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Intro­duce your­self!

R: Mi nom­bre es…Hey! Hey! Eng­lish please! My name is Rayne­cia, but that name is ancient to most. I am known by the name Nerrie or my char­ac­ter name Razor. I’m an island girl from a small island called Vir­gin Gor­da in the British Vir­gin Islands.

Why did you make the deci­sion to go nat­ur­al?

R: I’ve been nat­ur­al my entire life, but I didn’t have a clue on how to take care of my own hair and it was high­ly unhealthy. Luck­i­ly my mom had the wheel before I start­ed car­ing for my hair myself and brought me to a length where my hair was longer than most and short­er than a few. I hat­ed every­thing about my hair and couldn’t wait to put a relax­er in it. My mom didn’t approve of my dream to relax so we nev­er came to an agree­ment and she also made it seem like my father would kill me if I did, although he nev­er made a com­ment about it.

Where I’m from girls who had nat­ur­al hair all their school life got a relax­er before they grad­u­at­ed from high school. I guess it sig­ni­fied change and matu­ri­ty. Being that I was cursed, I mean blessed with the spell of look­ing young. I need­ed that as soon as pos­si­ble. As I got old­er I devel­oped a pho­bia of not want­i­ng to look like oth­er peo­ple or do what they were doing if they didn’t have a valu­able rea­son as to why they were doing it. So then is when the research start­ed on how to get longer nat­ur­al hair. Sur­pris­ing­ly, at that time I got so many answers and was see­ing results. So I decid­ed to nev­er put a relax­er in my hair.

How would you describe your tex­ture?

R: My hair behaves like a delin­quent child and the strands are thin and coarse in cer­tain areas, appear thick but this bad boy is just dense! I have so many dif­fer­ent tex­tures. I have a mix­ture of the 3’s and 4’s on my head. So that is why I can’t come to a con­clu­sion of my hair type.

Describe your styling reg­i­men over the course of the month.

R: I rarely trou­ble my hair. I might exper­i­ment with a pret­ty style on the week­ends, but dur­ing the week it’s most­ly in a bun. How­ev­er, when I am feel­ing spicy dur­ing the week I will do a unique style. I used to do mini twists, braids and weaves a lot, but my hair has got­ten too long to go through that pain.

What does wash day look like for you?

R: Wash day is my favourite. It doesn’t take me long at all. I deep con­di­tion with Aubrey Organ­ics Glyco­gen Pro­tein Bal­anc­ing Con­di­tion­er when­ev­er my hair is real­ly dry or looks old from a style. My hair colour is black so when it starts to look brown. I know what’s up. I sham­poo with Queen Helene sham­poo and con­di­tion with their con­di­tion­er. After the wash I add in Gio­van­ni Direct Leave In and olive oil on my soak­ing wet hair. Put my hair in two big twists for a cou­ple min­utes then divide the twists into small­er sec­tions, either braids or rope twists and add shea but­ter or my shea but­ter mix then cas­tor oil to seal in the mois­ture. Then I style accord­ing­ly when I feel like. Dur­ing this process the only styling tools I use are my fin­gers.

Describe your favorite go-to hair­style for days when you don’t have a lot of time to style.

R: I Love buns! I always fall back on them when I don’t have much time. They are quick and easy. I either make it classy or messy.

How do you com­bat shrink­age?

R: My hair gets 75% shrink­age. It isn’t real­ly a prob­lem for me. No mat­ter what I do it will shrink up, so I just let my hair do what it wants to.

What are some of your prob­lem areas (if any) that require spe­cial care and atten­tion?

R: My crown, nape and the front mid­dle sec­tion of my hair. They break eas­i­ly and get sin­gle strand knots like no one’s busi­ness. The front of my hair grows to a cer­tain length then starts to thin out and even­tu­al­ly breaks off. So I com­bat­ted that by cut­ting bangs. The crown of my hair is super coarse and the hard­est for me to grow out.

What are 2 do’s for your tex­ture?

R: Deep con­di­tion­ing and low manip­u­la­tion.

What are 2 don’ts for your tex­ture?

R: Wash and gos and too much heat.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?

R: Yes, I love inter­act­ing with new peo­ple so you find me on:

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Razorempress

Twit­ter: https://twitter.com/Razoremprezz

Face­book: https://www.facebook.com/rayre.simmons

Insta­gram: Don’t have one as yet, I will soon. So check up on me and you will know when I get one.


Just anoth­er lover of nat­ur­al hair and expres­sion.
— Style Icon Coor­di­na­tor for BGLH

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hair crush!


That Tina Smith char­ac­ter trolls oth­er nat­ur­al boards as well feign­ing for atten­tion.

Any­way, gor­geous hair! Every time I see a fea­ture with the words “I’ve nev­er had a relax­er”, I want to.….side eye my mom for giv­ing me one at 10.

Aliyah Morrison
Me too my mom forced me to have a relax­er at freak­ing 5 even though my grand­ma who has long healthy hair for­bid it . Well my grand­ma was right mg hair stopped grow­ing when it got relaxed it stayed at shoul­der length . Then I cut my hair off to go nat­ur­al and it’s grow­ing fast just like my grand­ma said . What’s fun­ny is that my mom went nat­ur­al before me and she is still stuck in twa stage and mines is longer than hers now ! Lol nev­er lis­ten­ing to my mom about hair again only grand­ma… Read more »
Patricia Kayden

Not sur­prised that Tina Smith is a pro­fes­sion­al troller. LOL

Raynecia’s hair is absolute­ly gor­geous and so thick and long. I am beyond jeal­ous.


Now this is some beau­ti­ful hair!!!! Very sim­i­lar to mine, but my hair is thick­er. Gor­geous hair Hun, keep up the great work!!!


I love the hair bow bun..Too cute!


Ok so I nev­er com­ment but wow is it just me or does that sec­ond pic­ture scream hair porn lol. Her hair is beyond gor­geous and she has major shrink­age too-Boom


Hair porn! ROTFLMBO That is hilar­i­ous!
I agree her hair is beyond gor­geous and look­ing at hers makes me want to take bet­ter care of my nat­ur­al hair!


+1beau­ti­ful hair!


Gor­geous hair


Props to you and your love­ly hair! What­ev­er you did to it in the past, it looks strong and healthy now! I can only hope my own curls come out as strong when I’m done tran­si­tion­ing!

Over it.
Why is it that we’re always talk­ing about the stu­pid igno­rant stereo­type of ‘black girls not being able to grow long hair,’ and then you have a beau­ti­ful black woman in the flesh with gor­geous nat­ur­al hair and because she’s nev­er had a relax­er she doesn’t know the TRUE nat­ur­al hair strug­gle???!!! That is the most ludi­crious thing I have ever heard of!! Why does there always have to be some­thing?? So now for her to tru­ely be a nat­ur­al she’s had to not only have long hair but also had a relax­er so she can REALLY know how the… Read more »
Aliyah Morrison

WHEN PEOPLE say BLACK GIRLS CANT Grow LONG HAIR I SHOW THEM A Pic Of MY GRANDMA AND THE Mil­lions Of NATURAL HAIR LONG HAIR BLACK GIRLS AND MY HAIR Crush­es Such As HER razorem­press and Nap­tural85 that shuts them right up .



Chic noir

Third !




I sec­ond that emo­tion!


BGLH, do you need a mod­er­a­tor?? Because I’d vol­un­teer. I hate see­ing how this web­site is chang­ing from a pos­i­tive one to a TROLL with some­thing neg­a­tive to say for every sin­gle hair post.


no mods. please. esp no mods with an agen­da.


I agree with no mods. I love the fact that this site is con­fi­dent with the idea that not all respons­es will fit into a cer­tain agen­da or mode. Peo­ple are var­ied in their thoughts and ideas. One of the inter­est­ing things about read­ing com­ments is to hear a vari­ety of views. It gets rather bor­ing to read com­ments that have been picked through to pro­mote a cetain image, vision, idea or belief. Dis­sent brings about dis­cus­sion.


+1 I agree 100%




Don’t cen­sor the truth! Let us duke it out. I think it’s good for the black com­mu­ni­ty to con­front each oth­er head-on about atti­tudes and issues. It adds depth to this blog. There’s enough shal­low hair forums out here. Let’s keep this one real.


pret­ty hair.


Late­ly there have been a lot of life­long nat­u­rals fea­tured but so what? It’s not like they ever have a lot to say about being relaxed any­way since the inter­views are about their nat­ur­al hair. I can cer­tain­ly relate to hav­ing dense hair and max­i­mum shrink­age. She looks so young and I love her hair, very pret­ty.


Wow! That’s a LOT of beau­ti­ful hair! I love the bow, very cute!




You are kind of yelling…

You don’t relate…that’s cool because nei­ther do I. So don’t wor­ry, I won’t argue with you about how you feel. How­ev­er, that’s HER sto­ry. I appre­ci­ate read­ing about it regard­less. Every­one has some­thing dif­fer­ent to bring to the table. A lot can come from us hear­ing about life from anoth­er sister’s per­spec­tive. Why would I want to keep­ing read­ing MY sto­ry over and over again?? How can any­one pos­si­bly grow from that…just my thoughts.  I like the part about how she came to real­iza­tion that is was dumb to try to be like some­one else, for the sake of some­thing… Read more »

So then what do you sug­gest tina? Should this site focus on just one group of peo­ple? The peo­ple that tina can relate to? What about the rest of the folks out there with dif­fer­ent expe­ri­ences, needs, hair types, etc etc? This site would not be where it is now if the own­er had your type of men­tal­i­ty tina. We all come from dif­fer­ent walks of life there­fore we expe­ri­ence dif­fer­ent lev­els of strug­gles so of course there would not always be some­thing to relate to but, we can still be inspired and maybe learn a thing or two.


You know what I do when I come across a fea­ture I don’t iden­ti­fy with??.. I keep it mov­ing.… Smh


i get what you’re say­ing tina. BUT, i give props to her mom for putting the brakes on the relax­er talk and giv­ing her daugh­ter enough sense of self and and love to let her know that she is okay just as she is.

i think very few of us are men­tal­ly undam­aged when it comes to our hair. i’m hap­py for those who are black and nev­er relax it.


LOL! Gurl…u mad? U stay mad?




Tina Smith, why are always the one to start some s**t on this site. Sheesh its always YOU!!! that has to say some­thing.

J. Nicole

Her hair is awe­some!

Even though some­one has nev­er used a relax­er before, it doesn’t mean they did not have trou­ble car­ing for their hair before or that it was always super healthy & long; same on the flip­side that just because their hair was relaxed doesn’t mean it was dam­aged. Everyone’s sto­ry is dif­fer­ent and I like to hear from every­one. There are women who have been nat­ur­al all their life & have had to deal with “fit­ting in”. The posts are not spe­cif­ic to any­one in gen­er­al mak­ing it some­thing for every­one.


Get over your­self. No one cares about your feel­ings, Tina. This web­site isn’t “black girl with long hair that used to be relaxed.”


Yea, you have every right to feel that way. Real­ize that this sight serves a com­mu­ni­ty of women, not just you. They’re are peo­ple in the world that relate to her sto­ry and appre­ci­ate it. Black women and kinky haired women have more than just one sto­ry and one expe­ri­ence and we should explore our diver­si­ty.

comment image


that prince gif made my day


DEAD over that Prince GIF lmao! yes gawd. well put.


+1 for the Prince GIF :D




LOL “but why are you yelling tho”
lol no seri­ous­ly, its just just an “inter­net rule” its com­mon cur­tesy. seri­ous­ly? -.-




I am 14 years old 9th grade. And i have nev­er had a relax­er but then my hair is still shoul­der length! smhh.! i use to want a relax­er but not any­more! I just want to find some ways to make my hair grown real­ly long than what it is now



okay i’m done let me leave before i start some­thing


My favourite part was DON’T ARGUE WITH ME ABOUT HOW I FEEL.

I am just *wait­ing* for the opporuni­ty to use that on some­body in real life. Some­body will be get­ting on my nerves and I’ll be like, “YOU’RE ANNOYING ME, FOOL! AND DON’T ARGUE WITH ME ABOUT HOW I FEEL!”