Jada Pin­kett has spo­ken open­ly about her par­ent­ing style, which includes allow­ing her chil­dren to express them­selves in how they dress and style their hair. While son Jaden recent­ly cut his hair and rocks a sim­ple short cut, daugh­ter Wil­low is con­stant­ly exper­i­ment­ing with col­or and tex­ture. And of course, peo­ple have a lot to say about it, with Willow’s styles often pop­ping up on gos­sip blogs. Appar­ent­ly Jada is fed up with the com­men­tary, and took to Face­book to set peo­ple straight. Click below to read the note and see some of Willow’s styles. 

A let­ter to a friend…

This sub­ject is old but I have nev­er answered it in its entire­ty. And even with this post it will remain incom­plete.

The ques­tion why I would LET Wil­low cut her hair. First the LET must be chal­lenged. This is a world where women,girls are con­stant­ly remind­ed that they don’t belong to them­selves; that their bod­ies are not their own, nor their pow­er or self deter­mi­na­tion. I made a promise to endow my lit­tle girl with the pow­er to always know that her body, spir­it and her mind are HER domain. Wil­low cut her hair because her beau­ty, her val­ue, her worth is not mea­sured by the length of her hair. It’s also a state­ment that claims that even lit­tle girls have the RIGHT to own them­selves and should not be a slave to even their mother’s deep­est inse­cu­ri­ties, hopes and desires. Even lit­tle girls should not be a slave to the pre­con­ceived ideas of what a cul­ture believes a lit­tle girl should be.

More to come. Anoth­er day.


Ladies, what are your thoughts? 

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Jacqueline Lewis

I’m a pret­ty con­ser­v­a­tive per­son and moth­er, and I think it’s fine if she cuts and col­ors her hair. Chil­dren need some sort of free­dom of them­selves, she doesn’t have a tatoo, she isn’t talk­ing about the many boyfriends she has, she’s doing her music, hope­ful­ly her par­ents are remind­ing her of who God is, and she’s being a kid. It’s so many influ­ences in this world, and specif­i­cal­ly in her world, give her a lit­tle break. There’ so many oth­er things that aren’t healthy she could be involved in.


I’m inclined to agree with you. But I also think that Jada, Wil­low, and oth­er peo­ple in the pub­lic eye are bet­ter off tun­ing out all the stuff about them on the inter­net, in the tabloids, etc.

The truth of the mat­ter is that there will always be peo­ple who say vicious/ igno­rant things. And the inter­net only mag­ni­fies those voic­es. It seems a bad idea to legit­imize those voic­es by acknowl­edg­ing what they say and respond­ing to them.

chris chris

as India Arie said “I am not my hair”

Michelle@Radiant Brown Beauty

I hon­est­ly don’t care if her hair is short or long. Even col­or is OK. I think (and this may not nec­es­sar­i­ly be her case), when kids begin to “exper­i­ment” with cer­tain looks, there could be oth­er things going on.

As for Wil­low, she’s a beau­ti­ful girl. I just find here to be a lit­tle Tom Boy­ish, which she may or may not grow out of.


Why would she grow out if it? Why should she be “con­scious” of being “Tom Boy­ish”? You missed the point of Jada’s words all togeth­er. She has giv­en her child the FREEDOM to be who she wants to be with­out any regard to how oth­ers may or may not per­ceive her. And a part of that is NOT wor­ry­ing about gen­der roles or what may or may not be deemed “boy­ish”.

“when kids begin to “exper­i­ment” with cer­tain looks, there could be oth­er things going on.” WTH?? Please read this ENTIRE post again because the point was missed.


Is there any­thing wrong with being ‘tom boy­ish’? Not every lit­tle girl has to be’sugar and spice and all things nice’. I think that is the point her moth­er is try­ing to make — (Even lit­tle girls should not be a slave to the pre­con­ceived ideas of what a cul­ture believes a lit­tle girl should be)


I’ve been say­ing this all along. As long as this lit­tle girl is well behaved, and is doing well in school why shouldn’t she be able to wear her hair how she wants?? It doesn’t hurt her­self or any­one else. And it’s fun­ny peo­ple are against her cut­ting or dying her hair but will slap a perm on a four year olds hair in a heart­beat. We are so back­wards. I think she looks love­ly btw


Agreed! And oth­er peo­ple need to stop giv­ing unso­licit­ed advice on said, well- behaved child. Many kids gave big­ger issues than the way they are dressed


@Venus *In my Eddie Mur­phy Voice as I stomp my feet twice* Yesss!!!!! *Drops mic and walks off* That girl is right *cheesin*


*cues praise music*




I love this com­ment. Total­ly agree.


Ain’t that the truth?! I couldn’t agree with you more.


I’m pret­ty sure the length of her hair is the LEAST of peo­ples wor­ries or crit­i­cism of Wil­low. Will and Jada clear­ly have exposed her to the lime­light WAY to ear­ly and haven’t allowed her to be a child and feel some NORMALCY. Mark my words this child is gonna have issues as she gets old­er just like 97% of the child stars that come up.


yep,totally agree.the rab­bit hole goes deep­er, as a nat­ur­al who cut my hair off many times over my life i love short hair as much as long, how­ev­er it con­cerns me that many of these “celebri­ty” kids are being pro­grammed, behind the scenes in “hol­ly­weird” and shav­ing of the head is part of the whole monarch/mkultra satan­ic thing.I know most of you won’t believe that, but what­ev­er. I’m sor­ry to say i won’t be sur­prised in 5 years if this girl starts “freak­ing out” and act­ing “insane” js…


Because chil­dren out­side of the lime­light are so “nor­mal.”
Your argu­ment is invalid.


No, there is no such thing as ‘nor­mal’, chil­dren in the lime­light are exposed to more pres­sures and live dif­fer­ent lives to reg­u­lar kids, for one thing, most of them are home-schooled. Too much expo­sure can be dif­fi­cult to han­dle for any­one…


@Lynn total­ly agree!!

There are tons of child actors that grew up to be well-adjust­ed adults. Peo­ple like to think of kids like Lind­sey Lohan before they remem­ber Hilary Duff who is mar­ried with a kid and liv­ing her life well. I think a big­ger influ­ence is fam­i­ly issues and parental con­trol amongst oth­er things. I think the girl will be fine. From hear­ing her speak, I real­ly think she has a good head on her shoul­ders. I wish her the best…there’s no point in wait­ing for the worst when she doesn’t come from a messed up fam­i­ly or seems to be a… Read more »

i meant child actors and musi­cians…


@ Lynn As if real chil­dren don’t have issues huh? Chil­dren who grow up with­out media and pub­lic scruti­ny have issues too. The most impor­tant thing is that these par­ents have a real rela­tion­ship with their chil­dren. Peo­ple are quick to crit­i­cize oth­er people’s chil­dren when they don’t even know what their own chil­dren are doing.

Why peo­ple are so offend­ed or obsessed with the length of her hair is absolute­ly beyond me. If I could sport a shaved head, I would do it. Unfor­tu­nate­ly for my face/head shape, it just wouldn’t look that good. The girl looks fan­tas­tic and is clear­ly going to be down right beau­ti­ful when she gets old­er, and I can only hope that she keeps her hair that long because we real­ly need more women who are will­ing to step out­side of the bound­aries of what our soci­ety thinks is beau­ti­ful to allow those who do not con­form or fit into… Read more »

I thought the same thing about shav­ing my head and start­ing over. I like my shorty hair. The first thing I see is my face, not hair. I feel free. lol I love to just wash mois­tur­ize and go. Young chil­dren I know who saw me could not believe I cut my hair. I echoed the phrase by India Arie, “I am not my hair.” Any gal should be able to rock any stylr she choos­es and feel good about her­self.


I feel u on this Kiki. Right now I’d like to big chop. My hair is BSL now, very thick, n I miss short hair! Most peo­ple I tell say “Why do u wan­na cut all that long pret­ty hair?!” They just don’t know…I absolute­ly think Jada is right, beau­ty comes from within.…her hair will grow back, n most times i think she looks adorable!


Can’t wait for the com­ments on this one


I know right! The minute I saw the post I had to run an get some snacks…::munch munch munch::. Wait­ing for the shi­nani­gans…


haha­ha­ha­ha­ha­ha­ha­ha!! I just saw this comment.….dang I knew I wasn’t the only one that gets a kick out of read­ing these com­ments.


so laugh­ing out loud right now


HAHAHA! Laugh­ing out loud at your com­ment!