Vlogger and comedienne Chescalocs is at it again! She’s teamed up with Fran of HeyFranHey.com, Taren Guy of Taren916, and Cipriana and Nikisha of Urbanbushbabes.com to share the ULTIMATE SECRET to long natural hair. Click to check it out below 🙂

Hilarious and SO true! Ladies, what do you think?

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noelliste, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop culture and black beauty enthusiast. bell hooks' hair twin...

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Great to see people enjoying their hair the way they want it and also actually getting it to grow. Also fantastic that they are able to avoid stereotypes as to how they ‘should’ look!


You`re there to have fun and meet interesting men, not to pass a pop quiz. Let him know, how independent you are of this date, but try doing in a subtle matter, without being a snob

@dree your ignorance shows in ur question asked, “do you guys think its okay for mixed girls to do natural hair videos and tutorials on YouTube?” Are mixed girls not supposed to wonder or learn how to take care of their hair because its not as African as yours? Lol (not a real question by the way) and you can’t claim your not trying to offend when your wondering why someone is doing the same thing as someone else but the only thing offending you is their skin color and hair texture. I’m brazilian adopted to America my natural hair… Read more »

Lol so now I’m ignorant because I asked a question? Call it what you want though… And I only have one question for you then… Have u ever had a perm before? And if so, did it make your hair straight?

It’s funny how mad everyone is getting from my question. Lol I really don’t care whose mad I’m still going to feel the same way.


I think I understand what you’re asking but with the way you word the question, it seems that you are assuming only the African American community are interested in the natural hair movement. The idea of “natural hair” has grown to include many shades and hair textures. I think at this point you have to look at natural hair tutorials by hair texture.


You’re the only person who actually has a brain larger than a popcorn kernel to possibly understand what I was trying to say! Thank you for that!

No reply to anyone else who reads what I said and completely took it out of context!!


Love patient


Ok then i must have misunderstood you. There probably are others who feel like you do. I’m not too fussy about who presented the vid, as long as their advice will help me grow healthy hair, i’m happy.

T Harris

I agree with you..as long as the videos are helping grow healthy hair who cares about the rest:)


the simplest option, then, would be for you not to watch any natural hair video presented by a mixed chick. Wouldn’t it??? And btw, even among, as you put it, ”full African” girls you find different textures. Even in Africa


Oh I don’t watch them. I was just trying to see if anyone else felt the same way I do. And I do know that there are different hair textures in Africa.



Actually, have you ever seen any women from Ethiopia? They have silky hair textures as well. Stop stereotyping our people like other races. Obviously all Africans do not have the same texture hair, ding dong!


Whose stereotyping? I never once said that all Africans have the same hair texture or implied that. And I never once used the word “silky” so whose stereotyping? I never said a mixed girl had silky hair. YOU are stereotyping.. Please do not come on here trying to tell me what to stop doing when you haven’t even read what I said thoroughly. DING DONG!!!


Don’t be an idiot. You know exactly what she’s talking about. African-Americans are WEST African not East, don’t kid yourself and try to feel better by claiming an ethnicity you aren’t a part of.

@Dree…you are assuming that all mixed girls don’t get perms when in fact that is absolutely incorrect. That’s like me saying all black girls can’t grow long hair. Genetics play a big part however; don’t take it for granted that the hair is gonna be curly, soft, long, etc. THere are numerous types of hair on various types of mixed chics. If that weren’t the case most mixed chics would look like Halle Berry and we all know that is not true. Mixed girls are very much black as they are white. Lets do our research before we go assuming… Read more »
I am not assuming that all mixed girls don’t get perms but perms take differently on different types of hair.. And I don’t believe that any mixed girl would have the same texture hair as a full black girl. Simply because they are not full African descent. Go to Africa and show me a girl out there with hair like a mixed girl…. It would be very rare that u see that. My point is, mixed girls usually already have the hair texture that us fully black girls desire so it bothers me when I videos on Youtube trying to… Read more »

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Natural Products. Tropical Punch oil for dry scalp.


Not trying to be offensive in any way to anyone but do you guys think its okay for mixed girls to do natural hair videos and tutorials on YouTube? Personally, I don’t like that because obviously their hair is gonna be curly because they’re mixed. As oppose to a 100% black girl. Like, a twist out on a mixed girls hair is pointless to me. I don’t get it. Opinions are welcomed. I just don’t understand that, it’s not considered “natural” to me because mixed girls don’t get perms in the first place. Hmmm…….

T Harris

I disagree with you Dree… Not all mix girls have curly nice hair..Some mix girls have hair that is just as kinky as mine…. if they want to do natural hair videos and tutorials on YouTube more power to them…Let them tell there hair story too…lol:)

I’m not implying that all mixed girls have nice and curly hair.. And I’m not knocking them for doing YouTube videos on their hair.. It was just a personal opinion and I simply don’t watch their videos bc they don’t have the same hair texture as me. If you watch YouTube videos and you notice majority of the comments on natural videos are comments such as “I did this to my hair but it didn’t turn out like yours, and I used the same products, etc” and that’s because there’s different hair textures and every product doesn’t work the same… Read more »

I am mix, and I have 3C Hair….curly defined spirals which are awesome when wet. When I twist out my hair looks the same as my natural curls just with a more length than my natural shrinkage. I also get to keep more moisture in my hair when twisted out vs. Wet and wear. My sisters get perms and have much coarser hair than I and we’re from the same bloodline. There are different textures in black hair so how could you think that all mixed hair is the same. There is much ignorance in your statement!

What criteria do you have to meet in order to be considered “mixed”? What if it’s a black person who has a parent from Ethiopia and one light skinned African American? Are they mixed or do we revert back to slavery and the one drop rule? Also, being “mixed” does not ensure that one will have loose, wavy hair. Basically my answer is this: If they have naturally curly/kinky/coily hair they are well within their rights to make tutorials so that we ALL have someone whose hair experiences and routines that we can relate to. UNITY!

Yes patience is key. Growing hair is a process that takes plenty of tlc. My first year natural was the longest because I was chasing each inch of new growth.

samantha sigler

I big chopped my hair nov.19.2012. Since then I have put a bonded in weave and now I have five patches. Im so discouraged now.

Talibah Safiya

I think this video is hilarious- I need a little patience I cut all my hair off a couple years ago and have tried to let it grow back several times to no avail! As soon as a little hair comes I cut it back off because I am a singer and I always wanna look my best for shows and honestly I like the shave better…idk- this video kinda spoke to me. Idk maybe I’ll just keep it low..
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Penelope Fletcher

Absolutely Hilarious!! loved, loved IT!
I ordered some Patience a year ago. And I got the point!.


LOL @ all the bi-racials being featured in this video. The maker should have included more BLACK naturals. There are plenty of them out there.


It looks like the point of this video has gone over somebody’s head, lol.


cosign *swipes hand over head quickly* whew! lol.


ahah i was just gonna write a comment saying “secret to long hair?” be biracial like most of chicks that natural haired women idolize


#Anti-envy spray! LOL! Love it!


Best hair video hands down! LOL

Rachel Natalie

I love this video, great job ladies!


I definitely lol’d – no one wants to hear about this product! We would rather buy snake oil first and invite a shaman, a priest and Ms. Cleo to bless it than hear the inconvenient truth – to get good, healthy, long hair you gotta take your time. Like the vid!


LMAO at ‘shaman, a priest, and Ms. Cleo!! hahaha…Imma have to google- ms. cleo 2012- to see what’s up w/ her!

I hate to say it but I liken it to what I call the “Barack Obama Syndrome”. That is, using one excuse to cover up another issue. People try to call him a Muslim, Not a citizen, and all of the other ridiculous things we hear about in the news. When in actuality, they really have a problem with his skin color. Well, the same holds true for our black community. A lot of women, have problems with other women who have longer hair, lighter skin color, or looser textured hair. Instead of admitting to where the origin of their… Read more »
“A lot of women, have problems with other women who have longer hair, lighter skin color, or looser textured hair. Instead of admitting to where the origin of their envy lies (“I really don’t like you because your hair is long”), they will post negativity and try to defer the issue in other ridiculous areas.” It’s funny, I actually got negative comment on another blog about this video and when I took the time to explain it, the commenter revealed that she had just done the big chop and was really upset about having short hair. She said it felt… Read more »

This is really powerful. Thanks for sharing. I have to remember, those who hurt are hurting. And I have to make sure not to fall into the trap myself.

Affirming our own beauty is what is important, then we can learn to laugh at life and not sweat the small stuff.

Drove with my one daughter to our new home in East Texas (a three day trip), got her setteld in partially unloading boxes, etc., and attended Mass at the little St. Joseph the Worker mission (FSSP Father William Allen). Re-acquainted ourselves with some folks we met after Mass when we were on our property search. We have a wonderful base of friends and helpers already. I flew home to hasten things here for getting back with a disabled daughter, huge white German shepherd and small parrot (Pray for me)- again, driving, so as to get my car back there. The… Read more »
Thick Nigerian Hair

What does this have to do with this site?


I still dont see the controversy of the video. I mean, it really does take patience to grow hair in general. Jeez chillout people.


I’ve been trying to figrue this out on my own all day but I still don’t understand how to do Step 6+7! Can you explain that a bit more because I really don’t like the way my buttons looks currently!

personally i feel that locs hold the potential to retain their true length. and it all starts from how you care for them since day one. you need to be familiar with your hair and how it operates. as long as you arent tearing your fingers through your parts, ripping out hair through tight styles, treating locs like theyre ropes made of strong fabic, youre keeping locs moisturized with light products and oils, then the length retention should be good to go. if you think about it, locs are like a permanent protective style keeping hair bound together and most… Read more »

This video is super cute and has a great message. I think a lot of people get caught up in length anyway. Locs and natural hair are cute whether it’s to the quick or trundling down your back. Rock it whatever length that’s all that matters imo.

To Chescalocs and the others talented ladies,who made this video. Hilarious and kudos. Get ready to go viral again. Pack those bags again Chesca, Anderson will be calling again soon and others. When the devil is this busy, you know God’s hand is all over this. Along with success, comes the nay-sayers and haters, who are part of the package. Sad, but true. Talent such as yours is rare. I’m reminded of BeautifulBrownBabyDoll on youtube, whose success comes with a price as well. However, she rises above it constantly and continues to succeed and motivate others. You will as well.… Read more »

Thank you! what a wonderfully sweet comment. I appreciate the kind words and support. It really means a lot.


Rather “than” and “uplift” …lol, too irritated

Wow! Freedom of speech is a wondrous thing and many have fought for that right. The hatred of our own in some of these comments goes back to the recent controversy of Gabby during the olympics. Rather that applauding the accomplishments of one our own, we demean, pick-on, disregard, class-out based on hair textures, race tones, hair length or whatever mundane reason besides the right one….the production of a hilarious video and the collaboration by others of our own. True talent overlooked by the insecurities of those,who cannot see beyond their own shortfalls or inabilities. Tragic, but the reason why… Read more »

Stop it people. Do we need anything else to divide us. Why is it always us against them. It’s natural hair either way which is still not totally accepted by society. We’ve have long vs short, natural vs perm, locs vs loose natural hair, now its how natural is natural, how long is really long? Really, get over yourselves. Its situations like this that discourage people from going natural and staying natural. Its a good video and its meant to make you laugh as well as make a point. Take it for what it is and move on.


I think that what you’re saying is 100% true. However, the reality is that this debate is an eerily accurate representation of how the natural world treats many loc’ed people. The divisions have been happening for a very long time now.


Agreed! It seems that too often locs are left out of the natural hair conversation. As evidenced at many of the events & panels I’ve been to along with the numerous natural hair product campaigns I see that don’t include women with locs. Many times when I speak to product reps at events they don’t have anything geared towards locs and sometimes they blow me off for loose haired ladies as if I’m not as much of a valued customer. These comments have just further reinforced that divide. I’m just not sure when or why this happened.


I can agree because I went to an event today and they had products for every other type of hair and hairstyle but nothing for loc wearers. And their was many people there with locs. We are the minority in the natural hair community and that’s a sad thing.


I think that some naturals still haven’t faced the fact that natural hair does not equal being free of prejudice. Some of them still think that we loccentric beauties don’t wash our hair at all, that we smoke, that we are subversive political rebels, and they use that willfully chosen ignorance as their reasons for excluding us. That’s a damn shame. My favorite part is when people tell me :”You wash your hair more than I do!”


This is why we loc heads need to start doing our own ish. Why should we try to fit in with some (Key word SOME) ignorant loose-haired naturals who think we’re not good enough?


Of patience Is for new naturals and old…. But ya know what takes
Even more patience??? Scrolling through all of the negative comments LOL That took the patience of Job right there….sheesh… The psychology of black women is NO JOKE!


Huh…. And here I was really ready to grab my credit card like the product junkie I am… Heffas… Lol, it was cute though, i have become so impatient that I’ve almost reverted back to a perm. I’ll get there one day! *sigh*


hahahah!!Love it!!!i’m having a lot of it so one day i can tell my journey here!!!!kisses from brazil!!;)


Omg this conversation is stupid. If people want to believe in the myth of the non growing African hair strand so badly that they have to nitpick and get hostile, then so be it. The rest of us will grow our damn hair and let you be mad…and bald, apparently. *flicks hair* *leaves to read media takeout*


Lol at the fact that their all mixed race apart from the one with dreads – that’s the only secret there.


guess what.. you’re wrong.


Yes Vanisha, Gena is wrong. Unfortunately individuals still have a skewed idea of what a black woman should look like.


Cipriana is not bi-racial and neither is Myliek, the CEO of Curlbox. It’s quite telling and sad that THAT’S what you took away from the video. Disregarding their experience because of their racial background says far more about you than it does about them. I wish you luck.




I loved the video! I don’t understand what people found to be controversial by it??