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It’s win­ter time and a per­fect oppor­tu­ni­ty to try pro­tec­tive styling as a means to retain mois­ture and pro­tect hair from harsh wind and cold. Vlog­ger MsVaughn presents us with a sim­ple flat twist pro­tec­tive style. Check it out:

What are your thoughts ladies? Would you rock this style?

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I’m am going to try this on my sene­gale­se twists today! In Love!


I love the style, but can we do away with the term “pro­tec­tive style”? What does that even mean any­way?


I’m not sure why instead of answer­ing you every­one just gave you a thumbs down.

But this is what pro­tec­tive styling is gen­er­al­ly known as:

Pro­tec­tive Styles – styles that require low manip­u­la­tion of the hair. Done to pro­tect the hair or give it a break from dai­ly styling and/or wear and tear. Can include weaves, braids, wigs, twists or even wear­ing a hat!


Thanks for reply­ing. No one refers to a pony­tail or a braid as a “pro­tec­tive style”, it’s just a pony­tail, etc. The term just seems weird to me.


Most peo­ple don’t call a pony­tail or braid “Pro­tec­tive styling” because most don’t know of the term nor what it means. For African Amer­i­can nat­u­ral hair to grow and keep it’s length, pro­tec­tive styling is a great way to keep the ends from break­ing off. Most feel their hair can’t grow or won’t grow, but it is always grow­ing it’s just a mat­ter of hold­ing on to the ends. I hope a lot of peo­ple try to tuck those ends away :-) good luck every­one.


There is no such thing as pro­tec­tive hair style. What you call pro­tec­tive hair style is what black wom­en have been doing to their hair for years. That is comb­ing their hair. Wash, crease then plait, twist, con­row, cockscrew, bun…if you go to the Caribbean, Africa and south Amer­i­can you see a bunch of folks still doing the same thing to their hair…to them that is basic hair care man­age­ment..
so sick of this pro­tec­tive hair BS…black hair is not that dif­fi­cult to care…wash…crease…plait.

Thick Nigerian Hair

Just a ques­tion. Why would you request to stop using a term if you don’t even know what it means?

Liz G

This is a great style! I have already worn it to work and to social gath­er­ings and peo­ple love it.

Thanks for the inspi­ra­tion. God know I need­ed it for the­se cold months!


Wore this style to my grandfather’s funer­al. I received lots of com­pli­ments. Thanks BGLH and MsVaughn!


I wasn’t think­ing I could get into this at first because, as usu­al, the per­son has hair that is less thick and more straight than my own. But I actu­al­ly do think I can make this work.

The real ques­tion is: Tell us some more about how you beat that face hon­ey! She pulled that make­up right TOGETHER! Yas!


How long can you wear this style?


Can u give list of all the prod­ucts u used. I loved this style and want to give it try. I decid­ed to cut out the perms and dye and look­ing for some up to date styles. How long can u wear this style.


I’m so lov­ing this hair style..i didn’t try it yet but i will be doing it soon
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I wear this style pret­ty much every­day. It’s soo quick easy and pol­ished!


Beau­ti­ful style.…what is your youtube name? I sure hope you have a make­up vid, that face is BEAT!


yay just what i was look­ing for! whoop whoop!


EXACTLY what I was look­ing for. I attempt­ed to do a ver­sion of this and it didn’t…quite…work, but now that I’ve seen this tuto­ri­al it is very clear what I was doing wrong. Can’t wait to try it this way!


Love this style!.…will give it a try as my next hair style. Question??…what’s the name of the col­or lip­stick and brand your wear­ing in the video? It’s very nice.


I love this style, but I’m a lit­tle ner­vous that it may be to big in the front.… if there is such a thing as hair that’s too big :) I’m def­i­nite­ly going to try it! And the make­up is absolute­ly gor­geous!!!!!!