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Introduce yourself!
My name is Audrea, I’m 29, born and raised in Beaumont, Texas and now reside in Houston, Texas. I’m an Elementary Teacher.

Why did you make the decision to go natural?
I made the choice to go natural because I was very curious to what my natural hair looked like AND because I wanted versatile hair without the hassle of having to relax, roller set, blowout, or flat iron my hair all the time. In August of 2009 I began my journey of going natural. I was too chicken to totally big chop all of my relaxed hair off so I transitioned for an entire year. During that year I trimmed away at my relaxed ends a little at a time. I’ve been natural for almost 3 1/2 years!!!!

How would you describe your texture?
I believe my hair texture is 4A. I have a good curl pattern, but I have some kinks too! My hair behaves well. I consider my hair coarse, but not super thick.

Describe your styling regimen over the course of the month.
My styling routine over the course of the month is very simple. I wear my hair in braid outs majority of the time. Once a week I wash, braid my hair up, let it air dry, and then unbraid. On weekends or when I don’t feel like braiding my hair, I will rock a wash and go. Every now and then when I feel like having fun I experiment with protective styles and updos.

What does wash day look like for you?
My wash day is very simple also. I co wash with As I AM Coconut Co Wash Conditioner and then I detangle my hair with TREsemme` Naturals Conditioner (I always use the TREsemme` conditioner that I detangle with as my leave in). I braid my hair while it’s wet using Camille Rose Butter, let my hair air dry and when it’s completely dry I take it down, separate and fluff. I maintain my hair throughout the week by hydrating it when needed with argan or coconut oil and I rebraid any sections of my hair that begin to frizz.

Describe your favorite go-to hairstyle for days when you don’t have a lot of time to style.
My favorite go to style when I don’t have time or when I’m in a rush is a giant curly puff.

How do you combat shrinkage?
I don’t have major shrinkage, and the little shrinkage I have doesn’t bother me. The times I want to stretch out my hair I will lightly blow it out before I style it.

Tell us about your hair color?
Since I can remember, my hair has always been a sandy/golden color. After going natural I noticed that my hair began to darken so about year ago I tried Henna Hair Dye for the first time. I found Henna to be good for my hair. Henna didn’t weaken or change my curl pattern. I think that Henna actually refreshes my curls.

What are 2 do’s for your texture?
Two Do’s for my texture. 1) Good moisturizers/oils 2) Good detangling conditioner with lots of slip

What are 2 don’ts for your texture?
Two Don’ts for my texture. 1) Not using a leave in conditioner before I style 2) Not hydrating or keeping my hair moisturized throughout the week when needed

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
Follow me on Instagram: Penelope15sam


Just another lover of natural hair and expression.
- Style Icon Coordinator for BGLH

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Love her hair and color. That pic of her hair huge with “Lions” in the background….Amazing!


I have 1year hair6in well and sandy d. Hair

Like MAHA, I, too, was happy to see such a beauty from Beaumont discussing so eloquently her natural hair journey. I’m from the neighboring Mont Belvieu area, and I could immediately connect with her. I also applaud her for taking the high road in her response regarding the “good curl pattern” comment. I didn’t think it read well, but I was not offended by the comment as the remaining verbiage seemed to better clarify what she meant. I, too, have curls, coils, and kinks, so again, I could relate. I pray that I live to see the day when our… Read more »

It’s so good to see someone from Beaumont with such a glorious head of natural hair! I’m from a neighboring city, Port Arthur, and I went natural in 2006… 2007 moved to DC. There were little to no naturals then, now when I go home to visit more and more people are losing the permed hair, no wonder they’re going natural if I saw her hair I would want to be natural too! Great post and love all the pics


As soon as I read the article I knew it was coming….lol


Yeah the “good curl pattern” part totally went over my head too. Didn’t think anything of it. I feel like someone who got offended by that must have some insecurities about their own hair.

IG: YurSweetDream


When I seen this story had 52 comment, I knew it had to be something about hair type, texture the GOOD & bad it never fails with this site!!


Hmmm ….. case closed. Her hair looks nice though.


I agree with TJM and Shammy…some people take things too far.


I have known Dre’ for many years and know that is not what she meant. Right after that statement she says her hair behaves well, meaning it do not give her any problems. This was a great read for me. Great job Dre you look amazing and your hair is flawless. People will always have something to say, don’t let that bother you. What about the rest of the interview? Her beautiful hair and color? Dre has responded so go read her comment and move forward with more positive comments.


Some people are so angry unnecessarily so that they haven’t even noticed that Audrea has replied as commenter Dre, trying to explain herself.

Seriously People! I have said it once and I will say it again. SOME naturals are too dern sensitive. Who is anyone to tell HER how to describe HER hair?!? I dont care if she said it was the best of the best or the worst of the worst…its HER thoughts and opinions. If YOU opt to use different words when referring to YOUR hair then so be it, but you can not determine how one describes themself. Now if someone describes YOUR hair in a way that YOU don’t like, that’s different (but still not worth the fight in… Read more »

As soon as I read that “good curl pattern” I knew there’d be trouble. 🙁 Such a shame too because she gave a great interview and has beautiful hair.


+1 So the first thing I saw was 60 comments then I read “good curl pattern”. I was like “uh oh…”


Not even gonna lie, I only read this one because it had 60+ comments, and style icons rarely reach those numbers unless there’s some drama. And there was, of course.


I will be honest, when I saw this post, I didn’t even finished reading, I just jumped straight to the comments because I just KNEW….

Her hair color is lovely and I need my hair to behave that way, because I I have 4a hair as well, but can’t control my frizz. When she said “good curl pattern,” followed by “but I have kinks too,” I don’t think that she was stating that she had “good curls” or “good hair.” I think she meant that her curl pattern is visible/identifiable, because when you approach the 4s, the consensus is that there is minimal curl and that the hair is much more kinky. My hair is black and looks like hers, and my curl pattern is… Read more »
Just read her response under “Dre.” I’m glad that she clarified her previous statement,but on the other hand some of the other commenters took it too seriously. And I don’t know why BGLH would refuse to showcase a natural haired beauty one week or one day because the previous post was of someone with similar looking hair or curls. That’s ridiculous, I’m pretty sure they’re not working that hard to group their posts by similar curl pattern, and they shouldn’t be. If you want to see a different beauty up there with hair similar to yours, submit your own story… Read more »

beautiful hair


When she said good curl pattern, I thought she meant it curls well or easily. I have parts of my hair that spring into coils naturally, and some parts that need gel and pleading to not just stay cottony. Any head of curly/coily/kinky hair is different in different parts and we alter it with styling. I’m kind of tired of people going off whenever the word “good” mentioned is within 20 feet of someone talking about their hair.




Did it ever occur to anyone that WE ALL have “GOOD HAIR”???


Great comment/question and Yes!


My hair is kinky, not curly….and I’ve learned to be proud of that.


People are too sensitive. Wow. I didn’t even notice with first read.


When I read her comment about “good hair pattern” I knew some people would get all sensitive. People have to nag about something. It’s not that serious. There’s too much drama on this blog. She has beautiful hair!!! Love her hair color.




I think she’s got good hair though, don’t you think?

Jo Somebody

Yes. And I think the ‘kinks’ form part of that. The bit about ‘kinks’ didn’t have to come after the ‘but,’.

I initially thought she just meant ‘obvious’ or ‘clear’ curl pattern (as in, ‘there was so much traffic it took me a *good* hour to get to work’), but her own explanations proved me wrong…


Tina, is your caps lock key always on? If you press it again, you can type in lowercase letters too.


No curly and kinky are not the same if one is tighter than the other. They are both ways to desribe but texture but they look different so I don’t see what’s wrong with describing your hairusing both thoseword or any combination.


Why are people so sensitive on here? Hair is Hair and she does have a “good curl pattern”. I think some people live to scrutinize what others say because they have insecurities. Hair is hair, and its beautiful when its healthy!


Exactly SHammy!!! People and their insecurities can turn anything into something negative. And she does have a good curl pattern!


In stating that she has a “good curl pattern” I think she simply meant that she has an “obvious curl pattern”. What is wrong with that?

She has a beautiful hear of hair and I appreciate her sharing the details on this website!


I love the sandy color! It soo pretty…
I believe that when she said “good curl pattern and kinks too” she meant ‘good curl *definition* but also some undefined strands’. I can’t believe that is all most of the comments say.. a bit saddened.


Ok I’m sooo glad I’m not the only one who noticed the “good curl pattern” part! As opposed to what?!? Beautiful hair though..

Nice hair. The “good curl” comment flew over my head when initially reading her interview, so to me, it didn’t come off as offensive. I took it as she has definition, as well as kinks. Now on to a BGLH topic on hair icons: I applied to be one, but obviously wasn’t chosen. No sweat. I’m 13 months natural. However, I notice ALL the icons usually have been natural for 3+ years, and obviously have long hair. Is the BLACK GIRL LONG HAIR term to be taken literally? Is the requirement to be considered being featured to have “long” hair… Read more »

I with you on this Vonnie because we don’t all aspire to have long hair, some of us aim for healthy hair and if it becomes long then cool. I for one would love to see a variety of lengths featured here.


How did you apply to be featured as a style icon?


in the “about” section.


Just email them with some pics and say you would like to be a style icon? Pretty simple.. Thanks!


Sorry Vonnie but the site is called black girl with LONG hair not BGW short or medium length hair. I love seeing the long hair inspirations, keep up the good work BGLH!

While I understand BGLH has the right to showcase the images they want to protray, IN MY HUMBLE OPINION, ESPECIALLY if they want to appeal to all areas of the natural community from the newbie to the seasoned veteran, they should showcase different levels of people on their natural journey. What good is it to someone who just BC’ed last week to only see pics of folks 4+ years deep in their journey? It can be disheartening. I know that was something that I noticed here and on other sites when I first started. Hence me figuring I would show… Read more »
People have to start somewhere, they don’t just wake up with hair down to their butts. To only show long hair on this site would be to leave out a vital role of the hair journey, as well as showing diversity and hairstyle option (as some people may not want to have long hair/short hair for forever). This site is also not designed just for one person, but to provide something for everybody, i.e. those new to the game and those that have been in it for year, short fades, or big epic ‘dos. I feel the creator of this… Read more »

Alot of the icons do include pictures of them with their short or medium length hair and sometimes their hair straightened pre and post BC/transition. So really all hair lengths are being represented. Before they had long natural hair, they had short natural hair, or transitioning hair.
I’m not even natural and I can appreciate this site so lets not get so serious as to make a good thing bad.


Exactly Stacy. There are other websites out there that show all different lengths of hair. But, personally, if I want to see long beautiful black hair, I come here. I hope it stays that way. If others want to see more “diversity” set up a hair site like this one and I’ll come and support it. 🙂 M


I remember about a year ago BGLH featured a few lovely naturals who had short or twa’s. Eithet they weren’t too far into their natural journey or they just perfered short hair. There were an immense amount of comments about how wrong BGLH for showcasing short hair naturals. So now its become a damed if you do, dammed if you don’t.

Jo Somebody

I remember this too! ‘Erm, this site is called black girl with LONG hair, I don’t find her hair to be particularly long blah blah blah…’. I rolled my eyes for a good 5 minutes!


I LOVE your hair color–it is so unique!


Very beautiful hair and so healthy.


I hate how she describes herself as having a “good” curl pattern. Why give these women a platform on this site?


Beautiful hair! I love love love the color!! Great simple regimen too.

I definitely cringed when I saw that “good” curl pattern part…cringed just because I figured that it would upset some people. I do not think she meant it like oh she has “good hair” that really…probably like she had a defined curl pattern that really shows. It was the way she phrased it. Regardless beautiful woman/hair and love her IG.


I agree with you Marcia!

I don’t think she said that in a way to cause an uproar; in fact it didn’t even cross my mind until I saw the previous comment. Everyone uses words differently depending on what region they’re from, kind of like “Let me take a good look at that” or whatever. Either way, her hair & color is awesome.


Seriously, I swear some people live to be offended. Why assume the worst? I sooo didn’t think that when I read it. I just thought she meant she liked it , not that there was a good or bad. Her hair is very cute. I love her color 🙂 Not that it matters at all but I would have put her at a 3C.


I agree with you kb. So what if she describes her curl pattern as good. It’s not like she is saying anything not like hers is bad.


I agree with that as well. I don’t think she meant it in a negative way. People need to relax. It is getting to the point that no one is going to post their hair story on this site due to overly critical people posting negative comments. Let people live.


I agree! Everytime I come on here there is a person offended about the responses to another persons hair story. Geesh! And when I read the responses to these stories, I don’t see any justification for being offended.

Anyway, beautiful lady and hair!


Totally agree. It’s her hair and she can describe it anyway that she wants.


That comment doesn’t read well but she wears undefined styles so I’m not sure she did mean it in the way it reads here without tone. I hope she’ll clarify before the snowball becomes an avalanche.


i agree with you,because obviously there are people on here who just cant comprehend her statement, she said i have a good curl pattern but i have kinks to, as though kinks are bad! Come on really! That should have never been said! but alot people can read, but that doesnt mean they understand what they read!


If you want to find fault in you will, and if you don’t you won’t. I don’t think kinks are bad , so it didn’t affect me, but maybe you think they are bad, hence the reaction.

No Good Hair
To be fair, It could be read as beauty85 chose to read it. Either way I feel that lots of hair types look lovely. I can appreciate 4c to 3A and I do not value one over the other nor would I ever say that someone had a good curl pattern because that’s not me. I think when I was naive about hair types and my own natural hair, I loved longer 4b/c and big curly fros but as I watch more youtube vids and see more pictures of Afro textured hair of all types, I am really happy to… Read more »

I couldn’t have said it better ….:)

Miss T

She may have simply meant that her hair is a combination of curls and kinks, my hair is too and I’m 4a-4c, I can wear curly styles and a full blown kinky afro. Black hair is beautiful and varied thats all…

Lol, guess I’m gonna have to polish up my nappy hair police badge. Her comment does make you wonder but its not that serious people. This is why I hate that the term ” curly” is being used by all naturals. Cause truth be told nappy and curly are not the same thing.One is not worse than the other but they are different.They behave different. Someone saying that they have a good pattern is just stating a fact. She does. Her hair makes curlies. I bet someone is gonna say she’s not 4a either lol. My hair looks nothing like… Read more »
IT SADDENS ME THAT SOME PEOPLE WERE OFFENDED BY THE STATEMENT “GOOD CURL PATTERN” THAT WAS IN MY RESPONSE TO BGLH. I don’t believe in such a thing as GOOD or BAD curl patterns. All hair patterns no matter the style or length are beautiful to me. When I said good curl pattern I MEANT that my hair works the way I would like it to work, that it defines when I attempt to define it, and that it is nice to me most of the time and doesn’t give me a lot of bad hair days….I WAS NOT using… Read more »

Thank you for sharing. Please do not allow yourself to be discouraged by others. Our opinions are shaped by our past along with our personal sense of “self”. You expressed YOURSELF and I thank you.


The majority of comments are good, don’t like neg. nancy ruin your shine. 🙂 Your hair is awesome!

Yea I didn’t take offense to it. I read it as you saying that mostly your hair forms complete curls with some of your hair not having a defined or complete pattern but rather irregular kinks. It’s just semantics , people have become trained to associate negativity with the word good when used in a sentence with hair, just like they did when they heard the word kinky or nappy. Now the table has turned and kinky and nappy are good, but good is bad. SmH. You have interesting hair. It shows that the hair typing system only refers to… Read more »

I just thought you simply meant that some of your hair is defined in pattern, and some is not. :o/ I didn’t even pause at that sentence until I read the comments criticizing your description.


It’s all good, Audrea! I think you and your hair are both beautiful, and I love your twist-outs! Thanks for sharing your story and routine with us!

I didn’t read into that way but everyone is different and may read into it differently. My hair is very similar to her hair and the first thing that came to mind when she said “good curl pattern” I thought she meant that she has a “pretty good” or “pretty defined” curl pattern and that her curl was not less defined or hard to fine. I get what you are saying but honestly if someone is going to find something negative to say, I think it doesn’t matter. They will always find something negative to say. I think people are… Read more »