Singer Erykah Badu’s Daughter Has Adorable Curls!

When it comes to her kids, Erykah Badu holds it pretty close to the vest. You rarely see photos online of Seven, Puma or Mars. But Mars’ daddy, rapper Jay Electronica, recently tweeted a photo of his little dudette that has been burning up the internet. Mars is now 2 years old and sporting a head ful of curls. I think we can all agree that Erykah makes some beautiful babies :)

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40 thoughts on “Singer Erykah Badu’s Daughter Has Adorable Curls!

  1. I don’t think she (Badu) wanted this pic posted all over the web. She tweeted Jay Electronically and asked him to stop posting pics of her kids, then said because children “deserve peace”. I completely understand it since she’s the celeb, not her kids. As a community that supports black women (especially mother’s) perhaps we respect her wish and be mindful of what we repost?

    • I agree. I saw that same tweet and was saddened to see this posted here. This is precisely why she told the father of this child to not post photos of their daughter. She doesn’t need her photo posted all over the web for the world to see. The child “deserves peace” and did not ask for any sort of publicity. I believe we should respect her mother’s wishes.

    • Yup. That was my first thought too. And this isn’t the first time he’s done something like this, tweeting pics of Mars against Erykah’s wishes, and even sometimes saying things like, “Erykah’s going to be mad that I did this, but…” Mars is a cutie and all, but, given the background, I feel a kind of a way about the pic being posted here.

      • Okay, are we forgetting that Mars is also this mans child. He has a right to show off his beautiful adorable daughter. Erika may be the mother but he is also the father. How many of you go around showing pictures of your adorable kids to people, just because they’re so adorable and you just have to gush about them. Well who wouldn’t gush about Mars.

        • I agree! I do see where both sides are coming from but I don’t think the father is necessary wrong for wanting to gush over his kid. On one hand, as a person in the spotlight you do want to protect your kid and give them a safe space to grow and be “normal” but at the same time as a parent you don’t want to hide your kid and feel like you can’t talk about them or show them off. It is a catch 22, so I can see where both parents are coming from but I don’t think this picture of cute little Mars is something to blow up about because I’ am sure Mars can still have “peace” after the posting of this picture….shrugs This is for the parents to agree to disagree on but I don’t think attacking the father is the solution, Ms. Badu didn’t have this kid by herself…

          • Yeah I agree it’s his kid too but let’s be honest – men don’t always have an instinct for protecting children in the way that we do. Providers? Yes. However that instruct for the emotional nourishing/protecting isnt always there with men. We were given wombs for a reason.

            We are the ultimate shields for our seeds. Nobody protects their seed like a mother. My hunch is that he simply made a mistake….now for some reason we are rmagnifying that mistake. God bless that beautiful little girl.

        • Thank you, Lakeisha. Jay is the child’s father and therefore, one half of her. Mars is a beautiful little girl and Jay’s firstborn, so of course he is proud and it does not appear that he habitually posts pics of her either. Also, when they were together, did Erykah tweet the birthing of this kid live (she tweeted every detail of her labor)? Though, rarely see, Erykah has had her children photographed for public consumption, so how is it fair that she unilaterally dictates the publishing of images of a man’s own child?

          Jay has one child from Erykah and Erykah has 3 from 3 different men, so HE is the one who should be mindful.

          • In theory, Mars has half of her father’s genes and half of her mother’s, but as far as I’m concerned, carrying a human being inside your body for nine months and then pushing them out of your vagina gives you superior parental rights.

          • as a mother, i disagree with katharine. my husband has equal share in the decision making of childrearing. i feel that that kind of mentality is selfish and immature. i’m not elevated to some higher plane in the scheme of caring for a child to whose genetics my husband contributed half simply because i pushed him out.

  2. What an uber adorable little girl! She is about to make me feel all motherly and wanting some kids and that is NOT happening for years…lol Simply gorgeous!

  3. The parents should come up wth a workablew plan for this kinda stuff…now that being said Erykah has always been private about her family. If she said not to do ths and he did it anyway tat is a problem for her to work out with the father. She is an adorable little girl but I also feel and respect where Badu is coming from

  4. She is a doll. I do however see why her mother may not have wanted her picture posted. Look at the comments! On another note, celebs in the past have had their kids kidnapped and traumatized just because their parents are famous. Frank Sinatra,Jr. took years to recover from being kidnapped. Patty Hearst was brainwashed and struggled from sometime after her kidnapping. Other celeb chidren have had self-esteem issues when compared in the media to their famous parents. They should be allowed to live as “normal” a life as possibe.

  5. Beautiful little girl and love the curls! As for the posting of her photo, that’s something for the parents to work out. Both of them.

  6. Mars id beautiful, but i agree that shouldn’t have disobeyed Erykah’s wishes. Normal everyday kids get kidnapped everyday and/or abused, and celeb babies are in just as much risk, if not more. She has every reason in the world to shield them from the public eye. I’m not a celeb, but i didn’t post a bunch of pictures of my kids on fb for the public to see. Ijs

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  8. Wait a minute? If she is only two and sitting in a car shouldn’t she be sitting in a safety seat? It looks like he took the adult seat belt and wrapped it around the seat. She’s too young for a booster seat and much too young for an adult seat belt. Her curls are pretty, but that child does not look like she was properly secured into the car.

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