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Introduce yourself!
Heyyyyyy! I’m Brittany from Amityville, New York, residing between Amityville and Brooklyn depending on the day and what’s going on 🙂

Why did you make the decision to go natural?
The summer of 2006 I decided that when I started college I no longer wanted to get relaxers anymore because I didn’t need to, sort of a rites of passage decision. I was getting them once every 3-6 months, so why bother right? I started letting my relaxer grow out and would trim and cut more and more off every few weeks. During the second semester of my freshman year of undergrad, March 2007, I remember being in my best friend’s dorm room and getting frustrated with my hair and life in general and ended up cutting off the remains of my relaxed ends, just like that.

Of course I went to class the next morning with a hood over my head thinking, what the heck did I just do to my hair? But once it’s gone, what can I say. It’s gone and it’s been nothing but joy and peace ever since. I went through the typical “finding myself” phase in college and during that time I was uncomfortable with having an inch of hair on my head and fell in love with sew-ins instead. I ended up always straightening any of my natural hair that was left out of the weave, which in turn ended with the entire crown of my hair and edges (front, back, and sides) severely heat damaged. It’s actually hilarious to look at pictures of my hair during that time, now. I re-big chopped my hair in January of 2010 and it has been growing like a weed ever since. What a fairytale ending 🙂

How would you describe your texture?
My hair is all over the place. The front of my hair is a good 3C/4A mix, while the rest of my hair is a mix between 4A/4B. The front of my hair’s curl pattern has always had looser, wavy curls and the rest of my hair has tight, spirally looking curls. Nonetheless, I love and embrace each curl all the same, YAY!

Describe your styling regimen over the course of the month.
Over the course of any given month my styling regimen varies. I am a fan of protective styles so over one month I may crochet bohemian looking curls in or my most recent favorite style, Marley braids. During a regular month I will go through my washing/conditioning cycle and should I choose to blow dry my hair before styling, I keep my hair in sections and apply Jane Carter Solution Hair Nourishing Cream and virgin coconut oil from Trader Joe’s or wherever, to protect my hair from heat and seal in its moisture. I then two strand twist my hair or Bantu knot it up and put a bonnet on. In the morning, depending on my mood, I’ll either leave the twists in or wear the Bantu knots out. Usually I leave the twists in and pin them up in some quick style because I can get a little lazy 🙂

What does wash day look like for you?
My wash days are few and far between (about every 2-3 months) because my hair doesn’t require much washing. My aunt tells me not to tell people that I don’t wash my hair a lot, but oh well, the secret is out 🙂 I start off by wetting my hair, then sectioning it in 6-8 sections. I apply Jane Carter Solution Moisture Nourishing Shampoo and after rinsing apply Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Invigorating Conditioner (that was a mouthful) and use a Denman brush to detangle each section.

Describe your favorite go-to hairstyle for days when you don’t have a lot of time to style.
I work and am in graduate school, so most days I don’t have time for a real spiffy style. My go to hairstyle is up in this messy “ponytail” situation that I typically do. I put Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk throughout my hair just to re-moisturize it (and it smells delicious as an added bonus!) I take a loose headband and bring my hair up with the band and put about 6 bobby pins to hold the band in place and fluff out my hair so it’s big and poofy, just like I like it. Takes between 5-7 minutes to do and it’s easy on my edges, which are sensitive when they want to be. I like wearing my hair like this because it allows me to have a clean, professional look while at work during the day, but still a more relaxed look while I’m riding the subway or sitting in class that same evening. Oh, and this style is great when I finish my day at the gym because my hair is out of my face already. PERFECT!

How do you combat shrinkage?
I don’t mind shrinkage. It is what it is. I typically don’t blow dry my hair after washing/conditioning. I either braid it, two strand twist it or flexi-rod set it, and over the course of a few days my hair ends up stretching itself out anyway. Take that, shrinkage.

What are some of your problem areas (if any) that require special care and attention?
My problem area is the back row of my hair mainly because it is extremely sensitive to heat. The rest of my hair hardly ever has an issue bouncing back after blow drying/straightening, which I only do about 2-3 times a year, if that. However, the back row is easily upset by even the slightest bit of heat, or the material of my coat, scarf or something rubbing against it.

What are 2 do’s for your texture?
DO your research. Know how to take care of YOUR hair and do what works for you because everyone’s hair is different! Read the ingredients of what you’re putting in your hair. A natural hair lifestyle is a commitment and I believe that the more you know going into making the decision to become natural, the more fulfilling your natural hair journey will be. DO try to avoid manipulating your hair too often. My hair responds much better when I leave it alone as opposed to playing in it all the time. Protective, lasting styles are awesome!

What are 2 don’ts for your texture?
DO NOT try to detangle, style or manipulate your hair when it’s dry! I think this goes for all textures. You’ll regret it when you have a brush or comb full of unnecessary hair lying there. Unless that’s something you like :). DO NOT forget to keep your hair moisturized, always. Your hair will thank you, for sure.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
Oh sure, follow me on Instagram: theN0toriousBCS 🙂


Just another lover of natural hair and expression.
- Style Icon Coordinator for BGLH

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I love how she has a different style in almost every pic and they’re all banging!

For the Love of Curls

Sistawithrealhair on YT also goes a month or more w/o washing her hair and she has beautiful hair. It couldn’t work for me and my scalp but every head is different.


Thanks Brittany. How did you come with the idea of not washing your hair frequently? What advantages were you looking from? Just curious…

great question! i actually was doing someone else’s hair one day and she told me that she hadn’t washed her hair in over a month, which didn’t strike me as dirty because her hair didn’t appear as though it was. i think too often we get stuck in routine as opposed to doing what our hair needs. for example, when i first started to get relaxers my mom had me in the hair salon every 6 weeks for a touch up, even if i didn’t need it. when i got older, i made the decision to not get them as… Read more »
Your hair is beautiful, and so are you! Thanks so much for your gracious response. It clearly shows what a lovely person you are. On another hand, to all of the ladies who were so up in arms about dirt and oil–I don’t know about you, but when I used to press my hair growing up, I only washed it once a month. Maybe even less. Are we so soon forgetting those straight hair days when water was the enemy? We went weeks without washing our hair. Why would it be any different now that we are natural? Everyone needs… Read more »
Jo Etta

Brittany, was that person me? I had stopped washing my hair often b/c of my sister, and her hair is long and healthy. By the way, I love the BGLH article about you, and I love that you mentioned you are not bothered by shrinkage!


yep, that person was you jo etta 🙂 thanks for the inspiration lol 🙂

to answer everyone’s questions/concerns about me going 2-3 months without washing, my trick, though not really a trick because again, everyone’s hair is different, i generally do not have much product buildup because my regimen does not involve massive amounts of product. when applying the products i do use, they have a lot of “slip/stretch” in that a quarter sized amount(quarter for the front, and quarter for the back) is all that i need for the application of the product on to my hair. i don’t usually experience dry scalp and though the scent of my hair may be a… Read more »

Thanks for answering what was a simple question. I understand now that you don’t experience dryness and use a low amount of products which lessens build up. I use about 3 products including a butter/oil so perhaps that’s why I need more frequent cleansing. I liked this interview and your response was gracious considering where people took this discussion.


I totally agree. I appreciate when people can meet uncharitable thoughts with gracious comments.

Sena Alonso

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“I typically don’t blow dry my hair after washing/conditioning”

From this statement I’m pretty sure that she has both “wash” days where she uses shampoo (Every 2 – 3 months) and “conditioning” days where she co-washes.

It’s funny have people always want to pick up on something negative to pass judgement on…


+100 , It’s like people don’t have anything better to do than to look for faults in others. Her hair is beautiful and so is she.


I know! Who is anybody to say that her hair smells or looks dirty? Especially if they don’t know her. Her hair looks good. Shoot, guess what, I don’t wash/co-wash alot either AND my hair is growing. What works for you works.


“What works for you” : maybe the issue. The vanity of long hair. The obsession of long hair. Is lenght more important than hygiene?


All of this debate for how frequently she washes her hair? Now we all know why her aunt told her not to tell anyone. She has gorgeous hair, girls! Just “Keep calm, and carry on!”

J. Nicole

Exactly! It’s so rude for people to assume her hair is dirty or smells. Like most of the likeminded people who responded, she most likely cowashes. I wash my hair with shampoo every three months but co-wash regularly. There are some people who shampoo frequently and I find the fragrant scents to be unappealing but I don’t exclaim that in a huff or disdain. It seems as if there will always be those who can’t simply express their disagreement without being negative or coming off as all knowing. So silly


So how exactly should we express our disagreement?

Ms. Gee

Yes. How exactly?


Momma always said black hair grows better in dirt! Her hair is beautiful.


So we should embrace dirt?

Jo Etta



Lovely Hair, Love the profile pic.


Cute lady and hair!


2-3 months between washes? How do you do it? My hair becomes so dry after a week of back to back product application.


Every single body on earth and every head of hair is different. It’s just what works for her 🙂


Human beings are not that different 😉
Nobody is immune no dirt, sweat, dust… I just believe some people are less bothered about dirt, sweat, dust. And that’s ok. For them.
It’s difficult to discuss those choices without sounding judgmental or offensive.
Personnaly, i find it extremely unpleasant to smell unclean heads. And find it weird that some people can choose look ( they don’t wash their hair because they like the look of dirty, “old hair”) over hygiene and health.


Exactly! I don’t think people understand how horrible dirty hair smells. No shade to Brittany because she has beautiful hair, but please, beautiful naturalistas, wash your hair at least often enough so it won’t stink! I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve sat behind someone or given them a hug and the distinctive smell of dirty hair fills my nostrils. Not everyone has to wash their hair twice a week like me (I exercise 3x a week), but please remember your hygiene when caring for your hair.


Well said. We are not all that diffrent. Its a tolerance/ mental thing when it comes to wash day. Some can hold off longer than others. Some over do it and wash like clock work reguardless if the hair is truly dirty or not. Got to find your own happy medium. I’ve heard/ seen quite a few youtubers with natural hair care and fitness channels that don’t wash their hair after every fitnesss session. Her hair looks good, so I doubt if she’s suffering lol.


@Aidda……I agree with your first sentence but then you got all personal…


Ah I was just interested – didn’t even think of the hygiene aspect, I was just wondering about product build up and the resulting dryness. Of course I know everyone does different things with their hair but that’s not a regimen you see everyday so I wanted to ask simply, how does she do it.


I’m thinking she is co-washing in between shampoos. Maybe that is what she meant?


girl let’s hope that’s what she meant! I agree with Aida we all sweat and get build up on our scalp..not to mention exposure to dust/dirt and just our natural environment. 3 months without washing is 3 months of dirt on your hair, that’s not passing judgement that’s just a fact. If my texture would allow it, I would clean my hair more than 1/week..I comb my hair a lot less than women with straight/looser hair textures, that’s even more particles being stuck up in there.

Miss T

I moisturize and use conditioner constantly, I can relate, I go a good month or more before I actually “wash” or clarify my hair. Maybe its just me but my hair takes a long time to actually get dirty or stinky, as a matter of fact the last time I remember my hair actually getting stinky was when I had straight hair 3 years ago.


“Maybe it’s just me”

Miss T

Now dont you be gettin jealous 🙂

Jo Etta

Miss T, you are so right. They’re just jealous. Black women aren’t supposed to wash our hair often. If you notice people like Brittany and Cipriana don’t wash their hair often, but they have beautiful, healthy hair.

I know Brittany personally. She helped my hair grow and be beautiful. Her hair NEVER stinks, her skin is smooth (as you can see in the photo), and she is dressed to the nines, nothing dirty about her. So ladies, stop throwing shade, take some notes, and maybe you can get a head like hers. 🙂 Stop the hate, participate, lol.