Christina Milian Rocks Box Braid Extensions


Box braid extensions are en vogue with celebrities nowadays, with Beyonce, Janet Jackson and, of course, Solange Knowles rocking the look.

Christina Milian recently jumped on the trend tweeting

Yes yes yes yay! I’ve been wanting to get individual braids since I was like 12! Finally did it! Thank you @a1_hair! Love it.. Time to break out my j’s and daisy dukes! Lol thanks for the intro.

What do you think of the look ladies?



Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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37 thoughts on “Christina Milian Rocks Box Braid Extensions

  1. The braids aren’t too perfect however maybe she just wanted them done for a week or so. Nothing too wrong with them though

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  3. Honestly she and Alicia Keys are the first women I have ever seen in braids and found attractive, actually gorgeous at the least. I hated it on Beyonce, Solange and even Kim Kardashian.

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