*Prepared for BGLH by Meosha Tall of 1MeNaturally


Introduce yourself!
My name is Rocquelle, and I am from Houston, TX. I am a full-time graduate student, run a style blog, Consider Me Lovely, and am the owner, creator and designer for Clutched & Covered, a company/shop that makes clutch covers, a means of giving your favorite clutch a new look.

Why did you make the decision to go natural?
I’d been wanting locs since I was a little girl, after seeing one of my older guy cousins with them. I simply thought his hair was beautiful, and when I later learned it was locs I decided it was a style I wanted, but my mom said I had to wait until I was an adult to make such a hair decision, lol. After a failed attempt or two during my freshmen year of college, I wore braids and twists for about 8 months, had my perm cut off, wore a small afro for about 3 hours, and have had locs since. I’ve been natural for 8 years.

How would you describe your texture?
When it comes to the numerical/alphabetical term that describes my hair texture, I’m honestly clueless, lol. I have always had very thick hair, whether permed, pressed, natural, or loc’d, and I guess I’d say my strands are coarse and tightly curled. I am often asked why I am not a hair blogger, it would be because I am clueless about questions like this, lol. All I know is my hair is my hair :-).

Did you start your locs yourself or did you go to a loctician?
I went to a loctician for the first 4 years of having locs. They were started using a bit of back combing and palm rolling. The last time I counted a few years ago, I had around 300, but I’ve recently started combining a few of them in hopes of maybe making my job a little shorter when I maintenance them myself, lol.

How do you style your locs?
When I style my hair, rubber bands, jumbo hair pins, and elastic headbands as hair ties are my go to daily products. I like to try new things with my hair and I very rarely wear it down, so these three products are essential for me!


What does wash day look like for you?
Wash day looks like a VERY long day for me, lol. I have a lot of hair, and it takes FOREVER to dry (I often air dry or do a mix of air drying and sitting under the dryer). When I wash and maintenance my own locs, I am currently using Eden BodyWorks Jojoba Monoi Moisturizing Shampoo and Revitalizing Conditioner and Taliah Waajid Lock It Up Gel. I’ve not really had any residue issues or anything from using this gel, but I am looking to start mixing my own product for loc maintenance soon, after I do a bit more research. Aside from this product, I use olive oil and/or Doo Gro Stimulating Growth Oil for oiling my hair.

Tell us about your hair color?
My hair is dark brown with teal (and maybe a bit of red) tips. I did not do it myself, I went to my loctician, who’d dyed my tips red about a year and a half ago. I don’t recall the names of the products she used, but dyeing my tips teal was a two step process. The first visit she bleached the red out (or as much as she could without damaging my hair) and put a coat of teal dye on my tips. About two weeks later, I went in and she applied a protein treatment to my tips and another coat of teal dye. This dye choice was more intense than any other I’ve had before on my locs, but I have not really noticed any affect it’s had on my locs, or their texture.

What are some of your problem areas (if any) that require special care and attention?
With twisting the roots of my locs during monthly maintenance (and sometimes during the day when I am daydreaming, lol), I try to be sure to pay attention to my edges and ensure that they aren’t thinning, which is why I oil my edges with olive oil regularly, even if I don’t have time to oil the rest of my hair. Also, the longer my hair gets, I’ve noticed some breakage here and there on the tips of my locs, so I just try to make sure moisture is reaching the tips of my locs as well as my roots.

What are 2 do’s for your texture?
Moisturize: There is nothing worse than dry locs. Cleanliness: I wash my hair every 4 weeks, sometimes 3 now that I’ve started working out. In having locs, washing my hair too much will not aid in the locking process of my new growth. Creativity: One of my goals in starting my locs was to prove naysayers wrong who said I would be limited in what I could do with my locs. As a result, I am always experimenting and trying out new hairstyles.

What are 2 don’ts for your texture?
I’m no hair expert, as evident in my answers to some of the previous questions, lol, so my biggest don’t is to not limit my locs. I am of the belief that my locs can do anything some other hair texture can do, natural or otherwise. I just may have to go about a different route, but it is certainly doable :-).

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
Yes, my style blog is Consider Me Lovely, www.considermelovely.com, where I share the occasional hair tutorial among posts of style and empowerment. My shop where I sell handmade clutch covers is, www.clutchedandcovered.com, is my biggest project right now. Clutch covers come in fun prints and bold colors; I’m predicting them to be the next big thing, hehe ;-).


Just another lover of natural hair and expression.
- Style Icon Coordinator for BGLH

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[…] (who was actually featured in this BGLH Natural Hair Style Icon post a couple years ago) is a beautiful, confident, sister with skin reminiscent of chocolate.  During […]


[…] (who was actually featured in this BGLH Natural Hair Style Icon post a couple years ago) is a beautiful, confident, sister with skin reminiscent of chocolate.  During […]

Youngin girl

Your locs are like Goddess of the nile:) You wear them proudly. I was kinda surpirsed that you as a little girl wanted locs because I never thought I’d hear that coming from a little girl like my niece or from me years ago. I love locs and when women dye color on it. Keep representing houston!


HONEY, That Teal SPEAKS!! So beautiful…


I have such hair envy looking at her locs! Gorgeous!!




More loc’ed up icons please! I follow more than a few on instagram who I would love to learn more about! 🙂




You have such lovely locs,versatility in styling them and a bangin beautiful style,keep it up sista


I love your hair color, I hope to add teal highlights by next summer.

Lovely locks! Love the purses too. I unravelled my locks six months ago and i miss them hugely. Locks are easier to deal with and more often than not look better than free hair. At least this is my opinion. I was washing my locks every other day and moisturizing them on a daily basis but styling was so easy and quick. Residue are an issue though and i ‘m not sure it’s avoidable. I know some people think that they don’t have that ( i used not to realize that myself) but anybody that cut open some clean looking… Read more »
Jo Somebody

Hmm, that sounds a bit off-putting! Did you use a clarifying shampoo at all? Washing every other day and you still had build up?!


Yes i did… I used clarifying shampoo, baking soda and did Avc rinses…. And i never used any creamy conditionner… I was extremely careful as i was very aware of that risk. Build up was happening anyway. I believe it was mostly due to dust….


Yes i did… I used clarifying shampoo, baking soda and did Avc rinses…. And i never used any creamy conditionner… I was extremely careful as i was very aware of that risk. Build up was happening anyway. I believe it was mostly due to dust….

Just the other day I was thinking, “BGLH hasn’t featured a loc’d style icon in a minute!” and BAM here she is! I’m so excited because I’m considering…no I’m GOING to loc my hair by the end of this year, haha! Anyways, I like how she decribed her wash day to be extensive, just because people tend to assume that having locs is super quick and easy, when actually you need to take just as much time and care as you would with loose natural hair. I’m definitely feeling the the teal highlights too, lol. Feeling more and more confident… Read more »

Ive felt the same way about the loc’d style icons. So glad to see one today. It def made my Monday!


It is such an honor to be featured here!! Thank you ladies for your kind words (so far, lol), and thank you Meosha for reaching out to me for such a feature!


i’m in houston and a loc wearer too (had traditional before and sisterlocks now). you represented us well!! i agree the houston climate is great for locs!!


Beautiful locs! how do you moisturize your locs? I’m about 3 months in and still experiencing some dryness :-/


Thank you Michelle! Aside from regular oiling, I use a spray bottle with water and oil to mist my hair, on the rare times of the year when the Houston air is very dry. I live in a rather humid climate, which I think plays into the fact that I haven’t experienced a lot of dryness.


It would be so awesome to see one day come forth and be like “am 4C/B and proud” there’s a lack of that bc they all give the same answer

Jo Somebody
Hey B! My 7 1/2 month old babies are dyin for a dye as well. And i keep teilnlg myself that Im goin to do it myself! after all if something goes wrong YOU can fix it or whatever. Im sorry your experience was bad. I think you should rock and updo room hide the big color change and when you get time (i would at LEAST wait a week) and bleach it (no it’d nor good but we know you, and we know your gonna do it) lol but just hide it for the time being. Don’t immediately re-dye… Read more »

People call for doing away with typing on here when it comes to the icons. I’m not sure what the rest of your comment refers to, some icons of all hair types don’t subscribe to the Andre system and say as much, that’s not exclusive to 4b/c icons. You can’t expect people on the innanet to validate your own hair or hair type, they represent themselves. I find that 4cs are on youtube and labelling themselves as such so maybe this just isn’t the right outlet to get the pride and cheerleading you are looking for.


I think Zanthe’s point is that type 4 people tend to be the most vague about their hair type on this site, as such, it is sometimes misconstrued as a lack of pride in kinky hair. We know youtube has a lot of type 4 naturals, but I personally find it dizzying to try to search through 20 pages of results :-(.


Check Jouelzy out, she’s 4C and says as much, her vids are too the point too. I find that when I type in 4C and any style, technique or method, I find a lot more people than I did four years ago. I remember when there was no 4c and you could barely find a 4b on Youtube. If you look hard enough you will find 4Cs who have decent quality videos.


I am a 4b/c natural, and I’m pretty darn proud. But enough about me, lol. I think her locs are lovely, and I understand the point of wanting to know her type, but I kinda feel like with locs, the hair type may not be as important. I dunno, maybe type 4 hair is easier to loc? But it seems that the maintenance loc’d hair differs somewhat from that of “free” hair, so perhaps that is why its not mentioned? at any rate, i think we can all agree that her hair looks gawjus!


What is 4C/B? I’m sure as someone with natural hair, or hair at all, that it’s something I should know, but I am rather clueless on what it means, in terms of defining my hair type.

Bridget J.

Absolutely beautiful hair and great style!


Her locks are AMAZING.


I love her dreadlocks. Features like this make me want to loc my hair NOW 🙂

Fatty B.

Yes ma’am! Loving your style from head to toe 🙂