A few days ago gorgeous actress Sanaa Lathan posted a happy birthday tweet to her mother, accompanied by this photo. It seems that mama Lathan (aka Eleanor McCoy) has some lovely curls! It’s hard to tell if her hair is natural, or if it’s relaxed with some texture to it. Either way the salt and pepper curls are lovely! What do you think ladies?

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Sanaa is swahili for art


Gorgeous ladies! Now I know where Sanaa gets her good looks (though her dad isn’t too shabby, either 🙂


Wow, she looks just like her mom! I hope I’m that cute when I’m older.


They both look great!…. moderation in all things for longevity….


She and her mother are very beautiful. Sanaa is very talented and I am a big fan of hers. She also keeps her dating options open and she is an example of beauty, smarts and talent.


[…] Lots of hair must run in the family, because we know Sanaa’s mama definitely has […]


I love Sanaa Lathan. This a beautiful mother-and-daughter team. Her mothers curls are amazing. I hope to look this fiecre at her age.


Wow! They’re both so gorgeous. Mom’s hair looks great.


both mother and daughter are so pretty


Definitly lovely curls


Gorgeous! So hope to age as well as she has. Hair = lovely.


They are both beautiful women. Her mother’s curls are fabulous and I love seeing gray curly hair.
Sanaa Lathan has such a striking resemblance to her mother, they look like they could be twins.

Michelle@Radiant Brown Beauty

wow she looks just like her mom. Beautiful women. Although every time I see Sanaa, I see a woman who is always trying to steal someone else’s man LOL. It seems those are mostly the type of parts she plays and now when I see her I connect her with those parts! I know….back to reality


Looking at her Mother’s temples,that is not chemicals.She has a natural,soft grade. I like the white and once I am closerto sixty,I wont rinse, but in my forties ,I dont like the graying.
Nice Mom/Daughter pictures.


I have been a fan of Sanaa’s for a long time. I think she is so underrated. I also think she is beautiful. Now I see where she gets it from. I like her moms hair. Almost a “silver fox”.


Her mom is absolutely gorgeous! Sanaa has been blessed with good genes! I love her hair, natural or not! 🙂


OMG! They are sooo beautiful! Sanaa looks just like her mom


They’re both beautiful.


Goodness! They look like twins! They’re beautiful


Two generations of beauty! Go Ladies!!!

Lady Pooh36

Both women are true natural beauties.


Wow they are twins!! Like look exactly alike and so beautiful. Great genes! Pretty hair!


Absolutely stunning! Both of them.

Chic Noir

Owe we her mom is gorgeous and they have the same eyes.


Her mom looks like the witch from Tangled.

Chic Noir


* chic noir puts up “don’t feed it “sign at the top of the troll cage*

*flash light cop #1001 to visitors*

Nothing to see here folks, just keep moving.


Google her. She isn’t a particularly ugly or mean looking witch. I was thinking it was shade at first but maybe that poster is just looking at the hair shape.


Uh huh, I bet if someone said you looked like a witch from a Disney movie, you’d be like oh yeah WE DO HAVE THE SAME HAIR SHAPE!


Not of she looked like this particular with who just looks like any other character. Now the witch from Snow White would be a different story. Whatever that poster meant, it wasn’t clear that she was being derogatory. The lady doesn’t look like a witch regardless but I feel some people are just on the Internet looking for drama and omgz shots fired moments. Sometimes you just have to shrug your shoulders and move on not everything is meant as some deep insult.


I agree with you Anon some individuals are bored and looking for drama on internet to get into. I usually just ignore it. Attention seekers!! Maybe just saying ‘she reminds me of the character from Tangled’ to satisfy the sensitive ones…BUT CANT WE ALL JUST GET ALONG 🙂


By the way they both are beautiful! Love Love Love her mom’s hair!


have you actually seen the movie? any of us who have seen tangled knows that Anon’s not being insulting- she’s saying that the woman favors with the character from the cartoon. the witch actually was very attractive (until she was no longer able to draw beauty and youth from rapunzel).


Considering the witch is White, I don’t see it. lol. But it reminds me to sign more petitions speaking out against the media villainizing curly haired women, or making them to be the unruly and defiant.


Sanaa and her mom have caucasian influence so the comparison is not that far off


that’s really wack.


she does, a little. the witch was actually quite pretty before the end set in and she lost her “youth and beauty” but in the beginning, while she was still sucking the lifeline of rapunzel’s hair (lol) she was pretty. Sana’s mom looks like the pretty version of her- it’s the hair, i think, that you must be referring to. yes, very similar in shape.


Eleanor has naturally curly hair as does her sister Brenda McCoy, MD. I know them from Riverton in Harlem. Beauty family inside and out. Eleanor has a heart of gold and a stellar personality. She was in the original Wiz on Broadway with Lena Horne. She’s been in movies as well. Very humble sweet Lady.


i didn’t even notice hair all i see are clones

Ugonna Wosu

lmao! Me too!

Coconut And Cream

This woman is stuh-ning, so is Sanaa.


Regardless if her hair is relaxed or natural they both are beautiful. Looking at her mom it seems that Sanaa is going to ago very gracefully. If it weren’t for the salt and pepper hair I’d think that was her older sister. 😀

Ugonna Wosu

me too. I almost wrote they looked like twins!!!!


Wow just gorgeous!
I read somewhere that Sanaa is also natural don’t know if thats still true but she has an awesome hair role model to follow in regards to being fabulous whilst getting older!

For the Love of Curls

Way to go, Mom!


Gorgeous is hereditary!


She is just as beautiful as Sanaa!!!! Love her grey and how soft and fluffy her hair looks!! I henna and henna/indigo to cover my grey as it’s mostly in spots throughout my head and peppered around my hairline. But, if it starts to go all grey, I’m kind of inspired by this to let it go!



I love her color and curls! i was just about to give up on not coloring my hair (I’ve been natural for a while’ and then saw this.


They are both gorgeous women!

Ugonna Wosu

WOW. She’s the spitting image of her mom! Like she’s her re-incarnated!!!!! LOL.


I know. It kind of shocked me how much she looked like her. I mean she’s like a clone of her mother. Weird!


+1..awesome!They are adorable=)


What you said! Absolute spitting image, and so adorable!


I felt tha sameee way!! OMG!! She is the exact spitting image of mama mccoy 😛 They are too gorgeous!! I was thinking as I looked at it, whoaa Sanaa with salt-n-pep do..then I realized it was her and HER MOM. They are such beautiful ladies :). Nautral or not, tha look still works on her 🙂 I aint mad at er..