If you ever wondered what Halle Berry might look like with a Solange-style undefined fro, well here you have it. Halle rocked the look for a 70s-style photoshoot with Interview Magazine. I’m definitely loving it. Click below for more photos. Ladies, what do you think?

Photos courtesy of NecoleBitchie.com

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If halle did have that kinda hair& tried 2 rock that at the start of her career…we would never know who she is bc Hollywood would either ignore her or made her wear a wig..its the world we live in. U see the heat some white ppl gave Viola Davis for wearing HER OWN SHORT FRO 2 an awards ceremony! It was shameful what some folks said. Hollywood doesn’t embrace naturals unless u r the token LcharacterL. And you will certainly NOT be the lead or the sexy female…our hair is ok for a retro fashion shoot but god forbid… Read more »

She looks so cute and lovely,love it


I think she looks absolutely stunning and the haute couture styling in the top picture is to die for. Fabulosity at its best in my opinion.

E. Wood

Ok I love Halle Berry. Really LOVE HER. But am I excited that she DECIDED to make an appearance as a more afrocentric black woman…no. I think she looks beautiful as always, but I feel like this is yet another example of how the media messes with our perception. Now its a fad or a fashion statement to have a fro because its on a magazine cover? And is it just me or did they darken Halle up for this photo shoot…really? ? Im not jumping on the band wagon with this one sorry.


Yup. GORGEOOOUSSSSSS REGARDLESS! Just proves..you don’t need to be silky to be pretty! 😀

Sharon J

She looks beautiful. Halle has great taste. I had the chance to meet her when she lived in Cleveland years ago. She’s a very sweet person. Her smile is genuine.


I haven’t seen a black women that didn’t look fantastic with natural, “kinky” “coily” whatever you wanna call it, hair textures , whether it be from the scalp, sewn in, glued on, on a wig cap, etc.

Show me one, just one, and I’ll pay for your college tuition. 🙂


It’s Halle! She looks good in anything! Hair, make up, fashion, whatever!


Ummmm what happened to ppl seeing a pic, simply commenting on whether or not they like it and that’s it. Jeezus! Why does everything have to be discussion or argument?


That would be boring. I like when people have something else to say besides ‘I like it’ or ‘Shes gorgeous’.

Hmmm, I like the hair, just not on Halle. I can’t figure out what it is about Halle’s (albeit very pretty) face, but a lot of hair just does not work for her :/ Even when the long hair is away from her face, it’s still not getting it. Short, close-cropped hair seems to be the only flattering choice for her. I know it’s only a photo shoot, but, dang, I don’t like it 🙁 She is up there with Kelly Rowland, Lisa Bonet, Vivian Green, Jada Pinket, Chrissette Michelle and a bunch of other women I can’t think of… Read more »

Oh, and Rhianna! 😀



I meant “Rihanna.”

Let me get off of here. Lol.


How in God’s name is this woman 46 yrs old?! She looks absolutely stunning. To be honest, not feeling the wig so much, tho am feeling a little Diana in the cover.

Miss T

I dont like Halle. She cant do nothing right as far as I’m concerned. That is all. P.S. She wish her hair looked like this.


Funny to have such a strong stance against someone you probably don’t know. Her hair or not, it looks beautiful!

Miss T
Dont get me wrong, I love big kinky hair I just dont like Halle. I dont know her personally but my opinion of not liking her is based on who she is and things she has said that speaks volumes about her character, for example I dont like the fact that she said previous to having her daughter that the next man she dates she just going to ask if they can have a baby whether they are together are not, I think thats selfish and reckless. She’s insecure to the 10th power and brought a child into this world… Read more »

Wow! Have you heard every word she has ever spoken? Every single one? I really hope that people in your life are not as harsh on you as you are being on her. We all make mistakes. About the hair, it is FIERCE! It’s really great to see more and more images of black women who are closer to their natural state than previous depictions, in mainstream media and in this case, i what looks like a high profile magazine…

Miss T

I haven’t heard every word she’s spoken, but let me tell you she says a lot of ridiculous things that says a lot about who she is. I’m not trying to be harsh, but I do take bringing children into this world very seriously, she doesn’t.

miss t, you are entitled to your opinion but this is about the hair, not her character which frankly is impossible to know unless you know her personally. it’s good to see black women in high profile positions wearing or even modeling naturally kinky hair. makes life easier for we the regular natural hair wearing women down here in the trenches where hair can cost you a job, a boyfriend, and sadly for some, our own sense of self. i have interviewed for jobs and got them wearing fly hair, then show up later with my own and you guessed… Read more »

Beautiful! This is more prof of the influence that the natural hair revolution has had.




Keep it real her natural texture looks NOTHING LIKE THIS!! She got that classic GOOD HAIR!! YEP, GOOD HAIR!


There’s always one.


lol the next time S.O do not even respond to that. ignore people who need attention


She looks just as young as all these new models. Beautiful!


OMG, I am in love this do! Beautiful modeling and great look for Ms. Berry!


she looks great!


Halle is servin y’all Ms. Dandridge in a fro in that 2nd pic! Snatched!!


I love the hair. She looks beautiful in these photos.

But, for the record, ALL fros are undefined. If it’s defined, it’s not a fro. It’s just curly hair.


I disagree. Those tight perfectly rounds ‘fros from the 70s (think Angela Davis and Kathleen Cleaver and the like) were very defined in their shape, but they were also most definitely ‘fros, not just curly hair.



Maybe my idea of “defined” differs from yours, but I have very defined, tight pin spring coils, but I’m one hundred percent sure everyone would consider it a fro.


*pen spring


It’s different on her, but I’m liking it! Somethign new is always fun.


It’s obviously a wig, as Halle is wearing her cute signature style right now. I actually like the texture of the wig, but not the shape.

However, Halle Berry is absolutely gorgeous–hair, no hair she is naturally stunning. Looking at her is another reason that I love being a black female. Black don’t crack! 😉




So I love Halle and all that good stuff but I have a legitimate question for you guys.

Why is it ok for Halle berry to wear an afro wig for a photoshoot but “we” get all up in arms and going crazy when a white model wears an afro wig in a photoshoot?!?

Because the afro hair could have presumably come from her head. I have more of a problem if they use clearly black afros along with “ethnic” themed clothes. If they use blonde teased hair – or curly, frizzy hair like some caucasian women with more Jewish textured hair, then that is a look they could actually achieve, and not lampooning black women’s hair as an accessory to put on and be taken off for a joke. Until the afro trickles down from the runway and average, middle-class caucasian women start wearing afro wigs as part of their daily style –… Read more »

lol that last part made me giggle. I agree tho. Can’t wait till the day where people with straight hair wear afro wigs in thier “daily routines”


LOL @ “average, middle-class caucasian women start wearing afro wigs as part of their daily style – at work in their professional jobs and with their husbands.”

Lord, today. That would be a sight to behold, wouldn’t it?

I think Halle Berry is beautiful for sure on the outside. Can’t judge her insides. The fro in the pics is all kinds of uneven though. It’s like a fro mullet.


Uh, cause Halle’s not some white girl throwing up gang signs at a fried chicken convention, trying to make us look foolish?


lol I get what you’re saying but I’m not talking bout a crazy white blogger I’m talking about a legitimate fashion photo shoot or runway show, like Marc Jacobs s/s 2010, where all of the MODELS (mostly white) wore afro wigs && people were going crazy bout it


My issue would be that the designers won’t hire the black women that already have that hair naturally. The lease they could do is hire a black models and put an afro wig on them. It’s also saying its only cool/beautiful/fashionable when non-black women do as it seems that they’re they only ones that can rock ‘fros on the runway. Same the goes for appropriation of traditional “ethnic” items from other cultures.


It’s what they call a ‘slippery-slope’. We have got to draw the line somewhere with white people or they’ll be driving around with an Afro-Jack N’the Box ball on the antenna of their car! That’s why.

That is very true! I mean, Jay-Z comes out with a song called “N*ggas in Paris” and Gweneth Paltrow thought it was cool to tweet a picture of Jay and B with the word, niggas under it. Lmao how ridiculous, you have to draw the line with white folks sometimes. Now to add this to discourse, there was a period in time, the 70’s when white people were wearing Afros either wigs or chemically processed… Were they doing ghetto poses at fried chicken fest(ie minstrel show)? No. I don’t get there fascination with our physical features but they can’t wait… Read more »

How about we hold blacks a countable for perpetuating the term nigga and making it cool?
Just keep on with the status quo. Whited wouldn’t think it was acceptable if we didn’t go around repeating it, just a thought.

omg amen amen. Thank you finally someone with sense. Whether you’re black white asian or hispanic no one should be embracing such a slur that was meant to belittle us in the first place. Why are we the only race who feels the need to use our own derogatory term within our community cherishing it? Why do we feel the need to use a term that makes many feel uncomfortable by those who can’t use it and blacks like myself who can’t stand the ignorance of this statement. I’m 18 and doing a research paper for my english class on… Read more »

Just to clarify, Gweneth Paltrow did not send that tweet. The Dream took the photo, captioned it and sent it with her phone. http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1686590/the-dream-gwyneth-paltrow-paris.jhtml


Um no. The dream admitted he lied about that. That pathetic loser. His story sounded like BS from the jump.

i’m really not crazy about a model who wears an afro wig on a runway show, i even consider it to be some kind of recognition, like we are not the only ones to think that an afro can be fashionable. and if someone wants to wear just to look crazy, so be it i do not care. however i can understand someone who wonders why not hire someone who has an afro on her head naturally instead of constantly hiring people who don’t have and put wigs on their heads. it is the same question when H&M hires over… Read more »

Uh, cause Halle’s not some white girl throwing up gang signs at fried chicken conventions, trying to make us look foolish?


she looks great!!…I love that the fro is undefined and not in a “curly style”. Yes, it is mishapen, but this is high fashion. It kind of reminds me of the 18th century wigs.


What if Halle is wearing the wig because her own hair isn’t this texture? How else is she suppose to get the look…i’m just wondering? It looks amazing though.


I remember Raven Simone saying the reason she started wearing wigs/weaves is because the amount of process that they put the hair through on a daily basis can be harsh. So in order to protect her real hair, and maintain versatility, she needed to wear the extensions. I think Halle can rock anything, she’s gorgeous, and most people on the street wouldn’t know this is a wig, so who cares. There was a time when fro wouldn’t have been considered high fashion, so celebrate how far we’ve come.

Lew Lew

Thank You for saying that! So true.


Amazing! Doesn’t matter whether its a weave, wig, sticks off the ground, this woman takes amazing pictures and she would look beautiful if she ever decided to grow her own hair out & try this style. Work it Halle!


The only problem is her hair is more of a type 2 texture so she wouldn’t get a ‘fro’ look anyway…more like waves/curls…

Lew Lew



she is beautiful like always


I love Halle, but I hate that wig. It looks like it was styled by Edward Scissorhands, no ma’am.

Little by Little

Natalee, don’t be silly. Edward Scissorhands was actually very good at cutting hair. It looks like it was cut by Stevie Wonder.


LOL! You are so wrong. I cannot help but laugh.


aw man lol


That’s not funny.


I agree, it’s disrespectful to Stevie and other blind folk. I love the photos, the stylist(s) have completely transformed Halle.


Yaaassssssssssssss! You are correct!


lmfao best comment yet hahahaha




lmao crying.


I’m a Halle stan from way back so I love her no matter what but seriously…I don’t get geeked up over wigs. And that’s all it is…a wig. The headline needs to say “Halle Berry Rocks an Undefined ‘Fro WIG.” *shrug*


Beautiful. We are about the same age. She inspires me to be the best me physically.


People use wigs in photo shoots. That’s just the way it is…. Lol that’s how they get different looks without damaging her hair. Whether its her hair or not isn’t the point it’s the ‘look’ and I think it’s gorgeous.


So when are celebs gonna rock their own, unpressed, unchemically treated hair? Are we supposed to swoon over their wigs?


LOL yknow!






Exactly! Plus its for a 70’s ‘dress up’ shoot… again. I like the second pic though!

The Natural Haven

lol Eloisa, for years people loved and still do love Erykah Badu’s wigs. I think you are right to say we now can and do have a huge community of naturals that we can admire, we don’t need wigs 🙂




Halle rocks her signature “Halle” cut all the time. Granted I can agree with you on some celebrities. But even in the Good Hair documentary the actresses interviewed said there’s only a handful of hairdressers in the biz that knows how to PROPERLY care for AA hair, so they just resort to wigs/extentsions to keep it protected.

Besides, I do like it when celebs “change their look” in photoshoots and it’s not just them in some new clothes, lol.


Love you for this comment!


ditto 🙂 anyone can rock an afro wig! yawn.

Thick Nigerian Hair

Is that her hair?


Nope it’s not her’s she is rocking a very short look right now (her signature short straight/wavy look)


Gorgeous as ever!


+1…yup, more gorgeous than EVER! =)

Home Daycare

She is soooo gorgeous!!!