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Avril asks,

If water can enter the cor­tex of the hair and mois­tur­ize it, then would water infused with herbs ben­e­fit the cor­tex of the hair? eg. like how you would make tea. I do know of some per­sons who swear by tea rins­es

Also does gar­lic real­ly help with hair shed­ding?’

My instinct was to dis­miss this is as an old wives tale but the sci­en­tific process does demand that I look for evi­dence and I am actu­al­ly shocked!!

Gar­lic has been shown to stim­u­late hair growth in those suf­fer­ing from alope­cia areata! Alope­cia areata is a form of hair loss which does not scar the skin. One study says that gar­lic gel applied to the head led to an increase in hair growth. Unfor­tu­nate­ly the study is pub­lished in Ara­bic, which I can­not read , there­fore I can­not give more details (Jour­nal of Mazan­daran Uni­ver­si­ty of Med­ical Sci­ences, pg 9–15, 2006).

A sec­ond study says that patients respond­ed bet­ter to a mix­ture of gar­lic gel and a steroid cream com­pared to those who just got a steroid cream . Steroid creams are the stan­dard start­ing treat­ment for this type of hair loss. (Indi­an Jour­nal of Der­ma­tol­ogy, Venere­ol­o­gy and Lep­ro­l­o­gy, pg 29–32, 2007) 

Inter­est­ing­ly onion juice (yep, just plain old crushed onions) also enhanced hair growth com­pared to tap water. Mean­ing in the absence of steroids, crushed onions could stim­u­late hair growth for alope­cia areata(Journal of der­ma­tol­ogy, pg 343–346, 2002).

The rea­son why crushed gar­lic and onion are thought to have an effect is not pre­cise­ly known. Sci­en­tists think this could be linked to

1. This form of hair loss is caused by the body attack­ing itself and gar­lic/onion juices con­tain chem­i­cals that can help slow or stop the immune sys­tem from doing this.
2. Gar­lic extracts have anti­fun­gal prop­er­ties (Inter­na­tion­al Jour­nal of Der­ma­tol­ogy, pg 285–287, 2009). This action may help cre­ate a suit­able hair growth envi­ron­ment.

I real­ly didn’t think I would find any­thing but clear­ly it is nec­es­sary not to be biased and just look for an answer.

I have not found any­thing more regard­ing tea rins­es direct­ly but I’ll keep look­ing. I would say that the stud­ies were speci­fic to a hair loss con­di­tion not for peo­ple who just want­ed more hair and had a healthy/normal growth pat­tern. Nonethe­less, con­sid­er me shocked!!

Ladies, have you tried gar­lic or onion in your hair reg­i­men?

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uni­ver­si­ty of mazan­daran is in iran and does not pub­lish sci­en­tific arti­cles in ara­bic !!! only in par­si oth­er­wise known as per­sian .


Uni­ver­si­ty of Mazan­daran is one of the best uni­ver­si­ty in Iran ‚and their lan­guage is Per­sian , not Ara­bic , I’v con­firmed ebbi.


Its good to know that there is still hope for peo­ple like me who had lost their once crown­ing mane of glo­ry

I used a gener­ic ver­sion of Monistat 7 twice a week 2 months for most of my scalp. (Also use to re-grow front edges from time to time.) For the crown of my head I used home­made gar­lic oil because I could not use gener­ic Monistat 7 there. Over a year I kept most of my growth. My go to style is a sin­gle French braid in back regard­less of length. For me wear­ing a French braid encour­ages the hair to grow long enough to be braid­ed eas­i­ly into a sin­gle braid. (I have done this for years to grow… Read more »
Jason Neman

Nice post. It is real­ly help­ful espe­cial­ly for those who are suf­fer­ing from hair dis­or­ders. Hope to see more of your post about hair treat­ment. Keep it up!


Its real­ly nice post, thanks to shar­ing.. i will try it for me.

Carolyne Brown

Great post. I use Alter ego’s Gar­lic Mask treat­ment and have noticed a great improve­ment in the con­di­tion of my hair and scalp. I suf­fer from far less shed­ding than I used to and as a result my hair is the longest it’s ever been. It’s avail­able in the UK on Ama­zon and ebay, but I pur­chase mine from ebay as it’s far cheap­er. Here’s a link to the pro­duct

Emily George


Tried a tra­di­tion­al onion rem­e­dy rec­om­mend­ed on youtube by some­one of ara­bic cul­ture — both for get­ting rid of sunspots on the skin, and for nour­ish­ing and regrowth of hair. I tried both tonight, and both felt great and gave not­i­ca­ble results — espe­cial­ly the hair rem­e­dy which result­ed in imme­di­ate­ly stronger, silkier, straighter, more nour­ished feel­ing hair! Her recipe for hair was 2 onions, some rock­et, one banana blend­ed togeth­er and left on hair for 75 mins-overnight, before wash­ing off. I left it on for the min­i­mum time — but it improved the state of my hair so much… Read more »