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Intro­duce your­self!
My name is Jen­nifer, and I am from The Bronx, NY.

Why did you make the deci­sion to go nat­u­ral?
I relaxed my hair when I was 12. I begged my moth­er to do it because all of my friends, and most of the girls at school had straight, sleek, relaxed hair. Sad­ly she gave in to me, and for a long time I didn’t expe­ri­ence any prob­lems until my fresh­man year at col­lege. I lit­er­al­ly felt like it hap­pened over night. I expe­ri­enced a lot of break­age, split ends, thin­ning, dry­ness, and just decid­ed to chop it off. 

One of my friends at the time decid­ed to go nat­u­ral, and was real­ly try­ing to con­vince me to do so also. I thought it wasn’t for me. Hon­est­ly I believed my hair would nev­er be as volu­mi­nous, thick, and long as it used to be. It wasn’t until my lit­tle sis­ter decid­ed to stop relax­ing her hair and go nat­u­ral that I start­ed doing some research myself. I watched a ton of YouTube videos, tuto­ri­als, hair jour­neys, hair tips, and read a few blogs. After that I was won over, and nev­er looked back. I tran­si­tioned for two years, and I’ve been nat­u­ral for a lit­tle over a year now. At first it was all about work­ing on get­ting back my length, but now I learned to love and enjoy my hair just as it is and to focus on just keep­ing it healthy. I am so much hap­pier with my nat­u­ral locks.

How would you describe your tex­ture?
I would describe my hair as kinky-curly and thick and coarse, but I hard­ly go crazy over it. As long as I keep it mois­tur­ized it is eas­i­ly man­age­able.

Describe your styling reg­i­men over the course of the mon­th.
I like to keep it real­ly sim­ple. I stick to twist outs, blow outs, up in a bun, but most­ly I love rock­ing out my afro. I like to twist my hair every night. If I’m lazy I’ll just do a few chunky twists, and if that’s the case I usu­al­ly shape and pick it into to a huge afro in the morn­ing. I have remained very loy­al to Shea Moisture’s Curl and Style Milk, and their Curl Enhanc­ing Smooth­ie. Both prod­ucts help define my curls, and keep my hair mois­tur­ized, soft, and shiny. Also nat­u­ral, raw shea but­ter.


What does wash day look like for you?
I co-wash and do oil treat­ments every week, deep con­di­tion twice a mon­th, and may­be sham­poo it once or twice a mon­th. If it’s a wash day that means it is a day in for me lol. It is a bit of a long process, but I’ve learned how to take care of my hair so it’s a lot eas­ier. I detan­gle and sec­tion my hair in the show­er with con­di­tion­er in it. Once I tow­el dry I’ll twist my hair in small sec­tions, secure it with a silk scarf and cov­er with a sat­in bon­net. I deep con­di­tion with Olive Oil Replen­ish­ing Pak. When I sham­poo I use Jason Nat­u­ral Biot­in Sham­poo, and I use olive oil, coconut oil, and hon­ey for my oil treat­ments.

Describe your favorite go-to hair­style for days when you don’t have a lot of time to style.
When I need to run out of the house I go for the quick up-do bun or puff. It looks sleek, neat, and doesn’t take up so much time.

How do you com­bat shrink­age?
I usu­al­ly don’t stress shrink­age. Not even on my wash and go days. Most of the time I let it do what it wants. But I will braid it, and once I unrav­el the braids I use the pineap­ple method.

What are 2 do’s for your tex­ture?
Plen­ty of water and shea but­ter.

What are 2 don’ts for your tex­ture?
I have to make sure my hair is tied up before I fall asleep, or I wake up with it super dry and tan­gled. Also I just don’t like ban­tu knots. I nev­er liked the results.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
You can find me on Insta­gram. My user­name is jen­nielap­in, and on Tum­blr: http://powderpinkk.tumblr.com/.


Just anoth­er lover of nat­u­ral hair and expres­sion.
— Style Icon Coor­di­na­tor for BGLH

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Well this is MY hair twin. Notice how her hair can assume the appear­ance of dif­fer­ent tex­tures and curl pat­terns depend­ing on how it is manip­u­lat­ed. I love this about my hair!


Jen­nifer, your hair is beau­ti­ful. Big up for rep­re­sent­ing The Bronx!


Haha! Thanks girl! ;)


lov­in her hair. the afro style looks amaz­ing on her!


Thank you so much dar­ling!


Absolute­ly love your hair Jen­nifer. You’ve cer­tain­ly won my vote.


Thank you Aggie! You’re a doll :)

Love JAH

Beau­ty has a name…


You are too sweet :) Thank you!


Awww :)


I HATE this new for­mat. Also I HATE youtube’s new for­mat. May­be I HATE change alto­geth­er. WHY CANT ANYTHING REMAIN THE SAME!!!


Things that don’t grow and change are prob­a­bly dead.…


Her hair looks as if it smells great lol! Very beau­ti­ful girl! Plus she has impec­ca­ble style :) Great post


thank you so much!


Peo­ple are so damn rude and mean. Who gives a crap about her blush. Obvi­ous­ly she likes it. Ass­holes i tell ya.….


There will always be neg­a­tiv­i­ty. Just do what you want and what makes you happy…in this case all the blush I want lol, but thank you


well said


What a healthy shine!


Her hair looks full and lush!

And BTW, I miss the old lay­out :(




lol! thank you!

Amma Mama



I did what you did too. I researched nat­u­ral hair so much, read about it, looked at pic­tures and videos, tran­si­tioned a bit and when i was so ready and con­vinced i got my hair chopped down to about 3 inch­es. I had to real­ly be inspired to do it and i’m hap­py i did. You’re beau­ti­ful.


Thank you dar­ling! I’m glad you did too. I feel like my nat­u­ral hair is so free­ing. I can’t imag­ine ever relax­ing it again. I’m absolute­ly sure you’re beau­ti­ful as well! :)


Your hair is gor­geous


:) thank you


Love her hair and style. Absolute­ly gor­geous! And I like the blush. She has pret­ty skin and the blush accen­tu­ates it.


aw thank you so much!


she’s so cute. new hair crush!


you’re too sweet thank you!


shes beau­ti­ful!
and I agree that hid­ing posts is going to take away from some great descussions/debates


Love­ly hair! Odd­ly enough, I saw the blush and thought “oooh, that is pret­ty!”


Thank you hun! Per­son­al­ly I feel naked with­out it


Too much blush com­ment not nec­es­sary just say­ing


I think she looks great, thick and lush hair.

As an aside, I’m wor­ried that the up and down vot­ing will kill future debates and dis­cus­sions. We may not agree with everyone’s opin­ions but I’d rather use my words to do that than see the youtube style ‘this com­ment has been down vot­ed too many times.’




I agree 100+. This is not a pop­u­lar­i­ty con­test, too me this vot­ing sys­tem is just as bad as hav­ing mod­er­a­tors who cen­sor people/comments.….:-(

Amma Mama



wow thank you :)


Beau­ti­ful face! Love the twist outs


thank you :)


Your hair­styles are fabu, your clothes adorable and your make­up is on point. Must be doin’ some­thin’ right to be that fly!!! :-)


Haha! Thank you!!


You look beau­ti­ful!! I love your look and that hair is lush.


thank you love­ly!


beau­ti­ful hair.

too much blush on the cheeks. sor­ry. just say­in…


That’s the way I like to do my make­up. Per­son­al­ly I love it, but it’s not for every­body. Thanks any­way.


I agree! That is too dog­gone much blush! Mod­er­a­tion is key. Why make your­self look like you have rosacea?


That’s why you post­ed anonymous…you are not the best look­ing per­son in the world so how dare you crit­i­cize some­one else..im sure there are some things about you that we can criticize…how would you like some­one telling you that the thing you like most about your­self looks a HOT MESS…smh you are a crab in the barrel…get with the times we dont do that any­more lol


May­be she does have Rosacea. Now you feel like an ass.


You real­ly need to con­sid­er chang­ing your avi name to sad. just say­in…


it was just so preva­lent in every pic­ture i just had to say some­thing. lol.


No..you did­nt have to say any­thing at all.


Why don’t you post a pic­ture of your­self and we’ll cri­tique you.


it’s alright mer­ry. you’re allowed to have an opin­ion. i think a lot of peo­ple tend to for­get that. no one ever has to love every sin­gle detail of the style icon, and if they don’t then its per­fect­ly okay if they express as much. every­one should just total­ly chill.



nei­ther my feel­ings or my ego are hurt. 

i’m alright boo. :)

thumbs down awaaaaaay.


LOL mer­ry stop act­ing so brand new and clue­less when you KNOW your com­ment was straight up unnec­es­sary. I know it’s hard to admit though because it hurts the ego a bit. We’ve all been there.

We as wom­en of col­or should learn to be more pos­i­tive towards each oth­er. If you didn’t have any­thing pos­i­tive to say than you should keep it to your­self Its bad enough that we have the world crit­i­ciz­ing us. Whats good for her may not be good for you so keep your opin­ions to your self. I’m pret­ty sure there are some­things about you that the next wom­en wouldn’t agree with, but would you want her to crit­i­cize it? I think NOT.. That com­ment could eas­i­ly offend some­one because its not positive…btw she is beau­ti­ful regard­less of her make up… Read more »

you guys are so touchy. lmao.

my com­ment had no mal­ice or even cat­ti­ness in it. it was just an obser­va­tion. it is too much blush. :-)

the girl is pret­ty with pret­ty hair. just a lot of blush.

relax peo­ple.


Eff off.…so unnec­es­sary.


the blush on her cheeks has noth­ing to do with what this web­site stands for : Beau­ti­ful african and afro-caribbean wom­en. and so what if she uses more blush than what you would? i per­son­al­ly think the amount she has is fine there­fore there was no need for the attach­ment of judg­ment.

And by the way Jen­nifer, i love your hair AND your make­up.


Thank you dar­ling! You’re so sweet :)