Box braid extensions are en vogue with celebrities nowadays, with Beyonce, Janet Jackson and, of course, Solange Knowles rocking the look.

Christina Milian recently jumped on the trend tweeting

Yes yes yes yay! I’ve been wanting to get individual braids since I was like 12! Finally did it! Thank you @a1_hair! Love it.. Time to break out my j’s and daisy dukes! Lol thanks for the intro.

What do you think of the look ladies?



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Honestly she and Alicia Keys are the first women I have ever seen in braids and found attractive, actually gorgeous at the least. I hated it on Beyonce, Solange and even Kim Kardashian.


[…] celebrities, including Beyonce, Solange and Christina Milian, have recently rocked box braid extensions. What do you think of Janet’s “new” […]


where are the other 31 comments????????????


The braids aren’t too perfect however maybe she just wanted them done for a week or so. Nothing too wrong with them though
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Meh….I like the style in general but have seen it done so much better on “average joes”. It doesn’t look like a great braid job. One of the benefits of extensions is the addition of fullness. You can see where her hair stops in those braids…

good idea. poor execution.

Amma Mama

Christina is absolutely gorgeous! I like them and I can’t wait to see her style them.


Cute style, but the braids could’ve been neater and a little thicker. Just a tad. Whoever braids Solange’s hair is a beast! Her braids are always so neat and not too big, not too small.


omg you guys. i think it looks cute. maybe she wasn’t trying to go for a professional look. not everyone cares like that. i certainly don’t see the point in paying someone however much that costs, more than likely north of 150 dollars, for a style thats only gonna last for at most, two months. and given her texture of hair, i doubt it’ll last even that long. waste of money. she did a passable job and it suits her for the time being.

Love JAH

Did anyone that’s asking ever consider the parts are big because she doesn’t want her hair to dread/ mat up when washed…or possibly because she wants to keep all of her hair in tact, b/c small braids pull your hair…this here looks more natural than the usual braided extensions, I think they look good and neat…


Simple, beautiful and gorgeous! She needs to get a more straight smooth n thicker ones by adding more extension and probably a better braider coz this one looks like the braider is still learning. Better one should make her look her age rather than 15 she does look here. But I adore this and kudos for trying out braids Milan! πŸ™‚

Love JAH

I’ve had my hair professionally braided many times and I always look half my age…also she has a baby face, and maybe this is the exact natural look she was going for….it seems she’s very happy with the outcome and look


She looks great


like the braids i have box braids in now to grow out my hair basically so i wont cut or do anything else i shouldn’t do to my hair last attempt Big chop for me was june 2012


I just don’t understand what everyone thinks is so “natural” about getting hair that isn’t yours (and probably isn’t even human hair) braided into your hair. People with relaxers do this too….


Her parts are big because her hair is fine. I have a cousin that is biracial and I do her hair like this and this is how hers end up looking too. My other family members with more kinky and thicker hair looks a lot different.

Love JAH

Well, it’s a way to maintain and glamorize natural hair…or relaxed hair…you can achieve box braids without extensions


Janet Jackson was the first out of the 3 cited celebs to have worn box braids (Poetic Justice anyone?). But I guess Solange is more known for wearing her hair in braids… That was off topic. I think she might have fine hair, reason for the large parts or maybe the parts were made larger to speed up the process? I think it looks cute on her, does make her look younger and less intimidating.


Photoshop is pretty exspveine. Not sure what you could grab a copy of 7 for, since it’s so old. I don’t sell Photoshop, nor am I associated with Adobe, so your best bet is an internet search. If you can’t find a cheap Photoshop, you could always try Photoshop Elements, which these will also work with and is very similar (but much cheaper) to Photoshop, minus some of its features.Best of luck!


God help me, I put aside a whole afternoon to figure this out.


@lyndacarol girl she said she would braid their hair, not write their acceptance speeches.

anyway, i think the parts a little sloppy but it’s still a good look. let her be great lol




Ummmm has anybody thought that maybe she has fine hair and maybe that’s why the parts are bigger than the braid? I have fine hair and when I braid it, it looks similar. Large parts with thinner braids.


Extensions makes fine hair braids bigger πŸ™‚


big braids for big parts….


Oops, I meant to like what you said πŸ™‚


Although it looks good (if I don’t look at her scalp), this had done by an amateur in order for the braid to come out that much smaller than the box WITH extensions. The size of the parted areas are more fit for “dookie” braids. Basically, the person could have done 3 or 4 braids were one of them was done.


I dunno — 3 or 4 braids where there is only 1 here? Adding that much extra hair seems like a recipe for the tension alopecia I see far too many sisters rocking nowadays. I think less is more — the scalp can only support so much extra weight. I’d prefer more sisters going Christina’s route, as the amount of balding/receeding hairlines I’m seeing around me (in NYC and London) is beginning to frighten me.


I like them! Cute, and doesn’t seem like it took all day!


@Rose why would anyone go to you, when you can’t even intelligently articulate your thoughts and opinions?


It’s a great style, but this makes her look 15…


I love it, they are big and easy to do!!! I am considering to that on my own!!


Dang i meant to thumbs up…sorry lol stupid touch screen phone! I think she its gorgeous but i totally agree about the hair….I’ve seen better Braids locally. That ish look like she let her kid cousin do it…unless thts the look she was going for :-\.


Lol you right!

Rose Pierre

I’m sorry but as a hairstylist those braids are not cute I’m not hating but neither beyonce or solonge hair look good y’all have all that money and can’t get a good braider shyt let me braid y’all’s hair and you’ll see the difference I wonder how much y’all pay for that shyt so upset


What’s wrong with them? They look like normal box braids. The nice part is, because they get thinner towards the ends, they won’t be as heavy if you want to put them up in a bun.


What?! What would be different if you did them? Every braid is going to look the same. Whether its big box or micros I really dont think the way you do will make a difference on how the braid looks. Stop hating.

Lol I understand what she meant. I’m a born hair braider, meaning I didn’t learn to braid just like my aunties, it came naturally. She’s concerned about her being a celebrity which means a better hair dresser that probably charges 2,000$ so the each braids are suppose to be better but not as good for a celebrity as I can see too. It’s not straight and there are joining along the braids. The root are neat and everything which might have been aided by Milan hair texture. Not everyone can see what she meant…but as a braider I saw wat… Read more »