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By Jc of The Nat­ur­al Haven Bloom

We are always talk­ing about prod­ucts to help main­tain or increase mois­ture.  We talk about humec­tants, pro­teins and oils all the time. Today, it is the turn of some­thing rather decep­tive­ly sim­ple — hid­ing your ends!

If you wash your hair in braids or twists, you may notice that if you do not unrav­el the twist or braid, your hair could take sev­er­al hours (12 -16hrs or more) to ful­ly dry as opposed to 2–3 hours if you untwist­ed the hair and exposed it to air.  This demon­strates how com­pact­ing and bind­ing the hair reduces evap­o­ra­tion of water. This is the same prin­ci­ple that applies to hid­ing your ends.

1. Buns

Many peo­ple assume that once in a pro­tec­tive style such as twists or braids, hair will nat­u­ral­ly hold mois­ture. This is true but you can fur­ther increase mois­ture reten­tion espe­cial­ly at the old­er frag­ile ends by sim­ply hid­ing them away in a bun. 
2. Tucked in ends

With free hair, buns are an obvi­ous style to choose to tuck in or hide those ends. How­ev­er, you can get very inven­tive with rolling your hair into pret­ty much any style you desire.  The only thing you require is plen­ty of bob­by pins and a lit­tle bit of patience
3. Flat twists

Anoth­er fair­ly sim­ple way of hid­ing your ends on free hair is to flat twist it. This not only cre­ates an ele­gant style, but also gives open hair more pro­tec­tion from mois­ture loss.
4. Curl Clumping

Break­ing the hid­ing your ends rule is curl clump­ing. If your hair nat­u­ral­ly forms clumped up curls, this is a great way to main­tain mois­ture as well as give your hair added strength to resist break­age.  Each clumped curl will con­tain sev­er­al strands of hair in a com­pact form there­fore reduc­ing the evap­o­ra­tion of water from the sur­face of hair. The fact that there are sev­er­al strands togeth­er also means that each clumped curl is more resis­tant to break­age com­pared to  sin­gu­lar strands.

How do you style your hair to lock in mois­ture?

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I try to wear tucked in styles after a twist out some­times but I can only wear them for like one day or so. My hair tan­gles up so eas­i­ly unless I’m twist­ing my hair up every 2–4 days. Would it be bet­ter for me to blow out my hair like every two weeks or so to avoid too much manip­u­la­tion? Or is this a worse idea?


I kin­da dis­agree… sor­ry . With my hair it does dry faster like in 30 mins if it is hair down , but it is still moisturzed in pro­tec­tive style or hair down. I guess it is because I cow­ash and dc a lot that make them still moist all year round. 

I used to cow­ash basi­cal­ly every­day and dc prob­a­bly 2x a week. That what mak­ing it con­di­tion but moisturzed as well it seems to be 3b or c and 4.
It is sup­posed to be dry­ness but you can com­bat by doing those. And drink a lot water.


well my buns look like lit­tle balls of fluff so i wont be bun­ning any­time soon :(


this is my 9th mo going natru­al. i have short lay­ered bob. i do wash in go but they are look­ing like a jheri curl. is it any advice on how to solve this prob or any prod­ucts u rec­om­mend. i feel like maybe am not doing my dai­ly process cor­rect? am not sure. help!!! i rewet in the am i use leave in con­di­tion­er in it then my curl smooth­ing cream and a antifrizz on the top. thanks for any help or sug­ges­tions

benite moise

im now try­ing to do nat­ur­al hair so whats the prod­ucts i should use for mois­tur­iz­ing it.


nice arti­cle


Cur­rent­ly I’m in twists that I keep in a “bun” — which is more like a pony­tail with the ends tucked into the base — but I have to co-sign curl clump­ing. Once I got the hang of it for my most­ly-4b hair I was SHOCKED at how well it worked. There is def­i­nite­ly a sci­ence to it though and I don’t do it as much now because I’m not feel­ing the shrink­age.


I have short 4c hair, about 5 inch­es. Oth­er than these raggedy twist I put in my hair (out of des­per­a­tion from how dry my hair was get­ting) I have no idea what to do with it. I also have be keep­ing the major­i­ty of my hair cov­ered with styl­ish silk scarves tied up in dif­fer­ent ways but I need more! Not quite enough to tuck and pin but I’m get­ting there:-)

Any advice would be great­ly appre­ci­at­ed!



i like curl defin­ing. i alter­nate between it and minitwists these days. my hair stays so moist when i curl clump. i’m sur­prised that its not men­tioned as a pro­tec­tive and mois­ture reten­tion style more often. it’s what pre­served my ends so well over the course of the last five months. grew my hair from 7 to 10 inch­es via curl clump­ing. great style and my favorite of them all!

Tuck and pin, tuck and pin, for us girlies who can’t style their own hair I say thank you You Tube for show­ing me the tuck and pin style. I can do buns but my hair is so thick it won’t stay close to my scalp and I look like I have an extra fore­head, not a good look. Tuck and pin with a fringe of two strand twists when I can be both­ered. I can’t even get a pom­padour right, very frus­trat­ing. At the week­end I do an afro puff, who cares I’ll wash it on Sun­day. I like the… Read more »

Since it’s been cold­er, my hair has been a hot mess. I switched to heav­ier prod­ucts for the win­ter. I usu­al­ly don’t use heav­ier dress­ings but my hair is tru­ly hap­pi­er. I like wear­ing my hair out, but I’m real­ly think­ing of chal­leng­ing myself to wear a pro­tec­tive style for a month.

Qui Marie

@Soleil: I under­stand what you mean about your hair dry­ing out, I live in the desert. Have you tried mist­ing your hair with water or a water/moisturizer com­bo in the morn­ings and before bed­time? Doing so has reduced my dry­ness sub­stan­tial­ly. I hope this helps! Good luck Sis!


Hel­lo dear Project Num­bat staff,Is there any chance that some of the mrichan­dese could be sent out­side of Aus­tralia? With all cor­re­spond­ing ship­ping expens­es being paid by the cus­tomer, of course.Thanks in advance for your reply!


Yup it helps a lit­tle but with the cen­tral heat­ing and the cold UK air, it dries out. Also I work with chil­dren and I’m often out­side hence extra dry­ness.


Sleep with a humid­i­fi­er if the cen­tral heat is dry­ing… It’s also good for your skin and sinus­es. I loved it!


I am hap­py to say that my hair in the mid­dle is FINALLY long enough to make two large twists that go back. This (w some slight vari­a­tions) will be my pro­tec­tive style until I reach my hair goals!! Thank you for all the great info:)


I am still work­ing on the hair in the mid­dle of my head. Did you do any­thing spe­cial to coax it along or is this just a mat­ter of being patient??? Thanks!


I wear twists in a bun but this win­ter is real­ly dry­ing my hair out even in this win­ter. It has only been a week since my last wash but my hair was so dry I had to take my bun down to deep con­di­tion. Also my hair is not curly and despite prac­tic­ing, I have no styling skills. I could not mas­ter these styles so I’m going for pinned up jum­bo twists, eas­i­ly tak­en down to remois­turise. Nev­er done that style before but nat­ur­al 4b/c dense hair is not easy to keep moist for me.


Dur­ing this/past win­ter I just wore my hair in twists and kept my satin scarf and bee­nie on because of how dry my hair would have got­ten — I know it’s bor­ing but I want to pro­tect my hair as much as pos­si­ble lol.…then at home let my hair breathe lol — I live in GA so it doesn’t get that cold as oth­er places but I would sug­gest that lol

Cheryl M

I also have 4b/c hair. I retain mois­ture by twist­ing damp with a leave-in con­di­tion­er or twist­ing cream and seal­ing with Jamaican Black Cas­tor Oil. It’s heavy and holds in mois­ture. Also try a hot oil pre poo with coconut oil.

I have the same type of hair as you and your right. All the tuck­ing in the world doesn’t stop dry­ness, but the tips above to keep the ends tucked helps. You say you last­ed a full week before get­ting some dry­ness? That is pret­ty darn good for us with 4b/4c hair. Per­son­al­ly speak­ing if I leave my ends out I have to mois­tur­ize almost twice a day. With the ends tucked I get about 4 days tops before I got­ta recharge lol. For our hair texture/ type sev­er­al days of long last­ing mois­ture may not be real­is­tic. As for… Read more »

Thank you! You are right, it seems that the mois­ture is short stay mois­ture. The mois­ture prob­lem always becomes more severe in win­ter. I wouldn’t say I get a week’s worth of mois­ture. I must mois­turise twice a day EVERY day or my hair is arid. I am going to try tuck­ing all my ends with the pins. I know PS work and I do prac­tise with a styling head so hope­ful­ly I’ll get corn­rows and flat twists one day. I need to save time spent on hair. Thanks again to all who are giv­ing advice.