4 Fun Protective Styles for Cold Weather

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By Chinwe of Hair and Health

Are you tired of your usual bun or beanie over braids?  Here are four fun styles to keep your ends protected during the harsh, cold weather:

1. Faux French Braid on Mini-twists

This style gives the illusion of length while protecting the ends of your strands.  All you need is one pack of hair extensions that resemble your texture (e.g., Marley braid hair). The style can be modified for much shorter strands.

2. Twisted Elegance

This style is great for those who love flat twists with a taste of elegance.  You will need a comb for neat parting, enough hair for twisting, and … well, flat twisting skills.  No need to worry if you don’t know how to flat twist; this lady has a step-by-step tutorial for beginners on her channel.

3. Versatile Box Braid Extensions

Braid (or twist) extensions are a popular go-to protective style this year.  However, if you’re tired of the classic braids-in-a-bun, this tutorial will give you a few more styles to try.  It showcases some cute updos as well as a spin on the classic bun.

4. Elegant Natural Pin-up on a Twist Out

If you do not want to let go of your twist outs or braid outs, try this style to protect your ends.  You will need a few bobby pins and enough hair to work into an updo.

Ladies, what styles do you wear during cold weather?  Share below!



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6 thoughts on “4 Fun Protective Styles for Cold Weather

  1. My hair is thinning and breaking off really bad. I’ve never had this problem before I colored and hi-lighted my hair. My hair is breaking from beneath the new growth. I am conditioning and using proteins, after washing it every two weeks and the only heat I am using is a blow dryer. What else can I do???

    • If you come back to read this:

      I’m no expert but….

      Blowdryer is a no-no. It doesn’t sound like your hair could take colour, highlights and now heat. That is too much for most people’s hair. You say you try to balance protein and moisture but I would like to know what you moisturise with and use to keep your hair moist between wash days. You should read up on coloured naturals both in style icons here and on youtube and blogs to find out what other people are using to combat the excessive dryness from using colour. Most people have to up their moisture levels at every stage of their hair care process. You also mention new growth, is that new growth that is not coloured or relaxed hair new growth? Either way it sounds like your moisture protein balance is off. You should also look up porosity because if you used bleach to colour the your hair may have become overly porous and you may need to look into products like roux porosity control to close the cuticles. It’s also possible that you may need a trim and to transition out of colour looking at alternatives like henna if the purpose was to cover greys.

      Good luck.

  2. Thank you Ms .Tanisha ,this video helps .Its not easy being natural and wearing short mini twist for long periods of time can wear on you.I was please to see the stylish way that you upgraded the look of your twists.
    Thanks again ,

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