Garlic and Onion for Hair Growth?

By Jc of The Natural Haven Bloom

Avril asks,

‘If water can enter the cortex of the hair and moisturize it, then would water infused with herbs benefit the cortex of the hair? eg. like how you would make tea. I do know of some persons who swear by tea rinses

Also does garlic really help with hair shedding?’

My instinct was to dismiss this is as an old wives tale but the scientific process does demand that I look for evidence and I am actually shocked!!

Garlic has been shown to stimulate hair growth in those suffering from alopecia areata! Alopecia areata is a form of hair loss which does not scar the skin. One study says that garlic gel applied to the head led to an increase in hair growth. Unfortunately the study is published in Arabic, which I cannot read , therefore I cannot give more details (Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, pg 9-15, 2006).

A second study says that patients responded better to a mixture of garlic gel and a steroid cream compared to those who just got a steroid cream . Steroid creams are the standard starting treatment for this type of hair loss. (Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology, pg 29-32, 2007)

Interestingly onion juice (yep, just plain old crushed onions) also enhanced hair growth compared to tap water. Meaning in the absence of steroids, crushed onions could stimulate hair growth for alopecia areata(Journal of dermatology, pg 343-346, 2002).

The reason why crushed garlic and onion are thought to have an effect is not precisely known. Scientists think this could be linked to

1. This form of hair loss is caused by the body attacking itself and garlic/onion juices contain chemicals that can help slow or stop the immune system from doing this.
2. Garlic extracts have antifungal properties (International Journal of Dermatology, pg 285-287, 2009). This action may help create a suitable hair growth environment.

I really didn’t think I would find anything but clearly it is necessary not to be biased and just look for an answer.

I have not found anything more regarding tea rinses directly but I’ll keep looking. I would say that the studies were specific to a hair loss condition not for people who just wanted more hair and had a healthy/normal growth pattern. Nonetheless, consider me shocked!!

Ladies, have you tried garlic or onion in your hair regimen?

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The Natural Haven

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48 thoughts on “Garlic and Onion for Hair Growth?

  1. university of mazandaran is in iran and does not publish scientific articles in arabic !!! only in parsi otherwise known as persian .

    • University of Mazandaran is one of the best university in Iran ,and their language is Persian , not Arabic , I’v confirmed ebbi.

  2. I used a generic version of Monistat 7 twice a week 2 months for most of my scalp. (Also use to re-grow front edges from time to time.) For the crown of my head I used homemade garlic oil because I could not use generic Monistat 7 there. Over a year I kept most of my growth. My go to style is a single French braid in back regardless of length. For me wearing a French braid encourages the hair to grow long enough to be braided easily into a single braid. (I have done this for years to grow short Afros to ponytail length hair.) I braid the bang into a single loose French braid and try to pin or tuck to side to avoid hair loss; sometimes add a flower, etc. I don’t buy special products for hair because to me is a waste of money because over priced cheap ingredients. My oils are California certified olive oil for cooking, $8.00; soybean oil/vegetable oil, $2.80; and coconut bar soap, $3.85 for 3 bars to shampoo, all from my local supermarket, and all lasts for months. I recently ordered raw avocado butter from Amazon for $8.00 because avocado is what traditional African women in Africa use for hair and skin based on my informal research. I will make hair product by adding avocado to my basic oils.

  3. Great post. I use Alter ego’s Garlic Mask treatment and have noticed a great improvement in the condition of my hair and scalp. I suffer from far less shedding than I used to and as a result my hair is the longest it’s ever been. It’s available in the UK on Amazon and ebay, but I purchase mine from ebay as it’s far cheaper. Here’s a link to the product

  4. Tried a traditional onion remedy recommended on youtube by someone of arabic culture – both for getting rid of sunspots on the skin, and for nourishing and regrowth of hair. I tried both tonight, and both felt great and gave noticable results – especially the hair remedy which resulted in immediately stronger, silkier, straighter, more nourished feeling hair! Her recipe for hair was 2 onions, some rocket, one banana blended together and left on hair for 75 mins-overnight, before washing off. I left it on for the minimum time – but it improved the state of my hair so much I can’t stop touching it. The banana masked most of the onion smell, and it smelled like a green smoothie in my hair. After washing and drying here is only a very faint onion smell left which I think may dissipate overnight.

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