charyjay high bun

It’s winter time and a perfect opportunity to try protective styling as a means to retain moisture and protect hair from harsh wind and cold. Vlogger CharyJay presents us with a simple high bun. Check it out:

What do you think of the look ladies? Would you rock this style?

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11 Comments on "Easy Protective Style: The High Bun"

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I’ll be trying this one tomorrow! Thanks BGLH and CharyJay


How long are you supposed to keep protective styles of this nature in? I am on a journey to get my natural hair back to healthy and I’ve just started making some big changes a few days ago. I’ve read a lot of articles on this site so far.. anyway back to the question – I did put my hair in some sort of style like this last night so do I leave it up for a week until it’s time to wash/condition my hair again?


I style my stretched hair daily into a high bun. Leaving it up too long could cause breakage. At night I tie it up very loosely with a satin scarf. In the morning the steam from the shower adds moisture. I then apply a leave in conditioner and coconut oil. Being sure to really focus on my ends. It all gets pulled into a high bun. I’m sure not to pull it to tight as this could also damage edges.

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Oh, I am impressed. Very nice hair look and also gorgeous.


I like it and will be trying it. She wears so much makeup, she looks like a different person almost without it.


I agree without makeup she looks younger! However my hair is still too short to do that style…shame! cute!

Sharon J

I want to be Char Jay when I grow up. She has the best hair. Pretty young lady.

Amma Mama

Char Jay and her hair are everything.>>


Very lovely…looks hott!


It’s not for me, but she wears it well (:


wow! another style that i’m going to try ASAP