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Introduce yourself!
Hi World! My name is Bernadette Louise, I’m 22, African American, born in California raised in Virginia and now residing in Atlanta. I’m a model and actress.

Why did you make the decision to go natural?
I have been natural my entire life. I went from not knowing how to manage my hair to finally meeting coconut oil and living life! This lifetime, I have realized people always want what was not given to them and for a short period of time I too had fallen into that bracket. God has blessed me with beautiful hair and I chose to let it run its course. I wear my hair naturally curly quite often now because it has its own special characteristics and I absolutely love it. I have virgin hair and have never added any chemicals. I am always scared to flat iron my hair thinking it will ruin my curl pattern. So far so good!

How would you describe your texture?
My texture is 3b/3c. I say this because depending on what product goes into my hair depends on how my hair will look. I have extremely thick hair but you’d never know if I had it flat ironed.

Describe your styling regimen over the course of the month.
I wash my hair with Giovanni shampoo and conditioner. Usually I will leave the conditioner in my hair, add products like coconut oil and shea butter, then let it air dry. My hair will maintain the moisture from the product up to 3 days then I will start the process over. It usually takes about a day to allow my hair to completely dry so I have to make sure I wash it early in the morning. If I have shoots to go to, I usually will go with my hair dry and no product. I rarely will go to a salon because they have no idea what they’re doing or will charge me 3x’s extra for having long hair, go figure. I wear my hair straight maybe once or twice a month. I will roller set my hair or use flexi rods once or twice as well. I have my cosmetology license and sometimes will put my skills to use.

What does wash day look like for you?
I use the Giovanni shampoo and leave in conditioner. I often switch them up so there is no one specific type that I use of the Giovanni product line on a regular basis. Bi-weekly I will switch it up and use Bee Mine Botanical Moisturizing Shampoo and Bee Mine Avocado Cream Balanced Conditioner. I will then use the Bee Hold Curly Butter and put it in my hair while it is wet. After the Giovanni products, I will then use all natural coconut oil. This helps keep my hair from staying dry. Sometimes I will also use gel, again no specific brand. I am still on the search for a good one that doesn’t leave my hair so dry…

Describe your favorite go-to hairstyle for days when you don’t have a lot of time to style.
My favorite go-to hairstyle would have to be a messy bun on the top of my head or even combing my hair when it is curly to make it bigger and wearing it like Diana Ross.

How do you combat shrinkage?
I don’t usually have too much shrinkage because by the time my hair is completely dry it has fallen and is back to its normal length. My hair is past my shoulders when curly and past my mid back when straight.

Tell us about your hair color?
My hair color is light brown, dark brown and has blonde highlights in the front. My hair color is natural and the highlights are from the sunlight and swimming in the pool and ocean over the years. It has not changed the texture of my hair, although the blonde pieces in the front usually need a little more oil then the rest of my hair.

What are 2 do’s for your texture?
With my texture you could do just about anything to my hair. I like braids and curling it with flexi rods to give it a different look. Although I dislike sitting under the dryer for 8 hours for my hair to dry. 🙁

What are 2 don’ts for your texture?
I am tender headed unfortunately so teasing my hair doesn’t always feel good as well as cornrows.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?


Just another lover of natural hair and expression.
- Style Icon Coordinator for BGLH

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Ah such a lovely colour and voluptuous hair. And she’s right, she has tons of hair!