What a creative way to share a moving and inspirational journey! Check out the video below and share your thoughts!


Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noelliste, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop culture and black beauty enthusiast. bell hooks' hair twin...

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21 Comments on "Inspiration: Natural Uses Post-It Notes to Share Her Journey from Relaxers to Natural"

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I love this, I was just thinking to myself that since I decided to go natural I just feel so FREE. My mom took me to get my first perm at 7, I’ve always loved my hair but I hated the attention it got. Everyone felt like they could touch and play around in my hair. Now that I wear my hair naturally people are like “Wow, where did you get that full head of hair from?” or “You just have this glow about you.” Their right I learn to accept and love everything about my hair from the kinks.… Read more »

This was beautiful. Keep it up.


Your post captures the issue pectlrfey!


This almost made me cry…I love it.I relate a lot to her she is so inspiring
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Woah, this video actually brought me to tears. Some people forget that self love is the first step we need to take. Thumbs up girl and never forget that when alls lost and your feeling alone, there are people out here praying for you! 🙂


this is so amazing! I went through similar things with hair–i had permed hair from the age to 10…and had insecurities from it falling out, breaking off and being unhealthy. i thought it was impossible as well. I chopped it off at the age of 20 (3.5 yrs ago) and never looked back. it’s healthy and beautiful. when we are young it’s tempting to cover up our insecurities with weaves, heavy make-up, that “trendy hairstyle”, popularity…but self-love IS the solution. thanks for this!


What a beautiful message!

And we share the same BC date <3 Congrats!


Truly inspiring! I’m beginning to love my curly fro more and more ! Thanks for spreading the love !

Cee Mac

This was awesome! 🙂


Love it!!! Thank you for sharing it here (:


How inspiring. I am going the myriad of emotions of continuing to braid or plait my hair versus outting my natural fro all the time. I live in Scotland where fronting the fro is unknown particularly amongst the crazy weaves, and warrants stares! It is inspiring to be reminded that natural and brown rock and it is all about the confidence radiating from your inside. Thks for sharing.


Loved the video. Its crazy how you can be the most confident woman in the world until deciding to go natural. Then you’re forced to confront, deal with, and overcome insecurities within yourself that you didn’t even know existed….and THEN to go a step further and get to a point of loving them. SO POWERFUL!


Thats funny…i got my big chop on dec 16th, 2011…almost at the same time as you did…i totally know what you are talking about…that was a beatiful video. I’m sure will help a lot of transitions’ girls. Much love from Brazil!;)


Yessss. So much love. xx



IDK if this will post but check out her other amazing vid.


W O W!!! I am at a total lose for words!! Very inspiring! I have been transitioning for the last 14 months. I wanna cut my hair,but I think I need just a little more time. Or a little push! I’m getting there though.:)


Love, love, love!


Phenomenal! This video silences the incessant debates concerning what’s right or isn’t right when pursuing healthy hair. Just enjoy the journey and learn to love yourself.

I love this! Within the past week I have been soaking up every bit of information that I can get from this website. I have started using oils and moisturizers in my hair, and have vowed to take care of it (when I always pretended like it didn’t exist before) as naturally as I can. I have been overcoming depression and began loving myself and regaining my confidence slowly. I am in love with my curls and crazy texture and I can’t wait to be able to show them off to the world and finally be the person that has… Read more »

You said it, girl! Rock it forever!


This was so beautiful and inspiring. And she is gorgeous! Keep doing your thing!