4 Reasons NOT to Trim Your Hair


By Jc of The Natural Haven Bloom

Trimming is an important part of a natural hair routine helping to keep damage at bay and allowing the hair to keep gaining length. Your routine could be as simple as trimming half an inch every 4 months, regularly dusting the ends (cutting off a quarter inch or less of hair) or the more time consuming but more hair preserving ‘search and destroy’ where only damaged strands are targeted. Some naturals, however, can fall into the trap of trimming too much. Here are 4 instances when trimming is not necessary and possibly counterproductive.

1. You trimmed it last week

If you have recently trimmed your hair and you spot split ends soon after it may be the case that you need another trim, however it could also be the case that you missed a few damaged strands. Wait for at least two months before you pick up the scissors again. Constantly cutting your hair may lead to very slow or no progress. Do not obsess about having no split ends, for some hair, this is just not possible.

2. You notice one side is longer than the other

The purpose of trimming is to get rid of split ends and old damaged ends. You can also use it to even up hair length but  for some people one part of their hair can grow faster than the other. Sometimes it is the front that grows longer than the back or the left side faster than the right or the crown faster than all other areas. In whatever case, it can be very  counterproductive to keep evening out the length if all that is happening is that one part of your hair is growing faster. Natural hair worn in a curly or stretched style really does not require even length.  As long as the ends are free of split ends or obvious damage, keep the uneven lengths and grow all the hair to your desired length before choosing to even it up.

3. Your ends appear thin/ see through but you regularly do search and destroy trims

If your chosen method of trimming is only cutting off damaged ends, it is highly likely that your ends may appear much thinner than the bulk of the hair. In this case, it is not necessary to trim your hair to get rid of the see through ends.  Since you are only cutting damage, it is always the case that some strands will be longer than others. As long as you are able to keep on top of damage and split ends, you do not need to trim the hair any further.

4. Your ends are dry or do not curl like they used to but you cannot see split ends

As hair gets older, it will be more difficult to maintain moisture simply because the cuticle layers are depleted and it is easier to lose moisture. Dry ends or ends that are not able to curl are not necessarily signs that you need a trim. Examine the hair and see if you can see visible signs of damage such as split ends. If you do not see damage, all those ends require is a little more water, oil and/or moisturiser and spending a lot time in tucked in styles to conserve moisture.

Are you scissor happy? When do you decide it’s time to trim your hair?

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  • Kwl0711

    This is quite a timely article. Especially now that’s it’s winter time. I, too, equated even hair with healthy hair. But I’m learning that that’s not true. My left side grows longer than my right – and my bottom right hand side is what I believe to be 4B, which looks, acts and grows completely different than the rest of the hair on my head. But when it’s stretched, it’s just about in line with the rest of my hair. The SSKs and splits happen all over, but I only get rid of the obvious ones, and try not to obsess over what I can’t see. I’m believing to see the fruits of that non-labor next spring :-).

  • Angela

    Hi, I have fine, relaxed hair, what can I do to both strengthen and thicken it?

    • bscales

      Stop relaxing! Go natural. Strength and thickness returns with healthy hair.

    • Try stretching your relaxers.

    • Mana23

      Relax less, roller sets to avoid damage caused by heat, and protein treatments. Be blessed.

    • vera

      I use Doo Gro Mega Thick Lotion To Thicken My hair,I use the Doo Gro Anti- Breakage Lotion on my ends. I do this everyday before i get in the shower and after I get out to moisturize my sides back, I put this on while it is damp on the sides that seals the moisture. I also us a product called Just natural, I Have found that the more natural product i use on my hair the better it is. I also keep my hair tucked in a ball it tends to hold moisture well that way. I don’t comb my hair but once a week and that is to wash it only, I use my hands to press it down. this has cause major thickness to my hair also. love it. I had a major problem with thin hair too. I am trying to get away from any products that are not natural feel free to email me for tips anytime.

    • Caresscurls

      Best to space out your relaxers. Cut your split ends and often do deep conditioning and protein treatments. Doo grow oil works too.

    • Victoria

      you can have healthy permed hair. to strengthen make sure your hair is getting the balance of moisture and protein. make sure you check out your porosity.

      for protein you can deep condition with eggs, mayo, your favorite moisturizing conditioner, and coconut or jojoba oil.

      your porosity depends on how your hair gets moisture and retains (keeps) it.

      Google “S.S. Tresses blogspot” and look for the Porosity blog

      also to thicken it, make sure you keep up with trims, deep conditions, and scalp massages.

      You can massage your scalp with a mix 2 carrier oils and 1 essential oil of your choice of:

      -ESSENTIAL OIL: peppermint oil, lavender oil, or tea tree oil >>You only need at the most 6 to 8 drops of an essential oil to 16 fluid ounces<<

      -CARRIER OIL: Jamaican Black Castor Oil is great. But it is also very viscous (thick) so you may want to mix it with your choice of coconut oil or grapeseed oil.

      I used to mix castor oil, coconut oil, and lavender oil. I mixed the coconut and castor oil to the viscosity of my choice.

      Good luck

  • Natalie

    I get my hair trimmed at the most twice a year when my ends starts to feel very dry and crispy and don’t stay moisturised I know it is time for them to go. I’m not bothered by split ends or SSK I don’t do search and destroy, life is way too short.

    • I think the exact same way. I refuse to stress over split ends. I get a my hair straightened and trimmed every 6 months. My hair is healthy and growing just fine.

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  • Gabriella

    I feel like my mom is scissor happy concerning my own hair… I’m 14, and so she basically pays for me to get it trimmed every 4-6 weeks. This involves flat ironing, blow drying, and all the works. I don’t feel as if I need to go this often, but is trimming a bit more objective than I’d believe?

    • Tiffany

      This could be true about your .mom. Ask her could you go every 8 to 10 weeks this spring to fall.. Do a length check at every trimming. Before and after trimming. Give the results to your mom. If your hair is growing, ask her to keep this schedule.

    • M2

      Gabriella, is your mom natural or does she have relaxed hair? She may be doing to your hair what she does to maintain her own hair. I also think it could be the styles that you’re wearing your hair in that could make you need a trim more often then 8 to 10 weeks. I used to trim my hair often also. However now since I never wear it straight, I stopped trimming it straight and started just dusting the ends. the heat was causing more damage which required me to continue to trim.

  • You need to repeat the part about split end free hair twenty times over. It is true, it may not be possible for everyone, and from experience it is not necessary. I have always had long hair and now my hair is hip area and I am just now for the first time in my life trying to get rid of split ends. I mean I usually dusted them in the past but I never worried about getting all of them. I am sort if obsessed with the idea, which is probably true, that of I had no split ends my hair would look thicker overall, it would hold a curl or wave better, be less tangly, and not get frizzy so soon. My work is definitely paying off but I don’t want to venture to say that there is a such thing as never ever getting split ends, at least not for some people. I think that if a person does not get split ends it may have to do with genetics because there are ppl who dye their hair and do other styling options that I never ever do and they get all of one split end. I never even straighten my hair or tie it with bands or anything. I noticed though that when I started obsessively moisturizing it with water, conditioner and oil, and wearing a bun, I stopped getting split ends. What do ya know. I’m sure I will see another one day but hopefully never as many as before.

  • you should trim your hair,but i only do it 1/4 inch and still big results. im 11 bye the way so pleaase dont send any harsh comments:D

  • “search and destroy trims” hahahaha next time I see my barber I’m going to ask her to do that for me. I get my hair trimmed about every 4 months and that works for my 3b curls, if I go any longer then my hair gets a bit to frizzy to my liking and any sooner I have found that it is just unnecessary. 4 months seems to be the sweet spot.

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  • I no this Is way Out of the question but why Do u need clip ur hair when u have spots
    No harsh comments this Is written by My five yr old sista

  • kelli

    Hi iv been natural for 11 months my hair seem to be growing pretty good but my edges are all broke off. I’m wondering is it because i wear a baseball cap all day. work in a stinky oily factory. Any suggestions plase help.

    • Tambe!

      Check the edge break line against the baseball cap. There could be a light rubbing of the cap that is causing the breakage. Also watch your edges when you shower–edge lines are fragile and your hair could be getting wet outside of your hair care regime.

    • AAA

      If you do find that the hat is the problem, try wearing a thin scarf or satin headband around your edges while you work to keep the hat from having direct contact with your hair. Also an option is use castor oil around your edges and massage daily to stimulate that area.

  • Alice


    Spend an exceptional amount of money on a treatment from a high-end salon instead of going to cheap ones. Unlike your cheap ones, high-end stylists are actually licensed, professional, and have extensive knowledge to help you with your hair problems…. and stop looking at websites for answers.

    Not a single soul who moderates this site is a licensed Cosmetologist. Think.

    • M2

      Lol @alice. I bet she has the perfect salon for you to go to as well. to hers. Sweetie, people have been taking care of their own hair for a lifetime. Some doing an awesome job n some not. and I know you’re not even insinuating that all licensed stylists know how to do hair. like with any other profession, it proves they passed a test.

      • teri

        Alice you are right in terms of the product we put in our hair, but you don’t have to pay exorbitant prices to get quality products. It depends on the hair and how well we take care of it.

  • Thank you for such useful and interesting information! I used to think, that trimming hair is necessary almost every month, but I like long hair and it was really sad story for me…

  • Mirtha

    hello i just want to know if i can use a serum repair instead of trim my hair, because i dont like the idea of make my hair shorter, it’s that ok? or i really need to trim my hair over time?

  • tO2OAmAzon

    I arrived here just in time. I’m transitioning. I had braids over a perm and left them in knowingly too long. I risked and I suffered. My hair matted and locked. 11 hours in, I called in from work and grabbed the scissors. I only chopped the dreadlocks. I got more braids and more braids and more braid. Not more perms. Now I am on my way. I did twists for the first time last week and saw those fiery red tips. I clipped clipped clipped. Put in more twists and they were still there. Clip clip clip. I’ve become obsessed with getting them off. They were 1 inch at the longest so I’m spotting glimpses here and there. I never been obsessed with length but always with health. I have about 6 inches of hair. I’m frizzy and dry. Maybe I should not go perm hunting for a while.

  • Sometimes you may not be trimming your hair enough. I found that trimming my ends more often instead of going as long as possible has actually grown my hair and my ends are not “see through” or finer than the rest of my hair. Also you have to cut enough off because if you’re not, you may still have split ends. Split ends break your hair from the ends up, so be careful not to cut too much but make sure you cut enough. This is advice from a professional hairstylist.

  • shay

    I would trim…

  • MrsJHJ

    Also, there are licensed hair braiders (under which u can braid, relax, wash and wrap, care for natural hair) such as myself that scroll through the forums. I like reading the articles just because. I’m also natural. Even though cosmetologist/hair braiders may not always speak up (at least I find the info is good) it’s not that there isn’t support from us. Although I did point out on one of my blogs that I didn’t know how many licensed women run the sites, I also stated it didn’t matter because the info is awesome. I also spoke on own hair journey etc…don’t listen to Alice. Besides, before anyone gets a license for anything, they must perfect their craft and then cosmetologist and hair braiders have to renew each year. Since I don’t care much for doing hair, I haven’t renewed. Still doesn’t change the facts. Much Love. – Author LaShondra Harris, Jr. mrsharrisjr.weebly.com Also, these women are all educated. We should all be in support of the movement. I’m from the South, I see how when African Americans try to do something important and build communities via online or where ever, there is always someone willing to try and knock it down. Let’s not do that by trolling smh.

  • Besa Gashi

    can somone tell me why my hair in the back of my head is not so curly and in the front so curly ? what can do to make it the same

    • Me

      A lot of women have mutli-textured hair, as in you can have different curl patterns all over your head naturally. So if you don’t have heat damage or left over chemical effects, then it’s just your genetics. For example, the hair on my temples have a tighter curl pattern than the rest of my hair…so I have to give them a little extra TLC.

  • Melind

    Agree with you, trimming might not be the best idea to get rid of split ends. However, I just like short haircuts and recently got a new one and now thinking about some color. Can someone tell me which color would suit me best? My skin color is light brown. I already searched and got few articles like – http://www.betrendsetter.com/best-hair-color-dark-skin/ but still not quite satisfied. Hope someone can advice me, thanks in advance :-)