Beyonce Shows Off Her Cornrow Extensions, Blue Ivy’s Curls

Beyonce has been hesitant to show off daughter Blue Ivy’s face, but not her cute curls! In this photo posted to Beyonce’s Tumblr account, the songstress showed off her and her daughter’s styles. Pretty adorable :) What do you think of the look ladies?

Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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58 thoughts on “Beyonce Shows Off Her Cornrow Extensions, Blue Ivy’s Curls

  1. I’ve never cared for those types of braids, but Beyonce can do no wrong in my eyes! I do wish we could get a few peeks of that cute little baby’s face, but I understand her trying to protect her.

  2. leave them alone, i think the picture is adorable,but i must say i wish we could see a real picture of the lil girl ,we alays see her back or side, what is that all about? i hope she is not ashamed of the lil girl, come on bey show her be proud of your lil girl and fu what the worrls says or thinks…

  3. as for beyonce she has always had nice and
    “good hair” so don’t hate the extensions may not be all hers but most of them areare real hair… who knows its’possible for her hair to actually be that long because of the type of hair she has it will grow u know….

  4. Fans r fa so in love with B that after all these yrs so many debate whether he hair is longer than average. To believe the entire length of box braids is all her hair is just plain niave.yes she wears weaves&hopefully she’s protected her hair over the years but trust..her real hair does not flow down her back! Stop drinking the kool_aid. We can grow long hair..its just not the case with her bc there’s one pic of her out there with her real hair in a pony tail and its more a pony poof. Its a good # yrs old but I doubt she went from a ponypoof to midback hair length! We think sooo much is fabulous abt her that we think she MUST have long hair!please!

  5. Lol beyonce don’t be wearing weaves she be wearing full lace wigs like rupaul and tyra..expensive ones too. That look so damn good she’s one of the reasons why I started to wear them. That and rupaul, tyra’s not that god. Beyonce’s at least look realistic.

  6. For all those asking why Beyonce choses to not show her daughter’s face, the answer is out of privacy. Beyonce and Jay-Z have always chosen to remain private weather it be they’re information, their relationship, or their family. I for one am not surprised at their decision to keep their child out of the public eye. And for those of you saying they are ashamed of their child, that is utterly ridicules and untrue. Beyonce has talked about her daughters beauty on many occasions! They are just a family who like their privacy! Good for you Bey!

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