We have tried all of the recipes below, and as with all homemade mixes we’ve altered the ratio of items to suit our own needs. Please feel free to experiment with ratios, as well as swap out items with your favourite oils, to get them to serve you best. The aloe base for all of these recipes is the homemade version that we previously wrote about (not the store bought brand). Because the homemade aloe already contains Vitamin C, adding additional preservatives could alter the acidity content of the mix. Just something to keep in mind. In addition, the consistency of the homemade version is much thinner than a store-bought brand. Again, something else to keep in mind when trying the recipes below, as the consistency of you mixture may vary based on your source of aloe.


About the Recipe

This recipe does not produce the typical suds of regular shampoos, but don’t be fooled. It works. Honey and aloe are both great humectants, so they draw moisture into the hair. The ACV is great for breaking up oils and build-up on the hair as well as for closing cuticles. Not to mention the numerous antifungal and andibacterial benefits of aloe, which makes it great for thos who are suffering for minor scalp irritations and/or dandruff.


1/4 cup aloe gel

2 T honey

2 T apple cider vinegar (ACV)


I blend ingredients together in a small 1-cup chopper that I have. You can use a blender or hand-held mixer if you like, or do it by hand. It will be frothy and sorta slimy (much like the aloe gel was after whipping).

Our Notes

Without any essential oils, this recipe doesn’t smell the greatest, but remember it’s just for shampoo and will be rinsed out entirely. A few drops of your favourite essential oil can be added to help with smell if absolutely necessary. I do not pre-make this ahead of time, but actually blend ingredients right before using. When used in mixes, honey can go bad quickly so anything I mix with it gets used immediately. I have used this both on my hair and on Boo’s hair. When using on my hair, I actually add more ACV because my hair gets pretty oily.


About the Recipe

I had to play with this recipe a while to get the amount of slip needed for good detangling. I’m still not as happy with it as I am with our store-bought detangler, but it does work really well. And if you’re looking for a way to save money on hair products, this is definitely worth it. As mentioned above, if smell is an issue you can add an essential oil. I don’t usually add any because I use a moisturizing product on top of this and I don’t want too much smell and/or for the smells to compete with one another.


1 cup distilled water

2 T aloe gel

4 drops glycerin


I actually put all items into an old shampoo or conditioner bottle and shake until everything is well-blended. You can also use a spray bottle, too. However, I like my mixture a little thick and I’ve found that the conditioner bottle works better when squeezing it out. I squeeze it onto my hands and then work it through the hair with my fingertips. Then I detangle as normal. I do not rinse it out.

Our Notes

The amount of glycerin is what really helps with the slip; the aloe gel does provide good slip, as well, but as it thins out it gets sort of sticky which doesn’t help with detangling. Glycerin is actually the opposite; it’s sticky at full-strength, but actually becomes very slippery as it’s extremely soluble in water. If you find that you don’t get enough slip for detangling, more glycerin should help. Or you can even add a bit of a your favourite oil (olive oil or melted coconut oil).


About the Recipe

Pretty much the easiest recipe we have. This is the one that we often use for Boo’s hair, as her DC’s are moisture-based.


1/4 cup aloe gel

1/4 cup coconut oil, warmed in the microwave for mixing


Blend both ingredients together using method of your choice. I get a creamier mixture if I use my hand-held blender than my personal chopper. Apply to hair according to our instructions for deep conditioning.

Our Notes

We use coconut oil because it works better in Boo’s hair than olive oil does. If you child’s hair does better with olive oil, then swap that out in the mix for deep conditioning. Do note that the coconut oil makes this mixture smell fine, but olive oil and aloe gel don’t smell the greatest in my opinion. Considering the fact that you’ll be expecting your child to wear it for at least 10-15 minutes, you might want to consider adding few drops of their favourite essential oil might make it easier on their little noses.

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Can you add aloe vera juice to your apple cider vinegar hair rinse?


[…] 8 Amazing Homemade Aloe Vera Recipes for Natural Hair […]


[…] 8 Amazing Homemade Aloe Vera Recipes for Natural Hair […]


Can you use and leave just the aloe on your hair please explain pros and cons also I have very corse hair that sucks up oil and my hair then feels dry and brittle what can I do to keep it moistured. I have very little perm in it now because I had a short style before I decided to go natural because I lost hair around my edges in my pregnancy with my now 11mo. Daughter

Mel Stevens

I highly recommend th epro naturals argan oil hair treatment, it’s the best ever!


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Can you use all of these or would it be too much aloe at that point?


Hell .i have normal skin in rainy and summer season but in winter its got too much dry does i use aloe product on my hair and skin and how i use please suggest me


the picture is aloe juice but the recipes say aloe gel. Which is to be used for the hair?


Well, it says aloe vera gel in the ingredient list so…


I use my mixer to soften my shea butter so none of the nutrients are lost. Thanks for the info I will definitely try these recipes.

[…] About the Recipe I’ve only ever used this particular recipe on my own hair, for no other reason than the fact that Boo has never had her hair blown out before. I’ve also used it before flat-ironing my hair. Don’t tell Boo. She hasn’t seen me do either of those two things. Ever. Ingredients 1/2 cup distilled water 1/2 cup aloe gel 2 teaspoons grapeseed oil 4 drops of your favourite essential oil, for smell Method Mix ingredients together. Blending will ensure good combining, but is not necessary. I use my 1-cup chopper for it and it blends all the ingredients just fine… Read more »
onome avae

Hi BGLH,do i have to use ACV?

onome avae

Hi BGLH,this is my first time on your website! Amazing things i have learnt about my hair!Thanks for the knowledge!
Now to my question! can i use something other than Avocados?



1 cup distilled water

2 T aloe gel (what does it mean, 2 T here?)

4 drops glycerin


Uppercase “T” means Tablespoon
Lowercase “t” means teaspoon

I just tried the honey aloe shampoo, and i’m really happy it nourrishes the hair and doesn’t make it dry like when i was using the Lush Curly paste shampoo (it’s a good idea but the dried coconut kept making knots in my hair). The aloe detangler is also now my favorite, it’s much more easier to detangle with it, then a little bit of Kinky Curly knot today and some Camille rose naturals aloe whipped butter gel is perfection for my transitioned hair (3C – 4A) Thanks for sharing your marvellous recipes ! i also tried cucumber and lemon… Read more »

I like this article as it contains many tips with different blends. i have tried aloe gel with milk and coconut juice, it really made my dull and dry looking hair into soft to touch and silky with good shine at the very first time. so using it regularly, i.e.weekly once may work great for dull lifeless looking hair.


I mix aloe vera with castor and olive oil into my regular hair conditioner••••after rinsing,my hair becomes softer and with my regular castor oil treatment my hair adds up to 1inch a month

Teresita Jaycox

Aloe vera is a succulent plant species that probably native plant originated in northern Africa. The species does not have any naturally occurring populations, although closely related aloes do occur in northern Africa.


Thank you for the tips. Great article with great detail.


Am malu frm last 2year’s m loosing plenty of hair..loosing handful of hair everyday…my Hb is 9.0%…wt medicine shud i take???


i like it


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[…] water and aloe spray — I got this idea from a few months ago, and I’m so glad I tried it! Works well on 2nd and 3rd day hair as the first […]


Thankyou fo rthis information. I’m a natural hair beginner and I been so overwhelmed and excited about all the natural hair recipes, products, and styles out there. So far I’ve just tried mixing the aloe vera gel to my conditioner and added castor oil and its really made a difference in the texture of my hair… like instantly. I use it as a leave in. thank you by the way does anyone have any hair regiment tips for fine hair


BGLH you say “aloe vera gel” but you have on the “aloe vera juice” bottle. does it make a difference which one you use. I have been using the juice as a detangler for one and a half month and I like the results.( I also added olive oil and lavender essential oil to this mixture)


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Wow! Thanks so much for these recipes. I really appreciate how women who spend the time (and money) to experiment on their own are so willing to share what they’ve learned for free.

Caprice Davis
I am so so happy because as a new natural (big chopped Nov. 16th 2012) I recently started using aloe Vera juice in my spritz bottle w/ water, a tablespoon in my moisturizer (Neutrogena Triple Moisture- love, love, love this!) and I use coconut oil as my sealant. I am truly grateful to God because early in my journey I struggled with dry, porous hair, that always felt hard. However, after changing my regimen my hair is so soft, my 4A curls are well defined and my hair no longer looks dry. I recently reordered the aloe Vera juice and… Read more »

So is gel better then the juice? OR do I need to find a way to make mu bottle juice to gel? Sorry Im new the natural life, 🙂


I started using Aloe Vera Juice last year on my 4a/4b hair. It made my hair so soft. Its seem to grow faster too. Definitely apart of my daily regimen.


I just got my aloe vera juice and i have been using it on my scalp for the past two weeks, i have my hair in kinky twist and so far am loving the result. I plan to also use AVJ as a moisturizing spritz when i take down the twists,pls can you give me some pointers on how to do this.


Fantastic! Thank you so much!


Little disappointed with this article. Thought there would at least be a few recipes that include just aloe vera juice, not aloe vera gel. I like both of them, but it would’ve been nice to have a little variety. Maybe rename the article so no one else gets the ideas I did…..


I could be wrong, but I thought aloe vera gel & aloe vera juice were the same thing, thus interchangeable.


True enough, but I’ve learned in the past that the measurements are different. The title just makes it seem like one or two would use either form.
I think part of it, is that I just bought a gallon of aloe vera juice that I have yet to use and I got all excited to see this article so I would finally have a reason to open it and stop using just my aloe vera gel.

Ms. Gee

I find that people do use the terms juice and gel interchangeably but they really are different in terms of thickness. When blended, you get more of a juice consistency but if used in the pulp form as extracted, you get more of a gel consistency. However, in order for it to be used as a spritz and in the other various recipes and not leave residual pulps in the hair, it needs to blended to a juice consistency. Hope this helps.


I do understand what you’re saying, but I shouldn’t have to put my aloe vera gel in a blender to use it as the juice when I have a gallon of whole leaf juice just waiting to be used. It just would’ve been nice to have the option of one or 2 juice recipes without needing to turn my juice into a gel for these to work.


I want to incorporate aloe vera juice into my regime this year,I’ve seen many good reviews and will start with the spritz recipe. Thank you for this article