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By Jc of The Nat­u­ral Haven Bloom

I have often been asked for one tip or trick that has been ben­e­fi­cial but I am nev­er able to nar­row it down to just one. I actu­al­ly do not know any nat­u­ral who has ben­e­fit­ed from just one tweak to their rou­tine. Here are five tweaks which helped me along, there is a six­th one which I took out from this list as I have empha­sized quite a lot already — wash­ing hair in braids.

1. Detangle BEFORE washing

The worst mis­take many peo­ple make espe­cial­ly after long term pro­tec­tive styling, is not detan­gling hair before wash­ing. This sim­ple step is real­ly good at elim­i­nat­ing tan­gles that will get exac­er­bat­ed with hair shrink­age dur­ing the wash. Do not think that you can lat­er detan­gle with con­di­tion­er and this will be eas­ier because it almost always nev­er is. It will gen­er­al­ly be less has­sle to undo large tan­gles and mesh­ing pri­or to get­ting hair soak­ing wet.  I do accept that detan­gling is not always pos­si­ble though e.g.  if you are wash­ing twists or braids that you have no inten­tion of undo­ing. The ben­e­fits of detan­gling before wash­ing include less tan­gling, less break­age and more reten­tion.

2. The simplest pre-shampoo step

I have seen some real­ly com­pli­cat­ed hair rou­ti­nes on nat­u­ral hair forums and blogs.  This often leads peo­ple to dis­miss things that are seen as extra work such as a pre-poo. How­ev­er, this is the sim­plest pre-poo step ever! Apply some oil to your hair the night before your wash.…..that is it! You can choose a pen­e­trat­ing oil like coconut oil for great­est effect but  any nat­u­ral oil in gen­er­al is fine (sil­i­cone and min­er­al oils are the least use­ful for this pur­pose). This sim­ple step will help pro­tect the mois­ture lev­els in your hair and guard again­st break­age.  The effect of this step is usu­al­ly imme­di­ate­ly notice­able.

3. Dry your hair BEFORE you apply conditioner

It is com­mon to sham­poo and rin­se hair then gen­tly squeeze out the water before apply­ing con­di­tion­er. My advice is to take the time to actu­al­ly dry your hair (using an old t-shirt or microfiber tow­el if you are in the know!) before you apply the con­di­tion­er. If you apply con­di­tion­er and it imme­di­ate­ly starts drip­ping, it is the case that your hair is too wet and it is pos­si­ble that your hair con­di­tion­er is dilut­ed slight­ly by this step. To get the most from your con­di­tion­er, aim to have damp hair which is not drip­ping at all sim­ply by soak­ing up the excess water with a tow­el. This sim­ple step leads to greater soft­ness, bet­ter mois­ture and strength for your hair.

4. Finger comb

I have seen peo­ple say that fin­ger comb­ing does not work for them but this is just not true. Regard­less of your hair tex­ture, fin­ger comb­ing should be the first thing you do when detan­gling.  Sim­ply run­ning your fin­gers through your hair gives you an ini­tial idea of how tan­gled it is and where the tan­gles are. This is a step that no-one should miss out on. Adopt­ing a pure fin­ger detan­gling rou­tine where no combs or brush­es are used is real­ly use­ful espe­cial­ly if your hair breaks eas­i­ly when han­dled. The exclu­sive fin­ger comb­ing rou­tine is not for the faint of heart as it takes time and skill to mas­ter. I  do think that combs and brush­es are most use­ful for those whose hair can clump/form spi­ral ringlets as the tools aid in the clump­ing but even for this hair, a first fin­ger comb­ing step will help to find tan­gles and reduce break­age.

5. Go heat free

Sim­ply put, heat degrades pro­tein which means heat degrades hair. The less heat you use, the stronger your hair will be and there­fore the eas­ier it will be to retain the old­er hair. Adopt­ing a no-heat reg­i­men also trans­lates to few­er split ends and less break­age. If your hair is the type that requires a lot of baby­ing to pro­gress, try using no heat for 6 months and see what dif­fer­ence that makes. Heat­less stretch­ing meth­ods such as braiding/unbraiding,  ban­tu knots/knot outs, band­ing, African thread­ing and curl­form­ers can help if you want to reduce shrink­age and tan­gling.

Ladies, what tweaks have helped you retain length? And have any of the ones list­ed above worked for you? 

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^^I LOVE May­on­naise as my go-to nat­u­ral con­di­tion­er! The­se days though, I’m using greek yogurt for my hair.. pro­tein treat­ment :)

my youtube chan­nel:

Takeisha Smith
I have been grow­ing my hair out for two years now after the big chop. I have grad­u­al­ly tran­si­tioned from wear­ing small breads as my hair­style to large braids that I take down every­day if I want to wear my hair out. I used to use wide tooth combs at the begin­ning of my hair jour­ney but I now only fin­ger detan­gle. I find this to be the safest method to use. And of course I can’t say enough about con­di­tion­er & water & oil applied dai­ly to hair. Deep con­di­tion with may­on­naise if you feel like you need a… Read more »

May­be this has to do w/ hair type because I can­not detan­gle my hair unless its sop­ping wet and slathered in con­di­tion­er. When its like this I detan­gle my hair in less than 20 min. To do it oth­er­wise it would take over and hour and the break­age would be tremen­dous. I try fin­ger comb­ing every time I do my hair its a no go, noth­ing works like a whole bunch of con­di­tion­er w/ water and wide toothed comb cou­pled with some patience and gen­til­i­ty.
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Can you get long healthy hair by mois­tur­iz­ing your hair but still using some heat? (Blow-dry­ing every once a week or two and straight­en­ing mabye twice a year) thanks x

I’ve been flat iron­ing my hair for about 4 or 5 years now, and I didn’t use pro­tec­tion for a long time because I didn’t know bet­ter. Now, when my hair is not flat ironed, it’s short, frizzy, half straight/curly, and any­thing else you can imag­ine tha’s bad. But I real­ly need to flat iron my hair, because there’s noth­ing I can do with it when it’s Not flat ironed. And I would get a weave, but since i’m half white, and have paler skin, it’d look weird on me, plus every­one already knows my type hair at schoool, and… Read more »
Claudette UK

Try braid­ing it. Not too fine or tight­ly. But don’t do fur­ther dam­age by flat iron­ing it. Heat is your hair’s ene­my.


Did I just read this.…wow.

Linda Anderson

Thanks for the­se great tips! I stopped using heat over a year ago and it has made an amaz­ing dif­fer­ence in my hair’s strength. I used to have a ter­ri­ble prob­lem with break­age, but not any­more thanks to my new heat-free rou­tine and atten­tion to mois­ture!


I haven’t used heat on my hair for about a year now, and the dif­fer­ence shows! As my hair gets longer, it’s more dif­fi­cult to keep the ends moist, but now I know to dry my hair BEFORE apply­ing leave-in con­di­tion­er. I can’t leave it up to my corn­rows to pro­tect my ends any­more because of the length, so this lit­tle trick should be a huge help! Thanks!!

Briana Hicks
LOL, I don’t do any of the­se things. I detan­gle my hair in the show­er using She Mois­ture con­di­tion­er and a wide tooth comb or den­man brush (or some­thing sim­i­lar), with­out both­er­ing to pre-poo. Once it’s detan­gled and I’m out of the show­er, I put Kinky Curly Knot Today (which I dilute- 4 parts water to 1 part KCKT) and EVOO in my hair while it is pret­ty much sop­ping wet. And I then pro­ceed to ten­sion blow dry my hair (albeit on warm and on low) so that I have what is essen­tial­ly a stretched wash-n-go.  And I’ve seen a… Read more »

How long is your hair and what did you do because I find it hard not to use heat also what is pre-poo and I real­ly want to grow my hair down to my waist (it’s at my shoul­ders and lay­ered at the moment) what can I do to get there apart from not using heat.

Briana Hicks

as opposed to my pre­vi­ous one, which includ­ed no heat, fin­ger detan­gling out of the show­er.

Which I sup­pose means that hair is an immense­ly var­ied thing with pret­ty much no absolutes.

Peace Ya’ll,

I always pre­poo. I guess now I real­ize I am doing two pre­poos. I wash every week and sleep with the oil in my hair. Then in the morn­ing I pre­pare a mud (amla, neen, fenu­greek and/or tul­si). What I don’t do is fin­ger detan­gle. I will try my best to do this. My ten­donitis real­ly seems to act up on wash days so I detan­gle with a wide tooth comb which is faster for me. It works. I do dry my hair with a tshirt(love it)before adding my con­di­tion­er. Tran­si­tion­ing I have a lot of relaxed ends and they… Read more »

Sor­ry I’m obvi­ous­ly new to this lol!
Wait she you detan­gle before wash­ing you do it while your hair is damp right? Isn’t bad to detan­gle when your hair is dry?


When* you detan­gle


I always pre-poo with Nutress Hair instant con­di­tion­er. its the best thing I’ve found. Some­times I skip the sham­poo ;)


I def­i­nite­ly fin­ger comb and it works because I don’t have to use any combs, I usu­al­ly fin­ger comb after I have a sham­poo. I stay away from heat, can’t remem­ber the last time I used heat.The con­di­tion­er after hair is damp is some­thing I can do because I don’t like my hair too wet. To get start­ed on fin­ger comb­ing you can start with you comb then go through the hair again with your fin­gers, and you get all the tan­gles out.


Hey! I’m already doing this, except the pre-poo. my hair does NOT like oil until it is time to seal. lol


I go for ease on my week­ly wash days:
1. Detan­gle with water, braid and apply con­di­tion­er for co-wash
2. Sit under steam­er
3. Rin­se and final rin­se with cold apple cider vine­gar mix.
4. Fin­ger detan­gle and apply kim­i­tube for­mu­la leave-in, style
This has given me awe­some results. Peo­ple need to find what works for them and not be in bondage to per­form all the steps they hear oth­ers doing.

I don’t detan­gle before wash­ing but I could give it a go. As most of the time wash­ing my hair is a spur of the moment deci­sion I don’t pre­poo but I could try it if I know I am going to wash my hair the next day. I rarely use coconut oil as my hair doesn’t like it, great for cook­ing though. My hair is usu­al­ly damp when I apply the KLIC so I think I have that one cov­ered and I usu­al­ly do fin­ger detan­gle then use a very wide tooth comb at the very end as I… Read more »
The Natural Haven

It is real­ly easy if you do it in small sec­tions. Ran­dom­ly sec­tion into 10 or more loose twists and detan­gle sec­tion by sec­tion.

Jo Somebody
I def­i­nite­ly detan­gle before wash­ing now! Yes, it helps. Show­er detan­gling worked best when I had a twa. I used to think the weight of the show­er stream could help push shed hair free, but that only helps remove a small %age of the total shed hairs. I still pass the comb through once or twice when my rin­se out con­di­tion­er is in my hair though. Coconut oil pre-sham­poo­ing has saved my hair. Yes-o! Even if I am DCing before wash­ing, coconut oil goes on FIRST! With my low poros­i­ty hair, I *have* to do this. How­ev­er, it does seem to… Read more »
The Natural Haven

lol yep def­i­nite­ly get­ting bonus points on that!

Black & Olive

ugh! The fin­ger comb­ing is the hard­est to do espe­cial­ly when your hair is so thick! I have almost no time to sit a fin­ger comb so I detan­gle with a wide tooth comb. Though it works for me because I don’t real­ly do much with my hair but wash and wrap it and go because I am just too busy but I wouldn’t rec­om­mend that for every­one.


I stopped blow dry­ing my hair when I realised I was­nt retain­ing length and I watched a fin­ger detan­gling video on this web­site. Its now three months lat­er, I did my first blow dry two days ago and my hair has grown an inch from no blowdry and no combs!!! (jumps up and down excit­ed­ly) its approach­ing bra length.


thanks for the love­ly post


I tried fin­ger detan­gling for about four months and I’m mad at myself for that. I was nev­er able to get out all the shed hairs, even under a stream of run­ning water.Trapped shed hair=big knots. I’m back to combs and my hair stays well detan­gled now. Like the arti­cle states fin­ger detan­gling is GREAT before using a comb but not every­one prefers fin­ger detan­gling only.

Ugonna Wosu

exact­ly. Do both! You don’t have to pick and choose. I don’t know why so many seem to think you have to.


Alright heres the thing for me…If I detan­gle, put my hair in twists, and then wash.…i notice that the roots become tan­gled and the ends dont. Cant win.

Well I have to say that every­thing doesnp’t work every­one. Detan­gle before sham­poo doesn’t make sense for my hair. My hair is very rarely tan­gled before I wash unless I’m wear­ing a wash n go which I don’t do to often in the win­ter time. My hair get tan­gled in the sham­poo process so I detan­gle with cin­di­tion­er then put,my hair in twist. Pre poo­ing doesn’t do any­thing for my hair and when I fin­ger detan­gle, I get more knots then before so I have to end up using a comb any­way. When I use the comb, my hair stays… Read more »
Jo Somebody

For many peo­ple the detan­gling process is most­ly the removal shed hair any­way, so in that respect doing it before should make sense, espe­cial­ly if you’re com­ing from a stretched style.
Also, JC is a mas­sive advo­cate of wash­ing the hair in twists/sections (so much so that she actu­al­ly chose *not* to men­tion it here again!) so in that case, sham­poo­ing wouldn’t dd tan­gles.


I’ve tried sham­poo­ing in sec­tions but I still get tan­gles but I do sham­poo in sec­tions. If my hair is in a stetched out style then my hair is tan­gle free so no need­to detan­gle before washi. If I detan­gle befor sham­poo, then dur­ing shampoo/conditioner time. Then I would have my hand in my hair at least 3x com­pared to the 1–2x I do now plus be tan­gle free till next wash.….….. I just wan­na put the psa out that you should do what works for you!


*tried sham­poo­ing in twist

(1) I always detan­gle before wash­ing my hair. I fin­ger-detan­gle stretched, sec­tioned (12), oiled and con­di­tion­er-coat­ed hair. After let­ting the con­di­tion­er sit for a bit, I wash my hair in twists (12). I nev­er detan­gle after wash­ing — I just go straight to mois­tur­iz­ing, stretch­ing and seal­ing. Because of pre-sham­poo detan­gling, I expe­ri­ence less tan­gling, less break­age and more length reten­tion. (2) I always pre-poo with coconut oil and con­di­tion­er. It aids detan­gling and increas­es mois­ture reten­tion. (3) After wash­ing, I always squeeze excess water from my hair with a black cot­ton t-shirt. After that, I mois­tur­ize, stretch and seal.… Read more »

Good arti­cle. I incor­po­rat­ed all the­se steps in my reg­i­men and may hair thanks me for it, I’ve ditched the comb total­ly with great results.


I love my wide-tooth comb. I just can­not get all my shed hairs out with my fin­gers and exper­i­ment­ing is going to cause me knots and tan­gles so no bueno. I use my fin­gers first and then go through with a wide-tooth comb. I have too much hair for just fin­gers.


Yes fin­ger detan­gling is not for every­one. All the hair site say its the way to go but fin­ger detan­gling gives more knots n break­age then before. My wide tooth comb isn’t going any­where!

Ugonna Wosu

I do both. What my comb can­not do my fin­gers can, and vice ver­sa. I dont’ think there needs to be a choice.


Your right. You can do both. You don’t have to choose one or the oth­er. I was just mak­ing the point that fin­ger detan­gling doesn’t work for every­one, despite what all the hair sites. Fin­ger detan­gling caus­es for knots and break­age for me no mat­ter how patient and thor­ough I am when,I’m doing it. I’m. Just putting out the psa that its ok to use combs to detan­gle because the­se hair sites will have you think­ing that your not doing the best for your hair if your using a comb exclu­sive­ly and not fin­ger detan­gling and that’s just not true.

Great tips as usu­al… 1. I do this…but I don’t look at it as fin­ger-detan­gling so much as remov­ing shed hair pri­or to wash­ing. Unfor­tu­nate­ly it takes a long time and my hair isn’t even all that long… 2. I USED to do this but I think I may start up again. 3. I agree that “dry” is a lit­tle misleading…more like “remove as much drip­ping water from your hair as pos­si­ble.” I don’t always do this but I should. 4. Mannn…I need to just accept that 100% fin­gers is the future. Ear­lier this week I used a comb on my wet… Read more »

My hair is ALWAYS in a detan­gled state because I do not do braid outs, wash in gos or oth­er styles that tend to tan­gle hair. I wear a full afro and put my hair in about four braids every night. I now wash my hair in braids and it is easy as pie. I NEVER use sham­poo so detan­gling is not an issue. I do wear buns, but always with fresh­ly combed hair.

Jo Somebody

How do you get that afro? By pick­ing out your hair? If so, then while you avoid tan­gles, you’re pos­si­bly increas­ing your break­age.
My hair is 4b4a4c and both those styles cause issues. Braid­outs don’t. And sleep­ing with my hair loose would cause tan­gles what­ev­er the style I wore that day.

Jo Somebody

*both those styles = wash & gos and afros


Braid-outs don’t cause tan­gling. Putting your hair in braids at night and then unrav­el­ing for an Afro in the morn­ing is a braid-out…by the way.


Right, lol! Also, i would think an afro allows tan­gles & sin­gle strand knots to form as well.


Great arti­cle. I do all of them and have great suc­cess, espe­cial­ly with #2 as I decid­ed to revis­it coconut oil. 

I think anoth­er name for # 3 is plop­ping. I stand cor­rect­ed, but I believe that Curly Chron­i­cles (YT) did a video on that either last year or the year before.


The only tweak I haven’t done is dry­ing before apply­ing con­di­tion­er. The expla­na­tion makes sense, but it seems like a bit of a has­sle if you intend to wash out the con­di­tion­er. I don’t like to have to get in and out of the show­er. And what about cow­ash­ing? Do you con­di­tion, rin­se, dry, repeat? I guess that would have to be the sequence.

In any case, I’m always up for try­ing new meth­ods so we’ll see how it goes next few wash days.


I’m pret­ty sure that apply­ing to “damp” hair (dry wasn’t the best word choice for the articel in my opin­ion) was tar­get­ed towards the use of leave in con­di­tion­ers, not those you imme­di­ate­ly rin­se out in the show­er.

No, I think the author was talk­ing about rin­se out and deep con­di­tion­ers as well. Damp would be a bet­ter word I agree. The rea­son is because if your hair is too wet you won’t absorb all the con­di­tion­er. I think this is the rea­son why a lot of nat­u­rals are heavy hand­ed on con­di­tion­er. Get­ting all that water out of the way will make you use less con­di­tion­er. We use a lot prob­a­bly because with all the water the first dab doesn’t seem enough. I have low poros­i­ty hair so I fig­ured this out a long time ago. Even… Read more »

Thanks for clar­i­fy­ing Jen­niD. Still, I don’t see a sim­ple way to get my hair to a damp state. I’ll exper­i­ment with it and see it I fig­ure out a good way to do it.


I usu­al­ly just squeeze out excess water with a microfiber tow­el and then apply the deep con­di­tion­er. I am not heavy-hand­ed with my deep con­di­tion­ers so after the con­di­tion­ing peri­od, I seal it in and style. I don’t need to rin­se it out and it replaces my leave-in for the day.

your wel­come. Just have your cot­ton t-shirt or tow­el handy when you go into the show­er. Grab for it and squeeze out as much water as you can with your tow­el while still in the show­er( this takes all of 2 min or less) and con­di­tion as usu­al. You don’t have to leave the show­er. Just put your tow­el in an easy to reach spot near or in your show­er. A microfiber tow­el is good for this as it helps dry the hair super fast. I have a rail in my show­er that is sup­pose to hold wash clothes. I… Read more »
Jo Somebody

This! Also, I have a show­er cap that I put on while I wash my body (so I don’t have to duck and dive out of the way of the show­er). That 5-min­ute ‘bag­gy­ing’ with the show­er cap and the heat of the show­er also helps my low poros­i­ty hair absorb what it can from the con­di­tion­er.


Step 2-Ben­e­fi­cial, but after pre­poo­ing I’m ready to sham­poo to avoid an extra 50–120(!!!) shed hairs that’d need to be released the next day. Irrational?…Maybe.

Step 3-Wait til hair is DRY before apply­ing condish?? Man, I just knocked off 2(!!!) hours from my rou­tine! DAMP I can do.…Maybe LOL

The fun­ny thing about this arti­cle is that only the last two advice works for me. I tried detan­gle before wash­ing but that led to pain and more shed­ding so that’s a no go! Pree-sham­poo was great when I used to transti­ion but know is nei­ther bad or good (plus I’m too lazy to con­tin­ue doing it LOL) and the 3rd advice sounds so sil­ly to me so that is also a no go. But this web­side is one of my favorite and it does­nt mat­ter if this does­nt works for me because it will work for oth­er! Have a… Read more »
I’ve been doing 1, 2, 4, and 5 late­ly with good results, but I’d nev­er heard of 3. I might add that too. I tried comb detan­gling a few weeks ago to see if may­be it wasn’t so bad, but I had a lot more break­age instead of just nor­mal shed hair removal than when I fin­ger detan­gled. I also felt like I didn’t even get all the shed hairs out any­way! I’ve been using curl­form­ers too, which I think stretch the hair out bet­ter than a blowdry­er so I haven’t been using heat and I can see the dif­fer­ence… Read more »

Agree…I’ve nev­er heard of 3 as well, but it makes a lot of sense. I’ll try it soon.


I read about 3 in a sto­ry fea­tured on CurlyNikki…


I do all the­se already so cool beans to know. Have grad­u­al­ly increased my fin­ger-detan­gling though, even­tu­al­ly may for­go the comb alto­geth­er. For now, just use it as one last go-thru to make sure all of the tan­gles have been removed.


Let’s not for­get comb­ing through your hair with a pick rather than a comb.A comb can some­times exert too much pres­sure, but with the pick you can gen­tly coax the tan­gles loose. Also comb­ing through tan­gles with con­di­tion­er does real­ly work espe­cial­ly with pick. The tan­gles come right out.


That’s exact­ly what I do — with a very wide-toothed pick, but only after I’ve fin­ger detan­gled on wet/conditioned hair in the show­er. The pick just kin­da makes sure all the tan­gles were smoothed out by my fin­gers, and it catch­es those small­er knots I may have missed.


Total­ly agree with fin­ger detan­gling and detan­gling before wash­ing. This has real­ly helped me, I’ve noticed such a dif­fer­ence since I start­ed doing this. Now the only time I use a comb is for part­ing my hair and that’s it, the only that goes through my hair is my fin­gers.


I have always detan­gled BEFORE wash­ing, I thought most nat­u­rals did…


I dry detan­gled before wash­ing because I am a tan­gle prone 4b. In this way I can some­what con­trol my hair and decrease detan­gling. Adding water just exac­er­bates tan­gling, ssks and knots. I wash after dry detan­gling is done.

Afro Fly

I per­son­aly detan­gle my hair After shampooing/deep con­di­tion, because if I detan­gle pri­or wash­ing, my hair will recre­ate knots while it will be wet and shrink­ing, so i will have to detan­gle AGAIN.
Am I the only one ?


I see a lot of nat­u­rals on YOUTUBE, detan­gle before wash­ing and put there hair in twist while wash­ing so the hair does­nt get tan­gle dur­ing the wash process…


I start­ed doing this a few months ago, and it does make the process MUCH faster. I used to fin­ger detan­gle with oil to get out the larg­er knots and obvi­ous shed­ding, then wash my hair in 4 loose sec­tions. Now I fin­ger detan­gle, put my hair in 10–12 twists and wash in those twists. I do still comb my con­di­tion­er through the twists though, but it is so much eas­ier, quick­er and less dam­ag­ing since I’ve done the first few stages.

Ugonna Wosu

I detan­gle before sham­poo­ing if I remem­ber to, but most times I do it just after­ward, and it works out for me.


I stopped comb­ing about 2 months ago and have noticed a lot less shed­ding. I start­ed using “Don’t Be So Clingy” by luv nat­u­rals to detan­gle and it is a great pre-poo. It takes more time, but it’s worth it.


I’ve been think­ing more and more about detan­gling before I wash. I did it once and wash­ing my hair in the show­er was so much quick­er. I don’t know why I nev­er tried it again but I’m think­ing I should at least do it one more time this week­end. Usu­al­ly I do hot oil treat­ments though. Should I olive oil up my hair like usu­al and, as I’m doing it, detan­gle sec­tion by sec­tion?


From a per­son­al expe­ri­ence, I start­ed fin­ger detan­gling before wash­ing, reduced tan­gles and hair shed when combing..THEN, actu­al­ly last week I read anoth­er arti­cle on this site and stopped comb­ing I only fin­ger detan­gle hope I retain more length *fin­gers crossed*

point is there’s a lot of ben­e­fi­cial advice here, just try for one wash, if if does­nt work out you can go back to what your used to :)


Oh and yea apply the oil, let it “sit” then detan­gle sec­tion by section..thats what I do, 4 sec­tions