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Avril asks,

‘If water can enter the cor­tex of the hair and mois­tur­ize it, then would water infused with herbs ben­e­fit the cor­tex of the hair? eg. like how you would make tea. I do know of some per­sons who swear by tea rins­es

Also does gar­lic real­ly help with hair shed­ding?’

My instinct was to dis­miss this is as an old wives tale but the sci­en­tific process does demand that I look for evi­dence and I am actu­al­ly shocked!!

Gar­lic has been shown to stim­u­late hair growth in those suf­fer­ing from alope­cia areata! Alope­cia areata is a form of hair loss which does not scar the skin. One study says that gar­lic gel applied to the head led to an increase in hair growth. Unfor­tu­nate­ly the study is pub­lished in Ara­bic, which I can­not read , there­fore I can­not give more details (Jour­nal of Mazan­daran Uni­ver­si­ty of Med­ical Sci­ences, pg 9–15, 2006).

A sec­ond study says that patients respond­ed bet­ter to a mix­ture of gar­lic gel and a steroid cream com­pared to those who just got a steroid cream . Steroid creams are the stan­dard start­ing treat­ment for this type of hair loss. (Indi­an Jour­nal of Der­ma­tol­ogy, Venere­ol­o­gy and Lep­ro­l­o­gy, pg 29–32, 2007) 

Inter­est­ing­ly onion juice (yep, just plain old crushed onions) also enhanced hair growth com­pared to tap water. Mean­ing in the absence of steroids, crushed onions could stim­u­late hair growth for alope­cia areata(Journal of der­ma­tol­ogy, pg 343–346, 2002).

The rea­son why crushed gar­lic and onion are thought to have an effect is not pre­cise­ly known. Sci­en­tists think this could be linked to

1. This form of hair loss is caused by the body attack­ing itself and gar­lic/onion juices con­tain chem­i­cals that can help slow or stop the immune sys­tem from doing this.
2. Gar­lic extracts have anti­fun­gal prop­er­ties (Inter­na­tion­al Jour­nal of Der­ma­tol­ogy, pg 285–287, 2009). This action may help cre­ate a suit­able hair growth envi­ron­ment.

I real­ly didn’t think I would find any­thing but clear­ly it is nec­es­sary not to be biased and just look for an answer.

I have not found any­thing more regard­ing tea rins­es direct­ly but I’ll keep look­ing. I would say that the stud­ies were speci­fic to a hair loss con­di­tion not for peo­ple who just want­ed more hair and had a healthy/normal growth pat­tern. Nonethe­less, con­sid­er me shocked!!

Ladies, have you tried gar­lic or onion in your hair reg­i­men?

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Tried a tra­di­tion­al onion rem­e­dy rec­om­mend­ed on youtube by some­one of ara­bic cul­ture — both for get­ting rid of sunspots on the skin, and for nour­ish­ing and regrowth of hair. I tried both tonight, and both felt great and gave not­i­ca­ble results — espe­cial­ly the hair rem­e­dy which result­ed in imme­di­ate­ly stronger, silkier, straighter, more nour­ished feel­ing hair! Her recipe for hair was 2 onions, some rock­et, one banana blend­ed togeth­er and left on hair for 75 mins-overnight, before wash­ing off. I left it on for the min­i­mum time — but it improved the state of my hair so much… Read more »
Emily George


Carolyne Brown

Great post. I use Alter ego’s Gar­lic Mask treat­ment and have noticed a great improve­ment in the con­di­tion of my hair and scalp. I suf­fer from far less shed­ding than I used to and as a result my hair is the longest it’s ever been. It’s avail­able in the UK on Ama­zon and ebay, but I pur­chase mine from ebay as it’s far cheap­er. Here’s a link to the pro­duct


Its real­ly nice post, thanks to shar­ing.. i will try it for me.

Jason Neman

Nice post. It is real­ly help­ful espe­cial­ly for those who are suf­fer­ing from hair dis­or­ders. Hope to see more of your post about hair treat­ment. Keep it up!

I used a gener­ic ver­sion of Monistat 7 twice a week 2 months for most of my scalp. (Also use to re-grow front edges from time to time.) For the crown of my head I used home­made gar­lic oil because I could not use gener­ic Monistat 7 there. Over a year I kept most of my growth. My go to style is a sin­gle French braid in back regard­less of length. For me wear­ing a French braid encour­ages the hair to grow long enough to be braid­ed eas­i­ly into a sin­gle braid. (I have done this for years to grow… Read more »

Its good to know that there is still hope for peo­ple like me who had lost their once crown­ing mane of glo­ry


uni­ver­si­ty of mazan­daran is in iran and does not pub­lish sci­en­tific arti­cles in ara­bic !!! only in par­si oth­er­wise known as per­sian .


Uni­ver­si­ty of Mazan­daran is one of the best uni­ver­si­ty in Iran ‚and their lan­guage is Per­sian , not Ara­bic , I’v con­firmed ebbi.

Neil Lamarch
The onion plant has a fan of hol­low, bluish-green leaves and the bulb at the base of the plant begins to swell when a cer­tain day-length is reached. In the autumn the foliage dies down and the out­er lay­ers of the bulb become dry and brit­tle. The crop is har­vest­ed and dried and the onions are ready for use or stor­age. The crop is prone to attack by a num­ber of pests and dis­eases, par­tic­u­lar­ly the onion fly, the onion eel­worm and var­i­ous fungi that cause rot­ting. Some vari­eties of A. cepa such as shal­lots and pota­to onions pro­duce mul­ti­ple bulbs.‘,::… Read more »

[…] Cred­its 1, […]

It’s hard to come by knowl­edge­able peo­ple for
this sub­ject, but you sound like you know what you’re talk­ing about!
Thanksstreet­di­rec­to­ry — -


[…] I so want­ed to reblog this piece here! … but see­ing that I couldn’t I have cre­at­ed a link with­in (Click on the pic­ture)- PLEASE read the arti­cle for your hair’s sake Cheers! […]

Levi Catania

Gen­er­al­ly, hair loss in patch­es sig­ni­fies alope­cia areata. Alope­cia areata typ­i­cal­ly presents with sud­den hair loss caus­ing patch­es to appear on the scalp or oth­er areas of the body. If left untreat­ed, or if the dis­ease does not respond to treat­ment, com­plete bald­ness can result in the affect­ed area, which is referred to as alope­cia total­is.

Albert lasva

I tried for 2 weeks so far and will my hair regrow i dont know yet please advise me how to see result quick­ly tq new com­er papua new guinea


Thx for the arti­cle
There is one thing
You wrote about a study wich pub­lished in (Jour­nal of Mazan­daran Uni­ver­si­ty of Med­ical Sci­ences, pg 9–15, 2006)
You said it was in ara­bic !!!! Mazan­daran locat­ed in north of Iran , and Ira­ni­ans are not ARAB, they are per­sian and their lan­guage is not Ara­bic its per­sian or far­si
please cor­rect your arti­cle :)


By the way, thank you for this blog but very impor­tant­ly Uni­ver­si­ty of MAZANDARAN is locat­ed in north of IRAN, which last time i have checked the nation­al lan­guage is PERSIAN not(ARABIC).
so once again thank you for your blog but please ensure not to have the wrong facts as this may upset peo­ple and more impor­tant­ly give the wrong impres­sion of your knowl­edge which all togeth­er can be ques­tion­ing or con­tra­dict­ing mat­ter for a blog­ger,
Mis­takes are allowed of course , it is what we do about them that mat­ters.
Best regards,


yes it does work. I am nat­u­ral and I blend gar­lic and onions with con­di­tion­er and leaves it on my hair for 45 minutes..and voila..cuts my shed­ding about 90%. I am hap­py with results, it makes my hair strong at the same time. I will con­tin­ue to use this com­bi­na­tion until Decem­ber. I have past shoul­der hair length, and hop­ing for a healthy and strong full head of hair.

Yes onion and gar­lic does work. In fact it works almost instan­ta­neous­ly! I research it and tried it! but con­sis­ten­cy with treat­ment will assit. and of course prayer :)


I’ve suf­fered from alope­cia a cou­ple of years ago. I didn’t see a doc­tor about it for about two months after the ini­tial hair loss. I was prescibed a foam for hair growth. I used the foam faith­ful­ly for two months with no improve­ment in hair growth (4 months with no hair growth). After read­ing about onion juice I thought why not. After a week of dab­bing fresh­ly juiced onions on my patch­es hair sprout­ed. I firm­ly stand by the onion juice cure. :)


Did u mix it with any­thing else? And how often did u apply it?


I take odor­less gar­lic pills and I now have very lit­tle shed­ding. And it DOES seem that every antibac­te­ri­al thing, from essen­tial oils to Monistat, pro­motes growth by remov­ing any top­i­cal fun­gus (we all have it) that may hin­der growth.
Also, I suf­fered from alope­cia areata. I used a top­i­cal steroid given to me by my der­ma­tol­o­gist, but I can only imag­ine how good the results would be with a steroid AND gar­lic pills.


But reduc­ing shed­ding has more to do with hair thick­ness than hair growth right?


Can i leave onion and Gal­lic juice on the hair unwatched. Is there any side effect of leav­ing this on my hair . 



used gar­lic oil as part of a deep con­di­tion­er one day and it did leave my hair super soft. how­ev­er the smell was God awful so I haven’t done it again :/


I was think­ing of doing the same thing but using odor­less gar­lic instead, just for kicks! I think a liq­uid odor­less gar­lic is sold in health food stores, and of course, there’s always Ama­zon.

I did read a few peer-reviewed arti­cles regard­ing garlic’s ben­e­fit, but I do remem­ber that the ben­e­fit was only seen w/ Alope­cia areata (as the post men­tions). I’m still going to try it any­way, cuz this girl loves adding a lil extra some­thin’ some­thin’ to my deep con­di­tion­ers and my hair responds well to tea rins­es =)


very inter­est­ing info! I think I’ll stick with emu oil, avo­cado oil, JBCO and Rose­mary Oil. I’ve expe­ri­enced enhanced growth with the­se. If gar­lic or onion oil didn’t stink so much, I’d look into it but I can imag­ine remov­ing the smell would remove the essen­tial prop­er­ties need­ed for hair growth. It almost always works that way.


There are odor­less gar­lic pills out there. I take them and now expe­ri­ence very lit­tle shed­ding.


What is JBCO?


Jamaican Black Cas­tor Oil


I’ve heard that gar­lic was good for hair growth, but nev­er heard of apy­ing it top­i­cal­ly. Most peo­ple take gar­lic pills or eat roast­ed gar­lic. I’d be inter­est­ed to see how to apply it to the scalp and not reek of it all day!


Hey JC when do we get to see pics of your hair?

The Natural Haven

Not gonna hap­pen :)


Like a den­tist who won’t let any­one see their teeth, hmm­mm.


Heard about using food col­or as hair color…do not know how healthy this method is but some nat­u­rals swear by it not being dam­ag­ing n safe way to col­or hair.…any insights?


nat­u­al rem­e­dy


nat­u­al rem­e­dy


Nat­u­ral Rem­e­dy


Why do I see some new­ly nat­u­ral crush­ing gar­lic and onions and apply­ing said mix­ture to theirs scalps? Shoo, I may try it myself.


I’m start­ing to see a trend here, seems like any­thing anti fun­gal works as a growth aid, monistat cream, Cas­tor oil, sul­fur, aloe vera, gar­lic.….


I agree, i think this may be some­thing I will try


“Monistat cream”? I think I just threw up in my mouth a bit. I’m all for hair growth, but that is tak­ing it a lit­tle to far.




Ha! Would it be bet­ter is she said Tough Act­in Ten­act­in or what­ev­er? Anti­fun­gal cream is anti­fun­gal cream. I can­not believe the imma­tu­ri­ty of peo­ple who get freaked out about Monistat on your scalp. As long as its not used already ie tak­ing it from the cooch and THEN apply­ing to your scalp how is it any more gross than any­thing else? (Although I am reply­ing to you, this com­ment is not toward you per­son­al­ly i’ve seen many peo­ple get grossed out by this and it puz­zles me to no end).


Because any­thing relat­ed to vagi­nas are like soo total­ly icky, sil­ly!


Yes, “Tough Act­in Ten­act­in” would sound bet­ter, much bet­ter. lol! I auto­mat­i­cal­ly asso­ciate Monistat with vajay­jay, not good!

Oh, and I take very lit­tle per­son­al. ;) Just voic­ing my opin­ion, and I agree with the “many peo­ple grossed out.” hehe


You know glyc­er­ine is found in sex­u­al lubri­cants and lax­a­tives and it is used on hair and skin, right?
There are mul­ti­ple uses for every­thing. Google it.

For the Love of Curls

How­con­nie on youtube swears by onion juice.