Lisa Bonet Rocks Grey Hair, Side-Shaved Locs

Lisa Bonet has had locs for a while, but she updated the look by shaving the right side of her head. She’s also kept her natural grey color, which offers a cool contrast to the dark color of the locs. Ladies, what do you think of the look?

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Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop culture and black beauty enthusiast.

  • KTZ

    I think she should have just gone all the way and done the whole thing short and gray. She has the bone structure to carry it off. Far more daring than keeping a weave on one side.

    • tiki

      Lisa Bonnet does not wear weaves

      • Bobbi

        Lisa is still a gorgeous woman. I LOVE embracing the aging process. I think Jamie Lee Curtis looks amazing in her short gray hair.

    • gee

      I agree…I have short silver hair and I love it…easy to maintain.

    • LG

      Ummm… It said Locs… that is NOT a weave, it’s her hair… smh

    • nik

      A weave?…lol. Those are locs that she has been growing for over 10 years honey.

  • J. Martinez

    I think she looks AMAZING. And I love the bravery in doing that. WOW. Go Lisa!!!

  • Diane

    I think she is gorgeous!

  • Brawny71

    She is a strong half-black woman who don’t need no man (although aware she has one).

    • jef g

      …while you apparently are someone who “don’t need no eddication…”

  • Aissatou Sunjata

    I continue to love seeing Lisa B. She has grown into such a gorgeous, strong appearing and settled woman. Having grown old seeing her when she appeared on Crosby, seeing how well a job she has done with her older daughter with Lenny, she has become someone who I enjoy more and more. Her authenticity of rocking her natural gray locks, just makes me love her even more.

    • David

      She has not ‘grown’ into a gorgeous woman. She has always been a gorgeous woman.

  • gee

    How come she does not act? I never see her on anything.

    • Doug Hayes

      In Hollywood, a woman older than 30 is written off as elderly and washed up. No roles for them! Helen Mirren and one or two others are the exceptions.

  • heftylef

    Lisa Bonet could literally be my twin. And she’s not really “oLD” she’s only in her 40’s I believe. She is just getting grayish white hair. My husband’s family get gray hair early in life. My husband has had white hair since age 23. Lisa is still a youngish woman.She’s not a senior yet. lol

  • Brandy

    Some if you need to learn how to spell and learn proper grammer and get an education and stop worrying about Lisa Bonet’s natural hair.

    • Crystal