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Emu Oil

Emu oil is an all-nat­u­ral oil obtained from the ined­i­ble parts of the emu, a flight­less bird relat­ed to the ostrich. Abo­rig­i­nal tribes in Aus­tralia have been tak­ing advan­tage of the heal­ing pow­ers of emu oil for ages. Emu oil has an uncan­ny abil­i­ty to cause cel­lu­lar regen­er­a­tion in the skin, mak­ing it excel­lent for burns and scars and even the effec­tive reduc­tion of wrin­kles and the renew­ing of elas­tic­i­ty in the skin.

Because it is hypoal­ler­genic, antibac­te­ri­al and rich in ben­e­fi­cial fat­ty acids, hair can also ben­e­fit great­ly from reg­u­lar use of emu oil treat­ments, and actu­al­ly expe­ri­ence near­ly three times its nor­mal cel­lu­lar activ­i­ty. Emu oil can help hair appear live­lier, health­ier and be more resilient to envi­ron­men­tal and hor­mon­al stress­es.

Since it is also anti-fun­gal and antibac­te­ri­al, emu oil helps to break down buildup and residue at the scalp and roots, which can increase vol­ume and man­age­abil­i­ty.  The mois­tur­iz­ing prop­er­ties of the oil make it an ide­al ingre­di­ent for con­di­tion­ers.

Yarrow Oil

You can tell yarrow oil apart by its deep blue col­or. Add it to your sham­poo and mas­sage the scalp as it is known to regen­er­ate the scalp and pro­mote healthy hair growth.

Argan Oil

Wom­en in Moroc­co have been using argan oil for gen­er­a­tions to achieve more youth­ful, healthy skin. It reduces inflam­ma­tion and red­ness, improves hydra­tion, and can even been used to treat scars and acne.

You can also use argan oil as a hair treat­ment for deep con­di­tion­ing or as a pre-styling pro­duct-it restores shine to hair and helps mend split ends. It’s packed with twice as much Vit­a­m­in E as oth­er oils so it’s also amaz­ing for your nails and cuti­cles.

Tamanu Oil

Tamanu oil is a nut-based oil with many known uses from reduc­ing inflam­ma­tion and irri­ta­tion to help­ing with hair and skin regen­er­a­tion, mak­ing it a great top­i­cal treat­ment for acne, sun­burns, and scar­ring. Use on thick, dry hair as a mois­tur­iz­ing treat­ment before or after sham­poo­ing. You’ll find that this oil is a lit­tle pricey because the Tamanu nut tree only grows in the Poly­ne­sian islands, so dilute it in a car­ri­er oil like jojoba.

Avocado Oil

Avo­cado Oil is rich in essen­tial fat­ty acids that strength­en the hair and keep it mois­tur­ized, and the vit­a­m­in E it con­tains also con­di­tions and mois­tur­izes, while the pro­teins in avo­cado oil can for­ti­fy your hair.

Apply­ing avo­cado oil direct­ly into your hair not only keeps the hair strong and beau­ti­ful, it is also ben­e­fi­cial if you are expe­ri­enc­ing dan­druff or scalp pso­ri­a­sis. Avo­cado oil acts as a nat­u­ral sun­screen, and helps to pro­tect your hair and scalp from the harm­ful UV rays of the sun.

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Ladies, have you tried any of the­se oils? How did you like them?!

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Cynthia Edwards

I just tried Avo­cado oil and love it. Im anx­ious to try oth­ers. GREAT arti­cle.


I have the kinki­est nap­py knot­ty 4b/c hair in the world and my hair looooooveeessss emu oil! Emu oil and water will lit­er­al­ly revi­tal­ize a week old braid out…trust. It’s prob­a­bly the most styling friend­ly oil of all list­ed here.


a great place to buy organ­ic nat­u­ral oils for a dis­count­ed price is iherb.com you can Save $5 to $10 off already dis­count­ed prices- Use Coupon Code: JBV705 (No expi­ra­tion) .…its worth check­ing it out I get my oils from here


[…] Treat­ment — Eczema Def­i­n­i­tions­Essen­tial Oils Online – Base Prod­ucts for aro­mather­a­py use7 Oils You Haven’t Tried Yet .recent­com­ments a{display:inline !important;padding:0 !important;margin:0 […]


bon­jour, j’aimerais savoir ou trou­ver l’huile d’émeu svp mer­ci



j’aimerais savoir ou trou­ver l’huile d’émeu svp


Heard abt emu oil last year but when I researched cost,I decid­ed 2 pass. I spend enough on hair prod­ucts already. I’ve tried Evoo&like it enough 2 keep it in stock 4 my week­ly deep condish con­coc­tion but I think my hair loves avo­cado oil the most. Found a new condish at mar­shalls where the 1st five ingred include h2o, avocado,honey&olive oil& my hair seemed heav­en­ly after­wards!


So…is emu oil actu­al­ly a dead emu? I’m a bit con­fused.


The one I’ve tried is Arran oil. In addi­tion to all its good ben­e­fits it has the most amaz­ing smell! I love it.

I like tamanu oil! I use it on my skin every­day and I love how soft it makes my skin feel! Also use it on my face.  I orig­i­nal­ly got it for my hair but I also bought monoi de Tahi­ti oil and got a lot more of the monoi, so it made more sense to use the tamanu for. Body and the monoi for hair, since I use hair oil for so many pur­pos­es. LOVE the monoi!  Would love to try the tamanu on my hair because I can see how great it works for my skin, but right now, the… Read more »

I heard about a dif­fer­ent oil called Mira hair oil. How effec­tive is it or is it just a hoax? I’ve read noth­ing but good inter­net reviews, don’t know any­one who uses it


Thank you all so much for this infor­ma­tion. I look for­ward to using this in my hair care reg­i­men.


The thought of squeez­ing the liv­ing day­lights out of an emu for my hair’s sake put’s me off. I don’t mind squeez­ing the liv­ing day­lights out of a nut though (may try tamanu oil if I can find it), and argan oil is already one of my sta­ples. Hap­py hair.


I love avo­cado oil!! It’s heav­ier than coconut oil but worth a try.


Went to Moroc­co and got some Argan straight from the source. It. Was. AWESOME. Works like a dream on both hair and skin, but you have to know where to get the good stuff, even in Moroc­co. Def­i­nite­ly plan to try the oth­ers soon!


Only tried the tamanu oil mix sold at GNC– my skin did not like it. It broke out in huge, painful bumps. 

Would try emu oil if it were more afford­able


You have to becare­ful with GNC prod­ucts. Some of their prod­ucts are not ful­ly organ­ic and if you don’t read the label prop­er­ly you won’t be get­ting what you real­ly want and need.I nev­er use their prod­ucts.

Ugonna Wosu

Argan is already pop­u­lar, and Avo­cado is well doc­u­ment­ed as one of the three oils that pen­e­trate the hair shaft(along with Olive and Coconut oils). I heard of Emu. The oth­er two are new to me, so thanks for intro­duc­ing me to them.


i have use the Emu oil before,its real­ly nice. the argan oil is one of my fav. i use it on almost every­thing if i can :) leaves ur skin feel­ing like but­ter espe­cial­ly after a show­er:) plus its good for ur hair of course


I love Emu oil I it is a lit­tle expen­sive but worth the ben­e­fits, I mix it with my cas­tor oil and I put Avac­do oil in my shea but­ter mixture…I don’t use Argan oil as much as I do the oth­ers.