Halle Berry Rocks an Undefined Fro

If you ever wondered what Halle Berry might look like with a Solange-style undefined fro, well here you have it. Halle rocked the look for a 70s-style photoshoot with Interview Magazine. I’m definitely loving it. Click below for more photos. Ladies, what do you think?

Photos courtesy of NecoleBitchie.com

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Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop culture and black beauty enthusiast.

  • sunshyne84

    She looks just as young as all these new models. Beautiful!

  • Karen

    Keep it real her natural texture looks NOTHING LIKE THIS!! She got that classic GOOD HAIR!! YEP, GOOD HAIR!

    • S.O

      There’s always one.

      • eve-audrey

        lol the next time S.O do not even respond to that. ignore people who need attention

  • Ana

    Beautiful! This is more prof of the influence that the natural hair revolution has had.

    • kinu


  • Miss T

    I dont like Halle. She cant do nothing right as far as I’m concerned. That is all. P.S. She wish her hair looked like this.

    • Cia

      Funny to have such a strong stance against someone you probably don’t know. Her hair or not, it looks beautiful!

      • Miss T

        Dont get me wrong, I love big kinky hair I just dont like Halle. I dont know her personally but my opinion of not liking her is based on who she is and things she has said that speaks volumes about her character, for example I dont like the fact that she said previous to having her daughter that the next man she dates she just going to ask if they can have a baby whether they are together are not, I think thats selfish and reckless. She’s insecure to the 10th power and brought a child into this world based on her own selfishness and insecurity, I dont like or respect that either. And to top it off she’s a overrated mediocre actress. Just my opinion.

        • Sibongile

          Wow! Have you heard every word she has ever spoken? Every single one? I really hope that people in your life are not as harsh on you as you are being on her. We all make mistakes. About the hair, it is FIERCE! It’s really great to see more and more images of black women who are closer to their natural state than previous depictions, in mainstream media and in this case, i what looks like a high profile magazine…

          • Miss T

            I haven’t heard every word she’s spoken, but let me tell you she says a lot of ridiculous things that says a lot about who she is. I’m not trying to be harsh, but I do take bringing children into this world very seriously, she doesn’t.

          • jeanettesdaughter

            miss t, you are entitled to your opinion but this is about the hair, not her character which frankly is impossible to know unless you know her personally. it’s good to see black women in high profile positions wearing or even modeling naturally kinky hair. makes life easier for we the regular natural hair wearing women down here in the trenches where hair can cost you a job, a boyfriend, and sadly for some, our own sense of self. i have interviewed for jobs and got them wearing fly hair, then show up later with my own and you guessed it – the boot and a nice walk away package to go with the soreness! sure there could have been other reasons, too but i’m no young chick, i know what is the what. so let her have her black girl moment because when she does, we do, too!

  • How in God’s name is this woman 46 yrs old?! She looks absolutely stunning. To be honest, not feeling the wig so much, tho am feeling a little Diana in the cover.

  • Mona

    Hmmm, I like the hair, just not on Halle.

    I can’t figure out what it is about Halle’s (albeit very pretty) face, but a lot of hair just does not work for her :/ Even when the long hair is away from her face, it’s still not getting it. Short, close-cropped hair seems to be the only flattering choice for her. I know it’s only a photo shoot, but, dang, I don’t like it :(

    She is up there with Kelly Rowland, Lisa Bonet, Vivian Green, Jada Pinket, Chrissette Michelle and a bunch of other women I can’t think of at the moment that look best with their hair short.

    • Mona

      Oh, and Rhianna! :D

      • Mona


        I meant “Rihanna.”

        Let me get off of here. Lol.

  • c.lewis

    Ummmm what happened to ppl seeing a pic, simply commenting on whether or not they like it and that’s it. Jeezus! Why does everything have to be discussion or argument?

    • Jack

      That would be boring. I like when people have something else to say besides ‘I like it’ or ‘Shes gorgeous’.

  • Cyndee

    It’s Halle! She looks good in anything! Hair, make up, fashion, whatever!

  • Rocky

    I haven’t seen a black women that didn’t look fantastic with natural, “kinky” “coily” whatever you wanna call it, hair textures , whether it be from the scalp, sewn in, glued on, on a wig cap, etc.

    Show me one, just one, and I’ll pay for your college tuition. :)

  • Sharon J

    She looks beautiful. Halle has great taste. I had the chance to meet her when she lived in Cleveland years ago. She’s a very sweet person. Her smile is genuine.


    Yup. GORGEOOOUSSSSSS REGARDLESS! Just proves..you don’t need to be silky to be pretty! :D

  • E. Wood

    Ok I love Halle Berry. Really LOVE HER. But am I excited that she DECIDED to make an appearance as a more afrocentric black woman…no. I think she looks beautiful as always, but I feel like this is yet another example of how the media messes with our perception. Now its a fad or a fashion statement to have a fro because its on a magazine cover? And is it just me or did they darken Halle up for this photo shoot…really? ? Im not jumping on the band wagon with this one sorry.

  • Dazz

    I think she looks absolutely stunning and the haute couture styling in the top picture is to die for. Fabulosity at its best in my opinion.

  • Jacky

    She looks so cute and lovely,love it

  • imani

    If halle did have that kinda hair& tried 2 rock that at the start of her career…we would never know who she is bc Hollywood would either ignore her or made her wear a wig..its the world we live in. U see the heat some white ppl gave Viola Davis for wearing HER OWN SHORT FRO 2 an awards ceremony! It was shameful what some folks said. Hollywood doesn’t embrace naturals unless u r the token LcharacterL. And you will certainly NOT be the lead or the sexy female…our hair is ok for a retro fashion shoot but god forbid we see it on the silver screen! Like it was said in GOOD HAIR…if our hair is nappy, they ain’t happy.if our hair is relaxed then they r relaxed! Lol!