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Introduce yourself!
Hi All!!!! My name is Eden. I was born in Jamaica, but I currently reside in Connecticut in route to the West Coast lol.

Why did you make the decision to go natural?
The cost. I was a sophomore in college and I moved to an area where relaxers were twice as expensive than they were back home. I wasn’t able to afford it any longer, so going to the salon became sporadic and it took a toll on the health of my hair. It started to break off, thin, split and I had a serious case of dandruff (the cornflake size).

It was extremely frustrating because I went to college with thick healthy bra-strap length hair and ended up with almost neck length hair by the time I decided to stop getting relaxers. If I had not moved far from home I’m pretty sure I would still be relaxed. Not because I was obsessed, but I really had a great hairdresser. Even still, I’m soooo happy I’m a natural head now! I have been natural for 3 years as of October 21, 2012.

How would you describe your texture?
My texture is 4a all over. I have a mixture of mostly normal and fine strands with a section of coarse strands behind my left ear—weird lol. I have a lot of hair, which can be tiring when she’s all out in all her glory. Most people when they see my hair when I was relaxed and natural say “OMG IT’S SO THICK!” This is mainly because my hair is dense mostly from the crown back. From the crown forward it’s not as densely packed.

Describe your styling regimen over the course of the month.
I think a lot of natural veterans (not that I am one) can relate to the fact that at the beginning of your journey you try EVERYTHING (styles, products, routines, bandwagons, etc.). I experimented a lot in the early part of my journey, but now, time and my nerves only permit me to wear two strand twists 90% of the time. I will do the occasional braid or twist out when I have the chance, but for the most part my hair is up and out of my way for 1-2 weeks at a time. I don’t use “styling products” because neither my hair nor my budget needs it. I realized my hair grew the most when I was too busy to play in it every other day. I left it alone and then woke up one day and was like DANG GIRL your hair is long again.

What does wash day look like for you?
I follow a modified Curly Girl regimen.

1. Pre-poo (Tresemme Naturals Vibrantly Smooth Conditioner or whatever is on hand)
2. Detangle and Twist Prep (Using Goody Brush with pre-poo still in hair)
3. Water Rinse
Optional (Shampoo and Protein Treatment)
4. Co-Wash (Tresemme Naturals Vibrantly Smooth Conditioner)
5. Plop (Tshirt or Hair Turban)
6. Moisturize (Giovanni Direct Leave In or whatever I’m experimenting with)
7. Seal (Castor Oil)
**Moisturize and seal as needed
**Protein treatments once a month (Ion Effective Care Treatment)
**I will shampoo once a month (Burt’s Bees More Moisture Raspberry & Brazil Nut) usually before I do a protein treatment.
**Trim every 8-10 weeks or as needed.

Describe your favorite go-to hairstyle for days when you don’t have a lot of time to style.
Two strand twists are my safe havens. When I’ve finished twisting I either gather and pin them down in random places or I wear my infamous two strand twist bun. I luurrve me some buns. Does that sound weird? Lol, but seriously it’s my go to style since I can’t put my loose hair in a bun—way too thick.

How do you combat shrinkage?
Shrinkage isn’t a big deal to me. I wear my hair up anyway. But, when I do care I can just style on dry hair if that’s what I want to do. Still, I’m too low maintenance to wait for my hair to take a day to dry just to do an elongated style.

What are some of your problem areas (if any) that require special care and attention?
Retaining moisture and my ends. It might be a surprise, but up until last month I struggled ridiculously with retaining moisture. I know natural hair is inertly dry, but my dryness was severe. I’ve spent who knows how much money on trying to find “it”. Well, last month I recently revisited a leave in I shelved years ago and it turned out to really work well for me. I had such an epiphany.

As far as my ends go, my hair loves to form those dreaded single strand knots and gymnastic splits all over the place so I constantly have to keep that in check with frequent search and destroy sessions and oil. I’m planning on straightening my hair at the end of November and doing a 1-2 inch trim to get rid of them and start fresh.

What are 2 do’s for your texture?
Leave it alone, lol. Keeping it in two strand twists.

What are 2 don’ts for your texture?
Wash n go’s. Ooooh chile! I love them and wore them when I had a twa, but wash n go’s now are ssk city for me.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
If you’re interested in my hair journey you can visit my Fotki page: http://tinyurl.com/edenfotki. I started it when I decided to transition, and have every month, product, and style I’ve done since then documented. You can also follow me on Instagram: @iameden_


Just another lover of natural hair and expression.
- Style Icon Coordinator for BGLH

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Yeah pretty hair too bad she so lonely and thirsty she has to lie about who she is believe lies and carry on with married men that don’t take care of their kids. Sending annoymous emails to hide cause she’s a coward can’t stand up and be a women but god and karma always come into play


gorgeous hair !


What is SSK?


thanks this


My roommate big chopped and has 4A hair, How did you/what did you use to get such good curl defiinition?

Patricia Kayden

Her hair grew fast in 3 years. Lovely.


Beautiful hair. That ponytail is to die for!

Michelle@Radiant Brown Beauty

Beautiful hair. Seems like as your hair got longer, the curl pattern actually loosened up a bit.


Great story and hair journey.love your hair!


This was such a great interview.

Eden, I too have fine strands in the front of my hair. Any advice for thickening?


Your hair looks exactly like mine I’m 18 and I never really understood the hair typing thing so I guess I’m 4a but less dense and extremely soft (which I hate because it tangles easily no afros or puffs for me :(. I live by twists as well but its because I’m super lazy and I dont like people yanking my hair out.


absolutely beautiful hair and i can say that i agree those dry ends are the worst…still trying to find that product that keeps them moisturized for more than a day. i’ve tried giovanni leave in in the past but the pj in me kept me trying other things as well. maybe i’ll try it again..


Also.. Hair crush! I want thick beautiful hair like Eden’s:)

I used to have thick hair when i was using infusium23 (which has castor oil in the top 3 ingredients i think), but now that I don’t use castor oil anymore, my ends are kind of see thru (as it looks like I’ve been detangling roughly or too much on my ends– which is probably the case)

but I have kind of a hypothesis..

I heard that castor oil swells up the shaft of the hair. So could this be the reason why some naturals’ hair looks thicker than others?


Let me just say…THOSE THICK, JUICY TWISTS WERE GIVING ME SUCH LIFE!!!!! Yes ma’am, I was digging all of that.


Yeah…I call myself taking a break in order to enjoy my loose hair in what I’m calling a kinda-sorta-not-quite WNG BUT as soon as I saw that twist ponytail I was like, “Okay, I need to go back into twists…” 🙂


Ditto! I am learning to keep my hands out of my hair as well!


My first thought when I saw her hair was WOW. Beautiful hair. And I love how full and luscious her twists looked.


Beautiful hair. I have 4a hair and shorter than your hair, but my hair is super thin. I don’t say fine lol. I would kill for your volume and that ponytail full of twists is just gorgeous.

michele antoinette

Your hair looks like mine but I never considered myself to be a 4a—-I’m so confuzzled


wow, i have a twa and i have the same texture and density. i can’t wait to start experimenting with the thicker twists. they’re lovely. my sister uses giovnanni’s leave in too so i guess i need to stop ignoring that product. one question for eden, have you tried the shea moisture products? do you prefer the lighter leave ins to the creams?

thanks for sharing your tips and tricks


I tried shea moisture and it’s not really for me. I don’t really like the smell. My hair prefers thicker leave ins, Giovanni looks light but when you rub it in your hair its actually pretty thick.


Great hair and island gal! You’re selling me on the two strand twists!


Fotki says all her albums are empty… 🙁


OMG’sh your hair is BLAZIN


Gorgeous! Go fellow yaadie

Amma Mama

Beautiful hair


beautiful rich hair….LOVE IT!!!


Wow her hair is gorgeous, and every pic love all the hairstyles. I wanted to checkout the fotki account, but it gave the following message:Oops! Access Denied!

It appears, that this member has restricted access to their account. We are sorry, but this account is available for Fotki members only!


Sorry, try it now.


Thanks but when I just clicked on it now again, it’s empty on the albums section for the account lol… Oh well I got some of your regime on here to try..

Tiff Dizzle

Yeah I tried to look at your pics and stuff and everything was empty


Sorry, I didn’t update all of my viewing settings but I changed them. I tried to view it as a non-user and the albums are viewable now. Sorry guys


Beautiful hair…. And I love your name… I have a 7 wk old w the same name… 🙂


hair porn!

Reppin JA

Gorgeous hair & lady! Love the fullness of your hair!


Woah at the density of that ponytail! Wonder if she is thick or fine strands.


that bun is RICH !


A long hair natural who also was a long hair head relaxed, another example of if you always had long hair you will have long hair natural or relax


Anyone can have long hair. It’s all in the maintenance. My hair was long when I was relaxed, because my stylist promoted healthy hair practices. Everyone of her clients whether they started with long hair or not were able to grow their hair to bra strap or beyond. So I don’t necessarily agree with this statement.


+1 🙂 and great interview!

One thing though, I suffer from dry ends too (and perhaps pjism as well.. lol). What was the leave in product you shelved but are now enjoying? I’d like to try it out.


So are you saying you dont have long hair as a natural?!?!? Cause your comment have nothing to do what I said!


I didn’t say I don’t have long hair. I was referring to your statement “another example of if you always had long hair you will have long hair natural or relax”. There are a number of ladies in the natural/relaxed community who have never had long hair and with healthy hair practices have grown their hair to long lengths. Reniece & Co is a perfect example of this.


u sound dumb af, you definitely need to read what she said. before u start hollering in print. dummy


her hair is AWESOME!! I love all her styles!


Gorgeous hair!


+1 and great interview. 🙂


Thank you for the opportunity!