It can be hard to find art that prop­er­ly depicts the diver­si­ty and nuance of black girls’ beau­ty. Artist Ketu­rah Ariel cap­tures it per­fect­ly in her new Giclee print series. Click below to check out more images from the series and to let us know what you think :) 

You can find more of Keturah’s prints here.

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­lis­te, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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Beauty Hair

Hi guy ,
I love your pic
Real­ly nice
Great work
Thanks for share.…


I love the­se paint­ings. I had a chance to go to your Etsy site.

Do you hap­pen to do per­son­al por­trait paint­ings? If so, what is the best way to con­tact you?



I Love your art work? Is it for sale? If so how much? I would love to hang it in my girls room. Please let me know.




Great! Love them. Would love to put the­se on my daugh­ters bed­room wall. Would look love­ly on cloth­ing.


Her web­page expired yes­ter­day! boo!

Keturah Ariel

The web­site is up and run­ning. Thank you for the sup­port!


The­se are love­ly. Thanks for fea­tur­ing them.


I love it! I’d put the art in my daughter’s room, or my kid’s play­room, or may­be even my bath­room wall.


As the moth­er of a 3 yr old girl and anoth­er lit­tle girl on the way in March, I’m so hap­py to see the­se images!


Too cute.…


Cute­ness! I espe­cial­ly love how for the lit­tle girl with the braids and beads, her braids have start­ed to get slight­ly fuzzy. My hair is very fuzz-prone too, so I can relate!


Yes! I loved that lit­tle touch, too!

Also, the lit­tle girl with the bun off to the side — I TOTALLY see a “Pow­er To The Peo­ple” fist in there!


GURL. You know you crazy xDDD

Under­cov­er Brotha Fist. Solid.


Soooo adorable. It’s nice to see art­work like this. One of the pic­tures made me imme­di­ate­ly think of my 6 yr old niece.


sooo adorable. i want to get this for all my nieces.


Oh my! The­se take my breath away!


Way to adorable. Hell, I find a way to make this work for my adult decor…lol but I’ am glad lit­tle girls have things like this, dolls, books, col­or­ing books, etc. com­ing out more and more now. What dif­fer­ence a gen­er­a­tion makes!

Tina O.

Beau­ti­ful work Ketu­rah Ariel. This real­ly makes me smile.

I agree com­plete­ly Binks. We are trans­form­ing the way future gen­er­a­tions will see and feel about them­selves.


This is beau­ti­ful! Like oth­ers have said pre­vi­ous­ly, I too wish I had things like this grow­ing up. But now this gen­er­a­tion will be able to ben­e­fit, so I am hap­py about that.

Ugonna Wosu

ADORABLE. Beau­ti­ful draw­ings! I love how you show the diver­si­ty with our black chil­dren. The dif­fer­ent curl pat­terns, skin shades, hair­styles. Love it!


I agree. Adorable pic­tures and love the show of diver­si­ty!


Thank you so much for post­ing this. I post­ed this pic to Insta­gram a lit­tle while ago and was won­der­ing who the artist was. Thanks!


that’s indeed super cute!

Carlee this..would have been great for me when I was going through my inse­cure tween years…didn’t realise how beau­ti­ful my hair was, so I per­med.
Now tran­si­tion­ing.,…
Oh we’ll…hopefully some oth­er tween, kid, teen, adult even will be inspired to love all kinks, coils , curls!
First to com­ment !!!!!
I’m out!


+1 would have done me a world of good too! The­se are super cute-big ups to the artist =) Thank you=)


Super cute!!