Kimora Lee Simmons Braids Up Son Kenzo’s Hair


Kimora Lee Simmons always seems to be doing something to her son Kenzo’s hair. And it’s no surprise since he has a headful of cute curls and coils. He was recently spotted with dad Djimon Hounsou rocking individual braids that were then put into two large French braids. What do you think of the look ladies? And what do you think of boys rocking braided styles? Photos courtesy of and



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Black Girl With Long Hair

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22 thoughts on “Kimora Lee Simmons Braids Up Son Kenzo’s Hair

  1. I am sure she got his hair professionally braided. It looks nice. I don’t mind boys with longer hair as long as its neat. Now fuzzy, dusty braids on the other hand….NO!

  2. He looks like Aoki Lee! He’s Cute!

    I keep my 3 year old son’s hair in braids most of the time. My husband feels he has his whole adult life to get hair cuts, why not let him enjoy his hair now.

    I would love to see more posts about appropriate styles for boys with long natural hair.

  3. Why does’nt she and the child’s father give the child a nice little hair cut and properly groom his hair. The braids have to go. I am sure he as well as many other children (boys and girls)would look much better if parents would remove their braids and/or dreds. Braiding hair is a lazy was of saying the person does not want to comb or thorougly wash and groom hair. She makes sure her hair is done. So she should do the same for her children.

  4. wow, i haven’t seen him since he was a baby! Happy to see him healthy and growing…he’s so adorable. Sad news about his mom and dad but what’s new in Hollyweird.

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