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Intro­duce your­self!
Heyyyyyy! I’m Brit­tany from Ami­tyville, New York, resid­ing between Ami­tyville and Brook­lyn depend­ing on the day and what’s going on :)

Why did you make the deci­sion to go nat­ur­al?
The sum­mer of 2006 I decid­ed that when I start­ed col­lege I no longer want­ed to get relax­ers any­more because I didn’t need to, sort of a rites of pas­sage deci­sion. I was get­ting them once every 3–6 months, so why both­er right? I start­ed let­ting my relax­er grow out and would trim and cut more and more off every few weeks. Dur­ing the sec­ond semes­ter of my fresh­man year of under­grad, March 2007, I remem­ber being in my best friend’s dorm room and get­ting frus­trat­ed with my hair and life in gen­er­al and end­ed up cut­ting off the remains of my relaxed ends, just like that.

Of course I went to class the next morn­ing with a hood over my head think­ing, what the heck did I just do to my hair? But once it’s gone, what can I say. It’s gone and it’s been noth­ing but joy and peace ever since. I went through the typ­i­cal “find­ing myself” phase in col­lege and dur­ing that time I was uncom­fort­able with hav­ing an inch of hair on my head and fell in love with sew-ins instead. I end­ed up always straight­en­ing any of my nat­ur­al hair that was left out of the weave, which in turn end­ed with the entire crown of my hair and edges (front, back, and sides) severe­ly heat dam­aged. It’s actu­al­ly hilar­i­ous to look at pic­tures of my hair dur­ing that time, now. I re-big chopped my hair in Jan­u­ary of 2010 and it has been grow­ing like a weed ever since. What a fairy­tale end­ing :)

How would you describe your tex­ture?
My hair is all over the place. The front of my hair is a good 3C/4A mix, while the rest of my hair is a mix between 4A/4B. The front of my hair’s curl pat­tern has always had loos­er, wavy curls and the rest of my hair has tight, spi­ral­ly look­ing curls. Nonethe­less, I love and embrace each curl all the same, YAY!

Describe your styling reg­i­men over the course of the month.
Over the course of any giv­en month my styling reg­i­men varies. I am a fan of pro­tec­tive styles so over one month I may cro­chet bohemi­an look­ing curls in or my most recent favorite style, Mar­ley braids. Dur­ing a reg­u­lar month I will go through my washing/conditioning cycle and should I choose to blow dry my hair before styling, I keep my hair in sec­tions and apply Jane Carter Solu­tion Hair Nour­ish­ing Cream and vir­gin coconut oil from Trad­er Joe’s or wher­ev­er, to pro­tect my hair from heat and seal in its mois­ture. I then two strand twist my hair or Ban­tu knot it up and put a bon­net on. In the morn­ing, depend­ing on my mood, I’ll either leave the twists in or wear the Ban­tu knots out. Usu­al­ly I leave the twists in and pin them up in some quick style because I can get a lit­tle lazy :)

What does wash day look like for you?
My wash days are few and far between (about every 2–3 months) because my hair doesn’t require much wash­ing. My aunt tells me not to tell peo­ple that I don’t wash my hair a lot, but oh well, the secret is out :) I start off by wet­ting my hair, then sec­tion­ing it in 6–8 sec­tions. I apply Jane Carter Solu­tion Mois­ture Nour­ish­ing Sham­poo and after rins­ing apply Gio­van­ni Tea Tree Triple Treat Invig­o­rat­ing Con­di­tion­er (that was a mouth­ful) and use a Den­man brush to detan­gle each sec­tion.

Describe your favorite go-to hair­style for days when you don’t have a lot of time to style.
I work and am in grad­u­ate school, so most days I don’t have time for a real spiffy style. My go to hair­style is up in this messy “pony­tail” sit­u­a­tion that I typ­i­cal­ly do. I put Shea Mois­ture Curl & Style Milk through­out my hair just to re-mois­tur­ize it (and it smells deli­cious as an added bonus!) I take a loose head­band and bring my hair up with the band and put about 6 bob­by pins to hold the band in place and fluff out my hair so it’s big and poofy, just like I like it. Takes between 5–7 min­utes to do and it’s easy on my edges, which are sen­si­tive when they want to be. I like wear­ing my hair like this because it allows me to have a clean, pro­fes­sion­al look while at work dur­ing the day, but still a more relaxed look while I’m rid­ing the sub­way or sit­ting in class that same evening. Oh, and this style is great when I fin­ish my day at the gym because my hair is out of my face already. PERFECT!

How do you com­bat shrink­age?
I don’t mind shrink­age. It is what it is. I typ­i­cal­ly don’t blow dry my hair after washing/conditioning. I either braid it, two strand twist it or flexi-rod set it, and over the course of a few days my hair ends up stretch­ing itself out any­way. Take that, shrink­age.

What are some of your prob­lem areas (if any) that require spe­cial care and atten­tion?
My prob­lem area is the back row of my hair main­ly because it is extreme­ly sen­si­tive to heat. The rest of my hair hard­ly ever has an issue bounc­ing back after blow drying/straightening, which I only do about 2–3 times a year, if that. How­ev­er, the back row is eas­i­ly upset by even the slight­est bit of heat, or the mate­r­i­al of my coat, scarf or some­thing rub­bing against it.

What are 2 do’s for your tex­ture?
DO your research. Know how to take care of YOUR hair and do what works for you because everyone’s hair is dif­fer­ent! Read the ingre­di­ents of what you’re putting in your hair. A nat­ur­al hair lifestyle is a com­mit­ment and I believe that the more you know going into mak­ing the deci­sion to become nat­ur­al, the more ful­fill­ing your nat­ur­al hair jour­ney will be. DO try to avoid manip­u­lat­ing your hair too often. My hair responds much bet­ter when I leave it alone as opposed to play­ing in it all the time. Pro­tec­tive, last­ing styles are awe­some!

What are 2 don’ts for your tex­ture?
DO NOT try to detan­gle, style or manip­u­late your hair when it’s dry! I think this goes for all tex­tures. You’ll regret it when you have a brush or comb full of unnec­es­sary hair lying there. Unless that’s some­thing you like :). DO NOT for­get to keep your hair mois­tur­ized, always. Your hair will thank you, for sure.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
Oh sure, fol­low me on Insta­gram: theN0­to­ri­ous­BCS :)


Just anoth­er lover of nat­ur­al hair and expres­sion.
— Style Icon Coor­di­na­tor for BGLH

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I love how she has a dif­fer­ent style in almost every pic and they’re all bang­ing!

For the Love of Curls

Sistaw­ith­re­al­hair on YT also goes a month or more w/o wash­ing her hair and she has beau­ti­ful hair. It couldn’t work for me and my scalp but every head is dif­fer­ent.


Thanks Brit­tany. How did you come with the idea of not wash­ing your hair fre­quent­ly? What advan­tages were you look­ing from? Just curi­ous…

great ques­tion! i actu­al­ly was doing some­one else’s hair one day and she told me that she hadn’t washed her hair in over a month, which didn’t strike me as dirty because her hair didn’t appear as though it was. i think too often we get stuck in rou­tine as opposed to doing what our hair needs. for exam­ple, when i first start­ed to get relax­ers my mom had me in the hair salon every 6 weeks for a touch up, even if i didn’t need it. when i got old­er, i made the deci­sion to not get them as… Read more »
Jo Etta

Brit­tany, was that per­son me? I had stopped wash­ing my hair often b/c of my sis­ter, and her hair is long and healthy. By the way, I love the BGLH arti­cle about you, and I love that you men­tioned you are not both­ered by shrink­age!


yep, that per­son was you jo etta :) thanks for the inspi­ra­tion lol :)

Your hair is beau­ti­ful, and so are you! Thanks so much for your gra­cious response. It clear­ly shows what a love­ly per­son you are. On anoth­er hand, to all of the ladies who were so up in arms about dirt and oil–I don’t know about you, but when I used to press my hair grow­ing up, I only washed it once a month. Maybe even less. Are we so soon for­get­ting those straight hair days when water was the ene­my? We went weeks with­out wash­ing our hair. Why would it be any dif­fer­ent now that we are nat­ur­al? Every­one needs to… Read more »
to answer everyone’s questions/concerns about me going 2–3 months with­out wash­ing, my trick, though not real­ly a trick because again, everyone’s hair is dif­fer­ent, i gen­er­al­ly do not have much prod­uct buildup because my reg­i­men does not involve mas­sive amounts of prod­uct. when apply­ing the prod­ucts i do use, they have a lot of “slip/stretch” in that a quar­ter sized amount(quarter for the front, and quar­ter for the back) is all that i need for the appli­ca­tion of the prod­uct on to my hair. i don’t usu­al­ly expe­ri­ence dry scalp and though the scent of my hair may be a… Read more »

Thanks for answer­ing what was a sim­ple ques­tion. I under­stand now that you don’t expe­ri­ence dry­ness and use a low amount of prod­ucts which lessens build up. I use about 3 prod­ucts includ­ing a butter/oil so per­haps that’s why I need more fre­quent cleans­ing. I liked this inter­view and your response was gra­cious con­sid­er­ing where peo­ple took this dis­cus­sion.


I total­ly agree. I appre­ci­ate when peo­ple can meet unchar­i­ta­ble thoughts with gra­cious com­ments.

Sena Alonso

Good day to you guys ! I‘ve recent­ly worked on an arti­cle , I may even say it was a research regard­ing quite relat­ed top­ic . There is not much clear infor­ma­tion on that, but I was lucky to find a lit­tle bit on cel­lu­lar block­ers here .


“I typ­i­cal­ly don’t blow dry my hair after washing/conditioning”

From this state­ment I’m pret­ty sure that she has both “wash” days where she uses sham­poo (Every 2 — 3 months) and “con­di­tion­ing” days where she co-wash­es.

It’s fun­ny have peo­ple always want to pick up on some­thing neg­a­tive to pass judge­ment on…


+100 , It’s like peo­ple don’t have any­thing bet­ter to do than to look for faults in oth­ers. Her hair is beau­ti­ful and so is she.


I know! Who is any­body to say that her hair smells or looks dirty? Espe­cial­ly if they don’t know her. Her hair looks good. Shoot, guess what, I don’t wash/co-wash alot either AND my hair is grow­ing. What works for you works.

J. Nicole

Exact­ly! It’s so rude for peo­ple to assume her hair is dirty or smells. Like most of the like­mind­ed peo­ple who respond­ed, she most like­ly cow­ash­es. I wash my hair with sham­poo every three months but co-wash reg­u­lar­ly. There are some peo­ple who sham­poo fre­quent­ly and I find the fra­grant scents to be unap­peal­ing but I don’t exclaim that in a huff or dis­dain. It seems as if there will always be those who can’t sim­ply express their dis­agree­ment with­out being neg­a­tive or com­ing off as all know­ing. So sil­ly


So how exact­ly should we express our dis­agree­ment?

Ms. Gee

Yes. How exact­ly?


“What works for you” : maybe the issue. The van­i­ty of long hair. The obses­sion of long hair. Is lenght more impor­tant than hygiene?


All of this debate for how fre­quent­ly she wash­es her hair? Now we all know why her aunt told her not to tell any­one. She has gor­geous hair, girls! Just “Keep calm, and car­ry on!”


Mom­ma always said black hair grows bet­ter in dirt! Her hair is beau­ti­ful.

Jo Etta



So we should embrace dirt?


Love­ly Hair, Love the pro­file pic.


Cute lady and hair!


2–3 months between wash­es? How do you do it? My hair becomes so dry after a week of back to back prod­uct appli­ca­tion.


I’m think­ing she is co-wash­ing in between sham­poos. Maybe that is what she meant?

Miss T

I mois­tur­ize and use con­di­tion­er con­stant­ly, I can relate, I go a good month or more before I actu­al­ly “wash” or clar­i­fy my hair. Maybe its just me but my hair takes a long time to actu­al­ly get dirty or stinky, as a mat­ter of fact the last time I remem­ber my hair actu­al­ly get­ting stinky was when I had straight hair 3 years ago.


“Maybe it’s just me”

Miss T

Now dont you be get­tin jeal­ous :)

Jo Etta

Miss T, you are so right. They’re just jeal­ous. Black women aren’t sup­posed to wash our hair often. If you notice peo­ple like Brit­tany and Cipri­ana don’t wash their hair often, but they have beau­ti­ful, healthy hair. 

I know Brit­tany per­son­al­ly. She helped my hair grow and be beau­ti­ful. Her hair NEVER stinks, her skin is smooth (as you can see in the pho­to), and she is dressed to the nines, noth­ing dirty about her. So ladies, stop throw­ing shade, take some notes, and maybe you can get a head like hers. :) Stop the hate, par­tic­i­pate, lol.


girl let’s hope that’s what she meant! I agree with Aida we all sweat and get build up on our scalp..not to men­tion expo­sure to dust/dirt and just our nat­ur­al envi­ron­ment. 3 months with­out wash­ing is 3 months of dirt on your hair, that’s not pass­ing judge­ment that’s just a fact. If my tex­ture would allow it, I would clean my hair more than 1/week..I comb my hair a lot less than women with straight/looser hair tex­tures, that’s even more par­ti­cles being stuck up in there.


Every sin­gle body on earth and every head of hair is dif­fer­ent. It’s just what works for her :)


Ah I was just inter­est­ed — didn’t even think of the hygiene aspect, I was just won­der­ing about prod­uct build up and the result­ing dry­ness. Of course I know every­one does dif­fer­ent things with their hair but that’s not a reg­i­men you see every­day so I want­ed to ask sim­ply, how does she do it.


Human beings are not that dif­fer­ent ;)
Nobody is immune no dirt, sweat, dust… I just believe some peo­ple are less both­ered about dirt, sweat, dust. And that’s ok. For them.
It’s dif­fi­cult to dis­cuss those choic­es with­out sound­ing judg­men­tal or offen­sive.
Per­son­naly, i find it extreme­ly unpleas­ant to smell unclean heads. And find it weird that some peo­ple can choose look ( they don’t wash their hair because they like the look of dirty, “old hair”) over hygiene and health.


@Aidda.…..I agree with your first sen­tence but then you got all per­son­al…


Well said. We are not all that diffrent. Its a tolerance/ men­tal thing when it comes to wash day. Some can hold off longer than oth­ers. Some over do it and wash like clock work reguard­less if the hair is tru­ly dirty or not. Got to find your own hap­py medi­um. I’ve heard/ seen quite a few youtu­bers with nat­ur­al hair care and fit­ness chan­nels that don’t wash their hair after every fit­nesss ses­sion. Her hair looks good, so I doubt if she’s suf­fer­ing lol.


Exact­ly! I don’t think peo­ple under­stand how hor­ri­ble dirty hair smells. No shade to Brit­tany because she has beau­ti­ful hair, but please, beau­ti­ful nat­u­ral­is­tas, wash your hair at least often enough so it won’t stink! I can­not begin to tell you how many times I’ve sat behind some­one or giv­en them a hug and the dis­tinc­tive smell of dirty hair fills my nos­trils. Not every­one has to wash their hair twice a week like me (I exer­cise 3x a week), but please remem­ber your hygiene when car­ing for your hair.