A few days ago gor­geous actress Sanaa Lath­an post­ed a hap­py birth­day tweet to her moth­er, accom­pa­nied by this pho­to. It seems that mama Lath­an (aka Eleanor McCoy) has some love­ly curls! It’s hard to tell if her hair is nat­ur­al, or if it’s relaxed with some tex­ture to it. Either way the salt and pep­per curls are love­ly! What do you think ladies?

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Sanaa is swahili for art


Gor­geous ladies! Now I know where Sanaa gets her good looks (though her dad isn’t too shab­by, either :)


Wow, she looks just like her mom! I hope I’m that cute when I’m old­er.


They both look great!.… mod­er­a­tion in all things for longevi­ty.…


She and her moth­er are very beau­ti­ful. Sanaa is very tal­ent­ed and I am a big fan of hers. She also keeps her dat­ing options open and she is an exam­ple of beau­ty, smarts and tal­ent.


[…] Lots of hair must run in the fam­i­ly, because we know Sanaa’s mama def­i­nite­ly has […]


I love Sanaa Lath­an. This a beau­ti­ful moth­er-and-daugh­ter team. Her moth­ers curls are amaz­ing. I hope to look this fiecre at her age.


Wow! They’re both so gor­geous. Mom’s hair looks great.


both moth­er and daugh­ter are so pret­ty


Definit­ly love­ly curls


Gor­geous! So hope to age as well as she has. Hair = love­ly.


They are both beau­ti­ful women. Her mother’s curls are fab­u­lous and I love see­ing gray curly hair.
Sanaa Lath­an has such a strik­ing resem­blance to her moth­er, they look like they could be twins.

Michelle@Radiant Brown Beauty

wow she looks just like her mom. Beau­ti­ful women. Although every time I see Sanaa, I see a woman who is always try­ing to steal some­one else’s man LOL. It seems those are most­ly the type of parts she plays and now when I see her I con­nect her with those parts! I know.…back to real­i­ty


Look­ing at her Mother’s temples,that is not chemicals.She has a natural,soft grade. I like the white and once I am closer­to sixty,I wont rinse, but in my for­ties ‚I dont like the gray­ing.
Nice Mom/Daughter pic­tures.


I have been a fan of Sanaa’s for a long time. I think she is so under­rat­ed. I also think she is beau­ti­ful. Now I see where she gets it from. I like her moms hair. Almost a “sil­ver fox”.


Her mom is absolute­ly gor­geous! Sanaa has been blessed with good genes! I love her hair, nat­ur­al or not! :)


OMG! They are sooo beau­ti­ful! Sanaa looks just like her mom


They’re both beau­ti­ful.


Good­ness! They look like twins! They’re beau­ti­ful


Two gen­er­a­tions of beau­ty! Go Ladies!!!

Lady Pooh36

Both women are true nat­ur­al beau­ties.


Wow they are twins!! Like look exact­ly alike and so beau­ti­ful. Great genes! Pret­ty hair!


Absolute­ly stun­ning! Both of them.

Chic Noir

Owe we her mom is gor­geous and they have the same eyes.


Her mom looks like the witch from Tan­gled.


Eleanor has nat­u­ral­ly curly hair as does her sis­ter Bren­da McCoy, MD. I know them from River­ton in Harlem. Beau­ty fam­i­ly inside and out. Eleanor has a heart of gold and a stel­lar per­son­al­i­ty. She was in the orig­i­nal Wiz on Broad­way with Lena Horne. She’s been in movies as well. Very hum­ble sweet Lady.


she does, a lit­tle. the witch was actu­al­ly quite pret­ty before the end set in and she lost her “youth and beau­ty” but in the begin­ning, while she was still suck­ing the life­line of rapunzel’s hair (lol) she was pret­ty. Sana’s mom looks like the pret­ty ver­sion of her- it’s the hair, i think, that you must be refer­ring to. yes, very sim­i­lar in shape.


that’s real­ly wack.

Chic Noir


* chic noir puts up “don’t feed it “sign at the top of the troll cage*

*flash light cop #1001 to vis­i­tors*

Noth­ing to see here folks, just keep mov­ing.


Google her. She isn’t a par­tic­u­lar­ly ugly or mean look­ing witch. I was think­ing it was shade at first but maybe that poster is just look­ing at the hair shape.


Con­sid­er­ing the witch is White, I don’t see it. lol. But it reminds me to sign more peti­tions speak­ing out against the media vil­lainiz­ing curly haired women, or mak­ing them to be the unruly and defi­ant.


Sanaa and her mom have cau­casian influ­ence so the com­par­i­son is not that far off


Uh huh, I bet if some­one said you looked like a witch from a Dis­ney movie, you’d be like oh yeah WE DO HAVE THE SAME HAIR SHAPE!


have you actu­al­ly seen the movie? any of us who have seen tan­gled knows that Anon’s not being insult­ing- she’s say­ing that the woman favors with the char­ac­ter from the car­toon. the witch actu­al­ly was very attrac­tive (until she was no longer able to draw beau­ty and youth from rapun­zel).


Not of she looked like this par­tic­u­lar with who just looks like any oth­er char­ac­ter. Now the witch from Snow White would be a dif­fer­ent sto­ry. What­ev­er that poster meant, it wasn’t clear that she was being deroga­to­ry. The lady doesn’t look like a witch regard­less but I feel some peo­ple are just on the Inter­net look­ing for dra­ma and omgz shots fired moments. Some­times you just have to shrug your shoul­ders and move on not every­thing is meant as some deep insult.


I agree with you Anon some indi­vid­u­als are bored and look­ing for dra­ma on inter­net to get into. I usu­al­ly just ignore it. Atten­tion seek­ers!! Maybe just say­ing ‘she reminds me of the char­ac­ter from Tan­gled’ to sat­is­fy the sen­si­tive ones…BUT CANT WE ALL JUST GET ALONG :-)


By the way they both are beau­ti­ful! Love Love Love her mom’s hair!


i didn’t even notice hair all i see are clones

Ugonna Wosu

lmao! Me too!

Coconut And Cream

This woman is stuh-ning, so is Sanaa.


Regard­less if her hair is relaxed or nat­ur­al they both are beau­ti­ful. Look­ing at her mom it seems that Sanaa is going to ago very grace­ful­ly. If it weren’t for the salt and pep­per hair I’d think that was her old­er sis­ter. :D

Ugonna Wosu

me too. I almost wrote they looked like twins!!!!


Wow just gor­geous!
I read some­where that Sanaa is also nat­ur­al don’t know if thats still true but she has an awe­some hair role mod­el to fol­low in regards to being fab­u­lous whilst get­ting old­er!

For the Love of Curls

Way to go, Mom!


Gor­geous is hered­i­tary!


She is just as beau­ti­ful as Sanaa!!!! Love her grey and how soft and fluffy her hair looks!! I hen­na and henna/indigo to cov­er my grey as it’s most­ly in spots through­out my head and pep­pered around my hair­line. But, if it starts to go all grey, I’m kind of inspired by this to let it go! 



I love her col­or and curls! i was just about to give up on not col­or­ing my hair (I’ve been nat­ur­al for a while’ and then saw this.


They are both gor­geous women!

Ugonna Wosu

WOW. She’s the spit­ting image of her mom! Like she’s her re-incar­nat­ed!!!!! LOL.


I know. It kind of shocked me how much she looked like her. I mean she’s like a clone of her moth­er. Weird!


What you said! Absolute spit­ting image, and so adorable!


I felt tha sameee way!! OMG!! She is the exact spit­ting image of mama mccoy :P They are too gor­geous!! I was think­ing as I looked at it, whoaa Sanaa with salt-n-pep do..then I real­ized it was her and HER MOM. They are such beau­ti­ful ladies :). Nau­tral or not, tha look still works on her :) I aint mad at er..


+1..awesome!They are adorable=)