Beyonce has been hesitant to show off daughter Blue Ivy’s face, but not her cute curls! In this photo posted to Beyonce’s Tumblr account, the songstress showed off her and her daughter’s styles. Pretty adorable 🙂 What do you think of the look ladies?

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In order for Deyonce to have “good hair” wouldn’t it have to be HER hair? T


Why is Black hair such a topic? I say haters and jealousy!


For all those asking why Beyonce choses to not show her daughter’s face, the answer is out of privacy. Beyonce and Jay-Z have always chosen to remain private weather it be they’re information, their relationship, or their family. I for one am not surprised at their decision to keep their child out of the public eye. And for those of you saying they are ashamed of their child, that is utterly ridicules and untrue. Beyonce has talked about her daughters beauty on many occasions! They are just a family who like their privacy! Good for you Bey!


Lol beyonce don’t be wearing weaves she be wearing full lace wigs like rupaul and tyra..expensive ones too. That look so damn good she’s one of the reasons why I started to wear them. That and rupaul, tyra’s not that god. Beyonce’s at least look realistic.

Fans r fa so in love with B that after all these yrs so many debate whether he hair is longer than average. To believe the entire length of box braids is all her hair is just plain niave.yes she wears weaves&hopefully she’s protected her hair over the years but trust..her real hair does not flow down her back! Stop drinking the kool_aid. We can grow long hair..its just not the case with her bc there’s one pic of her out there with her real hair in a pony tail and its more a pony poof. Its a good #… Read more »

as for beyonce she has always had nice and
“good hair” so don’t hate the extensions may not be all hers but most of them areare real hair… who knows its’possible for her hair to actually be that long because of the type of hair she has it will grow u know….


leave them alone, i think the picture is adorable,but i must say i wish we could see a real picture of the lil girl ,we alays see her back or side, what is that all about? i hope she is not ashamed of the lil girl, come on bey show her be proud of your lil girl and fu what the worrls says or thinks…


Because she looks just like her dad….poor thing!!!!!

Andriea ISH

I’ve never cared for those types of braids, but Beyonce can do no wrong in my eyes! I do wish we could get a few peeks of that cute little baby’s face, but I understand her trying to protect her.


Beyonce had a son, didnt she?


I’m glad that B is keeping up her hair on her off time and he baby’s hair looks gorgeous.

Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty

I hope she lets her keep her pretty curls and doesn’t relax some day. Or rather teaches her to embrace her hair. Nothing wrong with rocking weave, wig or whatever but the standard of beauty seems to be marred by society that people turn to other ways to do their hair based on self image. Again, not always the case. I just hope she grows up loving her beautiful self. Wish I could see her face!


What colour is her real hair, always wonder!


They all wearing “Blue” what a coincidence!! Hope they don’t cut her hair!


I’m cheesy but it’s so adorable to me they’re both in Blue.


Ladies the title obviously says extensions…. lets not be oblivious


I understand that this is a hair blog, but we have to do better! Why are we so obsessed with hair, whether it’s extensions or her real hair. When I saw the picture that first thing that came to mind was WOW-what a tender moment between mother and daughter. Let’s do better, ladies and elevate our comments beyond scrutinizing whether that’s really Beyonce’s hair or the motivation for her not showing her daughter’s face whether intentionally or not.


Sad isn’t it ? Can’t appreciate a new mom with her baby. Unimportant issue. If its on her head its HER & that’s all we need to know.


Beautiful hair!



Olivia J.

Reminds me of my hair as a baby!


Super cute!! Look at that little baby curly fro!


I think it may be her real hair. She wears tons of weaves for years, so must have at least shoulder length or something. I’d really like to see her real hair. I don’t know if the 3bc curls that I Bey rocking sometimes is her real hair or not. I’m not really good at telling weaves unless it’s really obviously. Her sister is 4a, but who knows Bey may be in the 3s. But some people were saying the short afro in the Austin Powers movie was her hair?


she don’t wear weaves, she wears wigs. full lace wigs to be exact. you can tell the hairline is not her own and in most pics you can detect lace. in some online you can see where she was singing the tape/glue was showing. she be wearing the same wigs that tyra & rupaul be rockin’


I doubt her real hair has extra blond in it randomly. . I there was a pic online years ago with Bey and her real hair. It was honey blonde or whatever color she has and about shoulder length and kinda thin but it was hers, I would bet that since that was years ago, her hair is much longer now unless Bey likes to cut her hair often and secretly has some kind of pixie cut she parades at home. .lol


I have always hated those braids! Baby Blue looks adorable


you do know that O`bama’s mama was white?


Go onnnnn………


I love that they won’t show her face. The public is ruthless.
Her cornrows are so intricate, I thought that was her real hair too. Is that Beyonce’s earring Blue Ivy is playing with? The whole photo is adorable.


One word: Adorable!

Okay, more words: I respect Blue Ivy’s parents’ decision to not put her all the way out there for public consumption. Just for being the daughter of two mega-celebs (as opposed to “average” celebs, lol) she’ll most likely be in some kind of spotlight for the rest of her life, so there’s no need to hurry the process along. At least they’re not covering her face with a veil (yet).


Agree 100%. The paps have caught pics of Blue Ivy.


+1 on everything said above =)

Bridget J.

I totally agree. People are so critical and crazy. Folks need to keep in mind that she is someone’s child.


I agree. The public and them paps are crazy plus all them ppl saying she didn’t birth her baby. . shiiiiit I wouldn’t let them see my angel’s face either. . make em work for that pic Bey. . lol


They don’t look like extensions. I think that’s Beyonce’s hair


Those are two layered cornrows using braid hair (a form of extensions).


It can still be her real hair..As a kid I wore my hair like that. Looking at the beginning of her hair (at the hairline) it doesn’t have the knot of extensions.


Not to say whether it’s her hair or not, but I get my hair braided like that. They use a technique where they start off with your own hair and feed in pieces of braid hair as to not stress your hairline too much. They call them “feed in” cornrow/braids where I get them done.


where the fuzz stops is probably where her real hair stops.

Joan B. in S. C.

+1 on @forna noticing the “fuzz” and where it stops.

Natural Diva SC

Technically, you don’t make a knot when you braid extentions. That’s the mistake folks don’t know about. You just separate the hair and start braiding.


Penelope- Not all extensions have to have knots at the beginning. I am good at putting extension on without the knots in the front.


Thanks for the explanation!, but I’m still wondering why the assumption (made in the title) is that it’s not her real hair…There’s really no information to tell you that, but everyone seems to be an expert on Beyonce’s hair.

I don’t think folks are proclaiming to be experts on beyonces hair. Its just common knowledge that the girth of braids can vary based on ones hair texture/thickness etc. When one adds hair to a multiple conrows each and every braid is thick at the scalp and similar in size. -When most people put multiple conrows in their natural hair the braid is thinner and the scalp more visible.- The number of braids in her hair and their girth make obvious to sisters here(and the author) that she has hair added. And that’s ok! We all know beyonce has a… Read more »

I agree with you. I think people assume it’s extensions because Beyonce is known for wearing weaves and lace fronts. A lot of people are under the impression that Beyonce hair is short due to all the lace fronts but on her off time she actually wears her real hair.


you’re kidding right?


believe me if it was hers she would be full face (with or witout te baby, no, hers about 3-4 inches long.


believe me if it was hers she would be full face (with or without the baby, no, hers is about 3-4 inches long.


Cute but she made sure not to post a full face photo her & her daughter


quite lovely!

She should

wish she shows her face 🙂


I’m guessing she’s not ready for that type of scrutiny yet. After people were calling Tia Mowry’s son all kinds of names then claiming he had Down’s syndrome or autism, I’d be hesitant too as a celebrity mom.


She’s hesitant to show the baby’s face because she probably doesn’t look a thing like her.




Truth. That’s Jay-Z’s baby.


But she has showed her face. .in the pic when they are in the store. Blue has chubby cheeks and looks just like her. I am sure the pic was one she wished the paps didn’t sneak but the little girl is adorbs and def looks like them both, although the world has some kind of sick belief that she didn’t birth her own child. . to each. . .


Ignorance never dies. I feel for anyone who’s a celeb mom. Your kid doesn’t look like you, it’s not dressed right, you haven’t lost babyweight fast enough, you didn’t birth it, you used a surrogate, etc you can’t win,there’s no privacy, & the poor kid has to deal with that crap as it grows up.I don’t blame Bey for hiding Blue’s face .