Bey­on­ce has been hes­i­tant to show off daugh­ter Blue Ivy’s face, but not her cute curls! In this pho­to post­ed to Beyonce’s Tum­blr account, the songstress showed off her and her daughter’s styles. Pret­ty adorable :) What do you think of the look ladies?

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Bey­on­ce had a son, did­nt she?

Andriea ISH

I’ve nev­er cared for those types of braids, but Bey­on­ce can do no wrong in my eyes! I do wish we could get a few peeks of that cute lit­tle baby’s face, but I under­stand her try­ing to pro­tect her.


leave them alone, i think the pic­ture is adorable,but i must say i wish we could see a real pic­ture of the lil girl ‚we alays see her back or side, what is that all about? i hope she is not ashamed of the lil girl, come on bey show her be proud of your lil girl and fu what the wor­rls says or thinks…


Because she looks just like her dad.…poor thing!!!!!


as for bey­on­ce she has always had nice and
“good hair” so don’t hate the exten­sions may not be all hers but most of them areare real hair… who knows its’possible for her hair to actu­al­ly be that long because of the type of hair she has it will grow u know.…

Fans r fa so in love with B that after all the­se yrs so many debate whether he hair is longer than aver­age. To believe the entire length of box braids is all her hair is just plain niave.yes she wears weaves&hopefully she’s pro­tect­ed her hair over the years but trust..her real hair does not flow down her back! Stop drink­ing the kool_aid. We can grow long hair..its just not the case with her bc there’s one pic of her out there with her real hair in a pony tail and its more a pony poof. Its a good #… Read more »

Lol bey­on­ce don’t be wear­ing weaves she be wear­ing full lace wigs like rupaul and tyra..expensive ones too. That look so damn good she’s one of the rea­sons why I start­ed to wear them. That and rupaul, tyra’s not that god. Beyonce’s at least look real­is­tic.


For all those ask­ing why Bey­on­ce choses to not show her daughter’s face, the answer is out of pri­va­cy. Bey­on­ce and Jay-Z have always cho­sen to remain pri­vate weath­er it be they’re infor­ma­tion, their rela­tion­ship, or their fam­i­ly. I for one am not sur­prised at their deci­sion to keep their child out of the pub­lic eye. And for those of you say­ing they are ashamed of their child, that is utter­ly ridicules and untrue. Bey­on­ce has talked about her daugh­ters beau­ty on many occa­sions! They are just a fam­i­ly who like their pri­va­cy! Good for you Bey!


Why is Black hair such a top­ic? I say haters and jeal­ousy!


In order for Dey­on­ce to have “good hair” wouldn’t it have to be HER hair? T