If you ever won­dered what Halle Berry might look like with a Solange-style unde­fined fro, well here you have it. Halle rocked the look for a 70s-style pho­to­shoot with Inter­view Mag­a­zine. I’m def­i­nite­ly lov­ing it. Click below for more pho­tos. Ladies, what do you think? 

Pho­tos cour­tesy of NecoleBitchie.com

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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She looks just as young as all the­se new mod­els. Beau­ti­ful!


Keep it real her nat­u­ral tex­ture looks NOTHING LIKE THIS!! She got that clas­sic GOOD HAIR!! YEP, GOOD HAIR!


There’s always one.


lol the next time S.O do not even respond to that. ignore peo­ple who need atten­tion


Beau­ti­ful! This is more prof of the influ­ence that the nat­u­ral hair rev­o­lu­tion has had.



Miss T

I dont like Halle. She cant do noth­ing right as far as I’m con­cerned. That is all. P.S. She wish her hair looked like this.


Fun­ny to have such a strong stance again­st some­one you prob­a­bly don’t know. Her hair or not, it looks beau­ti­ful!

Miss T
Dont get me wrong, I love big kinky hair I just dont like Halle. I dont know her per­son­al­ly but my opin­ion of not lik­ing her is based on who she is and things she has said that speaks vol­umes about her char­ac­ter, for exam­ple I dont like the fact that she said pre­vi­ous to hav­ing her daugh­ter that the next man she dates she just going to ask if they can have a baby whether they are togeth­er are not, I think thats self­ish and reck­less. She’s inse­cure to the 10th pow­er and brought a child into this world… Read more »

Wow! Have you heard every word she has ever spo­ken? Every sin­gle one? I real­ly hope that peo­ple in your life are not as harsh on you as you are being on her. We all make mis­takes. About the hair, it is FIERCE! It’s real­ly great to see more and more images of black wom­en who are closer to their nat­u­ral state than pre­vi­ous depic­tions, in main­stream media and in this case, i what looks like a high pro­file mag­a­zine…

Miss T

I haven’t heard every word she’s spo­ken, but let me tell you she says a lot of ridicu­lous things that says a lot about who she is. I’m not try­ing to be harsh, but I do take bring­ing chil­dren into this world very seri­ous­ly, she doesn’t.

miss t, you are enti­tled to your opin­ion but this is about the hair, not her char­ac­ter which frankly is impos­si­ble to know unless you know her per­son­al­ly. it’s good to see black wom­en in high pro­file posi­tions wear­ing or even mod­el­ing nat­u­ral­ly kinky hair. makes life eas­ier for we the reg­u­lar nat­u­ral hair wear­ing wom­en down here in the trench­es where hair can cost you a job, a boyfriend, and sad­ly for some, our own sense of self. i have inter­viewed for jobs and got them wear­ing fly hair, then show up lat­er with my own and you guessed… Read more »

How in God’s name is this wom­an 46 yrs old?! She looks absolute­ly stun­ning. To be hon­est, not feel­ing the wig so much, tho am feel­ing a lit­tle Diana in the cov­er.

Hmmm, I like the hair, just not on Halle. I can’t fig­ure out what it is about Halle’s (albeit very pret­ty) face, but a lot of hair just does not work for her :/ Even when the long hair is away from her face, it’s still not get­ting it. Short, close-cropped hair seems to be the only flat­ter­ing choice for her. I know it’s only a pho­to shoot, but, dang, I don’t like it :( She is up there with Kel­ly Row­land, Lisa Bonet, Vivian Green, Jada Pin­ket, Chris­set­te Michelle and a bunch of oth­er wom­en I can’t think of at the moment… Read more »

Oh, and Rhi­an­na! :D



I meant “Rihan­na.”

Let me get off of here. Lol.


Umm­mm what hap­pened to ppl see­ing a pic, sim­ply com­ment­ing on whether or not they like it and that’s it. Jeezus! Why does every­thing have to be dis­cus­sion or argu­ment?


That would be bor­ing. I like when peo­ple have some­thing else to say besides ‘I like it’ or ‘Shes gor­geous’.


It’s Halle! She looks good in any­thing! Hair, make up, fash­ion, what­ev­er!


I haven’t seen a black wom­en that didn’t look fan­tas­tic with nat­u­ral, “kinky” “coily” what­ev­er you wan­na call it, hair tex­tures , whether it be from the scalp, sewn in, glued on, on a wig cap, etc. 

Show me one, just one, and I’ll pay for your col­lege tuition. :)

Sharon J

She looks beau­ti­ful. Halle has great taste. I had the chance to meet her when she lived in Cleve­land years ago. She’s a very sweet per­son. Her smile is gen­uine.


Yup. GORGEOOOUSSSSSS REGARDLESS! Just proves..you don’t need to be silky to be pret­ty! :D

E. Wood

Ok I love Halle Berry. Real­ly LOVE HER. But am I excit­ed that she DECIDED to make an appear­ance as a more afro­cen­tric black woman…no. I think she looks beau­ti­ful as always, but I feel like this is yet anoth­er exam­ple of how the media mess­es with our per­cep­tion. Now its a fad or a fash­ion state­ment to have a fro because its on a mag­a­zine cov­er? And is it just me or did they dark­en Halle up for this pho­to shoot…really? ? Im not jump­ing on the band wag­on with this one sor­ry.


I think she looks absolute­ly stun­ning and the haute cou­ture styling in the top pic­ture is to die for. Fab­u­los­i­ty at its best in my opin­ion.


She looks so cute and lovely,love it

If halle did have that kin­da hair& tried 2 rock that at the start of her career…we would nev­er know who she is bc Hol­ly­wood would either ignore her or made her wear a wig..its the world we live in. U see the heat some white ppl gave Vio­la Davis for wear­ing HER OWN SHORT FRO 2 an awards cer­e­mony! It was shame­ful what some folks said. Hol­ly­wood doesn’t embrace nat­u­rals unless u r the token Lchar­ac­terL. And you will cer­tain­ly NOT be the lead or the sexy female…our hair is ok for a retro fash­ion shoot but god for­bid… Read more »