Easy Protective Style: The Flat Twist Pin Up

flat twist pin up

It’s winter time and a perfect opportunity to try protective styling as a means to retain moisture and protect hair from harsh wind and cold. Vlogger MsVaughn presents us with a simple flat twist protective style. Check it out:

What are your thoughts ladies? Would you rock this style?

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Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop culture and black beauty enthusiast.

  • Shanese

    I’m am going to try this on my senegalese twists today! In Love!

  • CocoaNo5

    I love the style, but can we do away with the term “protective style”? What does that even mean anyway?

    • Jas

      I’m not sure why instead of answering you everyone just gave you a thumbs down.

      But this is what protective styling is generally known as:

      Protective Styles – styles that require low manipulation of the hair. Done to protect the hair or give it a break from daily styling and/or wear and tear. Can include weaves, braids, wigs, twists or even wearing a hat!

      • CocoaNo5

        Thanks for replying. No one refers to a ponytail or a braid as a “protective style”, it’s just a ponytail, etc. The term just seems weird to me.

        • Trinidadian_1

          Most people don’t call a ponytail or braid “Protective styling” because most don’t know of the term nor what it means. For African American natural hair to grow and keep it’s length, protective styling is a great way to keep the ends from breaking off. Most feel their hair can’t grow or won’t grow, but it is always growing it’s just a matter of holding on to the ends. I hope a lot of people try to tuck those ends away :-) good luck everyone.

      • Roots

        There is no such thing as protective hair style. What you call protective hair style is what black women have been doing to their hair for years. That is combing their hair. Wash, crease then plait, twist, conrow, cockscrew, bun…if you go to the Caribbean, Africa and south American you see a bunch of folks still doing the same thing to their hair…to them that is basic hair care management..
        so sick of this protective hair BS…black hair is not that difficult to care…wash…crease…plait.

    • Thick Nigerian Hair

      Just a question. Why would you request to stop using a term if you don’t even know what it means?

  • Liz G

    This is a great style! I have already worn it to work and to social gatherings and people love it.

    Thanks for the inspiration. God know I needed it for these cold months!

  • PMS

    Wore this style to my grandfather’s funeral. I received lots of compliments. Thanks BGLH and MsVaughn!

  • DW

    I wasn’t thinking I could get into this at first because, as usual, the person has hair that is less thick and more straight than my own. But I actually do think I can make this work.

    The real question is: Tell us some more about how you beat that face honey! She pulled that makeup right TOGETHER! Yas!

  • Juju

    How long can you wear this style?

  • Evonda

    Can u give list of all the products u used. I loved this style and want to give it try. I decided to cut out the perms and dye and looking for some up to date styles. How long can u wear this style.

  • Lashawn

    I’m so loving this hair style..i didn’t try it yet but i will be doing it soon

  • Briana

    I wear this style pretty much everyday. It’s soo quick easy and polished!

  • His1Motivation

    Beautiful style….what is your youtube name? I sure hope you have a makeup vid, that face is BEAT!

  • yay just what i was looking for! whoop whoop!

  • Valerie

    EXACTLY what I was looking for. I attempted to do a version of this and it didn’t…quite…work, but now that I’ve seen this tutorial it is very clear what I was doing wrong. Can’t wait to try it this way!

  • Tori

    Love this style!….will give it a try as my next hair style. Question??…what’s the name of the color lipstick and brand your wearing in the video? It’s very nice.

  • Shelley

    I love this style, but I’m a little nervous that it may be to big in the front…. if there is such a thing as hair that’s too big :) I’m definitely going to try it! And the makeup is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!