Veronica of The Savvy Housewife shares her style, the Twist and Bun. Click for the tutorial below.

Ladies, what do you think of this look? Would you rock it?

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noelliste, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop culture and black beauty enthusiast. bell hooks' hair twin...

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I tried this style and love it! Thanks for sharing.


Such a beautiful woman with such lovely long hair and her twist and bun style is Gorgoeus


Love this! I started wearing my hair in a similar style a couple of weeks ago. I’m always on the lookout for new bunning styles

This is one of my common, go-to styles that I do frequently. I must say that it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you take the bun down everyday and moisturize the ends. If you’re like me (and I know everyone is not), you know how excited us busy girls get when we find a protective style that is both cute AND convenient. I made the mistake of neglecting my hair when I had it in this protective style and I paid for it BIG TIME when my hair was fragile as it broke a little once I began to manipulate it.… Read more »

Yes, I would certainly wear this style. Thanks for the inside tip MissJoeyK =)

For the Love of Curls

Cute. I’ve done before.

Michelle@Radiant Brown Beauty

I love this style. Just started a bunning hair challenge and think I’ll add this to my styles to do! I did a similar style today
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Wats her youtube or blog please?




i absolutely love this style! can’t wait for my hair to be long enough to try this!


thank you so much for that style i really like it… I’ve went natural after i got pregnant with my son becuase my elders said “perms are no good while pregnant”. Its been about 20 months now,and i am still trying products and styles. I hope this one works for me…




Love this style! I follow her blog! Her hair is just lovely! I tried this and it is a perfect quick style.


It cute but my hair is much shorter than this and it won’t lay flat like hers. Whenever it grow out, I will try something similar or maybe I could add hair to the bottom. It suit her though.