What a cre­ative way to share a mov­ing and inspi­ra­tional jour­ney! Check out the video below and share your thoughts!


Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­liste, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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21 Comments on "Inspiration: Natural Uses Post-It Notes to Share Her Journey from Relaxers to Natural"

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I love this, I was just think­ing to myself that since I decid­ed to go nat­ur­al I just feel so FREE. My mom took me to get my first perm at 7, I’ve always loved my hair but I hat­ed the atten­tion it got. Every­one felt like they could touch and play around in my hair. Now that I wear my hair nat­u­ral­ly peo­ple are like “Wow, where did you get that full head of hair from?” or “You just have this glow about you.” Their right I learn to accept and love every­thing about my hair from the kinks.… Read more »

This was beau­ti­ful. Keep it up.


Your post cap­tures the issue pectl­r­fey!


This almost made me cry…I love it.I relate a lot to her she is so inspir­ing
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Woah, this video actu­al­ly brought me to tears. Some peo­ple for­get that self love is the first step we need to take. Thumbs up girl and nev­er for­get that when alls lost and your feel­ing alone, there are peo­ple out here pray­ing for you! :)


this is so amaz­ing! I went through sim­i­lar things with hair–i had permed hair from the age to 10…and had inse­cu­ri­ties from it falling out, break­ing off and being unhealthy. i thought it was impos­si­ble as well. I chopped it off at the age of 20 (3.5 yrs ago) and nev­er looked back. it’s healthy and beau­ti­ful. when we are young it’s tempt­ing to cov­er up our inse­cu­ri­ties with weaves, heavy make-up, that “trendy hair­style”, popularity…but self-love IS the solu­tion. thanks for this!


What a beau­ti­ful mes­sage!

And we share the same BC date <3 Con­grats!


Tru­ly inspir­ing! I’m begin­ning to love my curly fro more and more ! Thanks for spread­ing the love !

Cee Mac

This was awe­some! :)


Love it!!! Thank you for shar­ing it here (:


How inspir­ing. I am going the myr­i­ad of emo­tions of con­tin­u­ing to braid or plait my hair ver­sus out­ting my nat­ur­al fro all the time. I live in Scot­land where fronting the fro is unknown par­tic­u­lar­ly amongst the crazy weaves, and war­rants stares! It is inspir­ing to be remind­ed that nat­ur­al and brown rock and it is all about the con­fi­dence radi­at­ing from your inside. Thks for shar­ing.


Loved the video. Its crazy how you can be the most con­fi­dent woman in the world until decid­ing to go nat­ur­al. Then you’re forced to con­front, deal with, and over­come inse­cu­ri­ties with­in your­self that you didn’t even know existed.…and THEN to go a step fur­ther and get to a point of lov­ing them. SO POWERFUL!


Thats funny…i got my big chop on dec 16th, 2011…almost at the same time as you did…i total­ly know what you are talk­ing about…that was a beat­i­ful video. I’m sure will help a lot of tran­si­tions’ girls. Much love from Brazil!;)


Yessss. So much love. xx



IDK if this will post but check out her oth­er amaz­ing vid.


W O W!!! I am at a total lose for words!! Very inspir­ing! I have been tran­si­tion­ing for the last 14 months. I wan­na cut my hair,but I think I need just a lit­tle more time. Or a lit­tle push! I’m get­ting there though.:)


Love, love, love!


Phe­nom­e­nal! This video silences the inces­sant debates con­cern­ing what’s right or isn’t right when pur­su­ing healthy hair. Just enjoy the jour­ney and learn to love your­self.

I love this! With­in the past week I have been soak­ing up every bit of infor­ma­tion that I can get from this web­site. I have start­ed using oils and mois­tur­iz­ers in my hair, and have vowed to take care of it (when I always pre­tend­ed like it didn’t exist before) as nat­u­ral­ly as I can. I have been over­com­ing depres­sion and began lov­ing myself and regain­ing my con­fi­dence slow­ly. I am in love with my curls and crazy tex­ture and I can’t wait to be able to show them off to the world and final­ly be the per­son that has… Read more »

You said it, girl! Rock it for­ev­er!


This was so beau­ti­ful and inspir­ing. And she is gor­geous! Keep doing your thing!