shed through wash­ing, comb­ing and styling over the years. Indeed, those loose strands are “trapped” in the loc, pro­vid­ing the weight and length. There­fore, locs are not a true rep­re­sen­ta­tion of long hair retained that it still actu­al­ly attached to the scalp. 

I’m not “hat­ing.” I had locs for a num­ber of years and pciked them out. That was a les­son. I thought I had long hair, but only half the length was actu­al­ly still mine.

Brown Sugar

News flash: All hair is dead. So there­fore what­ev­er style you rock it’s with dead hair. Locs are hair, so is a fro-but they are both dead hair.


lol this is why i bare­ly read nat­ur­al hair blogs. it’s already bad enough locs are *rarely* fea­tured, but then there’s peo­ple like you.

Kaila P

Sweet­heart once hair grows out of your scalp it is dead as well. just say­ing


Best point ever.


Kaila P, you are so right!!!

Yes, locs are made of shed hair, but mat­ted hair still takes longer than loose hair to show actu­al length because the hair is essen­tial­ly knot­ting (aka loc’ing) on itself.  So 2 years of growth with locs, doesn’t look the same as 2 years of growth with loose hair. as i’m sure you remem­ber when your hair was loc’d when you retwist or inter­lock you roots, your hair actu­al­ly becomes short­er. when i start­ed my locs my hair was shoul­der length, but once i had my comb coils done, there were about an inch. Point is, hair doesn’t grow over… Read more »
i loved this video. -but once again im remind­ed that black peo­ple will ALWAYS have some­thing neg­a­tive to say about hair. that crap is irri­tat­ing. locs dont count!? i’ve nev­er heard of such igno­rance lol. NATURAL HAIR IS NATURAL HAIR! My hair is bra strap length and im cur­rent­ly loc­ing my hair (thanks chesca ;]) my hair is now to my neck in two strands.. reguard­less of loose or loc’ed one will still need to learn patience. –you all should find some­thing bet­ter to do with your time vers­es telling oth­ers what is and what isn’t. focus on your­self if… Read more »

Chescaleigh, I wouldn’t even both­er to argue this point. I for one LOVED your video, and thought the dif­fer­ent heads of hair was won­der­ful. You’re always gonna have one that’s not a fan. Too many peo­ple are though :)


+100 I agree! Chesca and the oth­er ladies ROCK! There are some peo­ple in life that are ornery by nature—you say right, they say left, you say up, they say down.

The video was clever, fun­ny, orig­i­nal, infor­ma­tive, and inspir­ing. Hair growth takes patience for ANY type of hair!


But most of it is not even com­ing from your scalp any­more! That is not real hair growth. It is hair accu­mu­la­tion (not reten­tion, either). Your real hair is prob­a­bly right above or at shoul­der-length.


you still have to retain locs. if you don’t treat them prop­er­ly, they can break off. I think chescalocs had to deal with that when she dyed her locs blonde.


Chesca com­ment­ed on YouTube that if she removed her locs, her hair would actu­al­ly be longer. That’s not true. In real­i­ty, she would find that at least the bot­tom half of her locs would fall off and shed into her hands and she was pick­ing them out or tak­ing them down.


I think she was refer­ring to when she first got locs, her loose shoul­der length hair became one inch coils when she start­ing the loc­ing process.

Fed Up

Just let it go!


+1 got­ta agree with you on that one. Loose hair takes MUCH more of said “patience” to grow AND GAIN LENGTH than locs for sure!


Sor­ry, I have to dis­agree here. As locs grow they are short­ened at the root for main­te­nance. For this rea­son it appears that there isn’t any growth hap­pen­ing in the first year or so. Regard­less, why is it a com­pe­ti­tion? Every­one has to wait for growth!


I agree with every­thing you said. Loose nat­ur­al hair and locs are two com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent things when it comes to length!

It still takes patience. They are obvi­ous­ly all friends and just want­ed to have fun and make a light­heart­ed video togeth­er to share withr the nat­ur­al com­mu­ni­ty. I can’t imag­ine They were think­ing that deep when hang­ing out and mak­ing this and though to omit Chesca from the vid because her locs don’t count. Just…not that seri­ous. Not say­ing yours is one but with­in hours of being post­ed there were some BITTER replies to the video, I mean peo­ple are just so offend­ed about this or that. I saw it a mile com­ing because there are some seri­ous inse­cu­ri­ties and… Read more »

Well, I’m the one that came up with the idea and wrote, shot and edit­ed the video, so they had no choice but to include me lol

Ugonna Wosu



LOL exactly.…all you girls are awe­some inside and out and it’s obvi­ous you had a blast mak­ing this video :)


Lolol Chescalocs
Very good and mature dialouge ladies {Chescalocs and DF}. I learned a lot from both of you :-)

DF, The video is great and the mes­sage is on point. I am just say­ing that hair growth with loose nat­ur­al hair and locs is not the same thing. The idea of hav­ing long hair with locs is a bit of a mis­nomer since much of the hair is no longer actu­al­ly attached to the scalp and grow­ing. Nonethe­less, many nat­ur­al women would ben­e­fit from the pre­vail­ing mes­sage. Only by learn­ing one’s hair, not hold­ing it to expec­ta­tions and stan­dards that it just does not intrin­si­cal­ly have the capa­bil­i­ty to achieve (i.e. Tracee Ellis Ross ringlets) and being patient are… Read more »

The goal was to show a vari­ety of hair tex­tures in the video because the mes­sage applies to all. And per­son­al­ly, I’m kin­da sick of see­ing nat­ur­al hair ads lack­ing some­one with locs. We’re nat­ur­al too! I’m not attempt­ing to com­pare the growth process of locs to loose nat­ur­al hair.


WOW Thanks Chescalocs for your state­ment, yes hav­ing locs is nat­ur­al hair. And all this talk about hav­ing long locs does not com­pare to long loose nat­ur­al hair, who cares. Sounds like some hat­ing to me. Look if we have to be tech­ni­cal about “trapped” loose hair in locs is dead hair that we’re car­ry­ing around. Well answer the ques­tion why do we care for our hair like any one else (some­times bet­ter than others)and our hair is just as fly?!!! I just say­ing.…..
[imgcomment image[/img]


Thanks you Chescaleigh! I felt the same way when I had locs.


While I agree I still think when you are “grow­ing” your locs you still have to have that patience to get to the loc length that you want so the premise is still the same. Your locs will not be MBL or WL after only 1 year or 2…just have to wait and it will hap­pen.


@ Mar­cia, yes, it takes patience to grow locs. Of course. How­ev­er, it is not true length reten­tion — it’s shed hair accu­mu­la­tion. It sounds gross and neg­a­tive, but it’s true. And I am one who still loves and admires locs.

Miss Tatto

Why even nit pick? It’s still nat­ur­al and it still had to grow out. Don’t inval­i­date. ^_^


I agree Miss Tat­to! I have a few friends with locs and it is work to care and retain length for locs as long as Chesca’s.

Reppin JA

Love this! Made my morn­ing and rein­vig­o­rat­ed my PATIENCE!


This is exact­ly what I need­ed to get my Fri­day morn­ing start­ed; Nik­isha was just too much lmao!!!!!


Nik­isha was hilar­i­ous! I love her. She’s my bff, in my mind.


i lovvvvve it!!!! :)


Wow! This video is HILARIOUS!

They did such a good job!

Kudos, girls! Thor­ough­ly impressed :)