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I have been on my nat­ur­al hair jour­ney for about  14 years. Pri­or to that I was bound to my Revlon mild relax­er like clock­work, I did not even know what my own hair tex­ture was any­more. Now every­where you look women are embrac­ing their curls.  I have watched this nat­ur­al hair move­ment explode, from the pletho­ra of curly hair prod­ucts avail­able, to all the curly girls in the media.

To get con­sis­tent results with my hair, I do my rou­tine once a week. Big, fluffy, defined hair is my pre­ferred style, which usu­al­ly hap­pens day two. “Nat­ur­al” hair takes a lot of TLC and patience. You have to be will­ing to go with the flow and accept that nat­ur­al hair has a mind of its own and lots of fac­tors can influ­ence the end result ie. weath­er, prod­uct cock­tail, and work­outs are just a few things that can dra­mat­i­cal­ly change your “do”.

1. Oil the Night Before

My rou­tine starts the night before with an oil treat­ment, this week I used ojon oil, some­times I use olive oil, or coconut oil. My hair is nat­u­ral­ly dry and high­lights make it even dry­er.

This is my end of the week “need to do my hair do”. It is still looks dry even though it is sat­u­rat­ed with oil.

2. Dry Detangle

The first step I do is detan­gle my DRY hair with con­di­tion­er. I take it in sec­tions and use my fin­gers to detan­gle, usu­al­ly I use an inex­pen­sive con­di­tion­er like Suave Coconut, but today I used Gio­van­ni Tea Tree Triple Treat. I find that after a week of wear­ing my wash and go my hair is some­times super tan­gled.

As you can see from this pic­ture I have dif­fer­ent hair tex­tures, the back is kinky and the front is a loos­er curl pat­tern. Once you under­stand your “head of hair” and what prod­ucts work on your hair tex­ture, con­sis­tent results will be eas­i­er to achieve.

This is my hair after detan­gling with con­di­tion­er.

This is an impor­tant step for me because my hair is a pain to “comb out” and I want to hold on to as many of my strands as pos­si­ble. Also I try  to lim­it my use of  combs or brush­es in my hair and just use my fin­gers most of the time. 

3. Cleanse

I now rinse my “detan­gler” out and cleanse my hair with a no sul­fate sham­poo, today I used Hair Rules dai­ly cleans­ing cream. My favorite is Devachan No Poo, but I am all out, I go through a ton of prod­uct, most of which I order online.

4. Deep Condition/Top Knot

Now I apply a deep con­di­tion­er, today I used Curl Junkie Curl Rehab, I rotate a bunch of dif­fer­ent ones, some of my favorites are Carol’s Daugh­ter hair smooth­ie, and a new one I just picked up Obliph­i­ca spi­ral hair mask. Depend­ing on my time I sit under the dry­er / heat­ing cap for 30 min­utes, or sit in my steam show­er, today it was so hot I just went out­side.

I put my con­di­tion­er soaked hair in a top knot which is a good “con­di­tion­er do” in case I have to run to the store or some­thing.

5. Cold Final Rinse

Back in the show­er to rinse con­di­tion­er out, my final rinse is always cold and I don’t EVER use a tow­el, I just step out soak­ing wet.

6. Apply Styling Product

Once the con­di­tion­er was rinsed out I applied a gen­er­ous amount of Kinky Curly Knot Today. This is a core prod­uct for me that I nev­er sub­sti­tute and it is always in my cab­i­net.

I then sep­a­rate my hair into large sec­tions and apply styling prod­ucts to super wet hair, I use a water bot­tle to make sure my hair stays wet. My com­bi­na­tion of prod­ucts varies by what is in my cab­i­net. I am always adding new prod­ucts, since I am eas­i­ly influ­enced by what I read on oth­er blogs. Today I used Curl Junkie Smooth­ing lotion, with a lit­tle bit of Curly Q’s Gel-les’c, topped off with Shea Mois­ture Curl Enhanc­ing smooth­ie. I apply with my fin­gers mak­ing sure to get prod­uct from my roots to the ends, mak­ing sure to use more prod­uct in the back and less to the front.

7. Diffuse with Dryer

My dry­ing method depends on the time of year, where I am going, and what I am wear­ing. Today I used a dif­fuser and dried my hair about 70%. If I am in a rush I will use one of my hus­bands work­out shirts, the kind that are designed for absorb­ing mois­ture, I care­ful­ly wrap my hair with it and keep it on for about 15 min­utes and shake my hair out and dif­fuse for about 5 min­utes. When I can I pre­fer to air dry, which can take half a day some­times.

8. Flip Hair/Dry Upside Down

I always flip my hair, to avoid the “flat top”. Notice how much prod­uct is on my hair, it is sort of white, all the prod­uct will be absorbed by the time my hair dries.

9. Do Not Touch!

My hair still needs to dry. It is impor­tant NOT to TOUCH at this point, in order to pre­vent frizz.

10. Air Dry

Now I am just wait­ing for it to dry com­plete­ly. I now can go about my day and just let my hair dry.

Big and Fluffy!


As you can see all the prod­uct has been absorbed and my hair is light, fluffy and has move­ment. Tonight I will “pineap­ple” it (loose scrunchie) and pull all the hair up, and sleep on a satin pil­low case. Day two I will spritz with a lit­tle water and shake and go. When the weath­er gets cool­er I will do twists outs to avoid wet­ting my hair mid­week. This process takes about an hour and a half to com­plete from start to fin­ish.

Day 2 Hair

Just added this pic­ture to show how each day is slight­ly dif­fer­ent.

Are you a nat­ur­al curly, coily, kinky girl? What is your rou­tine?

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U n me both ?


Love the tuto­r­i­al I’m just going nat­ur­al 4 months ago and I’m look­ing for a rou­tine that works for
my hair and this is per­fect my hair is just like yours you are very pret­ty


I’m 14 and i did it at night so I’ll get the resin the morn­ing but I loved how you explained it and i love how it looks on your hair
I’m try­ing to go nat­ur­al instead of always going to the perm


Can i use reg­u­lar con­di­tion­er or a soe­cic leave in con­di­tion­er?


It works on u per­fect­ly how abt the real negro afro how can i make mine soft­er and fuller


Final­ly tips from some­one with my tex­ture


[…] why there are many peo­ple who are try­ing to make their hair curly as African Amer­i­can peo­ple. It is hap­pened because curly hair is one of many best hair types in the […]


wow great hair!i like the col­or too.beautiful woman


I like how she gave such great details. Some­times it is hard to find some­thing like this for those with curly naps.


Love this … we have very sim­i­lar hair!


This is exact­ly what I want my daugh­ters hair to look like. As a sin­gle Dad it’s hard to fig­ure these things out. Prob­lem is that I don’t see her sit­ting still long enough for me to do all these steps. Regard­less, you are beau­ti­ful!


Do you have high­lights or col­or your hair?


Did you get the Devachan cut? I have been con­sid­er­ing get­ting it done myself so my hair will have a bet­ter shape.


I have 4a hair and if you co-wash you can style with your con­di­tion­er. I flat twist with Hel­lo Hydra­tion. It dries clear and my hair is mois­tur­ized. The curls are defined. The next day i just water and twist again. I seal with oil.


You and your hair are so gor­geous! I couldn’t but think, ” What a beau­ti­ful woman,” as I was read­ing your blog. We have the same hair tex­ture, and I chuck­led read­ing because I do some of those things too. I shall incor­po­rate a few more prod­ucts ( I was try­ing not to be a prod­uct junkie : fail!). Thanks!



I too have nat­u­ral­ly curly hair. I’m just weary of putting so much prod­uct in my hair as I believe that it would weigh my hair down. I use Gio­van­ni as a detan­gler, Noo Poo as a cleanser, then Knot Today by Kinky Kurly. I’ve always won­dered why ppl put even more than that. Is there a rea­son for that?

Hottie Dottie
Great tuto­r­i­al! I too have nat­u­ral­ly curly hair quite sim­i­lar to yours, my mom is black and my dad is eng­lish with curly red hair; leav­ing me with an assort­ment of curls. I have used a sim­i­lar tech­nique that I learned on but I have ran into a few com­pli­ca­tions. It takes me so long to do that it’s hard not to just throw it up in a pony­tail; cer­tain sec­tions of my scalp are flakey and itchy and oth­er sec­tions are pastey and itchy; my hair is not per­fect­ly fluffy when I let it dry nat­u­ral­ly; I have… Read more »

LOVELY,thanks for the tuto­r­i­al

Mariah Clay

Works WONDERFUL on your hair. Would this work on 4c hair?


Won­der­ful tuto­r­i­al. she is so very pret­ty also. Her bath­room is fab too! Not hair relat­ed, but I had to say it lol.


Appar­ent­ly I have a dif­fer­ent idea of what a “fro” is…


Agreed. Great tuto­r­i­al and cute hair, but that’s not an afro.


Great tuto­r­i­al, but I have fine neck length 4a with a lit­tle b hair & I get per­fect super­curly ‘fros with Knot Today & KinkyCurly(I Only do this in spring & sum­mer, BTW) and I don’t have to load down with so many products,which would prob­a­bly cause buildup on my hair.



Excel­lent tuto­r­i­al, I think that this for­mat works even bet­ter than a video. The pic­tures and writ­ten instruc­tions explain every­thing so well that it’s hard to even come up with a ques­tion. For those of us with type 4 hair, no we gen­er­al­ly don’t need to do any­thing to achieve fluffi­ness. I almost laughed out loud at the part where she has to dry the hair upside down to avoid “flat top”. For me, the chal­lenge in a WNG is dry­ness and loss of curl definition/friziness at the end after a few days. I’ve been able to achieve 5 day… Read more »

Her body is on point for her age! And her bath­room is bomb LOL. We have sim­i­lar hair tex­ture and she wasn’t try­ing to say her hair is lit­er­al­ly an “afro” like how you guys are say­ing. She just means volu­mi­nous curls, because curls of her tex­ture tend to fall flat if not styled cor­rect­ly (like her direc­tions).

Great post!!


Your hair is FAB!


Beau­ti­ful! I used to do my hair like this all the time, flip­ping the hair over to dif­fuse is a GREAT tip, hair comes out so full and fluffy but sad­ly I get so many tan­gles. Great bath­room!


This is a great tuto­r­i­al for ppl like me who can’t access YouTube. Hope I get to see more like these in the future.


She is a SEXY old­er woman! I hope to look as good as her when I get to her age! You guys should do a lifestyle post on her to get her secrets lol


she is soooo hot


Please don’t call an old­er woman “old­er woman”…


She said soooo many nice things.…sooo many… yet those things weren’t high­light­ed… sigh…

ta ney-ney

is this the curly girl method that so many have been talk­ing about?


She is a beau­ti­ful lady! My hair will nev­er do that; too thin.


Ok, now I’m embarassed…I seem to be the only one who noticed her bang­ing bathroom…sigh, I have to stop watch­ing HGTV.


Nu uh lady! That was one of the first things I noticed! The bath­room and that she looks real­ly good for her age.

For the Love of Curls

I just think­ing she has an awe­some bath­room.

s dubbya



I notice the very nice and large bath­room too :-)


@EG…haha that’s fun­ny I scrolled up and checked it out! It is nice. I watch HGTV the time it hasn’t got­ten that bad yet.=)


I com­plete­ly agree!
That show­er looks amaz­ing!


*RANDOM* I have 4b/c hair and dry detan­gling is a NOOOOOOOOOOO-Go for me. Doesn’t mat­ter how much oil/conditioner I slap on that bad boy, my hair needs to be wet. Go fig­ure.

Any­who, back on topic.…..also, Taren916 has a good tuto­r­i­al on Youtube for type 3’s that want to achieve that full-out, Pam Gri­er-type afros. 

This one is love­ly too, of course. Wouldn’t say its a “fro” but love­ly :)


this doesn’t work for 4c.……


That’s because our hair( 4b/4c) does’t do that. Its still a great tuto­r­i­al for those with this hair tex­ture. My curi­ous ques­tion is do you have to wash your hair more since you use so many prod­ucts to achieve this look?


I don’t think it’s meant to be aimed at tighter tex­tures. I do hope they will do dif­fer­ent step by step how tos. I’d like to see twist and curls, roller sets, braid and twist outs and coils/straw sets, flat twists, Ban­tus and corn­rows.


You can find all the tuto­ri­als you just list­ed on Youtube fair­ly eas­i­ly.
There are lots of nat­u­rals on there that have doc­u­ment­ed their rou­tines in easy to fol­low ways.

Obvi­ous­ly I know youtube has tuto­ri­als but as BGLH is show­ing some step by step PICTURE tuto­ri­als now like um this one, I hope they add more includ­ing the styles I list­ed. It doesn’t mat­ter if this piece is from her blog. It is being used on here so it would fol­low that oth­er arti­cles of the same nature may appear on here too. Not sure why some of you are so defen­sive and quick to jump on peo­ple here with your plus ones over any­thing that shoots some­one else’s com­ments down. It’s becom­ing unbear­able to com­ment with­out some hor­ri­ble… Read more »

Wow…you’re real­ly touchy.


And you’re a rude pas­sive aggres­sive but we live and con­duct our­selves as we must.


You’re the only one being rude here, tbh. You say you want more styles, which you’re not 100% guar­an­teed to see here, and girl says you can eas­i­ly find those on Youtube. You reply with a Great Wall of Chi­na of text about how she’s being defen­sive and rude, and blah, blah, blah.

So extra.


Not at all, noth­ing is guar­an­teed on here, I said I hoped to see more arti­cles like this with more styles. Say­ing ‘go find it on youtube’ is rude and pas­sive aggres­sive as though I’m not allowed to voice an opin­ion. Too many women on here feel they can police oth­ers. Not a pleas­ant site and becom­ing the youtube of hair blogs so I’ll skip the nasty, tacky com­ments and just read the arti­cles I want to. Good day to you.


“You can find all the tuto­ri­als you just list­ed on Youtube fair­ly easily.There are lots of nat­u­rals on there that have doc­u­ment­ed their rou­tines in easy to fol­low ways.” <- How is that rude or pas­sive aggres­sive? It is actu­al­ly pret­ty nice and direct. She told you exact­ly where you could go to find what you were look­ing for… Now if she WOULD have said “go find it on youtube,” then yes, that would have been extreme­ly rude and would have war­rant­ed your long wind­ed, although elo­quent­ly stat­ed but inap­pro­pri­ate for the sit­u­a­tion, response.


+1 this is from her blog not a sto­ry she did for BGLH


One of the best arti­cles ever on this site and bonus points for the pic­tures and sto­ry on ONE PAGE!


+1 for the sto­ry and pics on one page :)

I real­ly like her bath­room though.. dope! lol


beau­ti­ful hair and very detailed descrip­tion! thanks!


Great! We have very dif­fer­ent hair tex­tures, but your meth­ods are very easy to fol­low for full­ness. I will try them myself :-)


Nice. Very pret­ty. Thanks for shar­ing your rou­tine.


Nice hair and awe­some rou­tine! Thanks for shar­ing!!!


I Love It!!!!!!


What she said!