Box braid exten­sions are en vogue with celebri­ties nowa­days, with Bey­once, Janet Jack­son and, of course, Solange Knowles rock­ing the look. 

Christi­na Mil­ian recent­ly jumped on the trend tweet­ing

Yes yes yes yay! I’ve been want­i­ng to get indi­vid­ual braids since I was like 12! Final­ly did it! Thank you @a1_hair! Love it.. Time to break out my j’s and daisy dukes! Lol thanks for the intro.

What do you think of the look ladies?



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Hon­est­ly she and Ali­cia Keys are the first women I have ever seen in braids and found attrac­tive, actu­al­ly gor­geous at the least. I hat­ed it on Bey­once, Solange and even Kim Kar­dashi­an.


[…] celebri­ties, includ­ing Bey­once, Solange and Christi­na Mil­ian, have recent­ly rocked box braid exten­sions. What do you think of Janet’s “new” […]


where are the oth­er 31 com­ments????????????


The braids aren’t too per­fect how­ev­er maybe she just want­ed them done for a week or so. Noth­ing too wrong with them though
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Meh.…I like the style in gen­er­al but have seen it done so much bet­ter on “aver­age joes”. It doesn’t look like a great braid job. One of the ben­e­fits of exten­sions is the addi­tion of full­ness. You can see where her hair stops in those braids…

good idea. poor exe­cu­tion.

Amma Mama

Christi­na is absolute­ly gor­geous! I like them and I can’t wait to see her style them.


Cute style, but the braids could’ve been neater and a lit­tle thick­er. Just a tad. Who­ev­er braids Solange’s hair is a beast! Her braids are always so neat and not too big, not too small.


omg you guys. i think it looks cute. maybe she wasn’t try­ing to go for a pro­fes­sion­al look. not every­one cares like that. i cer­tain­ly don’t see the point in pay­ing some­one how­ev­er much that costs, more than like­ly north of 150 dol­lars, for a style thats only gonna last for at most, two months. and giv­en her tex­ture of hair, i doubt it’ll last even that long. waste of mon­ey. she did a pass­able job and it suits her for the time being.

Love JAH

Did any­one that’s ask­ing ever con­sid­er the parts are big because she doesn’t want her hair to dread/ mat up when washed…or pos­si­bly because she wants to keep all of her hair in tact, b/c small braids pull your hair…this here looks more nat­ur­al than the usu­al braid­ed exten­sions, I think they look good and neat…


Sim­ple, beau­ti­ful and gor­geous! She needs to get a more straight smooth n thick­er ones by adding more exten­sion and prob­a­bly a bet­ter braider coz this one looks like the braider is still learn­ing. Bet­ter one should make her look her age rather than 15 she does look here. But I adore this and kudos for try­ing out braids Milan! :)

Love JAH

I’ve had my hair pro­fes­sion­al­ly braid­ed many times and I always look half my age…also she has a baby face, and maybe this is the exact nat­ur­al look she was going for.…it seems she’s very hap­py with the out­come and look


She looks great


like the braids i have box braids in now to grow out my hair basi­cal­ly so i wont cut or do any­thing else i shouldn’t do to my hair last attempt Big chop for me was june 2012


I just don’t under­stand what every­one thinks is so “nat­ur­al” about get­ting hair that isn’t yours (and prob­a­bly isn’t even human hair) braid­ed into your hair. Peo­ple with relax­ers do this too.…

Love JAH

Well, it’s a way to main­tain and glam­or­ize nat­ur­al hair…or relaxed hair…you can achieve box braids with­out exten­sions


Her parts are big because her hair is fine. I have a cousin that is bira­cial and I do her hair like this and this is how hers end up look­ing too. My oth­er fam­i­ly mem­bers with more kinky and thick­er hair looks a lot dif­fer­ent.


Janet Jack­son was the first out of the 3 cit­ed celebs to have worn box braids (Poet­ic Jus­tice any­one?). But I guess Solange is more known for wear­ing her hair in braids… That was off top­ic. I think she might have fine hair, rea­son for the large parts or maybe the parts were made larg­er to speed up the process? I think it looks cute on her, does make her look younger and less intim­i­dat­ing.


God help me, I put aside a whole after­noon to fig­ure this out.


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@lyndacarol girl she said she would braid their hair, not write their accep­tance speech­es.

any­way, i think the parts a lit­tle slop­py but it’s still a good look. let her be great lol




Umm­mm has any­body thought that maybe she has fine hair and maybe that’s why the parts are big­ger than the braid? I have fine hair and when I braid it, it looks sim­i­lar. Large parts with thin­ner braids.


Exten­sions makes fine hair braids big­ger :)


big braids for big parts.…


Oops, I meant to like what you said :)


Although it looks good (if I don’t look at her scalp), this had done by an ama­teur in order for the braid to come out that much small­er than the box WITH exten­sions. The size of the part­ed areas are more fit for “dook­ie” braids. Basi­cal­ly, the per­son could have done 3 or 4 braids were one of them was done.


I dun­no — 3 or 4 braids where there is only 1 here? Adding that much extra hair seems like a recipe for the ten­sion alope­cia I see far too many sis­ters rock­ing nowa­days. I think less is more — the scalp can only sup­port so much extra weight. I’d pre­fer more sis­ters going Christina’s route, as the amount of balding/receeding hair­lines I’m see­ing around me (in NYC and Lon­don) is begin­ning to fright­en me.


I like them! Cute, and doesn’t seem like it took all day!


@Rose why would any­one go to you, when you can’t even intel­li­gent­ly artic­u­late your thoughts and opin­ions?


It’s a great style, but this makes her look 15…


I love it, they are big and easy to do!!! I am con­sid­er­ing to that on my own!!


Dang i meant to thumbs up…sorry lol stu­pid touch screen phone! I think she its gor­geous but i total­ly agree about the hair.…I’ve seen bet­ter Braids local­ly. That ish look like she let her kid cousin do it…unless thts the look she was going for :-\.


Lol you right!

Rose Pierre

I’m sor­ry but as a hair­styl­ist those braids are not cute I’m not hat­ing but nei­ther bey­once or solonge hair look good y’all have all that mon­ey and can’t get a good braider shyt let me braid y’all’s hair and you’ll see the dif­fer­ence I won­der how much y’all pay for that shyt so upset

Lol I under­stand what she meant. I’m a born hair braider, mean­ing I didn’t learn to braid just like my aun­ties, it came nat­u­ral­ly. She’s con­cerned about her being a celebri­ty which means a bet­ter hair dress­er that prob­a­bly charges 2,000$ so the each braids are sup­pose to be bet­ter but not as good for a celebri­ty as I can see too. It’s not straight and there are join­ing along the braids. The root are neat and every­thing which might have been aid­ed by Milan hair tex­ture. Not every­one can see what she meant…but as a braider I saw wat… Read more »

What?! What would be dif­fer­ent if you did them? Every braid is going to look the same. Whether its big box or micros I real­ly dont think the way you do will make a dif­fer­ence on how the braid looks. Stop hat­ing.


What’s wrong with them? They look like nor­mal box braids. The nice part is, because they get thin­ner towards the ends, they won’t be as heavy if you want to put them up in a bun.