If you ever won­dered what Halle Berry might look like with a Solange-style unde­fined fro, well here you have it. Halle rocked the look for a 70s-style pho­to­shoot with Inter­view Mag­a­zine. I’m def­i­nite­ly lov­ing it. Click below for more pho­tos. Ladies, what do you think? 

Pho­tos cour­tesy of NecoleBitchie.com

Black Girl With Long Hair

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If halle did have that kin­da hair& tried 2 rock that at the start of her career…we would nev­er know who she is bc Hol­ly­wood would either ignore her or made her wear a wig..its the world we live in. U see the heat some white ppl gave Vio­la Davis for wear­ing HER OWN SHORT FRO 2 an awards cer­e­mony! It was shame­ful what some folks said. Hol­ly­wood doesn’t embrace nat­u­rals unless u r the token Lchar­ac­terL. And you will cer­tain­ly NOT be the lead or the sexy female…our hair is ok for a retro fash­ion shoot but god for­bid… Read more »

She looks so cute and lovely,love it


I think she looks absolute­ly stun­ning and the haute cou­ture styling in the top pic­ture is to die for. Fab­u­los­i­ty at its best in my opin­ion.

E. Wood

Ok I love Halle Berry. Real­ly LOVE HER. But am I excit­ed that she DECIDED to make an appear­ance as a more afro­cen­tric black woman…no. I think she looks beau­ti­ful as always, but I feel like this is yet anoth­er exam­ple of how the media mess­es with our per­cep­tion. Now its a fad or a fash­ion state­ment to have a fro because its on a mag­a­zine cov­er? And is it just me or did they dark­en Halle up for this pho­to shoot…really? ? Im not jump­ing on the band wag­on with this one sor­ry.


Yup. GORGEOOOUSSSSSS REGARDLESS! Just proves..you don’t need to be silky to be pret­ty! :D

Sharon J

She looks beau­ti­ful. Halle has great taste. I had the chance to meet her when she lived in Cleve­land years ago. She’s a very sweet per­son. Her smile is gen­uine.


I haven’t seen a black wom­en that didn’t look fan­tas­tic with nat­u­ral, “kinky” “coily” what­ev­er you wan­na call it, hair tex­tures , whether it be from the scalp, sewn in, glued on, on a wig cap, etc. 

Show me one, just one, and I’ll pay for your col­lege tuition. :)


It’s Halle! She looks good in any­thing! Hair, make up, fash­ion, what­ev­er!


Umm­mm what hap­pened to ppl see­ing a pic, sim­ply com­ment­ing on whether or not they like it and that’s it. Jeezus! Why does every­thing have to be dis­cus­sion or argu­ment?


That would be bor­ing. I like when peo­ple have some­thing else to say besides ‘I like it’ or ‘Shes gor­geous’.

Hmmm, I like the hair, just not on Halle. I can’t fig­ure out what it is about Halle’s (albeit very pret­ty) face, but a lot of hair just does not work for her :/ Even when the long hair is away from her face, it’s still not get­ting it. Short, close-cropped hair seems to be the only flat­ter­ing choice for her. I know it’s only a pho­to shoot, but, dang, I don’t like it :( She is up there with Kel­ly Row­land, Lisa Bonet, Vivian Green, Jada Pin­ket, Chris­set­te Michelle and a bunch of oth­er wom­en I can’t think of at the moment… Read more »

Oh, and Rhi­an­na! :D



I meant “Rihan­na.”

Let me get off of here. Lol.


How in God’s name is this wom­an 46 yrs old?! She looks absolute­ly stun­ning. To be hon­est, not feel­ing the wig so much, tho am feel­ing a lit­tle Diana in the cov­er.

Miss T

I dont like Halle. She cant do noth­ing right as far as I’m con­cerned. That is all. P.S. She wish her hair looked like this.


Fun­ny to have such a strong stance again­st some­one you prob­a­bly don’t know. Her hair or not, it looks beau­ti­ful!

Miss T
Dont get me wrong, I love big kinky hair I just dont like Halle. I dont know her per­son­al­ly but my opin­ion of not lik­ing her is based on who she is and things she has said that speaks vol­umes about her char­ac­ter, for exam­ple I dont like the fact that she said pre­vi­ous to hav­ing her daugh­ter that the next man she dates she just going to ask if they can have a baby whether they are togeth­er are not, I think thats self­ish and reck­less. She’s inse­cure to the 10th pow­er and brought a child into this world… Read more »

Wow! Have you heard every word she has ever spo­ken? Every sin­gle one? I real­ly hope that peo­ple in your life are not as harsh on you as you are being on her. We all make mis­takes. About the hair, it is FIERCE! It’s real­ly great to see more and more images of black wom­en who are closer to their nat­u­ral state than pre­vi­ous depic­tions, in main­stream media and in this case, i what looks like a high pro­file mag­a­zine…

Miss T

I haven’t heard every word she’s spo­ken, but let me tell you she says a lot of ridicu­lous things that says a lot about who she is. I’m not try­ing to be harsh, but I do take bring­ing chil­dren into this world very seri­ous­ly, she doesn’t.

miss t, you are enti­tled to your opin­ion but this is about the hair, not her char­ac­ter which frankly is impos­si­ble to know unless you know her per­son­al­ly. it’s good to see black wom­en in high pro­file posi­tions wear­ing or even mod­el­ing nat­u­ral­ly kinky hair. makes life eas­ier for we the reg­u­lar nat­u­ral hair wear­ing wom­en down here in the trench­es where hair can cost you a job, a boyfriend, and sad­ly for some, our own sense of self. i have inter­viewed for jobs and got them wear­ing fly hair, then show up lat­er with my own and you guessed… Read more »

Beau­ti­ful! This is more prof of the influ­ence that the nat­u­ral hair rev­o­lu­tion has had.




Keep it real her nat­u­ral tex­ture looks NOTHING LIKE THIS!! She got that clas­sic GOOD HAIR!! YEP, GOOD HAIR!


There’s always one.


lol the next time S.O do not even respond to that. ignore peo­ple who need atten­tion


She looks just as young as all the­se new mod­els. Beau­ti­ful!


OMG, I am in love this do! Beau­ti­ful mod­el­ing and great look for Ms. Berry!


she looks great!


Halle is serv­in y’all Ms. Dan­dridge in a fro in that 2nd pic! Snatched!!


I love the hair. She looks beau­ti­ful in the­se pho­tos.

But, for the record, ALL fros are unde­fined. If it’s defined, it’s not a fro. It’s just curly hair.


I dis­agree. Those tight per­fect­ly rounds ‘fros from the 70s (think Ange­la Davis and Kath­leen Cleaver and the like) were very defined in their shape, but they were also most def­i­nite­ly ‘fros, not just curly hair.



May­be my idea of “defined” dif­fers from yours, but I have very defined, tight pin spring coils, but I’m one hun­dred per­cent sure every­one would con­sid­er it a fro.


*pen spring


It’s dif­fer­ent on her, but I’m lik­ing it! Some­thign new is always fun.


It’s obvi­ous­ly a wig, as Halle is wear­ing her cute sig­na­ture style right now. I actu­al­ly like the tex­ture of the wig, but not the shape. 

How­ev­er, Halle Berry is absolute­ly gorgeous–hair, no hair she is nat­u­ral­ly stun­ning. Look­ing at her is anoth­er rea­son that I love being a black female. Black don’t crack! ;)




So I love Halle and all that good stuff but I have a legit­i­mate ques­tion for you guys. 

Why is it ok for Halle berry to wear an afro wig for a pho­to­shoot but “we” get all up in arms and going crazy when a white mod­el wears an afro wig in a pho­to­shoot?!?

Because the afro hair could have pre­sum­ably come from her head. I have more of a prob­lem if they use clear­ly black afros along with “eth­nic” themed clothes. If they use blonde teased hair — or curly, frizzy hair like some cau­casian wom­en with more Jew­ish tex­tured hair, then that is a look they could actu­al­ly achieve, and not lam­poon­ing black women’s hair as an acces­so­ry to put on and be tak­en off for a joke.  Until the afro trick­les down from the run­way and aver­age, mid­dle-class cau­casian wom­en start wear­ing afro wigs as part of their dai­ly style — at… Read more »

lol that last part made me gig­gle. I agree tho. Can’t wait till the day where peo­ple with straight hair wear afro wigs in thier “dai­ly rou­ti­nes”


LOL @ “aver­age, mid­dle-class cau­casian wom­en start wear­ing afro wigs as part of their dai­ly style – at work in their pro­fes­sion­al jobs and with their hus­bands.”

Lord, today. That would be a sight to behold, wouldn’t it? 

I think Halle Berry is beau­ti­ful for sure on the out­side. Can’t judge her insid­es. The fro in the pics is all kinds of uneven though. It’s like a fro mul­let.


Uh, cause Halle’s not some white girl throw­ing up gang signs at a fried chick­en con­ven­tion, try­ing to make us look fool­ish?


lol I get what you’re say­ing but I’m not talk­ing bout a crazy white blog­ger I’m talk­ing about a legit­i­mate fash­ion pho­to shoot or run­way show, like Marc Jacobs s/s 2010, where all of the MODELS (most­ly white) wore afro wigs && peo­ple were going crazy bout it


My issue would be that the design­ers won’t hire the black wom­en that already have that hair nat­u­ral­ly. The lease they could do is hire a black mod­els and put an afro wig on them. It’s also say­ing its only cool/beautiful/fashionable when non-black wom­en do as it seems that they’re they only ones that can rock ‘fros on the run­way. Same the goes for appro­pri­a­tion of tra­di­tion­al “eth­nic” items from oth­er cul­tures.


It’s what they call a ‘slip­pery-slope’. We have got to draw the line some­where with white peo­ple or they’ll be dri­ving around with an Afro-Jack N’the Box ball on the anten­na of their car! That’s why.

That is very true! I mean, Jay-Z comes out with a song called “N*ggas in Paris” and Gweneth Pal­trow thought it was cool to tweet a pic­ture of Jay and B with the word, nig­gas under it. Lmao how ridicu­lous, you have to draw the line with white folks some­times. Now to add this to dis­course, there was a peri­od in time, the 70’s when white peo­ple were wear­ing Afros either wigs or chem­i­cal­ly processed… Were they doing ghet­to pos­es at fried chick­en fest(ie min­strel show)? No. I don’t get there fas­ci­na­tion with our phys­i­cal fea­tures but they can’t wait… Read more »

How about we hold blacks a count­able for per­pet­u­at­ing the term nig­ga and mak­ing it cool?
Just keep on with the sta­tus quo. Whit­ed wouldn’t think it was accept­able if we didn’t go around repeat­ing it, just a thought.

omg amen amen. Thank you final­ly some­one with sense. Whether you’re black white asian or his­pan­ic no one should be embrac­ing such a slur that was meant to belit­tle us in the first place. Why are we the only race who feels the need to use our own deroga­to­ry term with­in our com­mu­ni­ty cher­ish­ing it? Why do we feel the need to use a term that makes many feel uncom­fort­able by those who can’t use it and blacks like myself who can’t stand the igno­rance of this state­ment. I’m 18 and doing a research paper for my eng­lish class on… Read more »

Just to clar­i­fy, Gweneth Pal­trow did not send that tweet. The Dream took the pho­to, cap­tioned it and sent it with her phone. http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1686590/the-dream-gwyneth-paltrow-paris.jhtml


Um no. The dream admit­ted he lied about that. That pathet­ic loser. His sto­ry sound­ed like BS from the jump.

i’m real­ly not crazy about a mod­el who wears an afro wig on a run­way show, i even con­sid­er it to be some kind of recog­ni­tion, like we are not the only ones to think that an afro can be fash­ion­able. and if some­one wants to wear just to look crazy, so be it i do not care. how­ev­er i can under­stand some­one who won­ders why not hire some­one who has an afro on her head nat­u­ral­ly instead of con­stant­ly hir­ing peo­ple who don’t have and put wigs on their heads. it is the same ques­tion when H&M hires over… Read more »

Uh, cause Halle’s not some white girl throw­ing up gang signs at fried chick­en con­ven­tions, try­ing to make us look fool­ish?


she looks great!!…I love that the fro is unde­fined and not in a “curly style”. Yes, it is mishapen, but this is high fash­ion. It kind of reminds me of the 18th cen­tu­ry wigs.


What if Halle is wear­ing the wig because her own hair isn’t this tex­ture? How else is she sup­pose to get the look…i’m just won­der­ing? It looks amaz­ing though.


I remem­ber Raven Simone say­ing the rea­son she start­ed wear­ing wigs/weaves is because the amount of process that they put the hair through on a dai­ly basis can be harsh. So in order to pro­tect her real hair, and main­tain ver­sa­til­i­ty, she need­ed to wear the exten­sions. I think Halle can rock any­thing, she’s gor­geous, and most peo­ple on the street wouldn’t know this is a wig, so who cares. There was a time when fro wouldn’t have been con­sid­ered high fash­ion, so cel­e­brate how far we’ve come.

Lew Lew

Thank You for say­ing that! So true.


Amaz­ing! Doesn’t mat­ter whether its a weave, wig, sticks off the ground, this wom­an takes amaz­ing pic­tures and she would look beau­ti­ful if she ever decid­ed to grow her own hair out & try this style. Work it Halle!


The only prob­lem is her hair is more of a type 2 tex­ture so she wouldn’t get a ‘fro’ look anyway…more like waves/curls…

Lew Lew



she is beau­ti­ful like always


I love Halle, but I hate that wig. It looks like it was styled by Edward Scis­sorhands, no ma’am.

Little by Little

Natalee, don’t be sil­ly. Edward Scis­sorhands was actu­al­ly very good at cut­ting hair. It looks like it was cut by Ste­vie Won­der.


LOL! You are so wrong. I can­not help but laugh.


aw man lol


That’s not fun­ny.


I agree, it’s dis­re­spect­ful to Ste­vie and oth­er blind folk. I love the pho­tos, the stylist(s) have com­plete­ly trans­formed Halle.


Yaaassssssssssssss! You are cor­rect!


lmfao best com­ment yet haha­ha­ha




lmao cry­ing.


I’m a Halle stan from way back so I love her no mat­ter what but seriously…I don’t get geeked up over wigs. And that’s all it is…a wig. The head­line needs to say “Halle Berry Rocks an Unde­fined ‘Fro WIG.” *shrug*


Beau­ti­ful. We are about the same age. She inspires me to be the best me phys­i­cal­ly.


Peo­ple use wigs in pho­to shoots. That’s just the way it is.… Lol that’s how they get dif­fer­ent looks with­out dam­ag­ing her hair. Whether its her hair or not isn’t the point it’s the ‘look’ and I think it’s gor­geous.


So when are celebs gonna rock their own, unpressed, unchem­i­cal­ly treat­ed hair? Are we sup­posed to swoon over their wigs?


LOL yknow!






Exact­ly! Plus its for a 70’s ‘dress up’ shoot… again. I like the sec­ond pic though!

The Natural Haven

lol Eloisa, for years peo­ple loved and still do love Erykah Badu’s wigs. I think you are right to say we now can and do have a huge com­mu­ni­ty of nat­u­rals that we can admire, we don’t need wigs :)




Halle rocks her sig­na­ture “Halle” cut all the time. Grant­ed I can agree with you on some celebri­ties. But even in the Good Hair doc­u­men­tary the actress­es inter­viewed said there’s only a hand­ful of hair­dressers in the biz that knows how to PROPERLY care for AA hair, so they just resort to wigs/extentsions to keep it pro­tect­ed.

Besides, I do like it when celebs “change their look” in pho­to­shoots and it’s not just them in some new clothes, lol.


Love you for this com­ment!


dit­to :) any­one can rock an afro wig! yawn.

Thick Nigerian Hair

Is that her hair?


Nope it’s not her’s she is rock­ing a very short look right now (her sig­na­ture short straight/wavy look)


Gor­geous as ever!


+1…yup, more gor­geous than EVER! =)

Home Daycare

She is soooo gor­geous!!!