In a few short months, BGLH will celebrate its 5 year anniversary! And it’s crazy to me that what started as a hobby has turned into this hub of inspiration and beauty. We’ve had hundreds of discussions on hair, beauty and culture, featured hundreds of natural women and, in the process, outgrown the title of “blog”. Today we are a full on website — an online resource thousands of women come to every month for information and inspiration.

BGLH is a kind of like a home to me. Yes, it’s virtual, but every time I log on to edit articles or read feedback, it feels like home. And I wanted this online home to be as warm, sophisticated, beautiful and full of energy as the women we feature. So here it is.

This is one of many upgrades we’ll be making in the coming months to keep things fresh and current. Feel free to leave your feedback below and, as always, thanks for reading!

Much love πŸ™‚



Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noelliste, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop culture and black beauty enthusiast. bell hooks' hair twin...

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I love the variety in content which is why I visit daily – sometimes several times. I am getting used to the new layout, and looking forward to the additonal ones!

I just discovered BGLH like a month ago, I wish I would have been found it I would have be natural sooner. I love this site and the new layout works great on my phone (I usually use the site from here) Only thing is when view the photos and then close off I can’t click the back button to just take me to the home screen. And if I reas an article and go back it doesn’t take me to where I was. Other than that I can live lol I love this site you guys help a lot.… Read more »

I love the new look. It’s clean, fresh and stylish.

The Natural Haven

I love the new style layout! I do also miss the old header, but as others said, I will live lol. Congratulations on 5 years, I have been here for that whole time, love what you do!

I do definitely agree on the suggestion about how to navigate the new content, I also only stumbled upon this post. It may be nice to have a place where the new content of the week is featured.

Fab job Miss L, very proud of you!


I thought I was on the wrong page, LOL, but I think it looks great! Fresh, clean, and bright! Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary and best wishes on more success to come!

Miss Fizzy

The new layout is good but I have to admit it’s quite confusing for me. I don’t know what’s been recently posted or how to find it. I only found this post because it is in the “Top posts this week” side bar πŸ™


At first, I thought I was in the wrong place! I’m loving the new look! CONGRATS on five (5) years…looking forward to many more! πŸ˜‰


Luv it! Great job, and happy fifth anniversary!

Disclaimer: I love this site; I’m here everyday, and the following comments are intended as observations and constructive criticism only !! Maybe it’s because I’m at work, but the graphics are out of alignment and some of them look incomplete, like the transition is still in progress (??). Also looks like the baby was thrown out with the bathwater as far as everything (beside the name of the site) that made this place feel like e-home everyday, especially the tagline. I’ll have to say it in my head when I’m navigating to this site from now on! In all honesty… Read more »

I love the new site!


I like the new look; it’s cool and modern. It will take some getting used to though, because I like checking in and quickly scrolling down the page to see the new articles that interest me.

I’m also glad to see a photo of you Leila. I guess I have not been frequenting this site long enough to know about your personal posts. Would you post an article on yourself, sort of like the style icons, so that we can learn more about your hair and style?


Proud of you girl. Been with you for a while now. Always happy to see you change it up. I think I remember the old, old website. Best wishes for 5 more years, and beyond!!!


Feels like home to me too. This site is where/ when I was inspired to go natural! Thanks. I’m enjoying the fresh look.


This is beautiful! Pls keep the good work, more grease to your elbow πŸ™‚
Big <3


Its good to see a face behind this fabulous website. Change is good otherwise we will never evolve.
Much love from your natural sisters in UK.

For the Love of Curls

I miss the old header too. I miss celebrating the dopeness of natural hair but i’ll be okay.

Amma Mama

I love the new layout and I LOVE BGLH!!


You’ve already heard from me; I LOVE the new look. Suits this community/movement much better than the other. Feels more grown up, refined, regal. Also: You are *beautiful*, Leila. I think that is the first time I’ve ever seen a picture of you! Gorgeous.

Thank you for all that you do. xx


i think the site looks great, more organized…but the change is not too radical for those who don’t like change.

i’m glad it was refreshed because it was getting a bit old.

congratulations on the site’s success.


Thanks so much for creating this positive, informative community. I look forward to every post!


I miss the old header! But don’t mind me, I’m pretty change resistant about most things lol. Lovely layout. Keep up the good work!


Um I’m on at work as usual, but a lot of the graphics are now blocked (red ‘x’s) but I’ll check it out again when I get home.


So far i’m digging the new look πŸ™‚

Coconut And Cream

Aw the site looks great Leila! BGLH is such an amazing website for everything you stated above. I’m super excited for what BGLH has in store!