We have tried all of the recipes below, and as with all home­made mix­es we’ve altered the ratio of items to suit our own needs. Please feel free to exper­i­ment with ratios, as well as swap out items with your favourite oils, to get them to serve you best. The aloe base for all of the­se recipes is the home­made ver­sion that we pre­vi­ous­ly wrote about (not the store bought brand). Because the home­made aloe already con­tains Vit­a­m­in C, adding addi­tion­al preser­v­a­tives could alter the acid­i­ty con­tent of the mix. Just some­thing to keep in mind. In addi­tion, the con­sis­ten­cy of the home­made ver­sion is much thin­ner than a store-bought brand. Again, some­thing else to keep in mind when try­ing the recipes below, as the con­sis­ten­cy of you mix­ture may vary based on your source of aloe.


About the Recipe

This recipe does not pro­duce the typ­i­cal suds of reg­u­lar sham­poos, but don’t be fooled. It works. Hon­ey and aloe are both great humec­tants, so they draw mois­ture into the hair. The ACV is great for break­ing up oils and build-up on the hair as well as for clos­ing cuti­cles. Not to men­tion the numer­ous anti­fun­gal and andibac­te­ri­al ben­e­fits of aloe, which makes it great for thos who are suf­fer­ing for minor scalp irri­ta­tions and/or dan­druff.


1/4 cup aloe gel

2 T hon­ey

2 T apple cider vine­gar (ACV)


I blend ingre­di­ents togeth­er in a small 1-cup chop­per that I have. You can use a blender or hand-held mix­er if you like, or do it by hand. It will be frothy and sor­ta slimy (much like the aloe gel was after whip­ping).

Our Notes

With­out any essen­tial oils, this recipe doesn’t smell the great­est, but remem­ber it’s just for sham­poo and will be rinsed out entire­ly. A few drops of your favourite essen­tial oil can be added to help with smell if absolute­ly nec­es­sary. I do not pre-make this ahead of time, but actu­al­ly blend ingre­di­ents right before using. When used in mix­es, hon­ey can go bad quick­ly so any­thing I mix with it gets used imme­di­ate­ly. I have used this both on my hair and on Boo’s hair. When using on my hair, I actu­al­ly add more ACV because my hair gets pret­ty oily.


About the Recipe

I had to play with this recipe a while to get the amount of slip need­ed for good detan­gling. I’m still not as hap­py with it as I am with our store-bought detan­gler, but it does work real­ly well. And if you’re look­ing for a way to save mon­ey on hair prod­ucts, this is def­i­nite­ly worth it. As men­tioned above, if smell is an issue you can add an essen­tial oil. I don’t usu­al­ly add any because I use a mois­tur­iz­ing pro­duct on top of this and I don’t want too much smell and/or for the smells to com­pete with one anoth­er.


1 cup dis­tilled water

2 T aloe gel

4 drops glyc­er­in


I actu­al­ly put all items into an old sham­poo or con­di­tion­er bot­tle and shake until every­thing is well-blend­ed. You can also use a spray bot­tle, too. How­ev­er, I like my mix­ture a lit­tle thick and I’ve found that the con­di­tion­er bot­tle works bet­ter when squeez­ing it out. I squeeze it onto my hands and then work it through the hair with my fin­ger­tips. Then I detan­gle as nor­mal. I do not rin­se it out.

Our Notes

The amount of glyc­er­in is what real­ly helps with the slip; the aloe gel does provide good slip, as well, but as it thins out it gets sort of sticky which doesn’t help with detan­gling. Glyc­er­in is actu­al­ly the oppo­site; it’s sticky at full-strength, but actu­al­ly becomes very slip­pery as it’s extreme­ly sol­uble in water. If you find that you don’t get enough slip for detan­gling, more glyc­er­in should help. Or you can even add a bit of a your favourite oil (olive oil or melt­ed coconut oil).


About the Recipe

Pret­ty much the eas­i­est recipe we have. This is the one that we often use for Boo’s hair, as her DC’s are mois­ture-based.


1/4 cup aloe gel

1/4 cup coconut oil, warmed in the microwave for mix­ing


Blend both ingre­di­ents togeth­er using method of your choice. I get a creamier mix­ture if I use my hand-held blender than my per­son­al chop­per. Apply to hair accord­ing to our instruc­tions for deep con­di­tion­ing.

Our Notes

We use coconut oil because it works bet­ter in Boo’s hair than olive oil does. If you child’s hair does bet­ter with olive oil, then swap that out in the mix for deep con­di­tion­ing. Do note that the coconut oil makes this mix­ture smell fine, but olive oil and aloe gel don’t smell the great­est in my opin­ion. Con­sid­er­ing the fact that you’ll be expect­ing your child to wear it for at least 10–15 min­utes, you might want to con­sid­er adding few drops of their favourite essen­tial oil might make it eas­ier on their lit­tle noses.

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Can you add aloe vera juice to your apple cider vine­gar hair rin­se?


[…] 8 Amaz­ing Home­made Aloe Vera Recipes for Nat­u­ral Hair […]


[…] 8 Amaz­ing Home­made Aloe Vera Recipes for Nat­u­ral Hair […]


Can you use and leave just the aloe on your hair please explain pros and cons also I have very corse hair that sucks up oil and my hair then feels dry and brit­tle what can I do to keep it mois­tured. I have very lit­tle perm in it now because I had a short style before I decid­ed to go nat­u­ral because I lost hair around my edges in my preg­nan­cy with my now 11mo. Daugh­ter

Mel Stevens

I high­ly rec­om­mend th epro nat­u­rals argan oil hair treat­ment, it’s the best ever!


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Can you use all of the­se or would it be too much aloe at that point?


Hell .i have nor­mal skin in rainy and sum­mer sea­son but in win­ter its got too much dry does i use aloe pro­duct on my hair and skin and how i use please sug­gest me


the pic­ture is aloe juice but the recipes say aloe gel. Which is to be used for the hair?


Well, it says aloe vera gel in the ingre­di­ent list so…


I use my mix­er to soft­en my shea but­ter so none of the nutri­ents are lost. Thanks for the info I will def­i­nite­ly try the­se recipes.

[…] About the Recipe I’ve only ever used this par­tic­u­lar recipe on my own hair, for no oth­er rea­son than the fact that Boo has nev­er had her hair blown out before. I’ve also used it before flat-iron­ing my hair. Don’t tell Boo. She hasn’t seen me do either of those two things. Ever. Ingre­di­ents 1/2 cup dis­tilled water 1/2 cup aloe gel 2 tea­spoons grape­seed oil 4 drops of your favourite essen­tial oil, for smell Method Mix ingre­di­ents togeth­er. Blend­ing will ensure good com­bin­ing, but is not nec­es­sary. I use my 1-cup chop­per for it and it blends all the ingre­di­ents just fine… Read more »
onome avae

Hi BGLH,do i have to use ACV?

onome avae

Hi BGLH,this is my first time on your web­site! Amaz­ing things i have learnt about my hair!Thanks for the knowl­edge!
Now to my ques­tion! can i use some­thing oth­er than Avo­ca­dos?



1 cup dis­tilled water

2 T aloe gel (what does it mean, 2 T here?)

4 drops glyc­er­in


Upper­case “T” means Table­spoon
Low­er­case “t” means tea­spoon

I just tried the hon­ey aloe sham­poo, and i’m real­ly hap­py it nour­rish­es the hair and doesn’t make it dry like when i was using the Lush Curly paste sham­poo (it’s a good idea but the dried coconut kept mak­ing knots in my hair). The aloe detan­gler is also now my favorite, it’s much more eas­ier to detan­gle with it, then a lit­tle bit of Kinky Curly knot today and some Camille rose nat­u­rals aloe whipped but­ter gel is per­fec­tion for my tran­si­tioned hair (3C — 4A) Thanks for shar­ing your mar­vel­lous recipes !  i also tried cucum­ber and lemon sham­poo, it works… Read more »

I like this arti­cle as it con­tains many tips with dif­fer­ent blends. i have tried aloe gel with milk and coconut juice, it real­ly made my dull and dry look­ing hair into soft to touch and silky with good shine at the very first time. so using it reg­u­lar­ly, i.e.weekly once may work great for dull life­less look­ing hair.


I mix aloe vera with cas­tor and olive oil into my reg­u­lar hair conditioner••••after rinsing,my hair becomes soft­er and with my reg­u­lar cas­tor oil treat­ment my hair adds up to 1inch a mon­th

Teresita Jaycox

Aloe vera is a suc­cu­lent plant species that prob­a­bly native plant orig­i­nat­ed in north­ern Africa. The species does not have any nat­u­ral­ly occur­ring pop­u­la­tions, although close­ly relat­ed aloes do occur in north­ern Africa.


Thank you for the tips. Great arti­cle with great detail.


Am malu frm last 2year’s m loos­ing plen­ty of hair..loosing hand­ful of hair everyday…my Hb is 9.0%…wt med­i­cine shud i take???


i like it


[…] are end­less. If you are inter­est­ed in mak­ing some of your own con­coc­tions, check out the recipes here or scroll through my Insta­gram […]


[…] water and aloe spray — I got this idea from a few months ago, and I’m so glad I tried it! Works well on 2nd and 3rd day hair as the first […]


Thanky­ou fo rthis infor­ma­tion. I’m a nat­u­ral hair begin­ner and I been so over­whelmed and excit­ed about all the nat­u­ral hair recipes, prod­ucts, and styles out there. So far I’ve just tried mix­ing the aloe vera gel to my con­di­tion­er and added cas­tor oil and its real­ly made a dif­fer­ence in the tex­ture of my hair… like instant­ly. I use it as a leave in. thank you by the way does any­one have any hair reg­i­ment tips for fine hair


BGLH you say “aloe vera gel” but you have on the “aloe vera juice” bot­tle. does it make a dif­fer­ence which one you use. I have been using the juice as a detan­gler for one and a half mon­th and I like the results.( I also added olive oil and laven­der essen­tial oil to this mix­ture)


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[…] 8 Amaz­ing Home­made Aloe Vera Recipes for Nat­u­ral Hair | Black … We’re final­ly wrap­ping up our Aloe Series today with the post that every­one has like­ly been wait­ing for: Our recipes. We. […]


Wow! Thanks so much for the­se recipes. I real­ly appre­ci­ate how wom­en who spend the time (and mon­ey) to exper­i­ment on their own are so will­ing to share what they’ve learned for free.

Caprice Davis
I am so so hap­py because as a new nat­u­ral (big chopped Nov. 16th 2012) I recent­ly start­ed using aloe Vera juice in my spritz bot­tle w/ water, a table­spoon in my mois­tur­iz­er (Neu­tro­ge­na Triple Mois­ture- love, love, love this!) and I use coconut oil as my sealant. I am tru­ly grate­ful to God because ear­ly in my jour­ney I strug­gled with dry, porous hair, that always felt hard. How­ev­er, after chang­ing my reg­i­men my hair is so soft, my 4A curls are well defined and my hair no longer looks dry. I recent­ly reordered the aloe Vera juice and… Read more »

So is gel bet­ter then the juice? OR do I need to find a way to make mu bot­tle juice to gel? Sor­ry Im new the nat­u­ral life, :)


I start­ed using Aloe Vera Juice last year on my 4a/4b hair. It made my hair so soft. Its seem to grow faster too. Def­i­nite­ly apart of my dai­ly reg­i­men.


I just got my aloe vera juice and i have been using it on my scalp for the past two weeks, i have my hair in kinky twist and so far am lov­ing the result. I plan to also use AVJ as a mois­tur­iz­ing spritz when i take down the twists,pls can you give me some point­ers on how to do this.


Fan­tas­tic! Thank you so much!


Lit­tle dis­ap­point­ed with this arti­cle. Thought there would at least be a few recipes that include just aloe vera juice, not aloe vera gel. I like both of them, but it would’ve been nice to have a lit­tle vari­ety. May­be rename the arti­cle so no one else gets the ideas I did.….


I could be wrong, but I thought aloe vera gel & aloe vera juice were the same thing, thus inter­change­able.


True enough, but I’ve learned in the past that the mea­sure­ments are dif­fer­ent. The title just makes it seem like one or two would use either form.
I think part of it, is that I just bought a gal­lon of aloe vera juice that I have yet to use and I got all excit­ed to see this arti­cle so I would final­ly have a rea­son to open it and stop using just my aloe vera gel.

Ms. Gee

I find that peo­ple do use the terms juice and gel inter­change­ably but they real­ly are dif­fer­ent in terms of thick­ness. When blend­ed, you get more of a juice con­sis­ten­cy but if used in the pulp form as extract­ed, you get more of a gel con­sis­ten­cy. How­ev­er, in order for it to be used as a spritz and in the oth­er var­i­ous recipes and not leave resid­u­al pulps in the hair, it needs to blend­ed to a juice con­sis­ten­cy. Hope this helps.


I do under­stand what you’re say­ing, but I shouldn’t have to put my aloe vera gel in a blender to use it as the juice when I have a gal­lon of whole leaf juice just wait­ing to be used. It just would’ve been nice to have the option of one or 2 juice recipes with­out need­ing to turn my juice into a gel for the­se to work.


I want to incor­po­rate aloe vera juice into my regime this year,I’ve seen many good reviews and will start with the spritz recipe. Thank you for this arti­cle