Lisa Bonet has had locs for a while, but she updated the look by shaving the right side of her head. She’s also kept her natural grey color, which offers a cool contrast to the dark color of the locs. Ladies, what do you think of the look?

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Elizabeth June

LOVE the Silver and the Locs!! Lisa Bonet has still got it!!!
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You look stunning!

Elizabeth June

Thanks Jax!


Elizabeth, YOU ARE stunning! You are bringin’ it…I LOVE IT!


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this look on her. Only she can do it and I love that she embraces the gray (though I have no problem with coloring it either)

Bridget J.

I think she looks absolutely stunning!


I think she looks great, she’s rocking natural hair, with the grey. I also think she is aging damn well, face and body included. How many of us at her age can say the same thing?

Bridget J.


Naturally Rad

I think she looks beautiful!!! I like the fact that she kept the gray hair, I agree with the others that say the lighting isn’t so great.

Annointed Queen

I think Lisa’s body is slamming, especially considering that she has one adult child and a five and four year old by her FINE a#@ man, Jason Mamoa, who’s about twenty years her junior!!!
Still beautiful and in a class all by herself!


She looks really good. I just think that the quality of the photos are terrible.


She looks like she died about 5 years ago.


I think she looks beautiful and is aging quite gracefully. I think the haircut is funky..which is right up my alley and I think represents what I know her style to be. Great look “Denise”!


I think that she looks beautiful…

Tabitha Walker

I think she looks FABULOUS!!!! The hair, the outfit and her glowing skin!!! I’ve always been a fan of her’s. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!


She looks great! Actually, this is the best look I’ve seen on her in a while. She’s working with time gracefully (can’t stand to use “aging). Keep doing that, Lisa!


i love the look on her!!! Lisa has always been a free spirit if you all recall. Her style is independant and unusual but its sooo her. She can pull it off. theres no reason to b so catty. what will they say about u in twenty years?!?!?! think about it


I think she looks great for 45 ! They grey is a silvery grey which looks good. Lisa B. has always had her own unique style and continues to rock it. I think the photography makes her looked washed out but I think she looks phenomenal representing the 40 plus crowd.


You go Lisa!!!! I love it. Always a fan.

Chicago Chica

I think that she’s beautiful. She looks confident and in control. There aren’t woman half her age who could look that good with very little make-up.


I think she looks great…the lighting for the pics isn’t great, so that can hinder a photo, but otherwise, I hope to be this banging in my 40’s…


She looks wonderful…always! Compared to some Hollywood types who resort to plastic surgery to “push back the hands of time” she looks awesome.


Folks are tripping. She looks good. Period.


Lisa is the Patron Saint of Black Hipsters. This girl can do no wrong for me. LOVES IT!


+1 She’s aging well, has gorgeous locs, is in great shape and has a FINE husband, Jason Momoa! No hate, must congratulate!


This, I’d hate to see what some of the naysayers will look like when they are nearing 50.


for real!!!!


we are the same age and I don’t think she looks great for our age at all. Still love her because whatever “Denise” was wearing on Thursday nights I was trying to imitate on Friday mornings. LOL

Ugonna Wosu

agreed. Just cause we have a different opinion doesn’t mean we are “haters” or “naysayers”. I have no issue with her, but I’m not going to claim she looks great for 50 when my 60 year old mom looks younger.




She has always been and will apparently always be beautiful!


I dont know what you ladies are talking about but she looks great ! I love the look on her & this outfit is doing it for me as well.


i dont know who she is or what she looked like before….all i know is I think she looks wonderful


I agree she looks great!


+1 I agree. I think the look is cool and it seems consistent with her kind of style “non-traditional” outfits she has worn over the years.


+2, I also agree. I think it looks nice. Besides, in my opinion Ms. Bonet has always had a style that was “outside of the box”, so I always kind of expect her to have that different look in her pictures anyway. I think if she were to dress more “formal” that would actually be out of character for her. I love that she follows her own different sense of style.


Wow, I think she looks GREAT!
She’s fit, her skin is glowing (great diet I’m guessing) – and she’s showing her age gracefully.

She barely has on makeup and I guess we are not used to that. Imagine what some of our favorite actresses would look like sans makeup. She’s looking great IMO.


I agree with Tonya – she looks great!


“She barely has on makeup”—> Not true! Blush, highlighter, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lipstick if not more is all there. And I don’t think anyone is disputing her beauty, but more or less her hairstyle and fashion choices.


Not a good look!


I have to say that I am not feeling this look. Ms. Bonet is such a beautiful lady and always has been. However, in my opinion the shaved half of the head thing is too trendy. I think gray hair is regal, but with this particular hair style it does not work. The whole entire look, makeup included, does not enhance or compliment her at all. BUT if she likes it that’s all that matters, this is my two cents!


I like the look! I don’t think she looks washed out. Particularly in the second picture that just looks like bad lighting. She looks good to me. She seems fit and the hair cut is an interesting twist on the shaved side style. I think she has aged well.


She looks washed out


not a fan of the look. she is not ageing well

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