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Introduce yourself!
Hey my name is Addisa Bianca Goldman. I was raised in New Rochelle, NY. For the past year I’ve been living in Los Angeles, California.

Why did you make the decision to go natural?
I decided to go natural because I grew up in a holistic home. We always ate really healthy and used alternative medicines. It never really occurred to me to even think that relaxers could have harmful effects on my body till one day I was talking to my sister about it. I originally tried to go natural in 2002, but I had no idea had to deal with it. Through frustration I eventually ended up relaxing it again.

One day in early 2008 I was chatting with my friend and she said she had stopped relaxing her hair. Her hair was still super straight and she said she just started using this really good flat iron (FHI Runway). I purchased the iron on ebay and my life changed lol. I figured perfect! Now I don’t have to put those horrible chemicals on my head and I can still get straight hair. Through the long process of letting my hair grow out I started really embracing the big hair and rarely flat ironed it. When I finally chopped it all off and could see my real texture I was in love. I’ve been growing my hair without the use of relaxers since the summer of 2008. I was afraid to do the big chop right away so I waited till I was comfortable with the length. I eventually chopped off the relaxed hair in the spring of 2011. My other rationale for not chopping it all off right away was I was still straightening my hair a lot. I figured I might as well damage the relaxed part that I’m going to eventually chop off. How healthy that actually is for your hair is up for debate, but if surely worked for me lol. My hair is pretty tough.

How would you describe your texture?
I would say my hair is predominantly 4b. I have different textures throughout my hair. My right side has a tighter pattern than my left side. And the top I would say is a lot looser. I have to work more on the left side and the top of my head to get the desired look I want. My hair is very thick and there’s a lot of it. It’s actually really hard to even put it in a ponytail unless it’s soaking and I mean soaking wet.

Describe your styling regimen over the course of the month.
My style regimen would be to wash and braid it into 5-6 sections before bed. I do this to give my hair a bit of a wavy pattern and to stretch out my curls. It also makes it easier to wash as it doesn’t get matted this way. In the morning I take out the braids and pull apart the hair pieces, fluff, and wear it down. I used to put styling gels/creams in my hair such as Kinky Curling Custard and Hair Rules, and then diffuse it with a blow dryer. It looked good, but doing that every 3 days started to create a lot of heat damage for me. I would let it air dry, but it would take all day. I normally just wear it down because like I said previously it’s really hard to put my hair in a pony tail without it being drenched.

What does wash day look like for you?
Wash days are work! It takes me about 30 minutes to wash it cuz I have so much hair. First I section it into about 5-6 braids and wash each section twice with Shea Moisture Shampoo and rinse. Then I condition it with Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner and let it sit for about 5 minutes and rinse. I then use Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave in Conditioner and braid the sections. To finish I use She’s a Hemp Nut by From My Heart for an added moisturizer.

Describe your favorite go-to hairstyle for days when you don’t have a lot of time to style.
My go to hairstyle is just down. I think with a good haircut. Wearing it down all the time works well and is not damaging.

How do you combat shrinkage?
I combat shrinkage with the braid out. I personally like some shrinkage so I leave my hair about 80% dry and use 5-6 braids. I like it because it gives me volume, which I love. I say if you want less shrinkage the more braids you add will create that look. Before you take the braids out make sure your hair is completely dry.

What are some of your problem areas (if any) that require special care and attention?
My problem area I would say is the top of my hair because it doesn’t curl like the rest of my hair. I have to make sure the braid I put at the crown of my head is extra tight so I can get that wave.

What are 2 do’s for your texture?
2 do’s for my texture would be to use a leave-in conditioner. Also, section your hair when washing. It will make your life a lot easier.

What are 2 don’ts for your texture?
2 don’ts would be to never comb it out dry. You’re just setting yourself up for stress and damage. Always comb it out in the shower during the conditioning process with a wide tooth comb. Lastly, don’t put your other sisters down if they want to continue to relax their hair. All you can do is teach the benefits of natural hair and then let it go. People like what they like. We love our natural hair, but some like the relaxed look and that’s fine as well. It’s a personal preference. We have to spread love.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
You can see me on Instagram and Twitter under addisabianca. Thank You!


Just another lover of natural hair and expression.
- Style Icon Coordinator for BGLH

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She know she bad….gwan gyal

Kendall J

Forget preety Addisa is the woman of this confident mans dreams if ur ever in Las Vegas email me who knows maybe ill make myself a facebook jus too talk to u only if u email me though 🙂 🙂 face hair lips eyes keep doin u (YFS) young fly sexy


“I have different textures throughout my hair. My right side has a tighter pattern than my left side. And the top I would say is a lot looser. I have to work more on the left side and the top of my head to get the desired look I want.”

*Screams* Thank you! I have the exact problem in my 3c/4a, thick hair! It drives me sooo crazy sometimes..I’m like, ‘Argh! Why couldn’t be like these cute curls on the right?!’ Glad i’m not alone.

P.S. your hair is GORG!!!!!!!! Great job 🙂
[imgcomment image[/img]


Wow! Your hair is beautiful. I know I went through the same same thing wishing my hair had the same pattern throughout but then you realize there’s nothing you can do about it unless you want to slap more chemicals on your hair lol. I just learned to embrace it and work with what I had. I believe there’s perfection in imperfection.


ummm, 4b? Looks beautiful although (to me) you have more of a type 3 hair texture.


You guys just need to let go of your issues. This obsession with curl pattern is ridiculous.

I wish some women will go back to relaxers until they work on their inferiority complexes. They are running this experience for the rest of us.


Wow, if shes 4b then i must be 4z. That being said her hair is gawjuss obvs

I think it is that thing of texture vs curl pattern. While her hair may not curl, it isn’t the same texture as my 4b. It appears like the texture of 4as and 3cs rather than 4b and 4c people’s textures. Her hair may be pattern-less, it may not be the same tightness that we imagine when we think of 4b. Her hair seems like it would behave more like 3c or 4a than say my 4b which struggles with moisture retention, tangling etc. also dryness may not be an issue for her because she can wear her hair out… Read more »

If you have 4b texture, than your knowledge of what her type of texture is like to deal with is based on what? I’m a 4b with a type 3/2 mum and she can have tons of dryness issues! Her naturally silky hair can become quite wiry if left to dry out. Hair issues don’t always correspond with type.

Don’t put words into my mouth. Notice I said ‘may’ and ‘seems’ re: her hair plus I never said issues correspond to hair type but I know my 4b hair and I know the typical perception of 4b hair and that it shares certain characteristics across the board. It’s generally hair that needs PS to thrive and retain. Looking at her pics, they show hair that is different to 4b hair people are used to seeing and I was agreeing that while she may be 4b I.e having no curl pattern, her texture may be silky or another texture than… Read more »

Thank you. Honestly I’m not 100% sure on the texture. I have a chart that I looked at and I went along with what I thought my hurt most closely resembled without braiding it or putting any product in. Actually none of these pictures represent my hair in it’s truest form, free from manipulation by braids or product. I’m not to good with the technicalities, I just know I got a lot of kinky hair 😉


I agree, but it doesn’t actually matter. Does it? I keep telling these people the hair class system is stupid and pointless. Someone with bone straight hair can have the same hair problems, i.e, fine and proned to tangle, as a person with the kinkiest hair there is. My “3b” hair probably acts the exact same as “4b” hair.

Dry, porous, or fine hair isn’t limited by hair textures.


yeah my 3b acts just like 4b, by how 4bs describe their hair. nothing’s different except how the curl pattern looks but mine will tangle and knot all day long if you let it. that’s why i don’t wear my hair loose at all, and i’m actually in either twists or finger coils majority of the time. and yet i’m 3b. hmph to the curl typing system lol


Maybe, but she mentioned that she allows her hair to dry in braids and sometimes uses heat to stretch. That likely contributes to the looser appearance of her curl pattern.


Curl pattern and texture are being used interchangeably, but I don’t think they are the same thing. Texture i think is based on size of the individual strands, and their density as a whole. It’s like how not all straightened hair looks or feels the same, and that has to do with the texture even though all are in a straight form.

The typing system talks primarily to curl pattern not texture. I’ve seen people with the same curl dimensions and completely different density, texture, and characteristics.


Wow. Amazing how one response clears up about half the questions I had about my hair! Thanks for your input!! 🙂




wow1 beautiful hair1


i’m 4b as well with a bit of 4a but i have a problem with moisture retention any suggestions i’ve tried everything but i always end up with oily, cruncy, dry hair


I had this same issue until I started making my own spritz and putting less emphasis on oils. Right now I use water, Curls Coconut Sublime conditioner, aloe vera gel, glycerine, coconut oil and argan oil. My low porosity hair absolutely loves it.


What products do you use? How often do you wash it?


i wash once a week and i live in caribbean so its always hot at the current moment i’m keeping it simple with world of curl activator and coconut oil to seal my hair loves the glycerin but …


Honestly the best moisturizer is water. You should condition or get your hair wet at least every 3 day. I have issues with dryness too. My hair and scalp get really dry but I find the more often I get it wet the better it becomes. Also diet is important as well. I’m still tryna figure out the best solution to the problem myself.


now that’s a beautiful hair!


Her hair is ridiculously IN. SANE.

That is all.


When I saw her hair all i could say was “Wow!”


I love the hair and SHAPE of the hair. A nice cut does make a world of difference, and I love that she wears her fro out the majority of the time


A to the MEN! Anyone know if there’s a good YouTube video on how to shape your hair yourself? Or is that best left to the pros?
She is beautiful. Literally.


been looking for the best way to shape my hair myself so I second that YouTube video request! Her hair is perfection.


Look up Deva cuts on YouTube, mahoganyknots had an amazing cut that really shaped her hair. It was so beautiful!!


I’ve been contemplating shaping my hair, but she has totally convinced me. Doesn’t the Deva cut cost an arm and a leg though?…


You just have to shop around. I got a devacut from a deva trained stylist in St. Louis that only cost me $25. And the cut was perfect!


That’s why I want to try shaping myself. I did some research and found this one girl who trimmed her hair while in an old twist out. She trimmed it into the shape she thought flattered her face. I don’t see myself shelling out the money for a Deva cut, but Lord knows I want something like what Addisa above has. It’s getting to the point where I hate looking at my hair.


@ Beth Yes!! I want to try it myself (although I am scared to death)…does this person have a video or blog post of herself sahping/trimming her hair. If so,can you please post a link?

If u can find a good YouTube video on how to shape your hair by all means go for it but I def needed to go to someone. It’s a lot if hair and it gets overwhelming. When I had my hair cut (big chop) the first time I went to hair rules. 6 months later i went back for a trim. Just recently I had my sister in law cut it and I love how she did it. I’m goin to her for now on. I can send you her info if u live in the tri state area.… Read more »

Sorry, I knew I forgot something



Ok she will be sending u an email today 🙂


I’ll be back home in NY in a couple of days for Christmas…I’d love if I could get my hair shaped by your sister-in-law?


Send me your email address and I’ll connect you with her.


I live in Long Beach, can I have your sister in laws info ? Afrodandy@gmail.com


Aww I’m sorry girl. If you’re goin to be in the tri state area (ny,nj,conn) it would work out but she lives in NJ. :/ I don’t know of any spots out here.

Amma Mama

Pretty girl!


Thanks girl 🙂


Oh my gosh..your hair is truly beautiful..and ur beautiful.. I was like your 4B..i was like wow..


Thank you!! <3


My hair twin!!!!!!


Awesome! Please post a pic 🙂