When it comes to her kids, Erykah Badu holds it pret­ty close to the vest. You rarely see pho­tos online of Sev­en, Puma or Mars. But Mars’ dad­dy, rap­per Jay Elec­tron­i­ca, recent­ly tweet­ed a pho­to of his lit­tle dudet­te that has been burn­ing up the inter­net. Mars is now 2 years old and sport­ing a head ful of curls. I think we can all agree that Erykah makes some beau­ti­ful babies :)

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psontia hadley

Mars is a very pret­ty baby girl, love the hair. She looks noth­ing like her moth­er. Just say­ing!!!!!


Wait a min­ute? If she is only two and sit­ting in a car shouldn’t she be sit­ting in a safe­ty seat? It looks like he took the adult seat belt and wrapped it around the seat. She’s too young for a boost­er seat and much too young for an adult seat belt. Her curls are pret­ty, but that child does not look like she was prop­er­ly secured into the car.


[…] the pic­ture, cour­tesy of her dad­dy, Jay Elec­tron­i­ca, who tweet­ed it the oth­er day. (Shout out to Black Girl With Long Hair for spot­ting […]


Mars id beau­ti­ful, but i agree that shouldn’t have dis­obeyed Erykah’s wish­es. Nor­mal every­day kids get kid­napped every­day and/or abused, and celeb babies are in just as much risk, if not more. She has every rea­son in the world to shield them from the pub­lic eye. I’m not a celeb, but i didn’t post a bunch of pic­tures of my kids on fb for the pub­lic to see. Ijs


She’s beau­ti­ful but where is her carseat?

Bridget J.

Beau­ti­ful lit­tle girl and love the curls! As for the post­ing of her pho­to, that’s some­thing for the par­ents to work out. Both of them.


She is a doll. I do how­ev­er see why her moth­er may not have want­ed her pic­ture post­ed. Look at the com­ments! On anoth­er note, celebs in the past have had their kids kid­napped and trau­ma­tized just because their par­ents are famous. Frank Sinatra,Jr. took years to recov­er from being kid­napped. Pat­ty Hearst was brain­washed and strug­gled from some­time after her kid­nap­ping. Oth­er celeb chi­dren have had self-esteem issues when com­pared in the media to their famous par­ents. They should be allowed to live as “nor­mal” a life as pos­si­be.


She is beau­ti­ful!!! Looks like a baby­doll lol..but so amazed @ sum of da neg­a­tive com­ments she is 2 for God’s sake!


The par­ents should come up wth a work­ablew plan for this kin­da stuff…now that being said Erykah has always been pri­vate about her fam­i­ly. If she said not to do ths and he did it any­way tat is a prob­lem for her to work out with the father. She is an adorable lit­tle girl but I also feel and respect where Badu is com­ing from

Aisa @ ForUsNaturals

She is very pret­ty but may­be Erykah has a point. Even if she doesn’t it’s still her daugh­ter.


oh,this lit­tle girl is so cute!!


What an uber adorable lit­tle girl! She is about to make me feel all moth­er­ly and want­i­ng some kids and that is NOT hap­pen­ing for years…lol Sim­ply gor­geous!


She is CUTE but umm­mm MARS? WTF??????


What? Peo­ple name their kids India, Asia, Venus, Rain, Skye, Sum­mer, Autumn, April, May, and June so why not Mars?


You act like the names you list­ed are “out there”. Lol


No, those names are quite com­mon, but I was try­ing to say that if we name kids after coun­tries, cities, months and sea­sons, whats odd about nam­ing them after a plan­et.

I’m going to name my next child Earth…(not real­ly).

Kenley Bel

They are out there!


Alright, com­ing from some­one named Ken­ley Bel.


Lol! Exten­sive list. You for­got Chi­na / Chy­na. I love that one.


I don’t think she (Badu) want­ed this pic post­ed all over the web. She tweet­ed Jay Elec­tron­i­cal­ly and asked him to stop post­ing pics of her kids, then said because chil­dren “deserve peace”. I com­plete­ly under­stand it since she’s the celeb, not her kids. As a com­mu­ni­ty that sup­ports black wom­en (espe­cial­ly mother’s) per­haps we respect her wish and be mind­ful of what we repost?


Lesson is…Be mind­ful who you have chil­dren with.


Okay, are we for­get­ting that Mars is also this mans child. He has a right to show off his beau­ti­ful adorable daugh­ter. Erika may be the moth­er but he is also the father. How many of you go around show­ing pic­tures of your adorable kids to peo­ple, just because they’re so adorable and you just have to gush about them. Well who wouldn’t gush about Mars.

Thank you, Lakeisha. Jay is the child’s father and there­fore, one half of her. Mars is a beau­ti­ful lit­tle girl and Jay’s first­born, so of course he is proud and it does not appear that he habit­u­al­ly posts pics of her either. Also, when they were togeth­er, did Erykah tweet the birthing of this kid live (she tweet­ed every detail of her labor)? Though, rarely see, Erykah has had her chil­dren pho­tographed for pub­lic con­sump­tion, so how is it fair that she uni­lat­er­al­ly dic­tates the pub­lish­ing of images of a man’s own child? Jay has one child from Erykah and Erykah… Read more »

as a moth­er, i dis­agree with katharine. my hus­band has equal share in the deci­sion mak­ing of chil­drea­r­ing. i feel that that kind of men­tal­i­ty is self­ish and imma­ture. i’m not ele­vat­ed to some high­er plane in the scheme of car­ing for a child to whose genet­ics my hus­band con­tribut­ed half sim­ply because i pushed him out.


In the­o­ry, Mars has half of her father’s genes and half of her mother’s, but as far as I’m con­cerned, car­ry­ing a human being inside your body for nine months and then push­ing them out of your vagi­na gives you supe­ri­or parental rights.

I agree! I do see where both sides are com­ing from but I don’t think the father is nec­es­sary wrong for want­i­ng to gush over his kid. On one hand, as a per­son in the spot­light you do want to pro­tect your kid and give them a safe space to grow and be “nor­mal” but at the same time as a par­ent you don’t want to hide your kid and feel like you can’t talk about them or show them off. It is a catch 22, so I can see where both par­ents are com­ing from but I don’t think… Read more »

Yeah I agree it’s his kid too but let’s be hon­est — men don’t always have an instinct for pro­tect­ing chil­dren in the way that we do. Providers? Yes. How­ev­er that instruct for the emo­tion­al nourishing/protecting isnt always there with men. We were given wombs for a rea­son.

We are the ulti­mate shields for our seeds. Nobody pro­tects their seed like a moth­er. My hunch is that he sim­ply made a mistake.…now for some rea­son we are rmag­ni­fy­ing that mis­take. God bless that beau­ti­ful lit­tle girl.


Yup. That was my first thought too. And this isn’t the first time he’s done some­thing like this, tweet­ing pics of Mars again­st Erykah’s wish­es, and even some­times say­ing things like, “Erykah’s going to be mad that I did this, but…” Mars is a cutie and all, but, given the back­ground, I feel a kind of a way about the pic being post­ed here.


I agree. I saw that same tweet and was sad­dened to see this post­ed here. This is pre­cise­ly why she told the father of this child to not post pho­tos of their daugh­ter. She doesn’t need her pho­to post­ed all over the web for the world to see. The child “deserves peace” and did not ask for any sort of pub­lic­i­ty. I believe we should respect her mother’s wish­es.


Cute lit­tle girl and love­ly hair. She slight­ly looks like Ush­er.


I agree.


Omg, I see the same thing.


Wow, that baby is gor­geous! Beau­ti­ful moth­er, beau­ti­ful daugh­ter!


+1 such a cutie patootie!


She is sooooo cute! And her curls look healthy. Good job Erykah!


Total­ly agree!!


She looks noth­ing like her moth­er!!


Yup, looks just her dad­dy! Such a cutie :D

Anita Williams

This is one the most gor­geous lit­tle girls I have seen…beautiful!


+1 she looks like a lit­tle doll! Gor­geous!